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BA Athletics Club News Digest 16th September 2013

Forthcoming Events:

  • Monday 23rd September - BAAC T&F Grand Prix events - Hillingdon Track
  • Wednesday 25th September - Brian's Relay and Social at the Concorde Centre
  • Wednesday 2nd October - 'Equinox' 5k from 18:00 and social at the Concorde Centre 

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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T&F Grand Prix Monday 9th September results

On a very calm and cool evening the 5th Grand Prix of the season took place at Uxbridge track. 3 athletes up for the 400m ‘sprint’ , Hammer & Discus challenge were :-
Eddie Giles (returning from injury), Gary Rushmer (returning from the Isle of Sheppey) and Steve Hillier (returning from Watford)

  400m   Hammer   Discus    
Gary Rushmer 1 1:09.6 3 10.77m (7.26kg) 3 14.29m (1.5kg)  
Eddie Giles 3 1:33.5 2 12.80m (6.00kg) 2 20.17m (1kg)  
Steve Hillier 2 1:27.7 1 27.86m (7.26kg) 1 20.26m (1.5kg)  

Well done to Steve with 2 wins in the throws with Gary’s win in the 400m and his first ever discus throw.

The 6th and final GP of the season is on 23rd September, 6pm start; 100m & the Long Jump. Contact Eddie Giles for details - hope to see you there,

Eddie Giles

Round-the-Park Tuesday 10th September - Results

Position Name   Time   Position Name   Time
1 Tim Hawkes   00:19:44   9= Stuart Whipps   00:24:26
2 Martin Connor   00:19:50   9= Jessica Collins F2 00:24:26
3 Matt Stratful   00:20:12   11 Roderick Hoffman   00:24:58
4 Dave Dixon *   00:20:33   12 James Ruffell   00:27:29
5 Chris Kelly   00:20:44   13 Kevin Holland   00:28:25
6 Richard Ruffell   00:21:13   14 Sohrab Ghavami   00:28:30
7 Ian Cunningham   00:21:25   15= Helen Smith F3 00:30:47
8 Sharon Kassemzadeh F1 00:23:13   15= Neil Frediani   00:30:47

After the scotching temperatures of last week and the rain on Monday, we seemed to have a near perfect day for running the inaugural Round the Park event at Waterside. The course is somewhat more challenging than the old one in Cranford Park and an issue with not being able to unlock one of the gates turned the event into a steeple chase :-) In all 16 runners took part, all finished and I don't think anyone got lost! Many thanks to Harry Wild who helped with marshalling the event. {Ed: note that over the previous three years we averaged only 8 runners at the Cranford Park course so the Waterside switch seems to have been a good move.  The photo above shows how Chris Kelly got round the Waterside parking issues}.

The men's event was close with the first 3 runners all coming in within 30 seconds. Tim Hawkes finished first in 19:44, closely followed by Martin Connor (19:50) and Matt Stratful (20:14). * However, the fastest time of the day and new course record went to Dave Dixon in a time of 17:53, who finished in 4th overall, but started some 2 minutes and 40 seconds behind everybody else! The ladies event was a little more split, with the winner Sharon Kassemzadeh finishing in a time of 23:13. Unfortunately we did not have any teams this year, but hopefully the new course has not put too many of you off and the teams will be back!

The 'Round the Block' race is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 28th January 2014 (weather permitting), so don't forget to put the date in the dairy. I will send out some more details nearer the time.

Paul Knechtl

Club family parkrun results and stats for 14th September 2013

    time parkrun wava
Chris Kelly 19:58 Reading 73%
Colin Haylock 20:14 Bushy Park 70%
Piers Keenleyside 20:42 Gunnersbury 75%
Ian Cunningham 21:46 Sth Manchester 68%
Tony Hird 24:04 Gunpowder 61%
John Coffey 24:44 Poole 72%
Alan Friar 24:59 Reading 70%
Scott Davison 25:14 Bedfont Lakes 55%
Kerstin Luksch 26:11 Gunnersbury 57%
Alan Anderson 26:54 Gunnersbury 75%
Joe Nolan 27:43 Black Park 57%
Neil Frediani 28:46 Bedfont Lakes 54%

Both Roderick Hoffman and Richard Ruffell were volunteers at Osterley and St Albans respectively.  Richard witnessed a new male record by Ian Kimpton of 14:45 (five minutes faster than the fastest at Osterley). Ian also holds the record at Hull parkrun - though one second slower.

Running at Poole means that John Coffey has now clocked up the 70th different parkrun run by club family members - when (and where) will we make the 100?  Meanwhile Ian Cunningham ran at South Manchester - but sadly for him Chris Kelly had got there previously and with a faster time!

Steve's parkrun stats

Ickenham Five Miles - Results

Pos GPos Runner Age Group Time
1 1st Mohamed Mohamed-Hassan Senior 0:24:44
8 1st Airan Grover-Jones Female 35-44 0:29:25
48 9th Natalie Ruffell Female Senior 0:35:26
49 40th Richard Ruffell Male 50-59 0:35:26
84 69th Roderick Hoffman Male 50-59 0:40:37
173   --- --- 1:13:56

The winner has been mentioned in a previous digest - see "Right place wrong time" in

Richard and I were able to greet Harry Wild on the way round, marshalling at one of the critical corners, and the other BAAC participant was our timing clock - this being one of the several events each year that hire the clock from the club.

Roderick Hoffman

Men's Surrey League X/C

It's that time of year again when we start getting the spikes out of the shed ready for our Cross-country season. The first men's match takes place on Saturday 19th October at 15.00 at Lightwater Country Park. Lets hope this year we can get a good turnout at all 4 meetings.

New members & non members of all fitness levels are welcome at this event, even if you've never run a cross-country race before.

As soon as I receive details of the race I'll circulate them.

Many thanks Gary Rushmer.

Subject: ASCA X-Country 2013, MAD 9 Nov. Info

Note that this event clashes with the second men's Surrey League fixture but as both Clara and Helen forwarded these details to me perhaps there is a good chance of us having a ladies team attending.

Dear friends,

Please find attached the info of the ASCA Cross Country Tournament to be held in MAD next Nov. 9th. We hope you find the package attractive enough to bring a team of runners and supporters. You won’t regret it!

As you can see in the programme, we’ve changed the traditional Awards Dinner for the Awards Lunch with the object of allowing the participants more free time in the evening to enjoy their short visit to Madrid, or even return back home those who may want to make the visit even shorter. Please let us know if you are happy with the idea or if you’d rather follow with the tradition, in which case we’ll try to satisfy the majority preferences.

Please note that the deadline for the inscription of the runners is Oct. 12th, and that you have to book directly the hotel rooms sending an e-mail to with the reference CLUB IBERIA.

When you enter the runners names in the ASCA webpage, don’t forget to add the D.O.B. (date of birth) to help us with the categories classifications. We also would thank you to let us know the T-shirt sizes of the participants well in advance, otherwise we wouldn’t assure you get the suitable ones.

Keep on running and fit!

See you in Madrid,
Paco Puerta
IB ASCA Delegate

Attachment with full details {1.8Mb}

And more long distance efforts...

A bit more info on my Dingle Marathon which was run on Saturday 7th September.  My time of 3:27:46 was just over 20 minutes quicker than when I ran it a year ago. It is quite a tough course with about 600m of elevation gain round the course. I was 47th out of 340 finishers.

Piers Keenleyside

And Pier's previous contribution on the Ridgeway Challenge inspired Dave Barnard to say...

... I was reminded of my attempt at half the distance, Goring to Ivinghoe 70km, on my 70th birthday. A few days earlier it had been under snow, so there was plenty of mud. The rendezvous were all at or very close to road crossings.

Needless to say, I did not do it in half Piers' time!

In order to do it in the day, the plan was to try and run the first 42 km in 6 or 7 hours, then change into boots and walk until I got there. Unfortunately I was born on a date such that my 70th birthday fell on a shortish winter day with a new moon, so that a head-torch was going to be needed.

At 06:05 at Goring it was still dark so clutching a micro-torch for any early potholes I set off at an easy trot for an hour along the river - disturbed ducks, dawn chorus, flooded paths (footbridge 10 cm under water at one point). A little after 7 o’clock the trail turned away from the Thames, straight up Grims Ditch onto the hills at Nuffield where {my wife} Joan was waiting in very chill mist, but surrounded by masses of snowdrops. A 5 minute pause and on I trotted, along undulating paths (I had to walk up one long hill) till the path dropped down to join the Icknield Way, and along through the mud to the next rendezvous at the (old) A40, 10:59. Elevenses here with excellent hot chocolate, etc. for 15 minutes - 2/3rd marathon distance done, and feeling a bit tired. Warm enough to discard jacket.

Along through more flat mud through Chinnor, up over Wain Hill, where the horses I met provided a good excuse for a brief walk. I was getting wearier, and again glad of an excuse to walk going up the steep end of Lodge Hill whence the trail led gradually down to Brimmers Road at Princes Risborough (42 km - one marathon - by 12:59) where the support team from Devon plus Joan were waiting, watching four red kites who were putting on a magnificent aerial display, using the thermals rising from the town. They greeted me with assorted refreshment and encouragement, very much needed, as I felt seriously exhausted. But it is amazing what 25 minutes rest, raisins, chocolate, apple juice, change of pants, a dry T-shirt, and putting on boots and a light jacket can do.

Roger and I set off, now at a comfortable walk, up and over behind Whiteleaf Cross and down to Cadsden to be greeted even before we reached the pub by more supporters (no, we didn’t stop for a pint). Then across the front of Chequers, up Coombe Hill from the back, and down to rendezvous in Wendover by St Mary’s church in Church Lane. We had a very brief swig and bite here, and were then up and away to the top of the Hale, and across Red Lane above the Crong (where we were given our head-torches), through Pavis Wood and along two bits of road, then along the top of Tring Park, to our 7th rendezvous crossing Fox Hill at Wigginton, 18:00, torches on, and down to Tring station. No time to waste here (supporters complained they’d barely had time to get their fish and chips from Tring), as we carried on up through tricky dark woods on Aldbury Nowers, then out to the clear open ridge of Pitstone Hill. Guided down by waiting headlights on the road, and off up the penultimate slope towards the road below the beacon. Met the car again, with just 500 m to the trig point, where we could see a dazzling plain of lights spread out below. Poor astronomers! 70.6 km, 20:24 o'clock. Bliss, down to more chocolate & a short car ride home!

David Barnard

And finally on Sunday Piers and Joe Nolan did a relatively short (for Piers) twenty mile training run organised by Ealing Eagles.  Piers did the twenty miles in 2:32 and along the way spotted Neil Frediani who was racing in the Richmond Imperial 10 Miler - he finished in 56th place out of a field of 105 in a time of 1:29:18.

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