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BA Athletics Club News Digest 14th February 2022

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

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This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

February Mile Results

Club February mile results

8 milers over the last couple of weeks, including Steve Newell walking a mile and Maria and Mike running in the Ealing Mile. Melanie recorded her fastest so far, but everyone else was average at best.

Roderick Hoffman

Fourth and final Cross Country Matches, Saturday 19th February #

Our men will be running at Lloyd Park from 2pm. Contact Paul Knechtl if you need more details.

Our ladies are due to run at Effingham Common at a rearranged time of 1pm - but are struggling to get a team together. If you are able to be there contact Amanda Coombs for details.

Green Belt Relay 2022 - 14th/15th May 2022 - 3 months to go! #

We have entered a team in this event - recently virtual, previously physical - for about 15 years, and I still haven't managed to do all the Stages...! But seriously, there are some terrific runs out there - and running from point to point, (village green to village green) with a little map reading, is a great way to enjoy them.  The magic of the relay is that you also get to enjoy cheering other runners off, cheering them in, marshalling tricky crossroads, and our fine accommodation in Essex.

We have most of a team already, but need a couple more/new/old runners, able to run both Saturday and Sunday - 6miles or more - so please let me know if you'd like to join, or just find out more.

It's tough, it's beautiful - and besides the running, there's a lot to enjoy!

Details and more flavour:


> Chris Kelly

Harrow Hill Race Sunday 13th February (Run-of-the-Month #)

Harrow Hill Race medalHarrow Hill does not get any flatter over the years. This is one of those races which traditionally gets impacted by road works on the morning of the event. This year was no exception only the road works were closer to home, being the redevelopment of the roads around the Harrow School Sports Centre where the race is based, and which the event uses in the preamble to the Football Lane climb (and so also to stretch the event distance to 10k).  The first 700m of this year's race was spent on the same stretch of road - 100m to the north-east, U turn, 300m to the south-west (climbing), U turn, 300m to the north-east and then straight up Football Lane [pictured]. It worked, but only perhaps because numbers were down on previous years (189 finishers, vs 234 of the previous run of the race in 2019).

I was the only BA runners and my strategy was simple - focus on enjoying running the downhills even if that meant walking most of the uphills. Whereas the winner finished the course in just over 34mins (and the first lady just under 40mins) my time was a more modest 1:03:44 - compatible with my 2019 time.

There was an issue with my result which meant that I had to submit it myself, but having submitted the clock time they were able to find my chip time. Just one query in 189 finishers is good going.  But I will be making a complaint about the medal - a totally unrealistic representation of what we experienced. The medal presented is shown in the left of the photo - my realistic representation is shown on the right.

Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

I picked up on 22 club members and friends reporting recent activity achievements.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Running 3miles Wed 00:46:55 Also 2.2miles fast walk on Friday in 36:10.
Barry Walters Running 11km Lightwater Sum am 01:07:41 This run around the Windlesham country lanes went much better than expected. Halfway was reached in just over 35 minutes and I was much quicker on the return. Conditions were dry and windy.
Benita Scaife Walking 11km Freyinet National Park Sun Our activity on Wed was a walk through Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, ending on the beach at Wineglass Bay (pictured in the distance)…
John Scaife Walking 11km Freyinet National Park Sun ...before returning to the NP visitor centre. 11km round trip with 250m elevation gain each way.
Clara Halket Mixed Walk/Run 6.06km Trails Thur 01:01:19
David Duggan parkrun 5km Pegwell Bay Sat am 00:30:15 Quickest parkrun post Covid.
Denis Foxley Running 6miles 01:10:00
Ian Cunningham  Race 10km Valentines 10k Sun am 00:45:41 First race of the year .. and the first race for many months. Valentines 10k in 45:41. Better than I was expecting given my recent lack of running
Jacqui Musselwhite parkrun 5km The Old Showground Sat am 00:23:56 The Old Showground in Frome, Somerset which was an almost 4 lap course on tarmac paths. Some ups and downs and felt good to be going a bit faster this week.
Julie Barclay Running 5miles Falmouth Thu 00:50:00 Off-road run along coastal cliffs from Falmouth Castle
Paul Watt Running 5miles Falmouth Thu 00:50:00 Off-road run along coastal cliffs from Falmouth Castle
Melanie Miller  Race 10km Winter Run Sun The start of the 10k Winter Run which wos fun luckily managed to get the job done b4 the heavens opened above thanks to team Harjit Jhooti for her wonderful support.
Michael Ball Walking Bushy park This week's activity, a walk around Bushy park
Mike Dennison  Race 10km Valentines 10k Sun am 00:41:16 In quite windy conditions. It's an undulating course anyway, with uphill bits in the last 3kms, and the final km today was also into the wind, so I was pleased to finish in a course PB.
Neil Frediani parkrun 5km Herrington Country Park Sat am 00:30:02 Running a parkrun in 30:02 without the need to walk was an achievement for me at Herrington country park near Sunderland.
Petra Otto parkrun 5km March Sat am 00:43:24 Parkrun in March or, as I now call it ParkWalk. New Nordic Walking PB in 43:24 mins., plus the usual gym.
Piers Keenleyside Ultra-run 29miles (+) LDWA Punchbowl Marathon Sun 08:14:00 My first ultra in nearly 4 years - 29 miles across the wilds of Surrey - except I did 31.26 after going the wrong way a few times! I was placed 98th. Takes my marathon total now to 180.
Roderick Hoffman Orienteering 9.69km Liverpool Street Station Street-O Tue 00:59:49 Despite a bad start with four minutes to get properly orientated, a really good run from me through the night lights of the City of London. Finished 17th of 60. (see also below)
Sarah Gordon Skiing Hinterglemm, Austria Sun On the slopes.
Stephen Taylor Running 14miles Eal Pye Island and back Sun 02:31:53 A long run on Sunday down the canal to Brentford and along the Thames to Eel Pye Island and back. Choosing an out and back route to make sure that I made the distance planned.
Steve Hillier Running 5.2km Roxbourne Park Sun 00:36:37 Before the rain.
Steve Newell Swim 1600m Indoor pool Wed 00:57:50 First long swim in a pool for quite a while, I hope I counted the 64 lengths correctly!

Week achievements

My photo last week was of the course of Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun.

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 12th February 2022

33 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade PB? Comment
Michael Dennison Southall 6 6 0:19:43 83.52% BA men's and age grade record / Day's best age grade & age category record
Maria JOVANI Southall 6 22 0:22:40 70.74% BA ladies record
Ian CUNNINGHAM Southall 6 24 0:22:54 69.43% run #447, park #53
Roderick HOFFMAN Southall 6 69 0:28:11 57.42% park #318, Lon-reDone
Denis FOXLEY Southall 6 71 0:28:19 63.86% run #176, park #11
Joan FOXLEY Southall 6 109 0:39:18 59.58%
Steve NEWELL Southall 6 116 0:44:46 43.93% park #118, Lon-reDone
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Southall 6 dnf (#dfyb!) Would have been 55th in about 26:50.
Melanie Miller Bartley Park 9 183 0:42:28 41.52% 2nd run at Bartley Park - slow to conserve energy for Sunday's race
Diana Smith Bushy Park 864 1122 1:01:16 37.57% Tail walker at Bushy Park
Trish MCCABE Canons Park 213 58 0:29:06 54.58% BA Ladies record
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 443 23 0:23:48 59.59%
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 417 Barcode Scanning at Guildford
John COFFEY Hazelwood 125 97 0:35:42 58.87% 99th run at Hazelwood
Neil FREDIANI Herrington Country 63 74 0:30:02 55.83% run #263, park#64, BA park #627
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 93 146 0:51:26 40.02% Tail walker at Higginson
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 144 32 0:24:09 62.04% run #70, best this year
Benita SCAIFE Huskisson 149 62 0:30:48 67.86% BA park #624 / 18th NSW parkrun, best time since last September
John SCAIFE Huskisson 149 63 0:30:48 55.47% 18th NSW parkrun
Maarten STENHAM Lymington Woodside 201 22 0:23:09 60.76% PB   43 second improvement, 4th run there, all PBs.
Harjit Jhooti Maldon Prom 377 192 0:30:50 57.19% BA ladies record, park #37
Petra OTTO March 239 111 0:43:24 50.46% Nordic walking PB (and faster than last week's jog)
Scott DAVISON Osterley 363 86 0:26:26 55.80%
David DUGGAN Pegwell Bay 385 101 0:30:15 53.94% BA male record, first run at Pegwell, park #98, run #390
Paul WATT Penryn Campus 16 4 0:21:41 71.48% park #70, BA park #625
Julie BARCLAY Penryn Campus 16 16 0:25:49 72.05% Paul & Julie have now run twice on the grounds of Exeter University…at parkruns 96 miles apart (Exeter Riverside being the other).
Ben Kelly Reading 540 25 0:21:40 59.54%
Christopher T KELLY Reading 540 124 0:28:15 54.87% run #503
Jain REID Richmond Park 689 286 0:31:52 56.80%
Barry WALTERS Rushmoor 313 231 0:28:14 59.98% two weeks in a row at Rushmoor
Eddie GILES Salisbury 279 177 0:28:13 65.03% 66th run at Salisbury "First run for 12 weeks ,started at the back of field of 303 to overtake 126 to come 177th. 2nd age cat. Very pleased with the time."
Jacqui Musselwhite The Old Showfield 58 58 0:24:07 72.22% BA park #626
Kay TRINDER Woking 303 52 0:23:15 77.85%

For the second week in a row the earliest results in were from ‘downunder’ where Benita and John Scaife (30:48) had travelled to the start/finish line of Huskisson parkrun at Moona Moona Creek on Jarvis Bay south of Sydney.  The nearest rail station identified by parkrun is 30km away!  The course is a flat and fast out-and-back along the coast.

Southall parkrunThe club featured parkrun at Southall attracted a small group on a dry but chilly morning and with the overall attendance smaller than the very early weeks parking proved to be less of a problem than feared.  The course is over three clockwise laps, mostly tarmac paths, with no serious gradients to worry about.  Mike Dennison (19:43, 83.52%) was our star performer.  The photo is from the parkrun team and was taken whilst Mike and Maria were warming up and Piers was still cycling in. The next Club Featured parkrun will be at Homewood (Ottershaw Memorial Fields) on 19th March and will have more of a cross country feel to it.  The course is completely different to the “Homewood” parkrun the club visited in November 2016 and an opportunity for many members to try a different venue, albeit with an old and arguably misleading name!

More new parks were added to the club list with Paul Watt (21:41) and Julie Barclay (25:49) adding Penryn Campus (of Exeter University) in Falmouth, Jacqui Musselwhite (24:07) at The Old Showfield at Frome in Somerset (so a “T” and not an “O” or an “S”!) and Neil Frediani (30:02) at Herrington Country Park in Tyne & Wear.  New member David Cowell has also run at Herrington in the past before he joined us.

Elsewhere Trish McCabe (29:06) set a club female record at Canons Park (Harrow Borough) where Fibonicci aspirants will be eyeing up a “233” towards the end of the summer. Trish McCabe still holds the club record (26:03) at Pegwell Bay where David Duggan (30:15) visited this week to set a male record.  David is closing in on Freyne Club membership (100 different parkruns). He is now up to 98. Martin Stenham (23:09) improved his time at Lymington Woodside, four PBs in a row there for him. Young Jakob (25:37) is now old enough to run on his own (and behind, but only for the time being I suspect!).

There are warnings about seriously wild weather that could disrupt us next weekend.  It is always worthwhile just checking to make sure your chosen run is still on.

Steve Newell

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore (this is where I get most of my club stats from).

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Club Featured parkrun # - Saturday 12th February Southall parkrun

This is a couple of extracts from my run report that has been published this week...

I'm an experienced parkrunner as well as a statsgeek and six weeks ago Southall became my nearest parkrun - albeit as the crow flies since I live the far side of the canal and have to deviate round to get to it - walking to the start my watch recorded 2.99km from doorstep to start/finish line on Saturday. This was the first time I've run the parkrun though I was present as timekeeper a couple of weeks ago and I had done a "freedom run" of the course even before week 1. My personal run was good, though tiring, I had one colleague just ahead of me {Piers} and one just behind {Denis} so I had to push myself throughout to a finish time of 28:11, close to my year's best.

On Saturday, Southall's run 6, there were 132 finishers which is exactly the same number as in week 4. The average so far has been 176. In total there have been 1059 finishes of Southall parkrun by at least 850 different people. I say "at least" because 48 finishers were by people who didn't produce a barcode at the finish and therefore don't have a formal result (eight this week, for example). Some of those "no-barcode" finishers may be the same people week on week or may have finished in a subsequent week with a valid barcode. From a stats point of view we never know quite how to count the "no-barcodes". I usually make the assumption that these are mainly local people who have joined in on the day but either aren't interested in being logged in the system, or haven't got around to getting themselves a barcode or getting into the habit of bringing it down to the park on a Saturday morning. But that will be wrong in some cases. It is rumoured that some top class athletes do take part in parkruns and finish high up but don't present their barcodes because that will show up to their coaches that they haven't been following their rest day instructions. I'm not sure we've had any of them at Southall yet. But then there will be the odd experienced runner, with hundreds of parkruns to their name, and even hundreds of marathons and other races, who doesn't get their act together on a Saturday morning to turn up with their barcode. And on Saturday one of my club colleagues was one of them! But I can't mention his name, because parkrun policy is "no barcode, no accreditation".


This week I brought six of my club colleagues to the event and I also notice in the results a group of six from the Bromley / Orpington area. Visiting different London parkruns is "a thing" and there are many more visitors to be expected. There are now 59 parkruns within Greater London and although 32 parkrun tourists have already visited Southall to reclaim their "LonDone" status there were still 58 who only needed a visit to Southall to achieve it. Five of those visited on Saturday so can now claim to be "LonDone", including myself and my colleague Steve Newell, but you can expect the other 53, and more, to visit over the next few months. I was also the runner with most different parkruns to their name (318 - but visitors in previous weeks have run at more), my colleague Ian Cunningham has the highest number of runs to his name (448) whereas Paul Rostern with three runs fewer, does have the lowest parkrun ID of those attending on Saturday ("1669", first running at "Bushy Park Time Trial" in March 2006). The finisher with the highest Age Grade percentage was another colleague of mine, Mike Dennison with 83.52% (just two runners on previous weeks have achieved higher grades). First finisher on Saturday was Jonathan Horan in 17:55, the third fastest run at Southall, and for the ladies Rosie Vallance was first in 20:16 which is the second fastest ever at Southall.


For the rest - check news | Southall parkrun .

Roderick Hoffman

Street-O Series Results

Five of the eight Street-O events have now been completed and following my good run last Tuesday I'm lying in a dizzyingly high position of 8th out of 151 runners, with 351 points (so averaging 70 per event). But it is very misleading at the moment because the event is judged over the best five results out of eight events and with just five events completed I'm one of only seven runners to have done all five, and I'm behind the other six and also behind one of the competitors who has only done four runs. Over the next three events I'll be dropping well down the table although, hopefully, I'll get another couple of good runs in to reduce my fall, since my November and January results are well capable of being improved upon. Looking at average scores of those who have done three events I'm down in 27th place out of 41 runners.
The next event will be on 8th March in the Brixton/Clapham area. Then it'll be over to Kings Cross on 12th of April and the final event will be TBC on 10th May. Now, if it really was "Technical Block C" on 10th May Simon Turton would be in with a chance of a good result, but they probably mean "To Be Confirmed".

Roderick Hoffman

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