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BA Athletics Club News Digest 19th June 2017


  • Wednesday 21st June - T&F Rosenheim League at St Marys, Twickenham from 18:45 (Neil Frediani)
  • Wednesday 28th June - Club AGM - This is now confirmed to be at the "Silver Wing" Sailing Club at Wraysbury*.
  • Wednesday 5th July Rosenheim T&F Kingston / Thursday 6th July Dream Mile Harmondsworth*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Concorde Five 11th June Results Highlights

Place Time Name Team Category Category Place Gender Gender Place No Winners
1 29:13.5 Sam Blanshard Calder Valley Fell Runners  M Senior 1 M 1 62 Men 1st Open
2 29:18.3 Richard Wingfield London Frontrunners  M Senior 2 M 2 119 Men 2nd Open
3 29:33.2 Andrew Mitchell Thames Valley Harriers  MV40 1 M 3 194 Men 3rd Open
5 30:23.5 John Keenan London Frontrunners  MV40 2 M 5 129 Men 1st Vet
7 30:43.2 Matthew Whitehouse Datchet Dashers  MV40 3 M 7 136 Men 2nd Vet
8 30:45.8 Mark Kencroft Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC  MV40 4 M 8 167 Men 3rd Vet
16 31:51.2 Edwina McDowall Headington Roadrunners  FV45 1 F 1 128 Ladies 1st Open
17 32:24.4 Richard Hooley Thames Valley Harriers  MV50 1 M 16 177 Men 1st V50
19 33:16.4 Lydia O'Donoghue West 4 Harriers  F Senior 1 F 2 156 Ladies 2nd Open
22 34:35.3 Mark Taylor British Airways AC  MV50 2 M 20 71 BAAC First Man
24 35:16.7 Douglas Buckeridge Ealing Eagles RC  MV60 1 M 22 148 Men 1st V60
28 35:40.3 Maria Jovani Runnymede Runners  FV35 1 F 3 114 Ladies 3rd Open
33 37:04.7 Julie Barclay British Airways AC  FV45 2 F 4 140 Ladies 1st Vet / BAAC First Lady
34 37:10.6 Harpreet Virk British Airways AC  M Senior 17 M 30 161
43 37:56.0 Debbie Brown Hillingdon AC  FV35 2 F 5 105 Ladies 2nd Vet
45 37:59.0 Melanie Spencer Hillingdon AC  FV35 3 F 7 102 Ladies 3rd Vet
48 38:15.6 Karen O'Rourke Hillingdon AC  FV45 3 F 9 61 Ladies 1st V45
52 38:36.6 Paul Watt British Airways AC  MV50 5 M 42 139
70 42:12.5 Alice Banks British Airways AC  FV55 1 F 15 189 Ladies 1st V55
78 42:58.5 Paula Fudge Windle Valley Runners  FV65 1 F 19 142 Ladies 1st V65. Category record set.
90 47:05.2 Gurmail Singh Sikn in the City M Senior 36 M 66 51 First finisher with a 10kg backpack
101 49:40.5 Jasvir Singh Modaher British Airways AC  MV60 8 M 71 64
108 54:12.2 Petra Otto British Airways AC  FV55 5 F 35 168
109 1:00:35.9 Angela Duncan Hillingdon AC  FV75 1 F 36 196 Ladies 1st V75. Category record set.
111 1:16:36.6 Maurice O'Neill parkrun  MV70 1 M 74 66 Men 1st V70

111 Finishers. 

Full results:

Roderick Hoffman

Club AGM at Wraysbury "Silver Wing" Sailing Base on Wednesday 28th June

Can I remind you of this year's AGM, to be held at the BA Sailing Club, Wraysbury, on June 28th.  Please make all efforts to attend this important meeting.

Last Year's minutes: AGM2016 minutes.doc

This Year's Agenda:

  • 1.0      Minutes of 2016 Annual General Meeting
  • 2.0      Presidentís Address:  John Williams
  • 3.0      Acting Chairmanís Report:  Roderick Hoffman
  • 4.0      Treasurerís Report:  Chris Kelly
  • 5.0      Membership Secretaryís Report:  Alan Friar
  • 6.0      Ladiesí Captainís Report:  Clara Halket
  • 7.0      Menís Captainís Report:  Gary Rushmer
  • 8.0      Track & Field  Report:  Steve Hillier
  • 9.0      Committee Member report:  Steve Taylor
  • 10.0    Election of new committee 2017/8
  • 11.0    Open Forum

Voting at the AGM:

Please note that because we are still operating as a section within BA Clubs only those members who are paid up members of both BA Clubs and the Athletics Club, can vote for the new committee (or vote on other critical motions) and that the key posts of Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer must be held by BA Clubs members.  But don't get worked up about that - we haven't had more applicants for committee roles than we have roles so I don't think there will be any contentious votes.

Moreover the new committee will be very keen to hear the views or concerns of all members on any topics of interest, during the Open Forum.  You can pay your Athletics Clubs subscription on the night.  For BA Clubs membership you need to contact BA Clubs directly at Membership BAClubs <>. We recommend subscribing to BA Clubs membership, though on a monthly basis.


Refreshments will be provided with M&S sandwiches and there will be a pay bar operated for us by a member of the Sailing Club. Please tell us to expect you so that we can get the food order right.

Sale of goods:

I'll provide another opportunity for people to help us empty our store cupboard.  We generated £50 the other week which the club committee have decided to donate to the club charity White Lodge.

Where is the Sailing Base?

It's on the club map, directions were in last week's digest and I'll repeat those details next week also.

Let us know

  • ... to expect you,
  • ...and if you've a particular question or topic for the Open Forum.

Steve Hillier {}

Rosenheim League, 31st May, Epsom & Ewell - Results

Epsom and Ewell BA TeamThe second Rosenheim meeting of the season took place at Epsom and Ewell on 31st May and we had a good turnout.
1 lady and 5 men. Julie Barclay ran as many events as she could from 100m up to 1500m (only missing the 200m) and the men covered all the track events not involving hurdles plus high jump and triple jump as well as shot put and hammer. Results are here: 

Thanks to Paul Davis, Paul Watt , Danny Treherne, Steve Hillier and Julie Barclay for performing and to Tom Rowley for supporting.

The next event is on Wednesday, details below:

6.45 Shot M
6.45 1500m Steeplechase W
7.00 2000m Steeplechase M
7.10 800m W & M
7.15 Shot W
7.20 100m W & M
7.30 Javelin M
7.40 400m W & M
7.45 Long Jump W & M
7.50 1500m W & M
8.00 200m W & M
8.15 Javelin W
8.15 3000m W & M
8.35 4 x 200m Relay W W & M

Let me know if you are interested in turning out (no experience necessary). I may also run the Arethusa Mile afterwards
at nearby Bushy Park (more about that another time).

Neil Frediani {}

[BA] Fun Run 20th July 2017

My turn to ask for volunteers for the Harmondsworth Moor Fun Run which this year is on 20th July.  This event is no longer sponsored by BA but I am confident that we'll again have sandwiches and a beer for all volunteers able to help out either on the course or with the finish.  The timetable is likely to be the same as last year with the Little Legs 1k run at 16:30 and the main run starting at 17:30.  Again there will be a 10k option though most will run 5k and we will divert slower 10k runners to finish after 8k - that worked well last year.  This remains a Cancer Research UK event.

Please let me know that you will be available or, if you are a regular and you know that you can't make it, that you won't.

Roderick Hoffman (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 17th June

17th June family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Ian Cockram 28:41 Tring run #394, 1st at Tring 51%
Caroline Cockram 31:20 Tring run #273, 1st at Tring 52%
Barry Walters 24:17 Salisbury run #57, park #24, club record 67%
Poppy Egerton 25:00 Salisbury run #10, JW11-14 67%
Eddie Giles 26:01 Salisbury run #84, 9th at Salisbury 66%
Roderick Hoffman 26:18 Salisbury run #257, park #197 59%
Andrew Egerton 29:04 Salisbury run #6, pb 52%
Steve Newell 42:19 Salisbury run #268, park #84 43%
Paul Watt 21:58 Rushmoor run #47 68%
Julie Barclay 22:41 Rushmoor run #98 78%
Steve Waite 27:30 Riddlesdown run #5 all at Riddlesdown 62%
Tony Barnwell 34:19 Rickmansworth run #140, 4th at Ricksmansworth 55%
Chris Kelly 20:13 Reading run #340 69%
Alan Friar 28:47 Reading run #233 63%
Scott Davison 23:58 Northala Fields 1st run at Northala, park #13 60%
Steve Taylor 25:52 Northala Fields run #64, 36th at Northala 59%
Petra Otto 33:17 March old friend, new member 61%
Alice Banks 29:50 Maidenhead run #85 64%
Benita Scaife 32:36 Maidenhead run #78 60%
John Scaife 32:37 Maidenhead run #91 50%
Denis Foxley 26:35 Harrow run #75, 69th at Harrow 65%
Dave Dixon 18:31 Hackney Marshes run #7, 4th at Hackney Marsh 81%
Alan Anderson 34:13 Gunnersbury run #462, 238th at Gunn'sbury 65%
John Coffey 26:35 Guildford run #243, 7th at Guildford 71%
Jonathan Cox 24:13 Crane Park run #314, 29th at Crane 64%
Ian Cunningham 27:19 Bushy Park run #289 56%
Leslie Chamberlin 28:39 Bushy Park run #159 65%
Sarah Gordon 35:15 Braunstone 48th run at Braunstone 54%
Joe Nolan 30:21 Black Park run #280, 264th at Black Park 54%
Chris Evans 24:03 Bedfont Lakes run #166 62%
Bob Bannister 25:45 Bedfont Lakes run #277 62%
Neil Frediani 27:13 Bedfont Lakes plus post event closedown 59%
John Lennon 29:36 Bedfont Lakes run #256 52%
David Duggan 30:22 Bedfont Lakes run #204 51%
Neil Frediani volunteer Bedfont Lakes post event close down
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper (pictured)
Sreeram Sethuraman volunteer Upton Court

Extremely warm weather in the southern part of UK appeared to slow runners down this weekend with some affected more than others.

Guildford parkrun timekeepersThe best performance came from Dave Dixon (18:31, 80.92%) at Hackney Marshes and even that is slow by his standards.  For years he has been comfortably qualified for club 18-30 but I suppose we are all growing older.

Julie Barclay (22:41,77.74%) was at Rushmoor after some days of warm weather training in Spain.  Slower than last week but comfortably the fastest in her age category.

Barry Walters (24:17) was in a group visiting former Track & Field captain Eddie Giles (26:01) at his new home in Salisbury. Runners included Roderick Hoffman (26:18) and a former colleague Andrew Egerton (29:04) whose daughter Polly Egerton (25:00) completed her 10th 5km parkrun and qualified for her white ď10Ē T-shirt.

Scott Davison (23:58), for so long totally loyal to Bedfont Lakes, continues to explore the local runs and this week visited Northala Fields along with Steve Taylor (25:52) who has adopted it as his favourite. Northala Fields parkrun is now three years old.  The club record (20:27) was set by Richard Ruffell on the day of the inaugural run in June 2014.

Ian (28:41) and Caroline Cockram (31:20) ran at Tring for the first time on an occasion which attracted a record attendance of 386 including the prime movers and shakers of parkrun including movement founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt (21:50), Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams(23:22), Event Support Manager Joanne Sinton-Hewitt (28:42), Gunnersbury event director Arlene Gallagher (31:06), Press and Media Manager Glen Turner (17:32, M-1) and Head of Participation Chrissie Wellington (also phenomenal Ironman triathlete) (22:16, F-2).  Perhaps someone better informed than me can tell us what it was all about. [Roderick adds - I suspect the parkrun annual conference had something to do with it]

An official welcome to the stats this week for Petra Otto, an old friend of the club and now our newest member.  She claims to like the warm weather and gets up at dawn for a refreshing run.  This week she was at March (33:17).

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

If you want to promote a special parkrun then let Steve or I know...

There is the older runners event at Bushy on 1st July, my 200 tourist parkrun at Beckenham on 22nd July and the club committee has decided to make the August 5th Black Park Pacer Day the Run-of-the-Month for August.

Roderick Hoffman

Janet and Laurie with London Business Houses ShieldCaption Competition

I've had the following submissions:

  • "Upon hearing that more of the club's veterans will be attending, Janet and Laurie get themselves ready to judge the Track&Field Grand Prix Javelin Competition" (Roderick Hoffman)
  • "No, I said I'll need a LORRY to get this home." (John Scaife)
  • "That picture nail was no good, was it?" (Petra Otto)

Roderick (

Tom's Diary - Richmond 10 (18th June)

18th June: This morning we popped along to the Richmond 10k.  With no shaded areas 
so very/very hot although there was a drink station half way for safety reasons. I noticed 15 to 20 drop out at start of second loop and walked back to the finish.

Phil Wicks won easy but below par in 31.??.

Julie having spent 4 days in Spain in the week and had a couple of small training runs in a higher temperature, although the humidity wasn't as bad, today ran a sensible pace to finish without a struggle.  Her time was down a bit but to be expected and finished 284th in 47.08.

Paul Watt now using his parkruns to help his 10ks and track events that he is interested and enjoying.  He was just a minute adrift of Julie in 48.16 and finished 312th.

We also met up with Scott Davison who seems a regular here.  Saw Scott starting 2nd loop
and looked quite happy with his pace and saw him again with 1k to go still keeping same pace
under the hot conditions to finish 451st in 56.45.  Saw him after and said all went ok, although too hot.

Today 557 finished.

Tom Rowley

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