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BA Athletics Club News Digest 15th November 2021

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Note that we have discovered that the Perivale 5 is on this year, on December 5th, and we've added it as the Run-of-the-Month for December. For details and entry: Perivale 5 - Perivale 5 (

This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Track-on-Field (by end of Sunday 28th November, to be reported on in the following digest):

Name Date 1500m time 800m time 400m time 200m time 100m time Comment:
              e.g. Location

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

November Mile Results

November mile results

Six of us undertook the mile this month. The two of us doing the best relative performance are probably me at a cold Feltham track and Stephen alongside a hot Larnaca Bay. So I think that that proves nothing.

Roderick Hoffman

Cross Country Match results and reports #

Ladies Division 2 Match 2 Wimbledon 13th November

Ladies Cross Country Team[photos from: Amanda, Helen Smith and Roderick Hoffman]

It was dry and mild for November - certainly vest and shorts weather. The event was well-attended by various clubs and Amanda (and Mike) did a great job assembling the BA flag, distributing our numbers and getting a pre-run team photo. Parking nearby was easy and free. The 6K two-lapper started on the playing fields with plenty of space, soon narrowing as we followed the path into the woods/heath. Overtaking was possible in parts, albeit on slippery terrain with unannounced hilly sections. There was a 'pleasant' mix of uphill and downhill (both short and steep and long and lingering!) along with the classic ingredients of uneven surfaces, squelchy mud, tree roots (hidden by mud), trip hazards, holly leaves at eye height (for me, anyway), leaves and did I mention mud?! I saw one runner actually stuck in the mud but she was helped out and carried on. As we commenced lap two, the hills seemed much steeper and the trenches deeper. Overall it was a pretty challenging course but well signposted and marshalled. I tripped around 4km, cutting my knees and hitting my palms but I wasn't the only casualty and ran on regardless. First finisher was 'unknown' from Ful-on Tri, home in an impressive 23:49. Back at HQ we enjoyed delicious bread pudding and ginger cake with tea and coffee. Thanks to all the volunteers and BA crew (supporters, bakers and runners) for a successful event.

Emma Moreton

Pos Points Num Name Age group Club Time
1 1 1614 ... ... ... 00:23:49
86 85 1243 Emma Moreton V40 BAW BAW 00:30:31
98 97 1235 Tanya Snook V50 BAW BAW 00:30:54
129 128 1232 Julie Barclay V55 BAW BAW 00:32:39
194 193 1231 Amanda Coombs V50 BAW BAW 00:36:46
197 196 1240 Monica Alonso V50 BAW BAW 00:37:22
209 208 1237 Vera Simms V60 BAW BAW 00:38:20
248 247 2252 ... ...  ... 00:52:29

The BA team finished in 27th place with 699 points.

Match 3 is scheduled for Saturday 15th January on Mitcham Common.

In her report Emma downplays her injury. After she sprinted across the finish line it became obvious that the cut was much deeper than initially thought.  Tanya assisted her getting some medical attention which took longer than expected because the two medical staff at the event were attending to a far more serious injury on the course. Martin, a first aider with the Ful-on Tri team, assisted and then Tanya helped Emma get home and then to A&E. Emma was discharged a few hours later but is finding walking painful and won't be running for a while. Emma appears to have remained cheerful and on social media throughout - though I say that without having been a witness to the wound being cleaned with a toothbrush.

So thanks have been sent to Martin, and I'll use this opportunity to thank Tanya Snook for helping Emma.  I'll also say thank you to Emma for delaying her visit to A&E by being first team finisher first...but note that if someone does hurt themselves running in a team competition then the team result is less important than getting your injury properly addressed.

Roderick Hoffman (obo the whole club)

Men Division 4 Match 2 Denbies 14th November

mens Cross Country Team

Photos by Marion Woodhouse. No text report from the men - presumably they are all suffering from sore heads rather than knees, having finished the event in the vineyard.

Pos Points Num Name Age group Club Time Note
1 1 1803 ... ... ... 00:31:36  
40 40 950 Paul Prescott SEN BAW BAW 00:38:22  
45 45 912 Paul Knechtl V50 BAW BAW 00:38:37 5th V50
67 66 908 Ross Davies V40 BAW BAW 00:39:58  
97 87 906 John Taylor V55 BAW BAW 00:42:13  
98 88 913 Mike Dennison V60 BAW BAW 00:42:22 3rd V60
106 95 905 Mark Taylor V60 BAW BAW 00:43:01 4th V60
119 103 916 Colin Haylock V50 BAW BAW 00:44:09  
136 112 900 Chris Kelly V55 BAW BAW 00:45:38  
157 121 915 Ben Kelly SEN BAW BAW 00:47:20  
200 127 914 Steve Hillier V65 BAW BAW 01:06:01  
202 74 1011 ... ... ... 01:10:00  

The BA A team finished in 9th place of 14 teams with 884 points. Had Ben and Steve not turned up the team would have been two places back in 11th.

Match 3 is scheduled for Saturday 15th January in Richmond Park.

More info:

Ladies - Amanda Coombs

Men - Paul Knechtl

If you'd like another Cross-Country run at Denbies then note that the Surrey County Cross-Country Championships are taking place there on Sunday 9th January. More details and entries: [or just do the Mole Valley parkrun any Saturday morning].

Langley Park in the AutumnNOW Wednesday 17th November from 12:00 - Langley Park Reminder

I'll be the host for this month's NOW event which will be in Langley Park, just across the road to the south of Black Park. It has its own carpark on Billet Lane so you don't need to dash across the busy Uxbridge Road to get there.

Meet in the Langley Park carpark, Billet Ln, Iver SL0 0LT, for 12:00, though we'll wait a bit for late comers to arrive and pay for their parking (£3:50 for three hours).

I'll lead a jogging group on a pre-planned 5km route around the scenic park. This will mainly be on firm tracks but some stretches will be on softer ground (but better than on Wimbledon Common, for instance). I'll also be able to advise on a shorter walking route for those who want more time to admire the trees and views.

Afterwards we'll meet up in the Langley Park Tearooms for a drink and a bite. Note that this is a San Remo cafe so operates the same drinks loyalty card scheme as Black Park, Northala Fields, Brent Lodge, Ruislip Lido and other West London park cafes.

Please advise us that you may be attending - then we'll know to wait for you at the start.

Roderick Hoffman

Activity Achievements over the week 8th to 14th November 2021

Only 15 club members and friends included below but I could have included more or fewer parkruns and cross countries had people reported them as their activity achievements.

Colleague Activity Distance Course Start Time Duration Comments
Amanda Coombs Walking 4miles Queen Mary Reservoir Sun pm 01:17:00 Annual ‘Ramble Around The Reservoir’ - walking the perimeter of the normally closed Queen Mary Reservoir. Funds raised for the sailing club’s training school. There are a few tickets left for next Sunday afternoon.
Andy Rayner mixed Run/Walk 4miles XC route Sat 00:56:45 Muddy. Plus Friday 2.5mile cycle in 0:17:44.
Ben Cooper Running 6.33km BAMC Mon lunch 00:30:49
Clara Halket mixed Run/Walk 18.45km Chilterns Sat am 02:55:00 A lovely autumnal trail run (walk/jog) in the Chilterns this morning. It's great to be out on the trails again ☺️
Denis Foxley Running 5miles Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:00:00
Eddie Giles Running 1mile plus Salisbury Gym Sat pm 00:07:25 For the monthly mile: 20mins warm-up, start at 8mins / mile, increase pace to 7mins / mile for last 400yds. 20mins cool-down in swimming pool.
Emma Moreton  Race 6km Wimbledon Sat am 00:30:31 First XC of the season for me. I took one for the team and cut up my knees .
Harjit Jhooti parkrun 5km California Country Sat am
Joan Foxley Running 5miles Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:00:00
Julie Barclay Running 16km Basingstoke Canal Sun 01:36:00 Frimley Lodge Park to Brookwood and back
Melanie Miller parkrun 5km Dallas Burston Polo Club Sat am See below.
Paul Watt Running 16km Basingstoke Canal Sun 01:36:00 Frimley Lodge Park to Brookwood and back
Piers Keenleyside Running 15.2miles To/from Teddington Lock Sun 02:42:47 Marathon training run from Ealing including the Thames from Kew Bridge to Teddington Lock. Not 100% recovered from last Sunday's training so could only manage 10:40 minute/mile pace (previously 10:00 minute/mile).
Roderick Hoffman Orienteering 8.48km Hampstead Tue pm 00:01:18 Street-O event. Pleased to get the 50point control on Parliament Hill but it was downhill from there. Kicking myself for two avoidable time penalties. 18 controls for net 390pts, joint 40th of 63.
Stephen Taylor Running 7miles Limassol, Cyprus Sun am 01:07:11 A run along the sea front to the old port of Limassol and back to the hotel, elevation change 7 feet, so pretty flat. This is the best of my three runs of this route.


No pictures this week - the colour cartridge is nearly empty after all those cross-country shots.

Melanie finishing at Dallas BurstonMelanie Miller writes...

Dallas Burston Polo Club an unusual one for me as I usually ‘flit’ from Southeast to Southwest like a game of table tennis so I thought I’d try a different sport like a spot of Polo. We stayed 40 mins from the venue but actually arrived to be greeted by parking attendants and believe u me there is plenty of parking. The field is 2km laps x 2 mostly on grass and wot an improvement from Eastleigh last week when it wos lashing it down and the ground wos saturated. No such problems here and then after your 2 laps u run 100 metres and finish in the woods. Loved it all round. It was their 5th event so fitted 'Fibonacci' perfectly as well as 'Primes' and we also got to do Packdown which involved scooting across the field and moving the bollards ova. I wanted to do the run report but that had already been taken so here is my own version. Enjoy and I hope u get to experience wot I’ve just done…oh and did I say I added a delightful 'D' to my 'Alphabeteer' list, an away event 4 me but worth every squirt of diesel!


Roderick Hoffman

parkrun results for Saturday 13th November 2021

29 runners and volunteers are listed below - get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Pos Time Age Grade PB? Comment
Joe NOLAN Black Park 223 00:29:19 57.76% 330th run at Black Park
Barry WALTERS Bracknell 117 00:28:39 59.10% 11th run at Bracknell
John Lennon Broadwater 155 0.024039 46.32% 7th run at Broadwater, pb streak comes to an end
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 743 00:29:49 53.33%  
Harjit Jhooti California Country 100 00:31:57 55.19% Harjit goes to California
Neil FREDIANI Chopwell Wood 96 00:31:56 52.04% PB   PB - by over a mile! 30minutes and 56 seconds improvement. So nearly twice as fast!
Christopher T KELLY Clapham Common 605 00:40:49 37.97% run #491, first run at Clapham Common, park #58
Paul WATT Crane Park 5 00:19:57 77.69% PB   PB by nearly 2 minutes then a nifty drive to Wimbledon to deliver Julie for the Cross-Country.
Melanie Miller Dallas Burston Polo Club 171 00:37:31 47.00% Melanie goes to Dallas. Park #47, BA park #603
Trish MCCABE Guildford 243 00:29:54 52.62% first run at Guildford, park #73
Alastair Heslop Guildford Timekeeper at Guildford
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Gunnersbury 424 00:56:56 29.19% Tail Walker
David DUGGAN Hanworth 41 00:32:30 49.79% 32nd parkrun since 1/1/20
Maria Jovani Hanworth 3 00:22:27 70.75% First lady (3rd overall). The first 3 have run nearly 1,200 parkruns between them.
Mike Dennison Hanworth 1 00:20:00 82.33% First finisher, for the 3rd time at Hanworth.
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 165 00:59:55 38.41% Tail Walker at Harrow
Denis Foxley Harrow Run Director at Harrow
John COFFEY Hazelwood 74 00:35:15 58.25% 90th run at Hazelwood
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 120 00:58:01 35.48% Tail Walker at Higginson
Steve NEWELL Higginson, Marlow 113 00:46:38 42.17% run #396, Wilson Index moves up to 114
Bob Bannister Osterley 33 00:22:36 74.19% run #401
Benita Scaife Osterley 203 00:33:07 63.11% 197th parkrun.  403 behind Alan Anderson!
John Scaife Osterley 204 00:33:07 51.59%
Anne ANDERSON Osterley 248 00:45:58 62.69% (Assisted) 47th parkrun
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 249 00:45:58 54.79% Assisting Anne. 600th parkrun.
Alan FRIAR Reading 149 00:32:56 59.72%
Paul PRESCOTT Sandhurst Memorial 5 00:19:33 66.33% club course record (time)
Roderick HOFFMAN Wimbledon Common 269 00:29:19 55.20% 2nd run at Wimbledon - over nine years since the first. Before cheering on the Ladies in the Cross-country
Micheal BALL Woking 162 00:29:58 53.06%

Alan and Anne on Alan's 600thHats off this week to Alan Anderson who completed his 600th parkrun (at Osterley) where he has now done 65 to go alongside 305 at Gunnersbury and 211 at Bushy.  The next target has to be 100th at Osterley except that Alan seems to have outgrown targets.  Very few, if any, parkrunners have completed centuries at three different parks.  As it is he joins a select group of 21 who have completed 600 runs (four of them have now done over 700).   Not to mention the 226 volunteer shifts he has put in over the years.  Some will be surprised that he arrived at Osterley on Saturday totally unaware that it was his 600th but bear in mind that he doesn’t read this digest on a regular basis and that he goes to parkrun every week for his mental and physical wellbeing rather than trying to achieve a number beyond reach to most people half his age.  The morning was full of drama with the main gates being locked early on preventing the café staff being ready to serve the post run rush resulting in a reported 25-minute dwell time between adrenaline and caffeine levels achieving equilibrium [thanks to John Scaife for photo and report].

UK parkrun attendances were down a bit on last week with the counterattraction of cross country league races to contend with.  Some women’s races now start before lunch on Saturdays, some men's races are now on Sundays.  Very confusing.

Mike Dennison was first home at Hanworth for the third time and his time bang on 20 minutes.  Paul Prescott (19:33) was our fastest finisher this week setting a new club record at Sandhurst Memorial. Paul Watt (19:57) also dipped under 20 minutes for the first time at Crane Park.

Steve Newell (46:38) completed run number #81 at Higginson Park, Marlow and his Wilson Index has moved up to 114.  Future progress is likely to be more gradual.  Alice Banks (58:01) was there as tail walker just in case.  Alice’s Wilson Index is 8.

One more parkrun was added to the club collection this week.  Melanie Miller (37:31) ran at Dallas Burston Polo Club in the West Midlands which started up last month.

Steve Newell

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore (this is where I get most of my club stats from).

Local MP Meanders the Thames

Brentford and Isleworth MP and parkrunner, Ruth Cadbury, ran the Thames Meander marathon earlier this month and finished in 5:38:53.  She had trained for the London Marathon this year but was unable to run because of injury.  The Thames Meander marathon is a fairly low key event (only one runner beat the 3 hour barrier) making use of the Thames towpath between Barn Elms and Kingston and caused the Kingston parkrun to be cancelled when it took place.  There was a half-marathon option as well.  The next event is scheduled for 12th March 2022, cut-off time is 6h 30mins (see 

Steve Newell

Letters to the Editor

I got one this week - that wasn't asking for money:

"Thanks for having me on the BA Runner email list - always good to hear the news. I saw Bob Garner a few weeks ago - he was in the UK for a while before heading back to China - and we had a good reminisce about the glory days of the BA running club. So that got me a bit obsessed with digging out all my old running times. Do you have a database or spreadsheet or equivalent with BA club members' times for old races?  (Some events - e.g. The New York Marathon have digitized all their records way back, but others e.g. London, Sierre Zinal etc. haven't!) Can anyone help me in my results quest?

All the best and hope your running is going well.


Bill Byrne

I replied to say that we have the old issues of Round-the-Block but these haven't been "digitized" and in any case these didn't always include all results. If you have better news for Bill then contact me in the first instance.

>The Editor

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