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BA Athletics Club News Digest 16th May 2016


  • Monday 23rd May - Track&Field club "Grand Prix" 1500m and Shot - Hillingdon Track 18:00*
  • Monday 30th May - Vitality 10000, Central London - 10:00 - More volunteers needed.
  • Sunday 5th June - Concorde Five Mile Road Race - 10:30 - Volunteers and runners needed.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map:

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please.

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Volunteers still needed

I don't like nagging but it would really help if you could tell us ASAP if you are able to help out with the following two events - the club has responsibilities that it needs to fulfill:

  • May 30th     Vitality 10,000  Central London       Contact: Clara Halket    Please also provide Clara with your shirt sizes and whether you prefer meat or non-meat in your sandwich, whether you want to use the coach to get into London and your mobile phone number.
  • June 5th      Concorde 5 miles  Cranford           Contact: Roderick Hoffman    If you are not running please volunteer or, if you are running, please ask friends or family!

Roderick / Clara

British Airways AC Track & Field Championship and Family Fun Day - Sunday 15th May 2016 - Results

Field Event Wellie Wanging Discus* Shot Javelin* Hammer Triple Jump*
1st Steve Taylor – 26.73m Steve H – 23.90m Steve H – 8.95m Steve H -18.35m Steve H- 30.53m Gary snr – 7.36m
2nd Eddie Giles – 19.69m Eddie -    21.57m Steve T -8.05m Neil -18.00m Steve T-16.98m Eddie – 6.75m
3rd Steve Hillier – 18.88m Steve T – 18.35m Eddie – 7.59m Eddie-17.40m Neil – 14.42m Neil – 6.71m
4th Gary Rushmer snr – 17.58m Joe Nolan – 17.85m Neil – 6.46m Gary snr-15.44m Eddie – 13.58m Steve H -6.58m
5th Harry Wild – 17.01m Harry  -14.78m Joe- 6.18m Gary jnr – 15.23m Gary snr -12.53m  
6th Mel Holman – 16.00m ( 1st Lady) Gary jnr- 14.18m Gary jnr-6.10m Harry – 11.28m Gary jnr – 9.48m  
7th Gary Rushmer jnr – 14.48m Gary snr -13.34m Gary snr-5.65m      
8th Lesley Giles – 12.89m Neil Frediani -11.82m Harry -5.22m      
9th Alex Holman – 12.87m   Mel -4.52m (1st Lady)      
10th Linda Hillier – 12.34m          
11th Philippa Holman -6.87m          
12th Little Gary – 5.70m          
no throw Laurie Holman- refused to throw,
putting the willies on both arms instead!!
Track Event 100m* 200m 400m* 800m 1000m 1500m*
1st Gary jnr - 15.08 Gary jnr – 31.1 Gary snr  1:12 Gary snr   2:44 Gary snr  3:30 Gary snr  5:31
2nd Steve H - 15.50 Gary snr – 31.92 Gary jnr  1:14 Gary jnr   3:10 Neil  4:19 Neil   6:25
3rd Gary snr – 15.55 Steve H – 35.0 Eddie  1:17 Eddie    3:14 Eddie  4:34 Gary jnr  6:57
4th Neil – 16.82 Eddie – 37.0 Neil  1:25 Neil    3:22 Steve H  5:10 Eddie   7:20
5th Eddie – 17.09 Neil – 37.5 Steve  1:29 Mel    3:38 (1st Lady)   Steve H  8:13
6th     Mel   1:39 (1st Lady) Joe   3:40    
7th     Alex  1:47      
8th     Philippa  1:47      
9th     Joe  1:48      

A great afternoon full of sunshine at Eton track which everyone there enjoyed. A big thank you to Harry for starting all the track event and helping with results. A big thanks to Steve Taylor, when the stopwatch stopped working, came in with his iPhone (what would we do without them). Joe had already ran a 10k in the morning before he got there.

There was a theft at the track unfortunately. A magpie was jumping down the steps and along to get to Mel’s children’s lunch box. As soon as it got near Linda clapped her hands and the magpie scooted off. Everyone went over to the Wellie Wanging event at the far side of the field, thinking that the cover over the box would be enough but, you guessed it, when we all got back to the stands the cover was off and sausage rolls and sandwiches were stolen, but the veg was left behind!!

Gary Rushmer, Gary Rushmer and Gary Rushmer

Photo: Gary Rushmer, Gary Rushmer and Gary Rushmer [left to right: Senior, Little and Junior].

* Superstars Events

This year’s Track & Field Superstars Champions are:

  • 1st - Gary Rushmer snr,
  • 2nd - Steve Hillier
  • 3rd - Eddie Giles
  • 4th - Neil Frediani

 Well done to all who competed in the 6 well fought events.

Eddie Giles

Vets league match 1 at Battersea Monday 9th May 2016 Results (& next match info)

Janet Smith:

  • Shot Putt :- 8.13m  2nd VW50
  • Discus  :-  28.09m  1st VW50 (nearly 10m longer than 2nd place)

Steve Hillier:

  • 100m  16.5   4th VM60
  • 2000m walk  16.03.4  3rd VM60
  • Shot Putt :- 8.33m  2nd VM60 (pipped to 2nd place by 6cm)

Eddie Giles:

  • 400m  82.6   5th  VM65

A very wet night at Battersea for the 1st of 4 vets matches. Janet having a good evening on the field in Shot & Discus. Steve a very good combination of sprint, walking & Shot. Eddie not so good on the track, last in the 400m, DNF in the 1500m (did get halfway round though!!)

Next Vets event is at Uxbridge track on Monday 6th June. If you want to come along and compete and or marshal that would be great.

Hope to see you there,

Eddie Giles (

Results of the 1st Rosenheim league match at WALTON Wednesday 11th May 2016 (& next match info)

Gary Rushmer:-

  • 800m – 2.39.0
  • 3000m – 11.37.9
  • Triple Jump – 6.86m

Steve Hillier:-

  • Hammer – 19.67m
  • Shot – 6.92m

Eddie Giles:-

  • High Jump  - 0.90m

Next Rosenheim match is at Walton Wednesday 1st June 18.45, hope to see you there,

Eddie Giles (

Westminster Bridges Relay, Wednesday 22nd June

We've been unable to get enough runners to make up a single team so we are not entering this event this year.  With apologies to those who had expressed interest.

Richard Ruffell

Club parkrun results for Saturday 14th May 2016

14th May family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
James Glover 24:08 Alice Holt run #20, course pb 61%
Maria Jovani 23:06 Bedfont Lakes F-1, Speedbird 5km r/u 73%
Scott Davison 23:30 Bedfont Lakes run #162 60%
Ian Cockram 25:00 Bedfont Lakes run #347 58%
Caroline Cockram 26:26 Bedfont Lakes run #226 61%
David Duggan 27:02 Bedfont Lakes run #147, 100th at Bedfont 57%
John Lennon 33:36 Bedfont Lakes run #207 46%
Trish McCabe volunteer Bedfont Lakes back-up timer
Chris Evans volunteer Bedfont Lakes photographer
Joe Nolan 24:00 Black Park 24' pacer 67%
Janet Smith 32:20 Black Park run #49, best time this year 52%
Jonathan Cox 21:01 Bushy Park run #273 73%
Andrew W Jordan 21:15 Bushy Park run #111,  101st at Bushy 69%
John Hanscombe 51:21 Bushy Park run #493 41%
Ben Chaytow 21:42 Crane Park run #131, 109th at Crane Pk 62%
Kerstin Luksch 20:17 Gunnersbury F-3, run #184 74%
Oliver Mathai 26:12 Gunnersbury run #34, first parkrun this year 62%
Alan Anderson 30:23 Gunnersbury run #410, 188th at Gunnersbury 69%
Steve Newell 31:38 Gunnersbury run #221, 90th at Gunnersbury 57%
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow timekeeper
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow finish tokens
Natalie Ruffell 20:14 Kingston F-1, run #44, parkrun pb 73%
Ian Cunningham 29:20 Krakow run #243, club course record 52%
Roderick Hoffman 27:48 La Ramee 8th/18, park #153 55%
Sarah Gordon 34:23 Leicester Victoria run #106, 7th at Leicester Vic 55%
Jacqui Musselwhite 27:46 Les Dougnes run #9, Adrian's sister 58%
Adrian Haines 27:46 Les Dougnes run #23, first of 2016 53%
John Scaife volunteer Maidenhead
Benita Scaife volunteer Maidenhead
Colin Russell 23:48 Oak Hill run #21 57%
Emily Warburton-Brown 27:49 Peckham Rye run #15, 13th at Peckham 53%
Steve Dodsworth 23:54 Preston (Lancs) course pb 63%
Linda Dodsworth 27:26 Preston (Lancs) run #63, 3rd at Preston 57%
Chris Kelly 20:08 Reading run #290, 228th at Reading 73%
Kevin Holland 29:17 Woking run #48, 24th at Woking 59%
Alan Friar 26:53 Woodley best time this year at Woodley 66%

Bedfont Lakes again attracted a lot of our members which considering it is the nearest parkrun to T5 shouldn't really be a surprise.  Scott Davison (23:30) was the pick of the bunch but he couldn't keep up with Maria Jovani (F-1, 23:06) who was a prizewinner at the recent Speedbird 5km at Harmondsworth Moor.  Another runner in that event was Trish McCabe who has recently joined us - she was on the other side of the stopwatch this weekend.

The outstanding performance of the week was Natalie Ruffell's run (20:14) at Kingston.  That is a new club course record (men and women).

Our only runner in a field of 1155 at Bushy Park was our newest member Andrew Jordan (21:15).

Gunnersbury has reverted to the original "summer" course and welcomed a record attendance of 452.  That was put in the shade by a huge turnout of 635 at Black Park but that didn't stop Joe Nolan (24:00) doing a precision pacing job.  Janet Smith (32:02) had her best run of the year.

We had some tourists in Europe.  Adrian Haines (27:46) is suffering from "Joggers Heel" but managed to keep up with his sister Jacqui at Les Dougnes near Bordeaux.  He reports difficulty is finding the venue - maybe that is why numbers have been disappointingly low!  Meanwhile over at Toulouse La Ramee Roderick Hoffman (27:48) missed out on a podium place but was in the top ten.  He has run in every parkrun which has started up in France so far but another inaugural is due very soon at Chateau de Pierre de Bresse - we'll give it a shorter name when we need to!  Very close to the Burgundy vineyards so it has some appeal!

Ian Cunningham (29:20) made it to Krakow and set a new club record although not by very much.  John and Benita Scaife (29:35) have also been there (in summer 2015).  The chance of Ian's 250th run, presumably at Bushy in early July, being eclipsed by John Hanscombe's 500th is still very much on the cards - they both have just seven more to do.

Course pbs for James Glover (24:08) at Alice Holt and Steve Dodsworth (23:54) at Preston.  Alan Friar (26:53) returned his best time so far in 2016 at Woodley.

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

parkrun Growth

Another record week with over 93,000 finishing a Saturday parkrun and 103,000 including the Junior events and over 9,000 volunteers.  After Cannon Hill's 1,016 finishers last week Southampton came back with a bang and recorded a new record but "only" 942 so having to settle for third place for now.  There are now 400 UK parkruns in the system though it'll be a few weeks before we get 400 sets of results since there are always a few cancellations - eight this week (and Little Stoke is expected to be indefinitely cancelled after this month).

Over one million runners have now been reported as having finished a UK parkrun - and there are many more to come, I chatted to a regular runner at each of the Wings for Life event last Sunday and Wednesday's Street'O event and both claimed not to have heard of parkrun.  Alan Anderson must be slacking!

As a club members have participated at 255 parkruns around the world, about one in three of the total. That includes just over 50% of UK parkruns, all French parkruns (until next Saturday), 60% of US ones, 11% of those in Australia and Poland, 8% of those in Ireland but none of those in Italy or Russia.  I believe that Danielle was in Moscow last Saturday but sadly didn't do one of their parkruns.  The second Italy parkrun will start shortly.

The club event map is up to date with all parkrun statistics.

Roderick Hoffman

Street'O Notting Hill - 1st May 2016

I took part in this Street Orienteering event and improved on my result compared to the previous Feltham event. No wrong answers and no time penalties this time - arrived back with 26 seconds to spare and that was despite turning the corner with five minutes to go and two checkpoints still to visit and discovering that Notting Hill does have a Hill - hidden behind the main streets but with a 20m climb.  I scored 530 points whereas the winner managed 870 out of the 1,000 available. The area was awash with Blue Plaques hence my answers from the various checkpoints included "Dusty Springfield" and "Frankie Howard". Picture below - my GPS trail, superimposed on the Orienteering map, makes the event look straight I'll look forward to others joining me for some of these next season!  The triangle in the middle was the start/finish pub and the contours do reveal the hill to the southwest of the pub.

Notting Hill Street'O Course

Roderick Hoffman

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