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BA Athletics Club News Digest 17th July 2017


  • Wednesday 19th July, Rosenheim T&F, Ewell Court
  • Thursday 20th July, BA Staff Fun Run, Harmondsworth Moor* (see below)
  • Wednesday 26th July, Club In-house Event - Monopoly (see below)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated July 17th.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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July CIE Club In-house Event - Wednesday 26th July 2017 - "Monopoly" from 18:00

We know what the event is, and when, but do we know where?

Cranford lock-upWe haven't had the answers yet from the Bedfont sports clubs so instead we'll run the event from Heston as before.  The changing rooms and showers are still open to us so we'll meet and run from Heston Venue from 18:00.  After the event we'll retire to the Queen's Head (with 30% discount for current BA Clubs members). We won't be able to have announcements in the Queen's Head so will hold any over to the August CIE (or the following week's digest).

The Monopoly event works by team members running out and back to different checkpoints each time receiving a random Monopoly property or card.  The team that accumulates the greatest wealth is deemed the winning team.

The advantage of running this event from Heston is that we can take advantage of the Cranford Lock-up in the High Street (pictured) for anyone who draws the "Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go" card.

Roderick Hoffman

BA Staff Fun Run - Thursday 20th July

Cancer Research UK logoI've now got the twenty helpers I need for this event.  If you have offered help but not received an email from me today, then please get in touch.  Others are welcome though I can't guarantee refreshments beyond the twenty.

The event will still welcome additional participants for the 5k or 10k races (and Little Legs).  Sign-up via:

ba-fun-run-and-little-legs-for-life-2017 (online entry closes end Tuesday).

Roderick Hoffman (

Ride London 2017

Ride London is just two weeks away, and we have a good team assembled, ready to operate a crossing at The Cenotaph on Sunday 30th July.  We still need a few more volunteers to complete the team, and to allow us to continue our support for the London Marathon organisation.

Are you able to help?   Please contact me if you can.


Steve Hillier

Final Vets League Match Results

The BA team took part in the last match at Perivale last Wednesday.  There were some great performances on a warm, sunny evening.  Janet Smith started us off with a clear victory in the ladies hammer, while Julie Barclay picked up two second places in two closely contested track races, the 800m and 3000m.  Steve Hillier completed the podium finishes with a third place in the men's hammer.  Paul Watt continued his improvement with a strong run in a crowded 3000m field, and Tony Barnwell is threatening Harry Wild's MV75 records with his Javelin throws.

Vets League Track & Field   Perivale, July 12th      
200m M60 Steve Hillier 35.6 6th  
800m W50 Julie Barclay 02:51.0 2nd  
3000m M50 Paul Watt 12:16.4 6th  
3000m W50 Julie Barclay 12:29.4 2nd  
Hammer W50 Janet Smith 37.31 1st  
Hammer M60 Steve Hillier 25.93 3rd  
Javelin M60 Steve Hillier 16.02 4th (M50 event)
Javelin M75 Tony Barnwell 10.42 7th (M60 event)
Long Jump M60 Steve Hillier 3.06 6th  

Steve Hillier

Last Rosenheim Event of the Season - This Wednesday at Ewell Court

The last event of the season is on Wednesday 19th July (2 days time!!) at Ewell Court again, hosted by Epsom and Ewell. If possible, please let me know if you might turn up.  The running order is:

6.45 Pole Vault W & M
6.45 Hammer W
7.00 400m Hurdles W & M
7.10 800m W & M
7.15 Discus M
7.20 100m W & M
7.40 400m W & M
7.45 Triple Jump W & M
7.50 1500m W & M
8.00 200m W & M
8.00 Discus W
8.00 Shot M
8.15 3000m W & M
8.35 4 x 200m Relay W & M

Neil Frediani {}

Club parkrun results for Saturday 15th July

15th July family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Chris Evans 23:49 Bedfont Lakes run #169 63%
Neil Frediani 36:53 Bedfont Lakes run #173, 114th at Bedfont 43%
James Shoulder 43:12 Bedfont Lakes a real gentleman 30%
Janet Smith 33:58 Black Park run #69, 37th at Black Park 51%
Paul Knechtl 17:18 Bushy Park M-8, pb,  club course rec 83%
Ian Cunningham 21:25 Bushy Park run #293 71%
Jonathan Cox 24:45 Bushy Park run #318 63%
John Coffey 26:16 Bushy Park run #245 72%
Leslie Chamberlin 28:00 Bushy Park run #160 66%
Sarah Knechtl 47:22 Bushy Park first ever parkrun 33%
John Scaife 24:52 Catton run #94 66%
Kerstin Luksch 22:41 Gunnersbury run #228 66%
Scott Davison 23:54 Gunnersbury first run at Gunnersbury 60%
Piers Keenleyside 24:35 Gunnersbury run #170 65%
Alan Anderson 31:24 Gunnersbury run #466 71%
Bob Bannister 26:47 Homewood run #280, 2nd at Homewood 60%
Trish McCabe 29:37 Homewood run #192, 2nd at Homewood 52%
David Duggan 30:05 Homewood run #208, 2nd at Homewood 52%
Anne Bannister 30:28 Homewood first run at Homewood 63%
Roderick Hoffman 29:14 Leamington run #260, 2nd at Leamington 53%
Benita Scaife 30:28 Maidenhead run #81 65%
Petra Otto 31:27 March run #20, course pb 64%
Steve Taylor 24:42 Northala Fields run #67, 39th at Northala 62%
Tony Barnwell 31:49 Rickmansworth course pb , parkrun sb 60%
Steve Waite 28:49 Riddlesdown run #8 64%
Adrian Haines 18:25 Tilgate run #37, 23rd at Tilgate 80%
Steve Newell 36:11 Tooting Common 3rd run at Tooting Common 51%
Kevin Holland 31:03 Woking run #81, 41st at Woking 56%
Chris Kelly 19:42 Woodley run #344 76%
Alan Friar 27:06 Woodley run #235 67%
Alice Banks 28:00 Wycombe Rye run #89, 3rd at Wycombe 68%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Sarah Gordon volunteer Braunstone marshal
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow timekeeper

A slightly cooler weekend brought out 30 of our runners and some of them ran very quickly indeed. 

Paul Knechtl (17:18, 82.56%) ran for a second week in a row, which is unusual, this time back at Bushy Park where he has done the majority of his occasional parkruns.  His time is a parkrun pb and second only to Dave Dixon’s 17:10 at Hackney Marshes as a club parkrun record.  Paul changed employer a few months back and initially had concerns about lunchtime training opportunities.  Issues have clearly been resolved.  His wife Sarah (47:22) who has been to a few WARRs in her time dipped her toe into the parkrun scene for the first time {Ed: Apparently this run by Sarah is for a fundraising effort by herself with a race-for-life event on 30th July.  Those who know Sarah might like to show their support and encouragement by sponsoring her:}.

A few miles away at Tilgate, Adrian Haines (18:25) who has had some success (and some atrocious bad luck) at WARR over the years improved his ranking in the MV50 group there from 6th to 5th.  Adrian’s best (and only) time at Bushy is 17:44 (82.52%).  Not much in it.  Chris Kelly (19:42, 76.06%) had his best run at Woodley for three years.

The parkrun at Rickmansworth Aquadrome (free car park) started earlier this year and is proving popular with attendances frequently around the 300 mark.  Courses have varied a bit but we all thought it had settled down to a nice flat two lapper with a good café by the lake and clean toilets.  Comments about the course being more than 5km prompted the event team to walk round with a surveyors wheel and the start line has been moved significantly nearer (184m) to the finish!  Our first member to take advantage was Tony Barnwell (31:49) who had been at Rickmansworth four times before.  His new pb is in line with his recent best at Fulham Palace (31:53) where a similar scenario was acted out last summer.  Only in reverse.  A short course was brought up to distance by moving the start line back by three lampposts.

Petra Otto (31:27) achieved a pb at March and is now embarking on a trip to Australia where she may be surprised how available parkruns are, even if they start a bit earlier.

And so, looking forward to next week at Beckenham Place and Roderick's 200th different parkrun (a "double-cowell").  Roderick was marking time with a second run at Leamington (29:14).

Sadly Roderick's tourist friend Gregory Bailey won't be able to make Roderick's 200th and will run his own 200th (in 200 parkruns) a week later at Maldon Prom (Essex, probably). 

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

How do different parkruns compare?

Every parkrun is different and as well as the conditions on the day you have the running surface to consider, the twists and turns, and the course contours (and the actual length of the course!).

This web page lists all UK parkruns and their contours.  So for instance it lists Bushy as flat and with a total climb of 34ft.  Tilgate on the other hand is anything but flat and has 229 feet of climb. If Paul ran at Tilgate and Adrian at Bushy it would be interesting to see how their times compared with this week's. 

With contours the toughest two parkruns would appear to be Lanhydrock in Cornwall (run by the Cockrams, 521ft)) and the nearby Mount Edgcumbe (483ft). I've run 4th and 5th on the list - Lyme Park (422ft) and Lullingstone (416ft) and can confirm both to be tough.  Note that some of the flatter parkruns have inaccurate heights recorded because of the technology used - Fulham for instance is flat but is given a raise of 262ft!  The flattest should be Portrush since each week this runs on the beach parallel to the actual sea level yet it is given a raise of 101ft.

If you want to promote a special parkrun then let Steve or I know...

There is my 200 tourist parkrun at Beckenham Place on 22nd July and the August 5th Black Park Pacer Day (BA Run-of-the-Month for August).

Roderick Hoffman

August ‘Run of the Month’ Countdown - Black Park parkrun 5th August

Well, it’s my continuing countdown prompting attendance - in the next few weeks there’ll be more info about Black Park and some tips for a fast time on the course – let’s try and make it a big turnout for the club and a good mid-year get together for a coffee’n’natter afterwards !

Who shall I pick on this week (or sorry, I mean send a special invite …) – I think I saw Ian Cunningham at a gig in Hampton on Saturday evening, maybe he’ll make a first trip over from Bushy? Trish has said she is hoping to try out Black Park - will our sub 2:30 marathoner Barry Walters be able make a return visit (after having kindly come over for my 250th a while back, making me feel proud)? I seem to bump into Scott Davison at a number of events far afield so maybe he’ll appear ?  Maybe Janet Smith (international super-athlete and England Athletics ambassador) can fit it in her busy diary and use the pacers to go sub 30 ?  If not on shift, maybe three generation Gary & Gary & Gary RushmerHarry Wild ‘promised’ me a while back to make an appearance (we have run/run-walk/walk/spectate/cheers options by the way, so even Paul could cycle over) ?  I believe Nick lives near Slough so it’s on his doorstep !  Fingers crossed that Alice and John & Benita could pop over from Maidenhead ? Looks to me that Paul Knechtl is now getting back into regular parkrunning but hasn’t been to Black Park yet ! Maybe that’s enough names for this week ….sure to be more next week !!!!

Cheers, Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan {}

Middlesex 10k - 1st October in Victoria Park

Dear Colleague,

Further to my recent message about not being able to stage the 10k this year, I am pleased to say that we have had an 11th hour offer to hold it in Victoria Park on Sunday 1st October at 10.30am. As usual, this will also be an open race and guest competitors will be very welcome to what is one of the fastest 10k courses in the UK.

on-line entry via Run Britain

Major Carr

Middx County Athletics

Couch to 5k Programme

The club has been running a couch to 5k programme to prepare participants for this week's BA Fun Run.  This has involved Joe and myself, supported by Clara, Trish, Steve Taylor and Neil.  Over the eight week's of the programme we've had good attendance from seven Waterside residents and some attendance from nine others. Two of the attendees have already run parkruns on recent Saturdays, and hopefully we'll see most of them at the Fun Run this Thursday.  The committee will review whether and how we'd hold another such programme, or something different, later on in the year - thoughts from members are welcome.

Roderick Hoffman {}

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