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BA Athletics Club News Digest 17th August 2015


  • Wednesday 19th August - Cranford Park Relay 18:00 and BBQ 20:00
  • Saturday 22nd August - Reading parkrun for Chris' 250th! - 08:40 for team photograph.
  • Wednesday 26th August - Monopoly running event at the Heston Venue

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.  Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Result of the 5th Grand Prix at Uxbridge 10th August 2015


  • Eddie Giles - 34.2
  • Steve Hillier - 34.9
  • Tony Barnwell 45.0


  • Steve 24.33m
  • Eddie -  21.70m
  • Tony -   11.55m

Just 3 of us this time for the 200m & Discus.  A battle for the line in the 200m between Steve & Eddie.  We had both raced several 200m this year in our league events - but not against each other. It was always going to be close as we seemed to get within half second of each other in our separate races.  Eddie just secured the victory this time but Steve got his own back winning the Discus with his 1st round throw.

regards :-

Eddie Giles

Wednesday 19th August - Cranford Park Relay 18:00 and BBQ 20:00 - final reminder

At the last count we had the following listed for Wednesday's event (runners, helpers and consumers):

Steve Hillier, Nick Edge, Chris Kelly, Eddie/Lesley Giles, Barry Walters, Roderick Hoffman, Steve Newell, John/Ann Coffey, Richard Ruffell, Alan Anderson, Denis Foxley, Steve Taylor, Harry Wild, Paddy O'S, Tony Barnwell, Joe Nolan.

If your name isn't listed but you'd like to turn-up then please let us know - the minimum food order is 25 so you can be accommodated.

Try to get to the Heston Venue in plenty of time to be ready by 18:00 (we'll try to set-off to Cranford Park early) and the BBQ is at the Heston Venue (Concorde Centre) from 20:00.


Club parkrun results for Saturday 15th August 2015 - The Empire Strikes Back

15th August 2015 Family, Friends,+ Time parkrun Comment Grade
John Taylor 19:25 Frimley Lodge run #6, best parkrun WAVA% 76%
Bill Byrne 20:26 Gunnersbury run #90 75%
Chris Kelly 20:00 Reading 20' pacer ? 74%
Alan Anderson 28:49 Gunnersbury run #373 73%
Richard Ruffell 21:21 Brandon Cntry Pk 4th / 75, BApark #193 71%
Ian Cunningham 21:27 Bushy Park run #207 70%
Natalie Ruffell 21:47 Brandon Cntry Pk first female finisher 68%
Graham Taylor 23:00 Frimley Lodge run #40 67%
Joe Nolan 24:08 Black Park run #231 66%
Claire Byrne 26:19 Gunnersbury 65%
Benita Scaife 29:35 Krakow BApark #192 65%
Simon Ashford 22:25 Chichester course pb 63%
Steve Taylor 23:55 Gunnersbury 63%
James Glover 23:40 Guildford run #11 62%
Scott Davison 22:39 Bedfont Lakes run #126 62%
Tony Hird 24:57 Gunpowder run #106 60%
Tony Barnwell 31:14 Black Park run #86 59%
Kevin Holland 29:55 Poole run #20 57%
Marion Taylor 29:45 Gunnersbury run #40 57%
Steve Newell 31:21 Hilly Fields course pb 57%
Roderick Hoffman 27:34 Cieszyn park #120 56%
John Scaife 29:35 Krakow park #17 55%
Gareth Hobby 28:16 Reading run #18 49%
Sreeram Sethuraman 27:12 Upton Court 37th out of 69 48%
Caroline Cockram 46:55 Bedfont Lakes tailrunner 34%
David Duggan 46:54 Bedfont Lakes run #111 33%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford back-up timer
Piers Keenleyside volunteer Gunnersbury marshal
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Maybe the title for this summary this week should be "The Empire Strikes Back".  Those of us with long memories will be aware that there is a Polish War Memorial midway between the old Bealine House and the BEA Trident Club in Northolt which closed during an airline financial crisis in 1982.  Since then there has been a decade and more of migration of people from Poland to UK but now our greatest export - parkrun - has taken root in Poland at no less than 29 different locations.  This week our members were at two of them.  John and Benita Scaife ran together at Krakow in 29:35 to chalk up the 192nd BA park and Roderick Hoffman was at Cieszyn (27:34) where the parkrun starts and finishes in Poland but where the course straddles the border with the Czech Republic.  Two countries for the price of one but not a new parkrun for the club since Daniela had previously already made it there.  Poland also has a parkruns starting with letter 'J' (Jelenia Gora) and 'Z' (Zary), both quite close to Dresden.  The letters are missing from Roderick's collection so I think he may be back in that part of the world quite soon*.

Back at his home track at Reading, Chris Kelly ran his 249th run (20:00) and is only one week away from becoming our second runner (after Alan Anderson) to become eligible for a "250" vest.  Some of hope to be there to see him start but he is not easiest of people to keep pace with so we may not see him finish!

Richard (21:21) and Natalie (21:47) Ruffell were at Brandon Country Park in Suffolk which became the 193rd BA park (due to time difference with mainland Europe).  This was Natalie's first parkrun as a VW25 and she found her dad's recent speed training has started paying off!  Natalie had the consolation being the first female finisher.

John (19:25) and Graham (23:00) Taylor made their first appearances of 2015 at Frimley.  For John Taylor his WAVA score of 75.97% was our best of the week and his best ever at a parkrun.

Course pbs this week for Simon Ashford (22:25) at Oaklands Park in Chichester and Steve Newell (31:21) at the very aptly named Hilly Fields in Lewisham.  Ladywell station is only 14 minutes by express train from Waterloo East.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Club Lady parkrunners

A few weeks ago I reported on our men's records at parkrun.  Now its the turn for the ladies...

Club member total runs total parks best time best grade Club bests (* equal or better to the men) whilst member
Alice Banks 33 7 24:39 75.46% Black Park, Maidenhead, Upton Court, Wycombe Rye
Benita Scaife 19 17 28:32 67.06% Bowel*, Catton, Cooks River*, Krakow*, Parramatta*
Caroline Cockram 192 32 23:09 69.26% Crane Park, Telford*
Caroline Wilson 19 8 25:32 59.53% Larne*
Claire Killen 28 9 24:01 65.51% Ormeau*
Clara Halket 3 1 27:45 60.96% Frimley Lodge
Daniela Mayerova 24 16 26:33 55.74% Cieszyn, St Anne's, East Coast, Gunpowder, Hampstead Heath, Poole, Porthcawl, Wormwood Scrubs
Helen Smith 20 5 26:25 65.61%  
Janet Smith 33 11 30:05 52.62% Tollcross*, Peterborough*, Southampton*
Judy Turton 12 1 25:55 60.51%  
Julie Barclay 48 7 21:12 80.03% Bedfont Lakes, Banstead Woods, Crissy Field*, Woking
Justine Arnott 7 3 22:46 65.01%  
Katherine Stather 2 1 18:52 78.53% Bushy Park
Kerstin Luksch 150 3 20:58 71.30% Gunnersbury, Osterley
Kimberley Turner 6 1 26:40 59.56% Chichester
Lissa Pritchard 6 2 23:16 63.75%  
Liz Latter 1 1 26:03 58.48%  
Marion Woodhouse 23 4 29:29 56.19%  
Melanie Holman 11 3 24:38 61.10% Basingstoke, Reading, Woodley
Monica Alonso 57 6 25:23 62.57% Guildford, Old Deer Park
Natalie Ruffell 34 14 20:16 73.03% Brandon Country Park, Burgess*, Brockwell Park, Dulwich*, Fulham Palace, Panshanger, Tring*, Walsall Arboretum

Included in this table are ladies who are club members or who have recently been club members. The "Club bests" column represents their time only as club members, the other columns are from their whole parkrun history. Please notify Steve and/or I of any errors or omissions. There are other ladies associated with the club who are not listed here.

I'm just presenting the table as is - it's more than my life's worth to risk making any comment other than to point out that 15 different ladies hold club bests at different parkruns and that 14 of these bests are better than our men's performances at those parkruns (and it would have been 15 had I not stolen Daniella's Cieszyn record on Saturday [she did get her revenge - she marched me up and down a Czech mountain later that day leaving me so that I couldn't walk on Sunday]).

I will be asking the club membership secretary to explain why we don't have any lady runners doing parkruns with names starting any further down the alphabet than "Na". I'll suggest that he has lost the bottom end of the membership list (so please renew - Sally, Sarah, Susan, Tracy, Wendy etc.).

Roderick Hoffman

* New J

There will soon be a "J" parkrun much closer to Heathrow than Dresden. A little bit nearer anyway and in a NEW parkrun UK region - Jersey in the Channel Islands, starts 26th September (

Roderick Hoffman

Running Shorts


I am the Race Director of this year's race, which is taking place at 10.00 on 6 December with the 2 km Fun Run at 11.15.  We have had the benefit of a number of British Airways runners in recent years {Ed: We often make it the Run-of-the-Month for December and it is particularly popular with club members called Steve}. Entries are open for the Perivale 5 and any publicity amongst British Airways runners and on the website diary would be greatly appreciated.

The on line links are:

If you require any further information please let me know.


Laurence Messer, Race Director

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