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BA Athletics Club News Digest 15th February 2016


  • Wednesday 24th February - 5 Mile Handicap* Heston Venue from 18:00 and Club Awards evening (with food) from 20:00
  • Thursday 3rd March - Dream Mile*, Bath Road from 12:45
  • Sunday 6th March - Berkhamsted Half and Five Mile races from 10:00 - Tell Richard, email:

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map:

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Ladies Surrey League Cross Country Richmond Park, 13th February, Results

I was planning on getting there, at least to support our runners but was so tired from operating my flight I went to bed instead!

Monica Alonso and Helen Smith flew the flag in this match, coming in almost together at the finish [55:33 and 55:41 respectively for the 5 mile/8.1 k course]. Unfortunately we haven't had good turnouts this season and our team finished 39 of 39 in the team league. However a huge "Thank You" to Monica, who has been the only constant this season, running all 4 matches.  We've had several ladies join the club recently so hopefully we will have more runners coming out in the next season or before that at ASCA. It will be great to see the new faces.

ASCA Cross Country reminder - Hamburg 2nd April

Now that the Surrey League season is over, we look forward to the ASCA Cross Country in Hamburg on 2nd April 2016.  Already I have 5 names on the list and hope more will come forward. This is a great opportunity to socialise with colleagues from other airlines, and we have always had loads of fun so please let me know if you would like to come along.  It will be really good to have a big ladies team for this one and Hamburg is a beautiful city. I don't have event details as yet, as it's still early; I will forward details as we get them.

email: Clara Halket

Men's Cross Country Lloyd Park Saturday 13th February Results

Pos# Points Num Name Age group Club Time
1 1 954 Steven Blake SEN WOK WOK 31:13:00
10 10 552 Paul Knechtl V40 BAW BAW 33:34:00
24 24 559 Chris Kelly V50 BAW BAW 35:41:00
39 39 553 Richard Ruffell V50 BAW BAW 37:44:00
42 42 555 John Taylor V50 BAW BAW 38:14:00
45 45 560 Barry Walters V60 BAW BAW 38:29:00
46 46 564 Gary Rushmer V50 BAW BAW 38:40:00
62 62 586 Mark Taylor V55 BAW BAW 40:14:00
82 77 569 Gary Rushmer Jr SEN BAW BAW 45:01:00
87 81 566 Graham Taylor V55 BAW BAW 46:10:00
99 88 551 Neil Frediani V55 BAW BAW 52:15:00
102 - 594 Steve Hillier V60 BAW BAW 56:13:00

103 finishers

BA Men XC team Feb2016

Team result - BA came 6th of 10 teams with 514 points, 40 points ahead and behind 7th and 5th respectively. I think that this means that Neil would have had to have finished ahead of Mark for the team to have finished 5th. Had any team member from Mark upwards not shown up the team would have finished 7th or 8th.  The photo shows all of the team members other than Richard who had had to escape from the mud promptly.

35th World Airline Road Race - 21st to 24th September 2016

The World Airline Road Race is traditionally the largest inter-airline running event.   5k and 10k races are interspaced with parties and tourist opportunities. We can expect the event to attract 1,000 airline employees from 50 or more airlines and aviation companies with many trophies presented to individuals and teams.  There are also awards for non-airline guests.

This year the 35th event is being hosted by the United Airlines Running Club in Chicago with race day Saturday 24th September.  The 10k and 5k race courses will be on the Lake Michigan shorefront setting off from next to the Columbia Yacht Club.  The race headquarters hotel and confirmation of other details are still to be announced but race entry is due to open in early April.

More details of the race course:

On Sunday 25th, the day after WARR but still in Chicago, there will be a 5K on the runway at ORD.  We will all be welcome to register for this event as guests of the United Running Club.

Non-airline staff - commercial returns will currently set you back £690 but if you ask a BA staff member to order the ticket for you ("Hotline") they should be able to get you £40 or more off that cost.

Roderick Hoffman

Dear Warriors:

It is our great pleasure to introduce ourselves as your new Co-Chairmen for the World Airline Road Race organization.  Jennifer Zimmer has been with WestJet for over 18 1/2 years (5 attended WARRs), and Dave OíConnor has been with Aer Lingus for over 37 years (31 attended WARRs).  We are both very excited to take on these new roles.  We agree that there is no other industry like that of an airline, and it is that true passion for the airline industry that makes our gathering every year so unique. 

We have just completed development of our brand new website at which we hope showcases the great event our host airline organizes each year.  We have already tracked a tremendous increase in activity with our new option to post feedback and sign up for WARR newsletters online. 

The United Running Team is already deep into the planning stages of WARR 2016 in Chicago, and is working hard on what we are sure will be a fantastic event.  We would like to take this opportunity to get your feedback on WARR.  We want to hear what you like and what changes you might like to see for future WARRís.  Please take a few minutes to send us your comments, as they are very important to us and will help us determine our focus going forward.  All answers will remain strictly confidential. This is your event, and we want to do our best to make it one to which you will keep returning to.  Please complete this survey before Feb 15th (or as soon after as possible).


Jennifer & Dave 

International Co-Chairman - World Airline Road Race

Heartthrob Hash 10th February 2016 Results

We had ten runners split into five relay teams of pairs running round the Aviation Pioneers Estate circuit to the south of Cranford Lane. The (Lord) Brabazon Road area.

The pavements used were (Amy, CBE) Johnson Road, Louis Bleriot Road, (Sir Tommy) Sopwith Road, (Sir Alan) Cobham Road and (Sir Frank) Whittle Road.  It was remarkably free of traffic and pedestrians.

The teams were set the task of completing ten circuits of about 520m with each runner completing half a circuit (clockwise) and then repositioning across the 115m diameter (Sopwith Road).  Lapped teams were encouraged to give up at the end of a circuit if they found that the winners had already completed the ten laps.  This was to prevent too much hanging round on a chilly evening.

Thanks to Paul Brandon for starting and lap counting, Paddy O'Shea and Harry Wild for monitoring the handover zones.  Thanks to Harry for driving the officials party to the start point.

Chris Kelly and new member Lucy Canham were the first team to complete the course in about 19 minutes.  Eddie Giles and Denis Foxley also completed 10 circuits.  Roderick Hoffman and Christine Munden completed nine laps.  Steve Hillier and Steve Newell completed seven laps ahead of Tony Barnwell and Alan Anderson (also seven laps).  There was a suggestion that the session should be repeated again in the summer.

The majority then took the long route (another three miles) back round to the Heston venue where a team tea of sausage and egg & bacon baps was served (one or two per person).

Steve Newell

Round-the-Block Late Results

In response to Dave Barnard from last week regarding the Round the Block event, you have a very good memory but are 4 years out {Ed: That was my poor guess}.  Iím not sure if itís the first ever Round the Block run, but the event David was talking about took part in 1979 and here are the results of the 16 finishers that day:

Round The Block 1979 Results

The print out was on old style green and white computer paper, with the holes down the side . They donít make paper like that anymore! {Ed: The results were probably printed out by Dave himself on the then reasonable new Dec 10 computer}.  I only recognise 3 of the names on the list, but Iím sure there will be a few of you out there how recognise a few more.

By 1985 the entries had risen to just over a 100 and this was the typical entry for a number of years until the end of the running boom at the start of the 1990ís where the numbers started to dwindle away.

For sentimental reasons the event is being kept alive and itís a shame we donít have more entries. You never know one day we might just have a large turn out again, but we might just have to arrange something special. The equivalent summer event, Round the Park, has been moved to Waterside to try and encourage a few more participants, so you never knowÖ

Paul Knechtl

Harrow Hill 10K Results

Position Time Name Team Age Cat Cat Posn Race No
1 0:36:59 ELLIS, Jon Blackburn Harriers MSEN 1 132
11 0:40:21 NORRIS, Stephen Thames Valley M40 3 189
153 1:02:36 HOFFMAN, Roderick British Airways M50 28 148
165 1:05:25 MUNDEN, Christine   F45 12 78

199 finishers.

Stephen and Christine have been joining us on Wednesday nights recently and are considering joining the club. A disappointing result for Steve, who had won this event the previous year, though he had known he wasn't in the same form.  Christine and I were just pleased to finish! My Garmin reported 172 m of climb over the 10k distance.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 13th February 2016

13th Feb parkrun family & friends time parkrun commentry grade
Alan Anderson 31:09 Gunnersbury run #398 67%
Julie Barclay 22:41 Frimley Lodge run #63, F-1 76%
Caroline Cockram 43:46 Guildford run #216, park #40 37%
John Coffey 25:55 Bushy Park run #203 72%
Jonathan Cox 21:49 Bushy Park run #263, 253rd at Bushy 70%
Ian Cunningham 23:31 Bushy Park run #231, 197th at Bushy Park 64%
Linda Dodsworth 29:52 Fell Foot run #52, club record 53%
Steve Dodsworth 27:11 Fell Foot run #57 56%
David Duggan 28:24 Crane Park run #136, 9th at Crane Park 55%
Denis Foxley 27:04 Harrow run #31 63%
Alan Friar 27:53 Woodley run #189, 47th at Woodley 64%
Alastair Heslop  volunteer Guildford barcode scanning
Roderick Hoffman 26:29 Southend BApark #227, park #143 58%
Kevin Holland 30:33 Guildford run #39, 5th at Guildford 56%
Sharon Kassemzadeh 22:57 Cassiobury Park run #21, 20th at Cassiobury 85%
Piers Keenleyside 25:05 Gunnersbury run #125, 93rd Gunnersbury 63%
Chris Kelly 24:56 Woodley run #277, 27th at Woodley 59%
Mike Lawrence 23:16 Gunnersbury run #15, 11th at Gunnersbury 68%
John Lennon 26:46 Gunnersbury first run at Gunnersbury 57%
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury lead bike
Steve Newell 35:53 Kingston run #208 50%
Joe Nolan 28:42 Black Park run #255, 239th at Black Park 56%

With temperatures close to the seasonal norm for mid February after a chilly night those who waited until mid day or early afternoon for a cross country league race probably made the sensible choice.

The effect of previous deluges and even high tides is still being felt.  Linda Dodsworth (29:52) was at Fell Foot in Cumbria (Lake and Mountain District) where the parkrun has been rerouted to avoid some parts of the usual course which are still soggy.  It is currently a very undulating five lapper and the overall club record was hard earned.  Note that her other half Steve doesn't get the male fastest record because he hasn't yet joined the club. He can take that as a hint.

Up near Teddington Lock Steve Newell (35:53) found the Kingston parkrun was rerouted along a muddy puddly towpath for an extra quarter of a mile or so to avoid the flooded Hamlands suffering from the double whammy of rain and spring tides associated with the new Chines New Year new moon.  The year of the Monkey (Steve's birth sign) got off to a bad start.  Further down river at Southend Roderick Hoffman (26:29) was on firmer and drier ground but had a freezing breeze off the estuary to contend with.  That took his total to 143 different parkruns and the club total moved on to 227.

Julie Barclay (22:41, 75.75%) was first woman home at Frimley Lodge and Sharon Kassemzadeh (22:57)who is on the fringe of membership put in an excellent performance (84.53%) at Cassiobury Park.  Her best time so far this year.  The remarkably consistent John Coffey (25:55, 71.9%) at Bushy Park was the best scoring of our men this week.

A name from the past making a comeback?  Mike Lawrence, a talented performer in the 1980s and triathlon pioneer, has now run three weeks in a row at Gunnersbury but that only takes him to 15 parkruns in over 4 years!  He was a contemporary of Bill Byrne who is doing a "Rushmer" and has now been on 99 since some time last year.

Alan Anderson (31:09) is now on 398 runs and is scheduled to become the our first member (and only 16th in the world) to complete his 400th run at the end of the month.  David Tyas remains just 8 runs behind on 390.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats:

Also the club map has been updated with all the latest parkrun achievements.  Use this to check which parkruns have yet to be run by club members and what the fastest club member time trial times at each have been.  You can also use Google to check transport directions by car, public transport and even Bike.

and from our Roving Rowley Reporter...

Hi, hoping all is well and your week-end run was successful, a little report from the deep south at Frimley...

Julie Barclay was ready to attempt like most parkrunners to try for a monthly course PB even though cold/rain/windy.  So started on the front line to go with the fast lads but when turning onto the canal path a unfortunate bottleneck appeared so a slowing down process. Starting the 2nd lap Julie was 15/20 down on target and obviously realised she would be unable to claw it back but also noticed she was leading lady by 20m so tried to keep there as a incentive.  And with 800m left she was still leading but another lady had joined the 2nd one.  It was not a race but Julie determined and very competitive pushed hard and the other two trying to close the gap, wonderful to watch.  Julie held on to win finish ahead by just two SECONDS.  Julie ran 22.41, the other two Ladies given 22.43 each. [Ed: both younger than Julie and with faster PBs!].

All three could not stop chatting after and became firm friends.

I then nipped along to Richmond park to see the ladies XC match.  It was just as freezing cold and raining and I met up with Monica and Helen.
Unfortunately Clara was delayed some where above cloud 9 [exhausted from operating on an inbound sector]. Both Monica and Helen had forgotten it was an 11.30 start so started dashing to get onto start line very quickly with the other 380 to made it 382.  They decided to run together, Helen not running the longer 5 mile distance for over two years, but Monica stayed with her around the two laps and they finished neck/neck.

But then my prize for supporting - we walked back to the car park for Green Tea/Ribina (I do not mix my drinks as I was driving) and then six sections of Monicaís special Bread Pudding.  Thank you girls, end of a perfect day.

Well done girls.  I must now start training for Chicago WARR!

Tom Rowley

[Ed - Tom is serious about joining us in WARR this year]

Running Shorts

Punchbowl Marathon

I had a great day out in the winter sunshine (but still rather chilly) running up and down the North Downs and round the rim of the Punchbowl. Probably spent rather too long at the checkpoints drinking tea and scoffing Jaffa Cakes this year so finished the 30+ mile Punchbowl Marathon in 6:34:00. I've now done 107 marathons - I'm now trying to limit my marathons to just one a month but it is hard with so many great races out there! I've already broken the rule with 2 done in January and I will also be running 2 in April!

Regards Piers

From Barcelona

Just seen that Lissa did the Barcelona Half Marathon today (14th) in a chip time of 1:50:45


Food Programme - Eating to Run: Parts 1 & 2 - BBC Radio 4

Well worth listening to, and publicising. 2 X 30' episodes. I listened on Radio iPlayer on the iPad, after catching the back end of part 2 live, in the car.

Food Programme - Eating to Run: Part 1 - @bbcradio4:

Food Programme - Eating to Run: Part 2 - @bbcradio4:

David Barnard

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