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BA Athletics Club News Digest 20th April 2015


  • Wednesday 6th May - Speedbird Ladies 5k - Harmondsworth Moor 19:00
  • Thursday 7th May - Magic Mile - Bath Road from 12:45
  • Monday 11th May - Track&Field - London Veterans League, Battersea from 18:30

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Speedbird Ladies 6th May and Concorde Five 14th June promotional poster and leaflets Reminder

We have produced a promotional poster for the Speedbird Ladies and Concorde Five Mile Road Race events.  It would be great to have higher turnouts for these events so please print off a copy of the poster and place on a suitable noticeboard.  Additionally we have printed off a large number of A5 leaflets with each event on either side.  Please get these from me ( and hand out at suitable opportunities - either to colleagues you know might be interested in either event or at other running events.


Roderick Hoffman

Track & Field Grand Prix Monday 13th April results

Monday 13th April welcomed the first T&F event of our summer season.  Gary Rushmer, Tony Barnwell and Steve Hillier battled it out over two rarely competed events, the 1000m and Triple Jump.  Gary took the honours in both competitions.  Full results:

  1000m  Triple Jump
Gary Rushmer 3:24 7.60m
Steve Hillier 4:51 6.03m
Tony Barnwell 6:00 3.43m

Donít miss our first Vets League match, at Battersea on Monday 11th May at Battersea.

Steve Hillier

Club decision making

Would you like to be more involved in Club decision making?

We are just two months away from this yearís AGM, when we will have the opportunity to elect a new committee.  All posts are up for grabs - and we'd welcome the excitement of a contested election!  Having said that though the current committee appears to be relatively stable so this year we would like to widen participation in the running of the club by introducing two further Committee Members without portfolio posts.  These new positions would give the holders the opportunity to bring new ideas to the organisation of the club without having specific responsibilities [Ed: Can I apply for one of these please ;-)].

The full 2015/16 committee will consist of:

Chairman*, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer*, Secretary*, Menís Captain, Ladies Captains, Track & Field Captain, Membership Secretary, Communications Secretary, Statistics Secretary, Events Secretary and three Committee Members without portfolio.

Would you be interested in getting more involved?  Let me know if you have any questions.

Steve Hillier

* Note that Associate members cannot hold the three key club posts of Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary.

Runnymede Runners Windsor Relays on 4th July

We are considering entering a team or teams into the annual Runnymede Runners Windsor Relays on 4th July and designating this as our Run of the Month for July.  Families and supporters are very welcome, the event is ideal for a picnic day out - in the past the club attending the event has usually resulted in an early July heat wave.  A fun run will also be provided for under 12s.

Each team is to comprise six runners. This may include no more than 3 senior males (aged 16 to 39). No problem there then!!  The remainder of the team may comprise juniors, ladies and veteran male runners.  Each runner may only run one leg and for only one team. Runners may run in any order, names need only be declared on race day, The Long Legs (1, 3, 5) are approximately 5.25 miles and the short legs (2, 4, 6) approximately 2.75 miles The first leg starts at 12 noon. Entry fee is £42 per team Ė See more at:

If you are interested in taking part then please email me at: . If we have too many runners then I am happy to co-ordinate the team and just enjoy the picnic.

Neil Frediani

London Marathon Approaching Fast

The Marathon is on Sunday and at the last count we had over 20 runners participating and over 120 planning to be helping on the day.  Hopefully you all know who you are!  The pre-London Marathon briefing meeting is this Thursday at the Heston Venue (Concorde Centre) from 19:00.

I'll be submitting a results article to the BA Up-to-Speed magazine for May as a follow-on to a running tips article that Marathon runner Jenny Reeves has got into the April issue. They won't publish what I send them unless it has some interesting and revealing one liners of the experiences of the runners and helpers so please send me what you can next week. Something for you to think about as you plod through Docklands!

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 18th April 2015

Race* of the Day: Woking parkrun 18th April 2015

I attended the Woking Park parkrun and as I got out of my car Barry Walters stood there.  I thought "Great, IF Mike Waine is on a favourable shift I could be in for a great race".  Barry having taken Mike's over 55 course record away 5 or 6 months ago.  And as Barry warmed-up Mike turned up.  They chatted and continued to warm-up together - the two fastest 0/55 BA staff over 5k lads. Being a marshal I saw a brilliant pair of lads having a great race.

End of lap one of three Mike was leading by 20m.  Second lap Mike still leading but the gap was smaller between them.  On the final lap and with 1k to go into the wooded section Barry went past Mike and with 200m left there was inches between them.   I would have paid to watch two excellent lads giving everything.  Not their best times but tactical, I loved it.  Thanks lads.

Barry finished 7th in 19.45  Mike just behind in 19.49.

  • Barry quote "You need something like this to keep that speed there, a fast course even with all the twists"
  • Mike quote "I knew Barry was very close and I tried to stay with him over the final 400m  but no excuses"

Both agreed the wooded section is now dry and no problem.

My day was about to start.   Julie Barclay with training going to plan since Christmas and was due a PB plus with the dry surface was able to wear racing flats.   Julie's best 5k was 21.17 run at the Speedbirds last May. Then injuries took over for 6 months

Today she ran three brilliant laps fast and it showed over the final 200m to the tape  But it didn't matter (WE) came away happy bunnys.  Julie ran 21.12 and lowered her course record by 1 min 2 sec.

Well done Barry/Mike/Julie.  Thanks for a great day, I might even do the lottery this week.

Tom Rowley

* Ed: Being pedantic for a moment, parkrun is a run not a race. But that doesn't mean that participants aren't allowed to treat it as a race.

18th Apr 2015 Family & Friends Time parkrun Comment Grade
Barry Walters 19:45 Woking run #30 7th finisher 81%
Mick Waine 19:49 Woking run #22 80%
Julie Barclay 21:12 Woking parkrun pb, age cat rec 80%
Bill Byrne 20:16 Richmond Park run #82 75%
John Coffey 24:45 Bushy Park run #175 New Bushy course 74%
Alice Banks 25:26 Maidenhead club record (all genders!) 73%
Ian Cunningham 21:49 Bushy Park run #192 New Bushy course 69%
Kerstin Luksch 21:53 Gunnersbury 2nd in points table 68%
Joe Nolan 23:23 Black Park freewheeling 68%
Alan Friar 26:31 Woodley run #157 67%
Piers Keenleyside 24:21 Gunnersbury Saving for marathon tomorrow 65%
John Bagley 23:27 Reigate Priory run #5, pb 61%
Chris Kelly 24:09 Reading run #234 61%
Roderick Hoffman 25:15 Banbury park #109, BApark #160 60%
Ben Chaytow 23:05 Crane Park run #100 58%
Kevin Holland 29:57 Woking run #9 57%
Steve Taylor 27:05 Northala Fields tapering for London ? 55%
Gareth Hobby 25:15 Reading run #11 55%
Steve Newell 32:50 South Oxhey park #56 Pre-event orienteering 54%
Sreeram Sethuraman 27:22 Upton Court run #42 48%
Alice Banks volunteer Maidenhead pre-event set-up
Neil Frediani volunteer Bedfont Lakes backup timer
Alastair Heslop volunteeer Guildford funnel manager
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Some notable achievements this week.  Ben Chaytow notched his 100th run (80% have been at Crane Park) and shouldn't have to wait too long before he receives his new vest.  Alice Banks again helped with the pre-event set up at Maidenhead and then ran round in a new best time of 25:26 which is the best of the nine man and woman from the club family over the five weeks that parkrun has been going.  Alice has run the Reading course in an even better time so expect some more action at this venue in the coming weeks when the marathon frenzy has died down.

There was some classic action at Woking where club members old, new and moved-on categories did battle at Woking.  Tom Rowley (marshal) stood enchanted as a battle royal unfolded in the "almost 60" age group where Barry Walters (7th overall in 19:45) held off Mick Waine (19:49).  Not far behind Julie Barclay consolidated her position as the best FV50 at Woking, chopping another minute off her pb (21:12).  All three achieved 80% WAVA scores this week.  Our newest member, Kevin Holland who has usually run at Poole in the past, was also at Woking this week and finished in under half an hour.

Many parkruns had large or even record attendances this week.  There were well over 1,200 at Bushy Park with everyone including John Coffey and Ian Cunningham wanting to try out the new "fast" course which Hugh Jones has assured us is certainly not short.  There are a few sharp corners and potentially more puddles but overall less of the run will be on grass in future.  At the other end of the scale, Pymmes in north London which has averaged only 20 runners in its 4 years of existence saw a record of 67 this week.  Steve Newell looked in on the not-so-well established South Oxhey and enjoyed a bit of cross country style open space along with the warm sunshine in the rolling Hertfordshire hills and was one of only 39 runners.  The mud of earlier weeks had dried up but they are competing with nearby Cassiobury which offers relatively flat tarmac paths only two miles away in Watford.  As with Richmond Park (average 211) and Old Deer Park (average 48) one will probably always be far bigger than the other. 

Roderick Hoffman visited Spiceball Park in Banbury and moved the club total on to 160 different parks.  It would have been 161 but Steve Newell was prevented from a visit to Riddlesdown by a cancelled train service.  Riddlesdown is nowhere near South Oxhey but half a century of standby travel has created an acceptance of occasional disappointments, the benefits of having contingency plans and a willingness to switch destination at very short notice!   No 07.29 Southwest train from Chiswick to Clapham so let's cycle a mile and try the 07.44 Overground to Willesden!

Alan Anderson had a rare week off and he missed the record turnout of 341 at Gunnersbury.

The start date for the Harrow Recreation Ground parkrun has now been announced as Saturday 9th May. 

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Running Shorts

Manchester Marathon Sunday 19th April

I did the Manchester Marathon today in the unexpected reasonable time of 3:25:17!  I thought my recent calf muscle problem had put paid to sub 3:30 times for Manchester and London. I'd also struggled to do a decent half marathon time in the 4 halves I entered over the last couple of months and actually did my best time today getting to half-way in 1:36.  That means I'll be going for sub 3:25 next week.

Piers Keenleyside

Interesting Reading - Consultation document for the future of Cranford Park

Marathon Relay Trophies

We need to return the Marathon Relay Trophies we won last year - if you have one please let Richard Ruffell know.

Wings for Life World Run

I'm running the Silverstone section of this event again this year.  You may recall that all of the worldwide events start at the same time GMT and the event is neither over a fixed distance nor time - instead we have a headstart over a catcher car which sets off after us at a pre-determined pace.  When it passes us we have to stop running and get the bus back to the start.  That means that unlike in a marathon the weaker runners end up running only five to ten km (so may not even get off the track at Silverstone) whereas the fitter runners will be off and away over the hills for miles and miles before they are caught.  Last year I managed 10.5 miles - my aim this year is to get to the bottom of the hill that I was caught at the top of.  You can encourage me by adding some sponsorship money to my account. All money raised (including all of my £40 race entry) goes to research into spinal injuries and treatments. My sponsorship page is: 

Roderick Hoffman

PS There is probably still time to enter the event if you fancy being chased!

2014/15 5Mile Handicap Series Final Results and Winners

Sorry - out of space for this this week.  Keep holding your breath until next week.

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