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BA Athletics Club News Digest 16th December 2013

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 18th December - 'Parkway Mile' races and Club Christmas Social - see below
  • January 2014 - Magic Mile Thursday lunchtime 9th / Surrey Leagues Ladies and Men on Saturday 11th / Club In-House event 15th / Round-the-Block annual lunchtime race Tuesday 28th / 5 Mile handicap on Wednesday 29th. 

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Reminder: New facebook "BA Runner" Group

Up to 16 members but many more of you have facebook accounts so please join the group and use it to exchange information. To find it search for "BA Runner" in the facebook search box (with the space between BA and Runner) or follow this link:

Roderick Hoffman, Club Communications Secretary

Reminder: Parkway Mile and Club Christmas Social - Wednesday 18th December from 18:00 via the Concorde Centre, Heston.

The parkway mile races will be run as a team event though some lucky individuals may get the chance to run more than one leg.  Please email Steve Newell by close of Tuesday with your anticipated mile time. Children from 11 to 17 are welcome to run if accompanied.

The Club Christmas Social afterwards will feature free catering for all attending members.  This will include Sandwiches (Turkey or Vegetarian) and Mince Pies.  There will be a Santa's Sack where you may contribute a wrapped present of value about 3:50.  Everyone contributing to the sack will also be able to receive a present from the sack.

KLM Roadrunners Beach Race Saturday 14th December

KLM Beach race with a stream of runners runing up and down and round the dunes

First runner home wearing a BA shirt was the 2nd lady in the 6(and a bit)k race in 34:55, Patricia Leroux of Air France.  Helen Smith and I had given Patricia one of our shirts at the Stellenbosch WARR. First BA home was Ruman Kirilov in around 45 minutes, then Daniela Mayerova in 45:31.  Roderick Hoffman finished the longer 10k race in 1:05:16.  If anyone thinks that that is slow they should come out and do the event next year!  The winners time in the 10k was 40:40. There were 107 runners in all and although most were from KLM there was also a large team from Lufthansa and smaller teams or individual representatives from BA, Air France, El Al, SAS, Aero Mexico, Delta, Ryan Air, American and Alaska Airlines.

This really is a great event - ignoring the low temperature, soft sand, and gale force wind - with free entry, courtesy transportation to and from the airport, free drinks, free gifts for all competitors and a 30 buffet for 15.  Better value and less effort than a 100 mile ultrarun.

Roderick Hoffman

Ladies XC 2nd Match Results

Apologies for the delayed report. The host sent out a pre-results and indicated there would be a final copy but there was none, so here goes:
It was a cold but dry day when we gathered at Farthing Downs for the 2nd Ladies XC match. As usual, I arrived early so that I could have a nice spot for our team stuff. Not sure what the guys do; we usually have hot and cold drinks, a tad of alcohol even at times, and of course, plenty of snacks and cake. On this occasion, Monica provided yummy home-made fruit cake.  I did forget the club banner (again!); I think I should keep one at home for the XC season!
We had 4 runners on this occasion - Helen, Deby, Natalie and Monica who had just flown in from New York the same morning. I opted out due to some toe nails threatening to depart should I put more pressure on them. Richard, Melanie, her daughter and baby came to provide much needed support. It was a one-lap 6k course with some devilish hills I was told. Not sure if I heard it correctly, but Natalie was telling her dad that she had to walk up a bit of a particularly long hill en route. That must have been a toughie if she had to slow down!
The results:

BAAC 'A' Team        15th out of 18    (this match), 14th out of 18    (after 2 matches)
Position    90           793    Natalie Ruffell         28:37
                143           782    Deby Helsdon        30:21
                 265          787    Monica Alonso       36:32
                 276          792    Helen Smith            37:38
Thank you to everyone who turned up for this match.  Our next match is on 11 January at Wimbledon Common.  I look forward to seeing many runners there.  As I'm working most evenings up to the New Year I probably won't be able to see any of you before Christmas, so I wish you all a Lovely Christmas and Wonderful New Year! 

Clara Halkit 

BAAC 5 Mile Handicap 11th December 2013 Results

Runner Handicap Actual start Clock at finish run time Time gap from handicap Points this month Total points Next Start time
Matthew Stratful 32:30 32:30 00:00 32:30 00:00 13 13 32:30
Piers Keenleyside 33:44 33:30 59:59 33:31 00:13 12 18 33:30
Graham Taylor 35:55 36:00 59:36 36:24 00:29 11 18 36:30
Richard Ruffell 33:53 34:00 00:40 33:20 00:33 10 35 33:30
Alan Friar 45:49 46:00 00:51 45:09 00:40 9 22 45:00
Gary Rushmer 31:13 31:00 58:59 32:01 00:48 8 27 32:00
Chris Kelly 33:08 33:00 00:57 32:03 01:05 7 9 32:00
Barry Walters 33:10 33:00 01:05 31:55 01:15 6 21 32:00
Steve Newell 48:09 48:00 58:29 49:31 01:22 5 25 49:30
Tony Barnwell 50:26 50:30 58:24 52:06 01:40 4 9 52:00
Roderick Hoffman 39:38 39:30 57:14 42:16 02:38 3 15 42:30
Jeremy Short 32:00 32:00 52:48 39:12 07:12 2 2 39:00
Harry Wild 59:13 37:00 05:13 31:47 27:26 1 10 32:00

It was a foggy Wednesday evening in December. The 3rd of 6 5 mile handicap runs took place with 12+1 participants. The +1 did his power walk, and we also had 1 runner took a wrong turning meaning he got back several minutes after the expected 19:00 finish time.  The timekeepers managed to arrange the clock so they could see it from inside the building and were thus able to keep warm after the last starter and before the first runner made it back, almost 30 minutes. 6 runners were within 1 minute of their handicap, with one in a hotly contested sprint finish passing the clock as ticked over to 1:00:00 meaning (I think for the first time for anyone) a finish exactly on the handicap time.

After 3 runs we have a clear leader on 35 points (Richard Ruffell) with Gray Rushmer and Steve Newell 8 and 10 points behind in second and third place. Not too surprising the first 4 positions have all completed the 3 runs so far. Can anyone close that gap on Richard? Will he make the rest of the handicap runs to maintain first place?

N.B points are calculated based upon actual handicap times (i.e. previous finish time) not from the allocated Start Time which is rounded to the nearest 30 second boundary.

Join us Jan 29th 2014 for the next installment of the winter series 5M handicap. Paul Brandon

Club family parkrun results and stats for 14th December 2013

BA Family parkrunner Time parkrun Commentary WAVA Chase The Place
Piers Keenleyside 20:12 Gunnersbury parkrun pb 77%
John Coffey 23:45 Bushy Park 2013 pb 75%
Brian Bennett 24:34 Guildford 75%
Richard Ruffell 20:44 Southwick BA park #84 72% week8
Chris Kelly 20:32 Reading(v) 71%
Ian Cunningham 21:47 Bushy Park 68% week8
Clair Byrne 25:19 Gunnersbury 66%
Alan Anderson 30:48 Gunnersbury 65%
Alan Friar 26:50 Woodley 65%
Tim Hawkes 20:09 Upton Court 64% week8
Joe Nolan 24:34 Black Park 64% week8
Tony Hird 24:06 Gunpowder 47th parkrun 61% week8
Neil Frediani 26:11 Bedfont Lakes 90th parkrun 59%
Kerstin Luksch 25:27 Gunnersbury 58%
Steve Newell 29:51 Gunnersbury 58% week8
Marion Woodhouse 32:25 Bedfont Lakes 19th parkrun 52%

parkrun Highlights

The fall off in the last week of Chase the Place was a lot less than we all expected and 4021 people now have the chance to apply for a London Marathon place - but 6 of those are BA family runners.  The member whose prediction was nearest to the final figure will be announced at the social after the Parkway Mile relay on Wednesday.

The highlight this week was a parkrun pb of 20:12 (76.73%)  by Piers Keenleyside at Gunnersbury where the course is now a few metres longer than it used to be and going on the grassy bits is getting a bit soft.

Brian Bennett made his debut at Guildford but his 24:34 was only good enough to put him second on the all time list for the VM70-74 age group.  Maybe he will go back when  we have a club featured parkrun there in 2014.  Alastair Heslop will be timekeeping next Saturday.
Richard Ruffell extended his tour with a visit to Southwick Country Park in Wiltshire and recorded the club's 84th different venue as we race towards the target of 100.

Steve's parkrun stats

Did you see the "Get Inspired" section on the BBC website last weekend? This is the latest initiative to get more people into sport - an objective linked to the Olympics.  These initiatives have been criticised for being ineffective with low increases in participation.  I had a look at the latest offering asking myself the question - if I just wanted to get fit by running what would I be offered?  I expected the answer to include "parkrun".  Not so.  There is a section on "Athletics" which focuses on Track and Field and pushes you onto the England Athletics site which itself makes no mention of parkrun, there is a local events "activities tracker" that hasn't heard of any parkrun and there are sections on Orienteering and Triathlon. So if you are already a serious athlete you can find stuff here.  But if you just want to get started with a run round a park with some locals - little hope for you.  Since the Olympics the number of runners doing UK parkruns every week has more than doubled from 15,000 to 35,000 - a huge success story with little publicity or investment.  So it looks to me that the official scheme will continue to fall short because they are too busy looking for the next Usain Bolt rather than trying to get the average Brit into sport.  But is that a problem?  Perhaps not - parkrun clearly doesn't need the publicity or funding!  But on the other hand if you are a tax payer then it is your money that is funding the uninspiring inactivity.

Roderick Hoffman


We got a thank you letter from the British Heart Foundation for the 100 donated from this year's Concorde Mile.  Hopefully a larger field next year will allow us to make a larger donation.  Next year's race will be on Sunday June 15th.

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