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BA Athletics Club News Digest 15th June 2015


  • Wednesday 17th June - Bridges Relay Westminster - team runners should know who they are - spectators are also welcome.
  • Track&Field: Monday 22nd June 18:30 Vet's League Battersea / Wednesday 24th 18:45 Rosenheim Ewell Court
  • Wednesday 1st July - Parkway Mile followed by Club AGM

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Concorde Five Mile Road Race Sunday 14th June 2015 results

The Concorde Five went very well yesterday.  There wasn't a repeat of last year's workmen digging up the course and finish area with a JCB.  True, there were significant pavement works in Roseville Road, but these were navigated by all of the runners without reported incident.  The half way water point was set up in plenty of time in near enough the right place (the Event Adjudicator did initiate a quick shuffle to reduce the risk of bottleneck). As well as having enough marshals on the day we managed to have club runners in both the men's and ladies competitions - though sadly not enough for a team. And with just the one exception we managed to present the awards to all of the most deserving runners. And 90 finishers represents the largest field for several years.

Selected results in finish order:

Place Time Name Team Race Category No Place Winners
1 0:26:59 MARZOUK, Hassan Gladstone parkrun SM 176 1 M Open 1st
2 0:27:25 COOPER, Jim Metropolitan Police MV40 170 2 M Vet. 1st / Cat Record
3 0:28:05 ADAMS, Tom SM 154 3 M Open 2nd
4 0:28:50 WYATT, Paul Metropolitan Police MV40 111 4 M Vet. 2nd
5 0:29:45 NAGI, Mohamed Umar JM 133 5 M Open 3rd
6 0:29:49 NORRIS, Stephen Thames Valley Harriers MV40 86 6 M Vet 3rd
8 0:30:02 BRADBURY, Bob Woking AC MV60 93 8 M V50(&60) 1st / Cat Record
11 0:31:26 KELLY, Chris British Airways MV50 171 11 1st BA Man
12 0:31:38 URWIN-MANN, Sarah Reading Road Runners LV35 136 12 L Open 1st / Cat Record
16 0:32:24 LIVESEY, Jenny Windle Valley SL 147 16 L Open 2nd
18 0:32:29 PARDOE, Karmen LV45 109 18 L Vet 1st / Cat Record
20 0:33:16 HEPBURN, Melissa Metropolitan Police SL 98 20 L Open 3rd
25 0:34:53 ASHE, Nicky Harrow LV35 169 25 L Vet 2nd
29 0:36:19 DOBBS, Zoe Hillingdon AC LV45 107 29 L V45 1st
31 0:36:35 HYDE, Lynn Hillingdon AC LV35 150 31 L Vet 3rd
33 0:37:13 NAGI, Mohamed Iqbal MV60 132 33 M V60 1st
53 0:40:47 FUDGE, Paula Windle Valley LV55 115 53 L V55 1st*
57 0:41:25 McCLURE, Mel Metropolitan Police LV55 84 57 L V55 1st*
58 0:41:27 WARREN, Pete Ranelagh Harriers MV70 125 58 M V70 1st
67 0:45:27 MODAHER, Jasvir British Airways MV50 142 67  
72 0:47:08 TURTON, Judy British Airways LV45 96 72 1st BA Lady
90 1:06:48 O'NEIL, Maurice Gladstone parkrun MV70 110 90  

* The LV55 spot prize was incorrectly awarded on the day - Paula has already emailed us to say she is happy with the way things turned out.

  • Top three Men's teams in order - Metropolitan Police, Gladstone parkrun and Thames Valley Harries,
  • Top three Ladies teams in order - Hillingdon AC, Windle Valley, Metropolitan Police,
  • We also had eight runners in the kids fun run.

Full results on the website:

Considerable thanks to all of the officials, marshals and other helpers.  I'll provide the full list next week. In the meantime feedback is sought from all - although most things seemed to go well this year there is bound to be scope for further improvement.

Roderick Hoffman

Results of Marathon Relay Sunday 14th June


Thanks to everyone for today, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, a good afternoon out. We should not worry that the whole field was "Dorrised", the lady in question was Claire Hallissey, a GB athlete, she ran the Marathon for GB in 2012. I don't feel so bad about watching her disappear off in the distance now!

The results, with a comparisons with last year:

Team Member 2015 2014 This Year
Richard Ruffell 17.53 17.48 5 secs slower
Graham Taylor* 19.00 18.43 17 secs slower
Chris Kelly 16.42  
Dave Bird 17.58 16.57 61 secs slower
Mark Taylor* 16.50 17.02 12 secs quicker
Gary Rushmer Snr* 17.33 17.29 4 secs slower
Gary Rushmer Jnr* 19.51 19.29 22 secs slower
Barry Walters 17.08 17.19 11 secs quicker
Ian Cunningham 17.43  
Bernard Sexton 15.55 16.30 35 secs quicker
Overall 2:56:33 2:54:22 2 mins 11 secs slower
So overall a great effort, this year second overall about 3 mins 16 secs behind the winners, but over 30 mins ahead of 3rd. And no trophies to have to worry about, almost perfect!!

A special thanks to Chris for joining us on his 50th birthday, especially having run the Concorde 5miler in the morning, well done old man!!


* And Roderick adds thanks to the Taylors and Rushmers who marshalled the Concorde Five before running their relay legs (and Chris who provided two willing marshals).

Results of match 2: Vets League Hillingdon 8th June 2015

Janet Smith WV50 Hammer Throw - 38.58m Shot Putt – 9.17m  
Gary Rushmer MV50 200m – 32.4 800m – 2.43.0 300m – 11.42.7Triple Jump – 7.22m
Steve Hillier MV60 200m – 34.6 Long Jump - 3.06m Hammer Throw – 23.67mShot Putt – 7.96m
Neil Frediani MV55   Long Jump – 2.83m Hammer Throw – 11.99mShot Putt – 3.71m
Eddie Giles MV65 200m - 34.8 800m - 3.17.7   
A cold & windy evening at Uxbridge for the 2nd Vets track event. Janet was on form in the Hammer, with 1st in her age cat, with a 2nd place in the Shot Putt.

Steve also 1st in his age cat in the Hammer coaxing along Neil in the Hammer, Shot & Long Jump.

Gary also came 2nd in age cat with his Triple Jump, also beating Steve & Eddie’s best efforts in the 200m sprints.

Steve had mixed fortunes in the events. In his 200m race, the runner in lane 3 slipped forward on the blocks just as the starter’s gun went off. A flag was raised, redeemed to have an advantage on the rest of the field, so a second gun fired to stop and return to the start. Most runner heard the bangs of the gun and stopped but the lead sprinter didn’t hear. Bang- Bang- Bang but he wouldn’t stop 50m, 60m, 70m he kept sprinting. The starter was not amused and if the runaway sprinter had reached 100m, I think he would have taken aim but lucky for him he reached about 80m when it dawned on him to stop!! With the blocks secured this time all sprinters were away for 2nd time of asking. Then Steve did a perfect landing on the Long Jump board only to have a Hamstring twitch at that point. He was ok, but well done to all who came out to compete and Tom to cheering us all on.

Next vets track event is at Battersea 22nd June 6.30pm start.

Eddie Giles

Standard Chartered Great City Race is on Thursday 9th July

The Standard Chartered Great City Race is on Thursday 9th July and is being held in the City of London. This years race entry is already closed, so 5000 runners will be pounding the streets around the 5km course. We'll be helping to support the course senior stewards in marshalling the course and general assistance with the spectators & general public who need to cross the course. This will be the 11th year of assisting with this race so I think we're fairly familiar with what's required. In terms of timings, the start is 19:15, and we need to be on site by 18:15, finishing by 20:00. In return you'll get a t-shirt, expenses up to the cost of a zone 1-6 travelcard, that all important club donation and some post race refreshments (food and drink!) in a local pub (very well received from those that helped last year).

I've currently got 15 helpers (Graham, Neil F, Barbara T, Nick, Eddie & Lesley G, Dave Duggan + 2, John Paton, Glen & Ishi H, Soni Shah & Jagit Singh) I need 25 helpers, so if you can help please drop me an e-mail with a contact phone number (ideally a mobile) and preferred T-shirt size (S, M, L or XL). Nearer the time I'll circulate final details. Thanks in advance for your continued support.


Simon Turton

Club parkrun results for Saturday 13th June 2015

6th June 2015 Family & Friends Time parkrun Comment Grade
Tim Hawkes 19:11 Upton Court 1st 68%
Colin Haylock 19:14 Bushy Park 19th/993 74%
Paul Sinton Hewitt 19:17 Black Park course pb, run #245 79%
Kerstin Luksch 21:23 Gunnersbury pb 70%
Matt Gardner 22:03 Fulham Palace run #16 59%
Scott Davison 22:40 Bedfont Lakes 62%
Julie Barclay 22:41 Crissy Field (SFO) first lady, BA park #177 76%
Ian Cunningham 22:58 Bushy Park run #199 65%
John Scaife 23:46 Catton BA park #176 68%
Robert Barclay 24:14 Crissy Field (SFO) run #2 66%
Joe Nolan 24:24 Black Park 66%
Denis Foxley 24:37 Harrow pb 69%
Simon Ashford 24:37 Chichester run #14 57%
Eddie Giles 24:56 Upton Court run #57 68%
James Glover 25:09 Guildford run #3 59%
Sreeram Sethuraman 25:18 Upton Court run #50 52%
Neil Frediani 25:50 Bedfont Lakes 61%
Roderick Hoffman 26:05 Crane Park run #159 58%
Alan Friar 26:07 Reading run #162 68%
Tony Hird 26:22 Gunpowder run #99 - all at Gunpowder 56%
Chris Kelly 27:05 Reading cancellation confusion 54%
Monica Alonso 27:48 Guildford run #55 58%
Bridget Ruffell 27:59 Cassiobury parkrun pb 63%
Kimberley Turner 28:48 Chichester run #4 55%
Alan Anderson 28:53 Gunnersbury 73%
Kevin Holland 29:15 Woking 58%
Steve Newell 30:32 Gunnersbury 58%
Tony Barnwell 31:13 Wycombe Rye run #81 59%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford finish tokens
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Just one week after Roderick Hoffman followed in the steps of Christopher Columbus across the Western Ocean and in fact ventured as far inland as Michigan to run at Livonia parkrun, Julie Barclay went right over to the Pacific coast and ran a parkrun in sight of Alcatraz at Crissy Field on San Francisco Bay.  She ran quickly as well to be the first placed woman this week and established a new age group record, half a minute better than the previous mark.  This was some compensation for losing her VW50 record at Bedfont Lakes only last week by 7 seconds.  As a club we still hold two records at Bedfont; Barry Walters (MV55-59) with 18:47 and Brian Bennett (MV70-74) with 22:40.  The MV80 title is vacant if Alan Anderson is interested.  His longstanding V75 record eventually got overtaken - records are there to be broken.

Crissy Field was not the only new parkrun for us this week,  John Scaife was in Norwich on Saturday morning and was part of a record attendance of 249 running at Catton parkrun which has been going for almost two years and is not as flat as some people think the whole of Norfolk is!  That takes us up to 177.

Congratulations to Sreeram Sethuraman on notching up his 50th run, most of them at Upton Court.  Eddie Giles was there to see him do it.  Next week we expect to see Tony Hird complete his parkrun century with his 100th run at Gunpowder Park.  He shows an unswerving loyalty which might have been common in the early days of parkrun but is less the norm now.

Chris Kelly (Hon Treas) planned to skip his usual run at Reading and combine a trip to the bank in Woodley to pay in some cheques to the club account with a parkrun there.  Imagine his horror when he realised the run at Woodley had been cancelled and he had to cycle back to Reading.  He missed the start but joined in just time to join up with the leaders who by then were on their second lap.  That gave Alan Friar the perfect springboard to finish in front of him.

Denis Foxley returned to Harrow after a couple of weeks off and lowered his pb there to 24:37.

Over at Black Park there was a record attendance of 534 and Joe Nolan was having a bit of fun with the pace and finished in 24:24.  parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt was there too and ran his course pb of 19:17.  His best ever parkrun incidentally was 18:22 at Bushy Park 21st April 2012. 

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

And Tom adds...

Julie Barclay and husband Bob on holiday in San Francisco both decided to run the 5K parkrun after receiving some info from Roderick.    On the day only 22 competed, the small entry is down to many sporting clubs Running/Cycling etc. that use the park and to have larger entries they might need to have a permit?

The course was out and back on shingle paths along the front, dodging a few dogs and pedestrians. Julie, although disappointed with her time of 22.40, finished 1st lady and also lowered the ladies age course record. But husband Bob, being coaxed by Julie, ran a massive PB of 23.14, well over 90 seconds off his Woking time.

Both more than pleased they did the run, a great experience, in warmish weather (preparing for WARR Dubai).

Tom Rowley

The Elmore 7

Richard Carter, the Event Adjudicator for the Concorde Five, was keen that we consider this event. The 7 mile road race starts and finishes in the grounds of “Elmore”, a country house and the home of the Chipstead Flower Show. The accurately measured course passes through scenic and undulating country lanes and is suitable for all levels of runners.

The Village Fair and Flower Show open at 12.30pm and the Elmore 7 starts at 2.00pm. The Elmore 7 is part of the Surrey Road League.

  • There is a Medal for all finishers
  • Veteran Category Prizes
  • Free Car Parking
  • Showers & Changing Facilites 

Venue address Elmore, High Road, CHIPSTEAD, CR5 3SB. Race numbers can be picked up from Chipstead Rugby Club. Please note Race Spectators will need to pay the Flower Show entry fee to gain access to the show.

Postal Entry Form: 7 2015.pdf

Online Entry:

Running Long

Comrades Marathon 2015 - UP

The Comrades Marathon is the biggest ultra marathon in the world with entries often exceeding 20,000. It is also probably the oldest having been started in 1921 as a memorial event for those South Africans killed in the First World War and to celebrate mankind's spirit over adversity. There were 34 runners in the first event and just 16 finished.

With a break for the Second World War the 2015 event was the 90th Comrades Marathon. The race is run between Durban and Pietermaritzburg over a distance of around 87k (55 miles) with the direction alternating each year. Durban to Pietermaritzburg is known as the ‘up’ run and Pietermaritzburg to Durban the ‘down’ run. This year it was an ‘up’ run – with roughly 1,830 metres (6,000 feet) of climb to contend with.

I ran last year’s Comrades (a ‘down’ run) and had returned to do the ‘up’ so as to get my ‘back-to-back’ medal. This is a 3rd medal for running consecutive up and down runs and is only given to people completing their 1st and 2nd Comrades Marathons. I also hoped to beat the time of 10:25 that it took me last year.

Over 22,000 entered this year but only about 16,500 actually lined up to start in the dark at 5:30am outside Durban City Hall on Sunday 31st May. It is a very atmospheric and emotional start. First a few ‘worthies’ made a couple of short speeches and then the South African national anthem was sung by the runners and supporting crowd. Next they sang an old Ndebele miners’ song called ‘Shosholoza’ that is so well known and popular that it is sometimes called South Africa’s second national anthem. Finally the start was signalled first by a cockerel crowing twice (or at least a recording!) and then a gun firing. We then set out on our way to Pietermaritzburg as that old marathon favourite, ‘Chariots Of Fire’, played over the speakers.

Last year I optimistically thought I had a slight chance of finishing in under 9 hours and set off at around a 9 minute mile pace. I could only managed to hold it for about 20 miles before the hills got to me. The worst of the hills were actually the steep downhills in the last 1/3rd of the race that turned my quads to jelly! This year I decided that if I went at a steady pace of around 10 minutes/mile from the start I’d be able to hold it for longer and so hopefully do better than last year.

When the route is described, five major hills are usually mentioned: Cowies Hill, Fields Hill, Botha’s Hill, Inchanga and Polly Shortts. However if you look at the profile diagram below there are quite a few more and before reaching the first, Cowies, we had already climbed nearly 300 metres after leaving Durban City Hall which is close to sea level!

The early start did not deter supporters and there was a large noisy crowd at the start. Then as we made our way out of Durban people lined the streets and cheered us on. In fact there were people along most of the 87.7k of the route – many were enjoying family picnics with breakfast and lunch BBQs.

Despite doing no hill training I managed to run up all the hills in the first half of the race and reached the village of Kloof, at the top Fields Hill, feeling very fresh and confident of getting the time I wanted as I was ahead of the 10 hour ‘bus’ (pace group). Phil, my brother’s brother-in-law, lives in Kloof and was there to cheer me on.

I then jogged (slowly) up Botha’s Hill before passing the halfway mark at Arthur’s Seat and the Wall of Honour. You can buy a brick with a name on it and have it set in the Wall of Honour for a few hundred rand apparently.

The forecast had been for a cloudy day but ever since the sun had risen at about 7:00am there had hardly been a cloud in the sky and the temperature had been steadily rising all through the day. I think the high was probably about 25c however a garage on the way into Pietermaritzburg was displaying a temperature of 31C! I suspect the associated thermometer was not in the shade and fully exposed to direct sun! I coped quite well with the conditions by making sure I always took a water sachet at each aid point (about every mile) drinking a couple of mouthfuls and then pouring the rest onto my head.

The next significant hill was Inchanga where the road wound upwards with a dramatic rocky cliff face to the right which helped to keep us in the shade. Just as last year when coming the other way this was where I started walking. And for the next 35k I walked rather too much whenever there was an upward slope. I also developed a stitch – not sure what brought it on – eating too many salted potatoes or drinking too much Coca Cola? So sometimes when I started running again I had to stop because of the stitch not the gradients!

Soon after my first walk the 10 hour ‘bus’ went past me then as I was walking so much the 10:30 and then the 11 hour ‘bus’ went by. I wasn’t worried about not finishing as a fellow runner had helpfully pointed out that we could walk the rest of the race and still do it in less than 12 hours!
The crowds started to get bigger as we reached the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg and luckily the course remained fairly flat over the last few kilometres so there was no more walking. When we turned off the main road and onto a narrow path I could see that it wasn’t far to the Oval cricket stadium and finish. As usual I managed to up my pace over the last couple of hundred metres and gained quite a few places before crossing the line in a time of 11:21:04. Marathon number 101 complete! It was hard and for a couple of hours I was thinking ‘never again’ – but then perhaps it would be nice to go back and have another go in 2017 as a 60 year old.

I got my two medals which this year are a decent size – see below compared to the 2014 model!

I then went to the International tent to meet friends and family and got something to eat whilst watching the final half hour of the race. As 5:30pm approached race marshals lined up across the finish line and there was a countdown for the final seconds to the cut-off when they joined hands and stopped anyone else from crossing the finish line! Heartache for quite a few – only around 13,000 finished in the time allowed meaning 3,500 missed the final cut-off or were pulled out at 3 or 4 other cut-off points along the route.

Piers Keenleyside

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