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BA Athletics Club News Digest 14th July 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 23rd July - Club In-house Event - Ruffell Runaround
  • Thursday 24th July - BA Fun Run 5k and kids race - Harmondsworth Moor from 16:00 - Runners and Volunteers wanted
  • Thursday 7th August - Magic Mile Bath Road 12:45

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 13th July).

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Poster Running Club Publicity Poster for July to October

Please load the full version of this publicity poster and circulate it to friends and colleagues or print it off and pin it to appropriate noticeboards.  The poster is orientated towards "BA", "London" and "Waterside".  If you would like an alternative version more in keeping with a different group of runners then please send me alternative text and/or pictures to include and I'll send you a new version. Full PDF version (260 Kb).

Great City Race 2014 Thank You

Just a note to thank you for your help and support last week, it was very much appreciated and I've heard nothing but compliments from the staff at the London Marathon.  Attached is a copy of the press release that went out after the race race report 2014.pdf.
If, like me, you were keeping an eye on the spectators rather than the competitors during the race, you may missed Paula Radcliffe acting as a guide to a 'blind' runner going through (Mike Bushell, BBC breakfast sports presenter). Most probably the slowest Paula's run in her life!       
Simon Turton

BAAC Marshals for the Great City Race July 2014

The 2014 BAAC Great City Race Marshalling team including Colin Bloomfield playing the role of Roger Daltrey. Suggestions for the tune being played are welcome and I'll start this off by suggesting "Keep on Running" by the Spencer Tracey Group.

Roderick Hoffman

The next events we need marshals for are:

BA Fun Run on Thursday 24th July from 16:00 - Roderick Hoffman <>

Prudential Ride London weekend of August 9th/10th -, or

Results of the 4th BAAC Grand Prix at Uxbridge on Monday 7th July

Danny Treherne 27.6
Gary Rushmer 32.3
Steve Hillier 35.6
Neil Frediani 42.3
Steve H 20.00m  ( 600gms)
Eddie G 18.44  (600gms)
Gary R 17.18  (700gms)
Danny  T 15.79  (600gms)
Neil F 10.82  (700gms)
A damp but warm evening at Uxbridge saw Danny with a win at 200m and Steve with the win at the Javelin, just on the 20m line.

The next Grand Prix is on the 18th August at Uxbridge 6pm when the 400m & Discus is our chosen subjects.  Also remember the Rosenheim event at Woking on Wednesday 16th at 7.00pm.  Hope to see you there,

Eddie Giles

Club parkrun results for Saturday 12th July

12th July 2014 parkrunner time parkrun comment grade
Chris Kelly 19:37 Reading 75%
Barry Walters 20:16 Whitley Bay BA park #117 78%
Gary Rushmer 20:39 Bedfont Lakes run #50 73%
Ben Chaytow 21:55 Crane Park run #75 61%
John Coffey 23:33 Bushy Park 77%
Richard Ruffell 24:00 Kings Lynn BA park #118 62%
Joe Nolan 24:01 Black Park 66%
Oliver Mathai 24:05 Bushy Park 67%
Ian Cunningham 24:15 Bushy Park 61%
Daniela Mayerova 27:32 Poole 54%
Alan Anderson 28:28 Gunnersbury 72%
Monica Alonso 28:38 Guildford 56%
Roderick Hoffman 29:26 Lyme Park club record, park #79 51%
Steve Newell 30:32 Gunnersbury 58%
Tony Barnwell 31:12 Wycombe Rye run #50 58%
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury

Lots of widespread activity - Two more parks added to the list - Kings Lynn (Richard Ruffell) and Whitley Bay (Barry Walters). Roderick also toured to Lyme Park (see below) where his only consolation for a slow time is that it was slightly faster than Ray Hampton's previous time by a club member.  Gary Rushmer finally made it to 50 after six months on 49!  Tony Barnwell reached 50 as well this week.   Alan Anderson must be benefitting from the sprint races - he did his best time for three months.  Had we all been running in the same park then there would have been a sprint finish between four members for 24:00.

Steve Newell (mainly)

Updated parkrun stats: 

I ran at Lyme Park in the Peat District on Saturday having chosen that venue as a great looking halfway house parkrun between London and Yorkshire.  I was meeting another parkrunner by the name of Gregory Bailey who was running his 51st UK parkrun at his 51st different parkrun venue and in doing so was breaking my obscure parkrun record.  I still hold the International "record" at 52 different parkruns but I know that that is only for a week or so since Gregory intends to get up to at least sixty.  For more details about this achievement and the Lyme Park parkrun check out the write-up of Saturday's event - very well written though I say so myself - .

Roderick Hoffman

Where are they now? The 2014 New Year Running Resolutions

These were the resolutions set in January - so how are we doing? Please help and encourage these members meet their new year's resolutions if not already achieved (or missed):

  • Janet Smith WILL get below 30 mins for parkrun - Some way to go yet but the year is yet young!
  • Adrian Richard Haines WILL break 34 min for 10k, 2 minutes for 800m and WIN Gold in Budapest in World Masters m45 indoor championships. - he said nothing about getting the m45 British Mile Record!
  • Stephen Taylor WILL get a sub 4 hour marathon at the VLM2014 - missed...but only by 28 seconds which over 26 miles isn't half bad.
  • Neil Frediani WILL run in 1 month what Piers Keenleyside can run in 24 hours!! (89miles) and run a sub 2hour half marathon and 22:30 parkrun. - 90 miles in January so one out of three already achieved.
  • Piers Keenleyside WILL run a sub 3:20 marathon and finish the Comrades Marathon in a reasonable time. - Marrakech Marathon finished in around 3:15:59.
  • Clara Halket WILL finish her first 100-miler - Enduroman 100 at end May/early June - the new job has perhaps got in the way of this one.
  • Jenny Reeves WILL finish the VLM2014 - and she did in 4:23:56.
  • Roderick Hoffman WILL earn his 100 parkrun shirt (11 to go) and double the BA Running team size at the Dublin WARR vs last year's event. - 100 shirt earned so that is the easy bit done.
  • Steve Newell WILL complete his collection of parkruns run in all London boroughs that host one. - very few to go now.
  • Richard Ruffell WILL during 2014 get to 50 parkruns with 20 different venues - achieved with six months to spare!

Send me any updates I've missed and/or new resolutions for the second half of the year.

Roderick Hoffman

News for the next BAAC News Digest?

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