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BA Athletics Club News Digest 14th June 2021

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For Coronavirus related restrictions and advice see News_Coronavirus_Guidance_May_2021.shtml.

Today the government has announced that Step 4 of the lockdown won't happen on its earliest possible date of 21st June but will happen on 19th July, or earlier. This isn't a step backwards so it shouldn't affect any of our plans except possibly (probably) our intention to hold our AGM at the Bedfont Club on 14th July. Please leave that date in your diary for now.  

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

This Week's and Future Solo Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events, such as the weekend achievement, will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Track-on-Field (by 5pm on Friday 2nd July, to be reported on in the following digest):

Name Date 1500m time 800m time 400m time 200m time 100m time Comment:
              e.g. Location

Weekend Achievement (by 5pm on the Monday) or use the Facebook prompt that will be added on Friday:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Maidenhead Thicket NOW 16th June 2021 meet at 12:00: Reminder

Alice has planned a 5k route, starting and finishing at Stubbings Nursery ( John will also join us and take those who wish to walk on a shorter route. There is a nice café at the nursery that serves coffee, cake and sandwiches etc. Parking is free and there is plenty of space available.

Alice Banks
Let us know to look out for you - we won't start on the dot of 12 and we will delay if we know that someone else is due: > Roderick

Ed: We won't be seeing regular NOW attendee and organiser Steve Newell in the Thicket. I have had a message from him confirming that he managed to smuggle aboard a boat that left Portsmouth late on Saturday (very late, perhaps only after they had searched the boat from top to bottom and failed to find him). The message this morning was labelled from Liverpool and the boat is heading further north, though Steve reports that the Irish and Scots intend to reject any attempt to land and their next successful port of call is likely to be Falmouth. However, Steve has hacked onto the ship's WiFi network and so can be contacted if needed. Note that he is using his "greatriverswim" email address - a wise precaution in the circumstances.

Black Park Orienteering participantsBlack Park Orienteering Wednesday 9th June write-up

Nine of us met in Black Park last Wednesday evening including Sarah Kelly who took the photograph. Eight of us attempted either the medium or long permanent orienteering courses that are set up in Black Park - whilst Sarah had a pleasant unhurried stroll around the lake.

All participants had stories to tell by the time they finished.

I had tried out both courses, earlier in the day when it was hotter I'll add, and I'd run the "long" course in 0:39:27 and then walked the "medium" course in 0:36:44.  On a previous occasion I had run the long course (in 45:55) so one would expect a fast time from me.

John Banks walked the medium course and despite going a bit wayward at the end got back after 45 minutes.

Chris Kelly sprinted round the long course and recorded all eleven controls in a time of 34:22.  His only struggle was to find the third Control - and most of us struggled with this one which was off the main path behind some thick bushes and the main path had the distraction of many parked vehicles for a Disney Channel film crew. Chris explained the partial reason for his fast time was that he had done something similar the previous week so had his eye in.

Black Park filmingNext fastest was experienced orienteer Simon Turton in 44:57 (so faster than my first run, but only by a minute).

Steve Taylor finished with a time of 1:00:50 and his route map on Facebook revealed that whilst he hadn't always taken the ideal path he had managed to avoid going in the wrong direction.

Steve Hillier set off with uncertainty but picked up the early controls without difficulty so his self-confidence grew. That proved his undoing as he got completely lost on the way to the seventh control and had to give up and return to the start after 70 minutes.

Alice Banks fared even worse - the third control proved unfindable and she had to return to the start believing that this type of event is not for her.

As we took the finish photograph we remembered that there had been another starter, Mark Taylor, and he was still out there. We divided into teams for a search of the park but as we were about to set off we spotted Mark on the horizon running towards us. He finished, having found all of the controls, in 76 minutes.

The second photograph isn't of illegal green belt encroachment - it is a woodland cottage taking shape for a subsequent scene in whatever Disney is filming in the woods this spring and summer.

The two courses that we did are permanently set up with wooden posts marking each of the controls (and the courses can also be done "electronically" by smart phone app). Let me know if you would like to do one of the courses in your own time and I'll let you know how to get hold of the map.

Map required > Roderick Hoffman

Veterans Track & Field MatchVets Track & Field – back on the track

It was great to be back together as a team and competing on June 7th.  Two years ago the team were drenched and frozen at this Hillingdon fixture, but in 2021 the temperature was above average for the time of year.  We welcomed two new members to the team, Paul Giles and Fiona Bishop. 

We achieved three individual wins on the night:  Julie in the 3000m, plus Janet in the Shot and Javelin.  Jacqui was pipped at the post in the 200m.  Both Janet’s throws set new Club Records, while Fiona celebrated her debut with a Club record in the 3000m.

The men had a successful evening, too, featuring strong runs by Paul G in the shorter track events, while Steve concentrated on Shot and Javelin.  Paul W and Barry closed the evening with the 3000m in very warm conditions, Paul just missing out on stealing John Coffey’s long standing club record.

Eddie Giles travelled up from Salisbury to give good support to the team, while Harry Wild was there, cheering on both BA and the hosts.

The next Vets League fixture, to be held at Battersea, is scheduled for June 21st.  All are welcome, and the organisers also hope to stage relays and the 2000m walk.

Steve Hillier
Event Event Age Group BAAC Participant Participant Age groupPerformanceResultRecord
200m W35A Julie Barclay W55 38.4 7th
200m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 33.9 2nd
200m M35A Paul Giles M35 29.8 4th
200m M50 Michael Ball M55 33.5 5th
200m M60 Steve Hillier M65 39.2 6th
800m W35A Julie Barclay W55 02:57.4 7th
800m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 03:04.7 3rd
800m M35 Paul Giles M35 02:39.8 6th
800m M50 Michael Ball M55 03:14.9 7th
3000m W50 Julie Barclay W55 12:48.9 1st
3000m W60 Fiona Bishop W60 15:23.3 3rd Club Record
3000m M50 Paul Watt M55 11:14.8 4th
3000m M60 Barry Walters M65 17:01.5 4th
Javelin W50 Janet Smith W55 17.47 1st Club Record
Javelin M60 Steve Hillier M65 19.92 3rd
Shot W50 Janet Smith W55 8.28 1st Club Record
Shot M60 Steve Hillier M65 7.53 3rd

June 21st Vets League Match at Battersea

We are recruiting our team for the next Vets League match, to be held at Battersea Park next Monday evening from 1830.  We need to declare our team on Wednesday 16th.

The event list has changed compared to the previous match, while we continue to need ladies and men in the V35, V50 and V60 categories.  The confirmed events are:  100m, 400m, 1500m, 2000m walk, 4 x 400m, Discus, Javelin, High Jump and Triple Jump.  Please let me know by 10am on Wednesday 16th June if you are interested in competing.

I hope to see you there!

> Steve Hillier

June Club Mile

June Club Mile results

Michael and I ran on the same course, at Spikes Bridge. We have been closer in the past but Michael was in good shape and I wasn't. But had Denis been there as well I'm sure we'd have each run several seconds faster!


SOLO Activity Achievements, Weekend 11th to 14th June 2021

18 activities recorded, including some stolen from Facebook. In another worrying trend two of those in the last fortnight refer to mountain climbing!

Colleague Activity Distance Course Start Time Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Cycling 8miles Sat 00:36:50 Outbound 19:20, return 17:30.
Barry Walters Running 8km South Hill Park Sat am 00:57:06 Interval session consisting of 3x800 with 2 minutes jog recovery followed by 6x200 with short recs. Conditions were good with light breeze and warm sunshine.
Ben Cooper Sprints 3.62km BAMC carpark Sat lunch 00:25:29 First time doing sprints since the end of Feb. 12x ~30m.
Benita Scaife Running 4.5miles Marlow via Cookham Dean Common Sun 00:48:34 Home to Marlow via Cookham Dean Common and back through Bisham Woods.
Chris Kelly Running 17.4miles Sonning, Wargave etc. Sun am 02:57:00 A Virtual Half Marathon and 5K for Comrades, before BBQ lunch, footy, and an evening outside the pub. A great day.
Denis Foxley Running 5.5miles Ruislip Woods Sun 01:00:00
Jain Reid Walking 7km To and around Kew Gardens Sat Following a gardening accident on Bank Holiday Monday when I 'popped' my back lifting something heavy I finally managed a relatively pain free walk.  Just happy to be out walking in the ☀️
Joan Foxley Running 4.5miles Ruislip Woods Sun 00:55:00
John Scaife Running 4.5miles Marlow via Cookham Dean Common Sun 00:48:34 Home to Marlow via Cookham Dean Common and back through Bisham Woods.
Julie Barclay  Race 5k Dorney Lake Sat 00:22:12
Melanie Miller Running 14km To Staines Riverside Fri 01:57:45 My first long run down to Staines Riverside started 2hrs late but met a couple of cats ‍and a host of Swans . Hot 'n' bothered but got there in the end.
Michael Ball Peaking Scafell Pike Mon "I got to the top of Skarfel pike at 8am I am now just back at the car it is 5.30pm got a bit lost"
Neil Frediani Running 14miles Cheviots 04:00:00 14miles in the Cheviots, a struggle, hot and hilly. 4 hours and 3,500ft of elevation. Surnburn and cramp to deal with now.
Paul Watt  Race 5k Dorney Lake Sat 00:20:05 So hot!
Piers Keenleyside  Race Half-M Cheltenham Half Sun am 02:12:12 4 laps round the race course. Slower than the Richmond Park Half 2 weeks ago but it was very hot with no shade anywhere on the course.  165th of 307 but also the 1st V60!
Roderick Hoffman Running 8km Windsor Great Park Fri lunch 00:54:38 Hot and humid but enjoyable with the scenary.
Simon Turton Orienteering 7.6km Alice Holt Forest Sat am 01:19:33 A Southern Navigators local event. The green areas were reasonably runnable for the time of year. A couple of errors cost me some time but nice to be out in the forest, albeit was rather hot
Stephen Taylor Running 16miles Thames Richmond, Chiswick and back Sat am 02:45:37 The dusty Thames footpath offered a bit of shade from the morning sun.

Weekend Achievement photos

Roderick Hoffman

BA Athletics Club Records - 1500m

Amongst the events at next week's Battersea meeting is the metric mile. These are the club records...

To qualify as a record the event has to be competitive and accurately measured and the participant has to be a paid-up member of the club and wearing a club vest (or in an in-house organised event). Members for whom BA is a second claim club may need permission from their first claim club for them to compete in a BA vest and claim the record (so the same performance cannot be claimed by two different clubs).

TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (OPEN) 1500m Katherine Henville 05:04.5 Rosenheim Kingston May-05 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV35) 1500m Jane Harbert  05:34.0 Jan-99 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV45) 1500m Lesley Macaskill 05:40.5 Jan-98 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV50) 1500m Julie Barclay 05:53.1 Rosenheim Ewell May-18 NEW
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV55) 1500m Julie Barclay 05:50.2 British Masters Birmingham Aug-19 NEW
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (OPEN) 1500m Andrew Eynon * 03:54.8 BA Champs Hayes Aug-96 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV45 & MV40) 1500m Paul Toms 04:14.0 Rosenheim Jun-94 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV45) 1500m (indoors) Adrian Haines 04:10.5 World Masters Budapest Mar-14 GB Vest
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV50) 1500m Malcolm Field 04:43.3 Rosenheim Walton  May-05 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV50) 1500m (indoors) Adrian Haines 04:23.2 European Masters Madrid Mar-18 GB Vest
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV60 & MV55) 1500m Brian Bennett 05:17.3 BA Champs Eton Aug-00 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV65) 1500m Brian Bennett 05:48.0 Grand Prix Eton Jun-07 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV70) 1500m Brian Bennett 05:58.0 Grand Prix Eton May-10 Current

* Andrew's sub 4 minute 1500m was ratified as a valid record. He was the easy winner of a race against three other 1500m runners (Peter Fisk was second in 4:22:05) but it could have been claimed that he was "paced" by a 4x400m quartet of Ian Monk, Malcolm Field, George Jones and Paul Knechtl. On the fourth leg Paul ran a 61 seconds lap (3 seconds faster than his earlier 400m win, though from a moving start) but this wasn't fast enough to keep ahead of, or even up with, Andrew.

If you know better please send us your claim - we want to get these in the best shape possible. New records or questions:

Roderick Hoffman obo Paul Brandon

Editorial - parkrun return delayed to 24th July

parkrun has reacted quickly to the government announcement of the delay to Step 4 and the plan is now to reopen parkrun in England on Saturday 24th July. parkrun in England will thus return after the return of crowded enclosed nightclubs, and potentially after parkruns in other parts of the UK.  Note that many parkruns have already resumed in Australia, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, and Japan. parkrun in Denmark and France are also expected to restart before the 24th July. 

I find the English news very disappointing due to the disproportionate risk of parkrun compared to other activates already allowed and underway.

Roderick Hoffman

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