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BA Athletics Club News Digest 18th November 2013

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 27th November - 5 mile Handicap - Concorde Centre from 18:00 (to finish around 19:00)
  • Saturday 30th November - Club Featured parkrun - Black Park for 09:00
  • Sunday 1st December - Run of the Month - Perivale 5 (see below)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. UPDATED 11th November 2013.

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Quiz Night Extra - the club parkrun round

The 2013 BAAC Quiz night in full swing.

Thank you to the Hilliers for the annual Quiz last Wednesday - we had five teams of five answering rounds with five questions in each round.  But here are another five questions for Steve and anyone - email me with your answers.  Now checking on the Internet would be cheating...other ways of cheating would be to look at Steve Newell's parkrun stats file and back issues of this digest.  I will provide answers next week.

Which parkrun...

1 Runs both east and west? (i.e. crosses the Greenwich Meridian).

2 Runs over a Civil War battlefield?

3 Bushy Park parkrun has had most different BA Club Family members run at it (30) - but which parkrun has the next largest number?

4 Club members have run at 77 different parkruns.  Just one of those starts with the letter "U". Which one?

5 I recently pointed out Paul Knechtl's consistency - so name either of the two BA parkrun family members who, according to the parkrun computer, have the largest variation between their fastest and slowest results?

Roderick Hoffman

Club family parkrun results and stats for 16th November 2013

BA Family parkrunner Saturday parkrun Commentary WAVA Best Ever
Gary Rushmer 19:30 Bedfont Lakes 301st BA run at Bedfont 77% 18:10
Tim Hawkes 21:00 Black Park * 62% 18:18
Richard Ruffell 20:32 Brockwell Park * new BA park (#77) 73% 20:18
Ian Cunningham 26:05 Bushy Park * unofficial pacing 57% 20:31
Piers Keenleyside 22:22 Gunnersbury 69% 20:31
Joe Nolan 24:21 Black Park * 65% 22:47
Alan Anderson volunteer Gunnersbury * tender tendon 22:49
Neil Frediani 23:10 Bushy Park pb & parkrun pb 67% 23:10
Roderick Hoffman 26:16 Bushy Park * 58% 23:39
Tony Hird 24:16 Gunpowder * 60% 23:49
Kerstin Luksch 25:22 Gunnersbury 59% 24:43
Monica Alonso 27:17 Guildford * 59% 25:23
Tony Barnwell 30:58 Black Park 58% 25:57
Roger Wiltshire 26:31 Bushy Park first ever parkrun 64% 26:31
Ray Hampton 27:24 Woodbank first ever parkrun, club best 64% 27:24
Steve Newell 28:04 Fulham Palace ** pb & equal parkrun pb 62% 28:04

* Still in "Chase the Place" week 4.  ** Chase the Place with PB bonus point!

A weekend of headlines!  

Neil Frediani smashes his pb at Bushy {see below}.

Two very long standing members (since the 1980's) ran their first ever parkruns - Roger Wiltshire (Bushy Park - 26:31) and 100 marathoner Ray Hampton (Woodbank Park, Stockport - 27:24).  

At some time around 9.25 a.m. the club total parkruns run passed the 2013 mark (in 2013) and has now moved on to 2021.  

Richard Ruffell broke new ground by running at Brockwell Park and those who remember cross-country league races there won't be surprised to hear there is a hill and you have to go up it twice!  As a club we have now appeared at 77 different parkruns.  

Chris Kelly has dropped out of the running for "Chase the Place" but Steve Newell got a bonus point with a pb at Fulham Palace. There are now 7,089 runners left in "Chase the Place" so the odds of one of us being offered a London Marathon place are improving.  Steve's pb was achieved on his 110th parkrun, hope springs eternal!  The wisdom to choose the right course comes with age. The Fulham Palace course is about to be changed slightly (before next week).  It will remain flat and fast and so far it is not too crowded.  

Gary Rushmer had the best run this week with 19:30 at Bedfont Lakes, where as a club we have now appeared 300 times.  Gary is just four short of his red "50" vest.

Steve Newell

Roderick adds:

Neil's pb was due to his personal effort but also because I pushed him all the way in our head-to-head challenge.  How come then I was over three minutes behind at the finish?  Well, I hadn't let on to Neil that I had a strained hamstring so he thought that I was breathing down his neck all the way and threatening to sprint past him at the finish.  With 883 runners at Bushy it is difficult to see if someone is or isn't just behind you - so also Ian, myself and Roger all finished within 30 seconds of each other but we also hadn't seen how close we were.  Note that had I been fit I don't believe I'd have come within thirty seconds of Neil's time so I'm very happy to concede defeat.

Steve's parkrun stats

Perivale Five Sunday 1st December 2013 details

Sunday 1st December 2013, start 10:00am from the Perivale Park track, Stockdove Way, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8TJ.  A fast, flat & accurately - measured race over 5 miles, under UKA rules (licence #TBA). Goody bag for all completing the 5 mile race.  Wide range of prizes, for seniors & veterans. Entry forms on or enter online: 

Remember to book soon - registering on Sunday the booking site said "81 places left".

Did you know?  The BA Athletics Club has a finish clock and when we are not using it ourselves we allow other clubs to borrow it for their events - for a fee to cover expenses, maintenance and depreciation (discounted for charities). The Perivale Five is one of the events that will be using the BA clock at the finish so you should be able to rely on an on-time finish.

Roderick Hoffman

International Airline Events

The ASCA Cross Country races were held in Madrid on Saturday 9th November.  Due to clashes with our other events BA was not represented.  but five airlines were involved with 22 finishers in the men's 8.4k event and 12 in the ladies 4.8k.

The next inter-airline event is the KLM Championships / Beach Run previously advertised here.  These are on Saturday 14th December with 6k and 10k options with afternoon start times to enable us to fly in and out on the day - and with the KLM Road Runners providing lifts from Schiphol.  Currently we have three in the BA team - let me know if you are also interested.

Also - is anyone interested in expressing their views on how future World Airline Road Races should be organised or even prepared to take a role helping with future events?  Discussions are taking place so let me know your interest.

Roderick Hoffman

Annual Awards

We're getting close to the time of year where annual awards are decided.  One important trophy is the Brian Forrester 10K shield.  To help us make the decision, please could you send me your 10K performances for the past twelve months.  Don't be shy, we like to hear how our members have been doing!  Thanks,

 Steve Hillier


I did the Gosport Half Marathon today - a very flat course - quite the opposite of Marlow! I was going for sub 1:30 but had to settle for a time of 1:31:39. Not a PB but my best time for about 15 years so not bad for an old man! For my age-group (55-59) the New York Marathon accept a half-marathon time of 1:33.
Piers Keenleyside

Slough Homeless Our Concern (SHOC) helps individuals back on to the path to work, providing shelter, food, clothing, interview advice and more.  You have been very generous over the past year providing your unwanted T shirts.  If you have any this Christmas, old or new, please could you let me know. 

Thanks! Steve Hillier

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