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BA Athletics Club News Digest 19th October 2015


  • 20th to race day 23rd October - World Airline Road Race Dubai (mapped*)
  • Wednesday 28th October - Winter Handicap race one (mapped*, see below)
  • Club "Run of the Month" - Thursday 5th November - Magic Mile on the Bath Road (mapped*)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Information / ideas for digest or map - Roderick Hoffman

Winter Handicap series 2015/16 - First event Wednesday 28th October

This year will follow on in much the same way as the previous season.

  • Dates:- Runs are the last Wednesday of the month October thru March, the exception is December 9th allowing for Christmas and the December CIE on the 16th.
  • Points total:- Best 5 out of 6 runs. Can you win the trophy this year? Last year only 4 runners ran 5 or 6 times.  
  • Scoring system:- As last year, closest to handicap 25 points, next 24, 23 ....... If there are more than 25 runners then it will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Handicap time:- First run the season based upon last year if available. Special cases for first run. Adjustments due to injury or illness will also be considered. 2nd and subsequent runs to be adjusted to the nearest half minute of the previous run.
  • Watches/Garmin etc.:- It is preferred that runners do not wear a watch eliminating any possibility of pacing from the watch, intentional or otherwise. For those using Garmin (and similar) to record data for their records. Don't let me catch you using it to pace the run, otherwise I'll have to think up a suitable punishment.

Have a great winter season.

Paul Brandon

The course is a clockwise loop around Heston from the Heston Venue.  It has ben measured at about 4.8miles or 7.7km.  The course is shown on the the club map: Club Map

Cross Country 17th October 2015

Sandhurst runners

[photo Mark Turner]

"Well done to the 7 hardy souls who competed at the Milocarians invitational XC at Sandhurst today. Bazza had been out practicing on Saddleback ridge (about 3 miles from his house) and it paid off as he led the team in. A 'short' course this year of just a tad under 5 miles (instead of the traditional 6 miles) but the hills were challenging so I don't think anyone was complaining.... and then the tea and cakes; I wonder if Bazza's still there? Thank you Neil for organising and good to see the event firmly re-established on the calendar again after a few years absence.

PS. Thank you to the supporters, the encouragement was very welcome." Simon Turton on Facebook

Club parkrun results for Saturday 17th October 2015

17th Oct 2015

Family, Friends,+





Alan Anderson 32:04 Gunnersbury run #380 66%
Alice Banks 28:28 Newbury 1st run at Newbury, ladies course pb 66%
Julie Barclay 22:41 Frimley Lodge course pb, ladies course pb 76%
Ben Chaytow 21:17 Crane Park 90th run at Crane Park 63%
Ian Cunningham 22:32 Bushy Park run #214 67%
Scott Davison 23:28 Bedfont Lakes run #133 60%
Paul Fielding 24:45 Maidenhead UK park 250 62%
Denis Foxley 25:02 Harrow run #19 68%
Joan Foxley 33:34 Harrow run #11, all at Harrow 62%
Alan Friar 26:07 Reading 123rd run at Reading 68%
Matt Gardner 21:09 Fulham Palace erstwhile member 61%
Roderick Hoffman 25:44 Malling park #127, BA park #200 60%
Kevin Holland 28:22 Woking 15th run at Woking 60%
Piers Keenleyside 24:45 Gunnersbury 100th male finisher 64%
Kerstin Luksch 24:04 Gunnersbury 62%
Steve Newell 29:00 Fulham Palace 2015 parkrun sb 62%
Joe Nolan 28:43 Black Park run #238 56%
Lissa Pritchard 22:58 Gunnersbury parkrun pb, run #9 66%
Richard Ruffell 22:46 St Albans run #91, 20th at St Albans 67%
Benita Scaife 30:05 Maidenhead 64%
John Scaife 30:06 Maidenhead run #26 54%
Sreeram Sethuraman 25:24 Upton Court run #62 52%
Janet Smith 32:54 Black Park run #37 52%
Steve Taylor 23:32 Northala Fields run #42 64%
Gill Westbrook 28:24 Bedfont Lakes run #41 66%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford barcode scanning

This week the club's runners chalked up the 200th different parkrun when Roderick Hoffman (25:44) made his way over to Malling in Kent.  The event there has been going just three weeks but it is fast, flat and on a good surface.  Of the 200, 193 have been run by men while our women have only run at 50.  Alice Banks (28:28) nailed the 50th for the women when she ran at Newbury.

Some of our WARR bound runners had pleasing final outings before heading for Dubai.  Lissa Pritchard (22:58) ran her fastest parkrun ever at Gunnersbury while Julie Barclay recorded a course pb (22:41) at Frimley Lodge.  Steve Newell (29:00) had his fastest parkrun of the year at Fulham Palace.  With some of our stalwarts in action at the cross country match (and cake eating contest) at Sandhurst Julie Barclay was the only one of our members with a WMA score of over 70% this week.  Her time places her 9th out of the 283 women in her age group who have run at Frimley over the years.

Apparently Janet Smith was in Black Park strictly parkrunning on Saturday morning and then in Windsor Great Park she was Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday evening.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Club 200th tourist parkrun

Malling became the club members' 200th different parkrun run.  It is a new parkrun, Saturday was its third running, and it is located just off the M25 before you get to Maidstone in Kent.  It's a fast, flat and scenic course - almost exactly two laps on a broad hard-packed cement path around an attractive lake - so well recommended for anyone wanting a fast time who doesn't mind a bit of a drive to get there.

As a club we have now run 200 different parkruns.  I've run 127 of them and now not only can I now claim to be 29th on the all time table but I'm one different parkrun ahead of Paul Sinton-Hewett.  Paul has enabled the start-up of around 690 parkruns worldwide but he has only been able to run at 126 of them.  To put me in the shade Paul Fielding ran his 250th different UK parkrun at Maidenhead this week and the worldwide record is held by Paul Freyne who has run a total of 267 different parkruns.  Our next target is 250 different parkruns and if you check out the club map you'll see that there are lots of green parkruns still to be done - not many near Heston but you don't have to go that far to find virgin territory and new parkruns are springing up all the time (ten in the last fortnight, including "Rushmere" near Leighton Buzzard - not to be confused with Rushmoor at Aldershot - another one for the Rushmers to run and call their own!).

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun and non-parkrun contributions

parkrun is free and there is no obligation to contribute in any way. But that doesn't mean that you can't make a contribution is you want to. Personally I make a donation each year to the parkrun "new events" fund - see .  Others donate to their home parkrun financially or through volunteering or other assistance.  And you'll have noticed that parkrun has partnered with Alzheimer's Research UK and during October is encouraging you to donate an amount equivalent to your parkrun time to Alzheimer's Research UK - for more details see .

And then there are contributions that are not directly linked to parkrun.  The new friends we make through parkrun sometimes ask for support for a good cause they are working towards.  I thought that you might appreciate me drawing your attention to one of these in particular.  The parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt has decided to run a marathon, the Palermo Marathon on 15th November, and he wants to raise a significant fund for what he considers a good cause.  Peter Wright was one of the original 13 runners in parkrun number one back on 2nd October 2004 and sadly Peter has an aggressive non-operable brain tumour and is not expected to live past Christmas. The fund will be used to prolong Peter's life, as possible, with leftover funds donated to research in the area of Glioblastoma.  Please consider making a donation to help or at least wish Peter well if you get the chance (he is hoping to continue running including parkruns until close to the end).

Roderick Hoffman

Meet the Committee - Paul Brandon - Deputy Chairman

Paul Brandon 

I am no longer an active runner due to left knee problems.

My involvement with the BA athletics section includes :-

  • Organising and reporting results for the Winter 5M handicap series.
  • Leading the marshals on the Spur road crossing point for the London marathon.
  • Marshalling the Ride London 100 (cycling event) crossing point in Whitehall, 2 out of 3 years and I rode the event the other
  • Time keeping for a lot of the CIE events.
  • Helping with other club events such as cross country, Speedbirds 5k, and Concorde 5M whenever possible. 

Other than that I am a member of a cycling club (Woking), and the BA GYM where I take part in organised spinning and circuits classes. Low/No impact activities.

Paul Brandon

Ed: Having been through hundreds of my photographs from the last few years and failed to find a single good one of Paul it could also be suggested that Paul is camera shy and when seen will be towards the back and alongside or behind taller members of the club esp. Nick Edge. 

From our Rowling Correspondent...

A small local report from Frimley and Croydon

Julie Barclay training with Dubai in mind over the past 4/5 weeks and trying to prepare for the heat (If that is possible) and now beginning to feel more positive about her sciatica niggles.  Our plan was to run slightly slower so as to ease the discomfort it causeís plus less 1 or 2 exercises that upset the situation. 

Running a few Frimley Park 5ks below par (23+). Julieís final week-end running before flying out on the 19th was to go hard as possible at Frimley and she ran a course PB of 22.41.  Then final test the Croydon 10k (Julie being a bread and born Croydon girl) and also celebrating her mumís birthday.  The plan was to try and run just DOUBLE the previous days time. I drove around the course (a bit to tough for my little Suzuki).
It is on road on the outskirts of the Lloyds Park area.  A brilliant gutsy effort 24.06 at 5k and then speeded up to finish in 46.17.  The second 5k was as hilly as the first.  Julie finished collecting the 1st 0/50 prize making mum Veraís birthday a happy one to remember.

Julie hoping for a successful first attempt at WARR and that she is able to cope with the heat factor.  Julie has promised NOT to text me immediately she crosses the finish line (my phone does not start work until 9am GMT).

Good luck to every one going to Dubai,

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts

Thanks for the name check {1st finisher at Old Deer Park parkrun 10th October} - my first 'win' ever at any run - not to shabby for an old codger 55+!


Bill Bryne

Ealing Eagle at Les Dougnes parkrun, France

I thought you might be interested in this FB post from an Ealing Eagle:

"parkrun tourism - Les Dougnes: I had a good run on Saturday in France's only parkrun, down near Bordeaux. A lovely course around bamboo beds though next to a power station (you can hear the overhead cables buzzing). I'm not sure if it was the power cables interfering with my Garmin but what would have been a fast course measured 5.25 k. Also challenging was the 8:30 start time which at this time of year is just 20 minutes after dawn. Anita and Alex, the organisers used to be at Wormwood Scrubs parkrun and fondly remember Arlene and Kelvin for starting Gunnersbury and taking half their runners! Anyhow they say that new parkruns are expected soon in France including one in Paris."

Piers Keenleyside

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