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BA Athletics Club News Digest 17th October 2016


  • Wednesday 26th October - Winter 5 mile handicap from 18:00 at Heston Venue*
  • Thursday 3rd November - Dream Mile Bath Road - 12:45 Paul Knechtl*
  • Wednesday 9th November - Club Charity Quiz - Heston Venue from 20:00*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [long Google-map hyperlink you would not copy]

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Catering and Venues for Club events for the rest of this year

The club committee have discussed catering arrangements and venues for the remaining club night events this year. The meeting took place in the Queen's Head so we had had first hand experience of the arrangements there.  The food was good, and inexpensive given the discount that we get with the BA Clubs Membership card. The location of the Queen's Head is marked on the club map and is barely 400 metres from the Heston Venue on Cranford High Street. The following includes some changes not yet reflected in the club diary:

Wednesday 26th October  October 5 Mile Handicap  After the run we'll go to the Queen's Head, so from 19:30, where we can all try out the menu options there as well as having a drink or two.   
Wednesday 9th November Winter Quiz This will be held in the Heston Venue and food will be ordered.  It will be complementary for those entering the Quiz BUT we will be looking for a larger charity donation from entrants.
Come on your own or with a crowd and see how many of Steve and Linda's fiendishly easy questions have you stumped.
It is really important that we know how many to cater for so we need you to tell us:
Wednesday 30th November November 5 Mile Handicap  Provided the Queen's Head proved acceptable in October we'll repeat it in November.   
Wednesday 14th December  December 5 Mile Handicap  Provided the Queen's Head proved acceptable in October we'll repeat it in December (though we'll have to check that it isn't fully booked for Xmas dinners).   
Wednesday 21st December  Parkway Mile, Club Xmas Social AND the Club's 35th Anniversary (changed from November)  An opportunity to celebrate the fact that the Athletics Club has been in existence now for thirty five years.  Please make every effort to attend and bring with you anything to display that represents any of those 35 years - photographs, trophies, friends, medals, memories, whatever. We will also look forward to the next...well, let's take one year at a time shall we?

Also let us know if you would like to attend but would need help with transportation.

All other Wednesdays are also club running nights where there will be individual running from the Heston Venue at 18:00 and the opportunity to have a drink in the Heston Venue bar afterwards although no food is available.  Note that you can bring in your own food for these evenings.

Options and plans for January 2017 onwards are not yet known.

Roderick OBO The Club Committee

Surrey Cross Country League Results and reports - Ladies first

The sun was shining for the first match of the season, it was almost a summer's day! We welcome a new member to the club and to the team, Laura Matthews. For the first time in a long while, we had a full team of five turn out. The course comprised of 2 equal laps totalling 6.3k with a field of 452 runners. Unusual for a cross country race, the course was dry despite some undulating sections.

Our team was led in by Lissa, followed closely by Deby. Laura was conserving her energy for the Cabbage Patch 10m the next day. Even so she came in a full minute in front of Helen and me. We finished with a little picnic of tea, Ribena, cheese sandwiches, mini pork pies, mini pasties and onion bhajia with a few Oreo biscuits thrown in.

Ladies Cross Country Team

Thanks to Ian, Neil and Tom for coming along to cheer us on, and for Natalie for coming over to say 'Hello'.

Position/Points Time Number Athlete Category Club
1 22:15        
52 29:23 2091 Lissa Pritchard V35 BAW
57 29:33 2085 Deby Helsdon V35 BAW
183 36:54 2087 Laura Matthews V40 BAW
194 37:57 2092 Helen Smith V60 BAW
195 37:58 2084 Clara Halket V55 BAW
227 49:30

Our score after the first match - 681 points putting us in 26th place out of 41 teams.

We can better that in the coming months, so this is a call out to our lady runners to come along to the next one, or two, or three! Whatever pace you run, we need you!

Clara Halket  (Ladies Captain)

Surrey Cross Country League Results and reports - and the Men

Surrey League Men's Cross Country - Match 1 at Wimbledon on Saturday, 15 October 2016

The first fixture of the 2016/7 season took place, surprisingly, in glorious warm sunshine. Weather forecasts suggested that we couldnít avoid the rain but we did. The ground was very firm but with a very small amount of mud and one puddle out on the extremities of the course.

We had a full team of 10 turn out, long may that continue, as did all teams bar one who were a man short. Setting out on an approximately 5.25 mile course as is usual with these events we headed out towards the road and then on past the Windmill car park and then the course took on a slightly unfamiliar look. I thought, oh its different to usual, that will make a change. Well to cut a long story short (or to make a short run long) we approached "halfway" at 3.6 miles!! all cursing and swearing no doubt. I get the impression it wasnít just me. Thankfully our marshal, Steve Newell, appeared to have the special role of telling people the second lap was to be shorter. Phew! Anyway we all made it around in a similar order to usual book-ended by Paul Knechtl and Denis Foxley and although we ended up second bottom in the table there is a good gap to the bottom team and we have two reachable teams above us.

Place/Points Number Athlete Category Club Time
1         37:16
16 552 Paul Knechtl V45 BAW 40:02
37 555 John Taylor V50 BAW 43:44
41 559 Chris Kelly V50 BAW 44:01
60/56 556 Mark Taylor V55 BAW 45:32
63/59 560 Barry Walters V60 BAW 46:02
99/83 567 Gary Rushmer V55 BAW 50:52
110/88 565 Simon Turton V50 BAW 52:07
113/89 566 Graham Taylor V55 BAW 53:04
128/94 551 Neil Frediani V55 BAW 56:02
134/99 571 Denis Foxley V65 BAW 64:56
135/0         70:11

Thanks for turning out everyone and I believe that a few more people are planning on turning out to the next one at Epsom Downs. I hope to see you there.  And a special thank you to Paul Knechtl again for providing refreshments of coffee and cake and to Sarah Kelly for the lovely banana cake (can we order more for next time).

Provisional results are here:

Neil Frediani

Steve Newell has also sent in a report on the organization of the event and on the lessons that should be learnt before we host the equivalent event in Cranford Park on 14th January:

"I was the designated volunteer for the men's team and was there in good time to be allocated a role.

There seemed to be confusion throughout as to whom was responsible for what.  I was told to meet by the funnel rather be out on the course somewhere.  A sensible plan was cobbled together as far as timekeeping and recording was concerned although only once the race was underway.   Runners numbers were to be recorded at the finish line and at the funnel exit.  I was allocated to a funnel management role.  I believe the whole finish sequence was recorded on a video camera as well.

Minutes after the start there were mutterings that there were seven marshal points unmanned.  One guy seemed to have decided for himself he was going to be in charge of the clock and camera rather than be out on the course where his name appeared on some other list!

After about 15 minutes word came through that the whole field had gone off course and a local expert estimated that meant "at least half a mile" had been added to the first lap. 

Runners eventually making it back after the first (extended) lap were told that the second lap would be shorter (and some with any energy left to think muttered something like "Oh Good").  The race was meant to be two equal laps.  One veteran tail-ender reaching "halfway" after over half an hour headed for the funnel but was directed out for another lap.  He was probably living on memories of running five miles in 30 minutes in his prime.   Another veteran (towards the back of the field but far from being last) staggered into the finish and promptly collapsed and needed attention from the first aid crew."

Cabbage Patch Ten Miler - Sunday 16th October - Results

Place Athlete Time Club
183  Natalie Ruffell  01:08:18  Clapham Chasers 
291 Richard Ruffell 01:12:32 British Airways AC
388  Piers Keenleyside  1:16:23  Ealing Eagles 
416 Craig Lunnon 01:17:12 British Airways AC
568 Scott Davison 01:21:21 British Airways AC
625 Neil Frediani 01:22:50 British Airways AC
821 Sally Goddard 01:29:20 British Airways AC
866 Laura Matthews 01:30:46 Shepperton
881 John Lennon 01:31:11 British Airways AC
1048 Emma Parkes 01:36:48 British Airways AC

There may have been other second claim runners.

Janet and Ian Cunningham marshalled, thank you.

This is a great race (my favourite) the only drawback being that there is no timing mat at the start so you only get gun to tape time. My real time was 32secs better.

Despite some very inclement weather on Sunday morning it cleared just in time to allow us to run in near perfect conditions and if you were eagle eyed you could pick up a free can of Pride at mile nine.

Neil Frediani 

Milocarian Race 29th October - adjusted start time

This is a last call for runners for the Milocarians Cross Country on the 29th October at RMAS Sandhurst, Camberley.

Please let me know (if you havenít already done so) if you would like to take part in this event. Guests/spectators are welcome
but I do need to know details of all cars and travellers in those cars for RMAS security by Thursday this week.

The fixture has been changed to start at 14:00 so we should look at arriving any time after 13:00

Neil Frediani  (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 15th October

15th October family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Alan Anderson 31:18 Gunnersbury run #429 69%
Ben Chaytow 23:13 Crane Park run #148, 125th at Crane Park 59%
John Coffey 27:16 Homewood(inaugural) BA park #293 68%
Jonathan Cox 21:50 Bushy Park run #287 70%
Ian Cunningham 21:36 Bushy Park run #260, 223rd at Bushy 71%
Scott Davison 23:44 Bedfont Lakes run #182 60%
Steve Dodsworth 22:48 Edinburgh 1st run in Edinburgh 66%
Linda Dodsworth 26:46 Edinburgh 1st run in Edinburgh 59%
David Duggan 29:35 Bedfont Lakes run #168 53%
Alan Friar 27:26 Reading run #213 66%
Sarah Gordon 35:45 Braunstone run #126, 35th at Braunstone 53%
Roderick Hoffman 27:16 Milan Nord park #171, BApark #292 57%
Lee Jenkins 24:02 Bracknell new member, run #6 58%
Piers Keenleyside 22:25 Gunnersbury run #145, 2016 parkrun sb 71%
Chris Kelly 24:14 Reading run #306 Perhaps an identically named twin to the runner in our Men's cross country the same day. 61%
John Lennon 33:27 Bedfont Lakes run #224 46%
Kerstin Luksch 20:39 Gunnersbury F-2, run #200 73%
Trish McCabe 50:31 Bedfont Lakes volunteer tail runner 30%
Steve Newell 32:30 Fulham Palace run #238, new longer course! 56%
Benita Scaife 31:37 Galston new parkrun in Australia 61%
John Scaife 31:38 Galston new parkrun in Australia 52%
Steve Taylor 25:02 Gunnersbury run #49 60%
Becky Thurtell 22:30 Milan Nord Non Member: run #372, park #180 80%
Ian Cockram volunteer Homewood(inaugural)
Caroline Cockram volunteer Homewood(inaugural)
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford time keeper

We had fewer runners at parkruns this week as both the women's and men's Surrey League cross country seasons got underway.

First into action were Benita (31:37)and John (31:38) Scaife at Galston in New South Wales, a few miles to the north of Sydney.  The 3-lap parkrun there was in only in its second week and includes a 25m climb (on each lap!).

Roderick Hoffman (27:16) was also in a country in a timezone ahead of Greenwich.  This week he was in Milan for his and the club's first run in Italy - though he wasn't the most travelled parkrun tourist there.  His next port of call is likely to be nearer to the North Pole as Sweden and Russia are the remaining countries where the parkrun movement flourishes, and Roderick hasn't run (though Daniela has run in Russia for the club).

Conveniently much nearer to home, John Coffey (also 27:16) was at the inaugural run at Homewood Park in Chertsey.  Ian and Caroline Cockram were also there as volunteers.  There were 168 runners including about a dozen parkrun virgins.

Steve Newell (32:30) went to the 3rd anniversary run at Fulham Palace.  The course has varied a bit over time.  The original grass finish was soon abandoned when it got too muddy and now the start has been moved to allow a much longer stretch for the larger fields of runners to spread out before the first corner.  What was for years probably a short 5km is now a little over-distance but a pleasant enough flat 3-lap course by the river with bike parking and toilets right by the start/finish.  And a cafe close by.  The other run in Hammersmith and Fulham borough is at Wormwood Scrubs.  That one is all on grass and the course has chopped and changed a bit there as well over the years.  The latest version is definitely longer than some we have run.

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

Neil Frediani reported in relation to the previous week's parkrun:

"I had a different experience on Saturday at Bedfont Lakes parkrun. My mission was to pace someone to a pb on his 100th 5k parkrun (run at over 20 different venues). The target was 28mins so definitely achievable.  In fact we broke it by 33secs. I didnít really have to do any pacing just accompanied him and kept him motivated. So why do I mention it??  The lad in question is 6 years old in 2 weeks' time!!!  His sister 3 or 4 years older also achieved her 100 runs on Saturday. They both run the childrenís runs on Sundays as well.

I also noticed in the results that a junior male (<14 yrs) came second. He trains with a triathlon club as well as my other team:  Shepperton Running Group. It is great to see the youngsters developing within parkrun. Hopefully some will go on to bigger and better things and provide parkrun countries with a stream of new athletes, some of whom could challenge the dominance of East Africa in middle and long distance running as well as providing fit youngsters for other sports."

Running Shorts

Tony Barnwell 9th October 2016

Tony Barnwell at the Oxford half marathon (2hr20mins) on Sunday 9th October, at around a mile to go.  He then did a 6 mile training run on the Monday morning, followed by a track training session at Uxbridge in the evening . One to watch this winter!!

Eddie Giles

Frieth Hilly 10k 16th October 2016

The Frieth Hilly is one of the events which borrow the BA Club race clock each year.  This year I worked out that the easiest way to ensure that we got the clock back before it is next needed (for the five mile handicap) was if I entered the race myself and collected the clock at the end.  I was reluctant to do so - since I was only flying back from Milan the previous evening and because although much of the race is run on roads the event isn't called "Hilly" for nothing and several challenging chunks are most definitely cross country - and I don't "do" cross country. 

Driving to the start my worries grew since the rain was hammering it down.  They had earmarked for the event car park a field at the bottom of the hill into the village but as I drove up it was obvious that the entrance/exit was already proving undrivable. The car park marshals somehow managed to requisition another field half way up the hill - narrow but long, and somehow an enormous number of cars managed to make it in.  The rain was continuing and as we gathered in the school hall we were impressed by each others presence and we realised that in this weather the only thing you can do is go out and enjoy it - and enjoy it we did. 

With the benefit of being able to read the reports above I'll point out that along the 10k course there were marshals and supporters at every turning point and along most straight stretches also.  And this was in the middle of nowhere - all of the parents of all of the school kids must have been roped in to stand in the middle of fields and cheer on the runners.  We were blessed by the rain stopping as the race started and there was only one short shower as we ran.

And after finishing and with the awards due to be presented the clouds cleared and the sun shone.  I have to attach the photo to show what a great day it appeared to be!  I was pleased with my time of 1:03:40 (unofficial) - I would have liked to have beaten the hour but had that been my aim I would have been in the country the previous day.

Frieth Hilly 2016

Roderick Hoffman

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