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BA Athletics Club News Digest 20th May 2019


  • Saturday 25th May - Club Featured parkrun at Hanworth (see below) start 09:00 *#
  • Monday 27th May - Vitality 10000 - Marshalling event #
  • Wednesday 29th - Rosenheim T&F2 at Ewell Court from 18:45 #

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year including this Wednesday.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 4th April.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 12th May) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

The next few Mondays...

Every Monday we do track and field training at Hillingdon Track {aka "Uxbridge"}. That is the theory, however in practice...

  • May 27th:  Bank Holiday (marshalling opportunity, Vitality 10K)
  • June 3rd:  Uxbridge track unavailable, scouts event
  • June 10th:  Vets League Uxbridge 18:30
  • June 17th:  Grand Prix Uxbridge 18:00:  800m and Triple Jump
  • June 24th:  Vets League Battersea 18:30
  • July 1st:  Uxbridge track unavailable, schools event 
  • July 8th:  Uxbridge track unavailable, schools event 
  • July 15th:  Track & field training at Uxbridge!!!!

Steve Hillier

Vets Track & Field - Battersea 13th May - a good start to the season #

Last Monday the British Airways team travelled to Battersea, and produced a string of high quality performances and three individual victories.
Five of our team tackled the packed 100m races, with Jacqui Musselwhite winning her event and first-timer Michael Ball showing his sprinting speed.  Jacqui went on to win the 400m as well!

The 1500m again featured a host of runners, with Julie Barclay within seconds of a victory in the ladiesí event and Ian Haylock and Paul Watt running well in the menís races.  Christine Munden tackled the unforgiving 2000m walk, and picked up a fine second place while being watched like a hawk by the race walk judges.

We also competed strongly in the field events:  Janet Smith rotated to a win in the discus and took two second places in shot and high jump, while Steve Hillier gained a third in the discus.

All eight BA competitors rounded off the evening with the 4 x 400m relays.  The batons were safely delivered around the track, so weíre happy to pass on some tips to our international squads if they come looking for advice!

Event E. Age Grp BA Competitor C. Age Grp Time/Distance Place
100m W35A Julie Barclay W55 17.8 5th
100m W35B Janet Smith W50 17.9 2nd
100m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 15.6 1st
100m M50 Michael Ball M55 15.5 5th
100m M60 Steve Hillier M60 17.8 6th
400m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 73.0 1st
400m M50 Michael Ball M55 78.3 7th
1500m M35 Ian Haylock M45 05:20.5 6th
1500m M50 Paul Watt M50 06:15.3 6th
1500m W50 Julie Barclay W50 06:01.9 4th
2000m walk W35 Christine Munden W40 16:53.2 2nd
Discus W50 Janet Smith W50 27.16 1st
Discus M60 Steve Hillier M60 24.44 3rd
Shot W50 Janet Smith W50 8.62 2nd
Shot M60 Steve Hillier M60 7.64 4th
High Jump W50 Janet Smith W50 0.95 2nd
Long Jump M60 Steve Hillier M60 2.56 6th
4 x 400m Men Ian, Paul, Mike, Steve Men 05:30.1 6th
4 x 400m Women Julie, Janet, Christine, Jacqui Women 06:23.6 5th

The next Rosenheim event will be at Ewell on Wednesday 29th May, to be followed by the Vets league at Hillingdon on June 10th.  Youíre very welcome to come and join the fun!

Steve Hillier

Green Belt Relay - Chris KellyGreen Belt Relay initial results and report #

The BA First Class Loungers made our yearly appearance at the GBR this weekend, 18-19th May, and once again predominantly enjoyed the experience. The international team - from Heathrow, Gatwick, Berkshire, France and Spain - even included two people who still work for BA!

The weather was slightly sub-optimal on Saturday evening {Ed: he means it was heavy rain for the first half of my leg!}, but otherwise fine, and the 220 miles were all accounted for, thanks to the team's diligent execution. Word must be getting out about the event, as there was a further increase in the number this year, to 52.

As that is also the average age of our team, it was all the more challenging to maintain our top-half position, which we did with 26th place, helped by a sustained team effort, and some remarkable individual performances, not least Dave Dixon's V50 Record for Stage 5.

Seven of the twelve of us circumnavigated the M25, including dinner and drinks in Essex and/or Hampton, and five experienced heads flew in and out for their legs, with, or assisted by, their parents, children or other halves. We ran, drove, navigated, cheered, and also helped out by marshalling on three legs.

Green Belt Relay - the remaining team membersIt was a great weekend, with all the teams thanking the organising Stragglers for another (23rd) tremendous event, and despite a few moments of drama, several runners are already looking forward to next year. Others are, quite legitimately, looking forward to a bit of lie down.

Draft Results:

Full report to follow.

Captain Kelly (Chris, pictured above, by Paul Clarke Photography)

<<< The team members who made it to the finish line. With apologies for the quality of the photograph - a trick of the light and/or grease on the lens. Left to right - Roderick Hoffman, Neil Frediani, Maria Jovani, Chris Kelly, Graham Taylor, Barry Walters. The team members dropped before this point were Vicky McFarlin, Tim Bellars, David Dixon, Frankie Hogge, Murray Hogge and Duncan Wright.

Team relays are great fun despite rather than because of the running involved. The Stragglers who organised this event also organise a River Relay on Sunday 8th September. If anyone in the club wants to organise a team for that please contact me or Chris for the details. Note that because that event clashes with the WARR event several true BA runners won't be available.

Roderick Hoffman

London Marathon 2019 Reports (part three of several)

Matt Foden

Hi all,

Thanks again for the place for the marathon. I did 4.37 which was a little slower than I hoped for but I raised £1,600 for my charity instead of the £750 I was expecting. That will help more people than my pride!

In terms of the race Ė I probably went of a little bit fast. Iím used to running halfs and havenít quite got the patience for the long game sorted yet! I found also that taking on Lucozade wasnít the best thing for me Ė very sweet and probably could have done with an electrolyte drink. I also probably would have been better off running with a 4.30 pacing group for 30k and leaving a good amount in the tank for the last bit but I will know this next time!

Also, its quite hard mentally when your Garmin gets out of sync with the mile markers! {Ed: I remember that feature from my marathon days - though I worked it out afterwards that the main problem was actually the brain getting out of sync with the mile markers}

Happy to marshal next year and give it a go in a couple of yearís time. For the next few years Iím trying to improve my 5k time now and learn to swim!

Hope you all enjoyed the day.

Matt Foden

Jessica Grimshaw

Thank you so so much for the place, I honestly can not express in words just how much it meant to me! What an incredible day it was, I was by no means as fast as most of you but I finished and considering how painful my ankle was for the second half, well all I can say is I am very happy. It was so emotional having my family and children meet me along the way and at the end, my 6 year old son was so proud that he took my medal to school for show and tell so that got me all emotional again.

I am really looking forward to marshalling next year!

Once again thank you!

Jessica Grimshaw

 Jagjit Singh

Thank you BA club for the place. I completed 12 marathons in 12 days from 13/04/2019 to 24/04/2019 {Ed: !!!!!!}, and had a 3 days rest before running the London Marathon for my 364th full marathon. It was a hard challenge but I enjoyed it. Thanks again BA club.

Kind regards,

Jagjit Singh.


Place (Overall) Place (Gender) Place (Category) Name Runner Number Category Race Status Time
24519 16686 7892 Foden, Matt (GBR) 60432 18-39 Finished 04:37:11
40244 16273 2704 Grimshaw, Jessica (USA) 60430 40-44 Finished 06:18:53
31624 20350 560 Singh, Jagjit (GBR) 60423 60-64 Finished 05:07:14

Club parkrun results for Saturday 18th May 2019

If your time on Saturday, or that of someone you think should or could be included, isn't in the following list, please let me know so that I can add them next time.

Roderick Hoffman

Member 18th May 2019 parkrun  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Age Grade  ↓ PB?  ↓ Comment
FALSE Chris Evans Bedfont Lakes 43 00:23:14 65.06%
TRUE Trish MCCABE Bedfont Lakes 145 00:30:09 51.41%
TRUE Anne Bannister Bedfont Lakes 127 00:29:17 67.22%
TRUE David Duggan Bedfont Lakes 125 00:29:09 54.55%
TRUE Caroline Cockram Bedfont Lakes 87 00:26:02 64.40%
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 405 00:30:06 55.20%
TRUE Helen SMITH Brooklands 190 00:31:35 63.22% PB   Three minute improvement
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 523 00:25:08 61.67%
TRUE Richard RUFFELL Cassiobury 243 00:26:14 59.59% Record 617 attendance
FALSE Natalie RUFFELL Cassiobury 242 00:26:14 56.42%
TRUE Adam Moquet Clair 3 00:18:31 70.21% run #10, M-3, 1st at Clair, club record
FALSE Ben Chaytow Crane Park 22 00:21:37 64.07%
TRUE Janet Smith Dinton Pastures 185 00:35:46 49.30% park #36
TRUE Alice BANKS Fell Foot 282 00:48:46 40.36% park #41
NEW Mike Dennison Gedling 4 00:20:52 77.56% Club record at Gedling
TRUE Oliver MATHAI Gunnersbury 195 00:25:01 67.02%
TRUE Petra OTTO Hasenheide 97 00:32:00 65.31%
TRUE Steve NEWELL Hazelwood 106 00:38:32 49.18%
TRUE John COFFEY Hazelwood 57 00:28:48 68.29%
TRUE Sarah GORDON Leicester Victoria 288 00:31:26 62.62%
Not Paul SINTON-HEWITT Northala Fields 18 00:20:04 78.57% See Roderick's comment below
TRUE Alan ANDERSON Osterley 304 00:40:48 55.84%
TRUE Scott DAVISON Osterley 84 00:24:45 58.18%
Not Geoff Miles Osterley 157 00:29:06 59.28%   400th run. (ex BA, Event Director)
Checking Steve Waite Riddlesdown 135 00:28:29 61.21% first parkrun this year
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 148 00:25:26 69.33% PB   15 second improvement
Not Michael Kelly South Manchester 439 01:06:16 30.99%   Chris' dad doing his first parkrun at age 79.
TRUE Kevin Holland Woking 379 00:41:33 42.96%

There were a significant number of cancellations this week mainly due to parkrun courses being booked for other events (e.g. Pub in the Park at Marlow).  Henley was called off because of a severely cracked tree overhanging the route.  County shows, festivals, race meetings, even marathons can cause parkruns to be called off so it is always a good idea to check the parkrun cancellations website just in case (UK: ).

Micheal Kelly parkrunAdam Moquet (18:31) who ran so well over the country last winter was in good form and set a new club record at Clair (Haywards Heath).  New member Mike Dennison (20:52) also got off to a good start with a club record run at Gedling in Nottingham.

Steve Newell

Chris Kelly's running antics are clearly rubbing off on his relatives with his dad surprising everyone by undertaking his first parkrun at age 79, as Tail Walker at South Manchester (pictured). If you happen to be passing in future weeks Michael plans to return to his more regular roles of timekeeping and marshalling.

Volunteers - We can ONLY include specific volunteer efforts each week if we are emailed about them by 17:00 on the Monday after the run.

18th May 2019 parkrun role
Ian Cockram Bedfont Lakes Run Director
Caroline Cockram Bedfont Lakes Carpark Marshal
David Duggan Bedfont Lakes unknown
Roderick Hoffman Northala Fields Barcode Scanning
Denis Foxley Harrow Run Director
Joan Foxley Harrow Finish Tokens
Alastair Heslop Guildford Timekeeper

Stuck on 496

No new parkruns added or removed this week. We are still on 496 different parkruns. With many of us running at Hanworth next Saturday we are likely to achieve or break through 500 different parkruns on Saturday 1st June - so plan to run away that day!

parkrun Chatter

Hanworth parkrun courseI fitted in a volunteer stint at Northala Fields on my way to my Green Belt Relay responsibilities. It wasn't a quiet parkrun because they had a film crew there and parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewett and Chief Executive Nick Pearson in attendance. Paul ran well, only nine second outside his course PB and his quickest parkrun anywhere this year. Nick didn't do so well and was challenged to fold-up the parkrun banner and failed. Those who have attempted it know that it is the most difficult parkrun duty of them all.

There were two new parkruns last weekend.  One of them is the first parkrun to run in a shed, or at least at a shed - Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun near Cirencester. The second, Conyngham Hall parkrun in Knaresborough, has two co-event directors - one being Mark Taylor but not that Mark Taylor, the other being Linda Dodsworth and yes, that Linda Dodsworth - former BA and Club member. Each inaugural attracted a manageable number of runners and I'm not aware of any incidents from either.

NEXT SATURDAY we have a Club Featured parkrun at Hanworth parkrun #. Please aim to arrive early so that we can get a group photograph. Let me know by reply here or on Facebook to expect you so that I can advise the run director. After the run we'll have a beverage and snack in the Air Park Leisure Centre. Post code: TW13 5EG. More details:

Roderick Hoffman

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats - NOW UPDATED

NEW club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE

2019 British Airways Run Gatwick Sunday 13th May results

No one has sent me any results or reports from this event but I've found the following within the results:

Pos. Bibno. Finish time Chip time Participant Category Club Speed Pace
1046 2260 02:02:27 01:59:58 Michelle Garratt (F) Veteran50 HORSHAM JOGGERS 6.42 mph 9:20 min/mile
1508 4136 02:14:14 02:08:23 Marzia Coltelli (F) Veteran40 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC 5.85 mph 10:14 min/mile
1860 2508 02:25:47 02:20:47 Jasvir Singh Modaher (M) Veteran60 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC 5.39 mph 11:07 min/mile

Roderick Hoffman

Thanks to Brian Forrester

Hi everyone,

You will all remember that we sent tee shirts and  other clothes belonging to Brian out to Togo last year.  Along with those things and a couple of walking sticks/crutches Steve and I also sent medical equipment, first aid supplies, walking frames etc. which we had collected and which we knew were required.

Our friend Kossi, began to put together a presentation thanking us and Brian.  It is finally completed and linked here.

We feel that the thanks he expresses should be thanks to those who helped Brian over the years and during his last illness, rather than just us.

Hope you are all well,

Linda and Steve Hillier

More from extreme marathon addicts - Richmond Park Marathon 19th May

I was running the Richmond Park Marathon for the 7th time on Sunday and apart from a DNF in 2016 (pulled out after 3 miles with pulled calf muscle - shouldn't have started really) it was my worst time by well over an hour! I knew the hills and lumpy trail type surface would slow me down and had hoped I might do around 4:30. First 12 miles went OK but then I just could not maintain even a 10 minute mile pace. Nice course with plenty of shade (and cover from the light drizzle) but the hills were just too much for my current level of fitness. In 2013 I managed to do 3:29 just 2 weeks after the London Marathon and my 4 other finishing times had been under 4 hours. Yesterday I finished in a disappointing 5:08:48. Ian Cunningham was also running doing his last long run before tackling the Comrades Marathon in South Africa on 2nd June. Ian did well and finished in 3:53:57. Next up for me is the Cork Marathon also on 2nd June.

Piers Keenleyside

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