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BA Athletics Club News Digest 20th March 2017


  • Wednesday 29th March - Final Winter Handicap of the season - Heston Venue from 18:00*.
  • Sunday 2nd April - Club Cross Country Championships in Cranford Park 10:30*
  • Wednesday 5th April - "RunTogether"  Starter Session - Heston Venue at 18:30*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml [Updated Feb 24th].

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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BAAC Cross Country championships 2nd April reminder

Hi all,

just a reminder that BAAC has our cross country championships in Cranford Park on Sunday the 2nd of April with a start time of 10.30.  Any member or non-member can run, all we ask is please be there no later than 10:15 so the timekeepers have time to register you.  The event is two laps for the ladies and three laps for the men {Ed: about 5k and 7.5k respectively}.

We are also looking for some marshals and timekeepers, if anybody is interested can you please let me know.

Many thanks, Gary,

Club Events - Club In-house Event - Wednesday 15th April - Write-up

The format of this training CIE was based on Brian Forrester's "Stations" relays.

There were six participants so it was required to divide these into two roughly equal teams of three (teams "Blue" and "Orange"), and to rank the runners in each team ("1", "2" and "3").  This was done by getting all participants to race over half a lap of the field (about 500m).  Finishers were assigned to teams and positions in the following order:

Blue 1 Gary Rushmer
Orange 1 Graham Taylor
Blue 2 Steve Hillier
Orange 2 Trish McCabe
Orange 3 Tony Barnwell
Blue 3 Alan Anderson
Then the relay event started. The runners ranked "3" waited at the start near the pavilion. Those ranked "2" jogged straight across the field to the halfway station. Meanwhile the two "1" ranked runners set off on a 500m sprint round the field to the halfway station.  They then handed over to the "2"s who sprinted the second 500m round the field back to the start to hand over to the "3" ranked runners. So the relay continued with each runner having a 500m sprint followed by a recovery whilst their team mates ran the 1k lap of the field.  When the light levels started to make it difficult to see where runners were around the field the end play was initiated. This involved the "1" runners running on from the halfway station, sprinting to the start and then picking up the "2" runners and running together with them back to the halfway station where they then also picked up their remaining "3" team member and ran as a team back round to the start which was now the finish.

The Blue team completed the event first, getting to the finish in 28:56.  They had covered half the distance in 14:13 so slightly slowed in the second half to 14:43.  The total distance raced was 6 laps of the field so about 6k.

The Orange team finished second in 30:20.  They had reached halfway in 14:50 hence had also slowed in the second half to 15:30.
Ideally in such exercises runners wouldn't slow in the second half - but the changing light conditions probably contributed to the slowing of the pace.

Thanks to Steve Newell for helping at the start position including timing, and for Harry Wild for supporting the runners.

After the event we made our way (on foot due to the traffic) to the Queen's Head where the entertainment was laid on by four Ms - Timmy Mallett (in person, with his mallet), Manchester City, Monaco and our own Moans about what is becoming of BA Clubs.

Roderick Hoffman

BAAC Membership Renewal

British Airways AC membership expires on 31-Mar-17, and renewals are requested to be paid from 1-Apr-17.

The Membership Subscription remains at the princely sum of 9 (GBP) for the 2017-2018 year.

Members who also wish to affiliate to UK Athletics need to include an additional 14 for 2017-2018 (a 1 increase), making a total of 23. (ref:

Ideally, please setup a standing order for 1-Apr yearly, or electronic payment, and advise the Treasurer/Membership Sec by email.
BAAC Account:    10096647

Sort Code:            60-02-60

 Chris Kelly {} Treasurer

Roderick Hoffman adds: "As acting Chair for the club I'm asking BA Clubs to clarify what members can expect to receive in return for their BA Club's membership especially from 1st June onwards. An update will be provided when I have one."

February Five Mile Handicap Result

The fifth and penultimate 5M handicap took place before the awards evening, with a good turnout of 16 runners. This month saw a change in the points leader with Gary edging ahead of Trish, and with Roderick close behind.

22-Feb-17 Handicap run time Time gap from handicap Points this month Total points Next Start time
Gary Rushmer 00:32:00 31:54 00:06 25 103 00:32:00
Steve Taylor 00:40:30 40:42 00:12 22 76 00:40:30
Roderick Hoffman 00:43:30 43:56 00:26 20 95 00:44:00
Trish McCabe 00:43:30 43:57 00:27 18 99 00:44:00
Harry Wild 00:39:00 39:27 00:27 18 87 00:39:30
Richard Ruffell 00:35:00 33:39 01:21 17 17 00:33:30
Benita Scaife 00:48:00 46:34 01:26 15 15 00:46:30
John Scaife 00:48:00 46:34 01:26 15 31 00:46:30
Steve Hillier 00:49:00 47:29 01:31 14 68 00:47:30
Tony Barnwell 00:56:30 54:27 02:03 12 61 00:54:30
Neil Frediani 00:41:30 39:20 02:10 11 11 00:39:30
Alan Anderson 00:57:30 55:19 02:11 10 52 00:55:30
Alan Friar 00:48:30 46:06 02:24 9 54 00:46:00
Dennis Foxley 00:46:00 43:18 02:42 8 8 00:43:30
Chris Kelly 00:34:30 38:03 03:43 7 66 00:38:00
Simon Turton 00:35:00 40:45 05:45 6 58 00:41:00

We have now run five of the six events in the series so those having already run the first five may be looking drop their worst event, and those having run less than five will look to close the gap and overtake others.

What will the sixth event on March 29th produce? See you there. 

Paul Brandon

Green Belt Relay 20th/21st May


We have had a couple of dropouts from the BA GBR team, and so need one or two volunteers to step up for this terrific event.

The dates are 20-21 May 2017, and you'll need to run both days. The legs range from 6-13 miles - we always try to start new folks on the shorter ones (unless they object) but sometimes we all have to stretch ourselves a bit... All the legs get away from roads onto tracks and paths - and usually get into fabulous countryside, which combined with the point to point aspect, gives a great feeling of 'getting somewhere'. There is some navigation required, though, and reconnaissance is highly recommended - ideally physical, but at least virtual - via the links / maps on the extremely helpful Green Belt Relay website. But most of the time you aren't actually running, so you mainly get to drive around, view the countryside, drop off teammates, pick up teammates, marshal and cheer everyone along.

We book accommodation and a meal halfway round for everyone who comes with us and stays, at our usual Motel, which the club help subsidize, and we share out the cost of the petrol between the folks who don't bring their cars, so the cost of the entry and accommodation and petrol usually works out around 50 to 60.

Let me know if you're interested at Chris Kelly {} .

Club parkrun results for Saturday 18th March

18th March family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Andrew Jordan 21:45 Bushy Park run #129 68%
John Coffey 26:21 Bushy Park run #231, 200th at Bushy 72%
Ian Cunningham 27:05 Bushy Park run #280, 239th at Bushy 56%
Chris Evans 23:47 Bedfont Lakes run #159 63%
Neil Frediani 27:01 Bedfont Lakes run #166, plus event set up 59%
Ian Cockram 27:03 Bedfont Lakes run #385 54%
Scott Davison 27:54 Bedfont Lakes run #197, 172nd at Bedfont 51%
Trish McCabe 28:45 Bedfont Lakes run #178, plus  event set up 53%
John Lennon 30:20 Bedfont Lakes run #245 51%
Caroline Cockram 31:34 Bedfont Lakes run #264 52%
David Duggan 31:35 Bedfont Lakes run #192 50%
Chris Kelly 21:28 Reading run #330 69%
Denis Foxley 25:32 Harrow run #69 67%
Joan Foxley 48:37 Harrow tailrunner 44%
Sarah Gordon 33:32 Braunstone run #146, 44th at Braunstone 57%
Alan Anderson 33:09 Gunnersbury run #449 65%
Steve Newell 36:35 Gunnersbury run #257, 106th at Gunsbury 49%
Steve Dodsworth 23:39 Harrogate 33rd run at Harrogate 64%
Linda Dodsworth 28:25 Harrogate 32nd run at Harrogate 56%
Tony Barnwell 32:35 Wycombe Rye run #131 57%
Ben Chaytow 22:04 Crane Park run #163 62%
Alice Banks 26:24 Maidenhead run #75 72%
Roderick Hoffman 27:32 Thurrock 1st run at Thurrock, club rec 56%
Benita Scaife 30:56 Maidenhead run #66 63%
John Scaife 30:56 Maidenhead run #79 53%
Jonathan Cox 23:43 Crane Park run #304, 20th at Crane Park 65%
Kerstin Luksch 23:38 Homewood F-2, course pb 64%
Janet Smith 38:08 Homewood run #62, 2nd at Homewood 45%
Piers Keenleyside 23:47 Glossop 1st run at Glossop 67%
Jeremy Short 20:48 Osterley course pb 74%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper

Those parkrunners who are in training for the London Marathon and/or another longer run in the near future are clearly at the stage in their preparations where a really long run is the main focus for the weekend. however not everyone is looking for a 26 miler and there were some good age graded performances including a course pb for Jeremy Short (20:48) at Osterley, Alice Banks (26:24) at Maidenhead and John Coffey (26:21) at Bushy Park. That was John's 200th run at Bushy his first was as long ago as Christmas Eve 2005.  Tony Barnwell (32:35) recorded his best time so far this year at Wycombe Rye.

We had a big turnout at Bedfont Lakes which was celebrating its 400th edition.  Some of our members were involved in various volunteering roles as well as running.  One of them, Neil Frediani, was the only club member present at the inaugural back in 2009 {Ed: Rubbing shoulders at the start with the likes of Danny Norman, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, Anita Afonso (parkrun Country Manager for France) and Chris Cowell (running just his twelfth different parkrun)}.  His time then was 27:55 (53.67%), this week 27:01 (59.35%).  Older and faster.  Another member, John Lennon (30:20) is now on 245 runs and closing in on his green "250" Tribesports T-shirt.

Another on 245 who has already opted to run the popular 2-lap course at Osterley on 22nd April is Roderick Hoffman,  This week Roderick was at the very flat and grassy Osset Heath in Thurrock running his 187th different parkrun and lowering the club record to 27:32.

Piers Keenleyside (23:47) continues to pop up in new places in between what seem to be fortnightly marathons.  This week he was at Glossop in Derbyshire.  He is aiming for the 251km (that is 50 parkruns) Marathon des Sables in the Sahara (Morocco) over six days in the first half of April.  No doubt we will hear a lot more about that very soon.

In the meantime Alan Anderson keeps jogging on and expects to reach 450 runs next Saturday at Gunnersbury. {Ed: but some bad news for Alan from Joe Nolan "Alan Anderson's MV80 parkrun course record at Black Park was beaten on Saturday by Tom Harrison who recorded 28m 11s ".}

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

250th parkrun Plan - Osterley Park April 22nd

I'm planning on undertaking my 250th parkrun at Osterley Park parkrun on Saturday 22nd April.  I hope that colleagues will be able to join me.  I will bring cake AND as most of you know Osterley has an excellent post parkrun cafe. The property is run by the National Trust but car parking is free for those with parkrun barcodes.  The current (temporary) course at Osterley is two laps round the back of the house (not the three laps with the gravel park and tree roots) - see course map below.  The event director (ex-BA employee Geoff Miles) assures me that the two lap course will still be operating on the 22nd.

If you don't want to run (for instance if you are saving yourself for the next day's London Marathon) then you are welcome to be a supporter OR a volunteer to help on the day - email to offer your services - mention my name and/or BA Athletics Club and Geoff will know you are friends.

The photograph to the right looks like a staged publicity shot but it was a genuinely taken action photograph during the inaugural Osterley parkrun on 31st August 2013.

Roderick Hoffman

Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon Result: March 19th

No submitted report but it is obvious from Facebook that club colleagues enjoyed this event:

Pos Name Time Net Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club
1 JOE LEWIS 01:11:48 0:1:11:48 Male 1 Male 1  
274 IAN CUNNINGHAM 01:41:15 01:40:51 V50 7 Male 240 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC
1394 Guilaine SHEWARD 02:10:01 01:57:39 V50 17 Female 473 WALTON AC
1580 JOHN LENNON 02:14:15 02:13:37 V55 27 Male 999 BRITISH AIRWAYS ATHLETICS CLUB
1958 TRISH MCCABE 02:22:09 02:09:47 V40 123 Female 824 BRITISH AIRWAYS ATHLETICS CLUB
2232 GEMMA MEENAGHAN 02:29:39 02:16:14 V35 171 Female 1013 BRITISH AIRWAYS RUNNING CLUB
2376 TRACEY MILLS 02:32:48 02:19:59 V45 112 Female 1122 BRITISH AIRWAYS ATHLETICS CLUB

Ed: It is probably time that we decided what the name of the club was - there are three variants here.

Finchley Twenty 12th March 2017 Result

Pos Race No Name Time Net Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club
1 366 JONATHAN POOLE 01:51:03 01:50:54 Senior 1 Male 1 Serpentine RC
146 232 CHRIS KELLY 02:34:11 02:33:48 M50 14 Male 129 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC
326 435 STEPHEN TAYLOR 03:17:12 03:16:02 M50 33 Male 232 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC
378 308 JASVIR SINGH MODAHER 03:58:32 03:56:53 M60 11 Male 254 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC

It was a bit cool and damp on Sunday morning for the latest running of the longest running 20-miler in the country, and we had three hardy souls out to rinse their running stuff through.  Personally, I found it quite hard to keep my legs moving for the last five miles or so, and fell off the early pace a bit (allowing the winner to just lap me!), so am resolving to do a bit more core work before I do any more races - which had better be soon...

Special mention must go to the one Joe Nolan - for his cheery support on a hill halfway round the course, despite the inclement weather! 

Chris Kelly

And from our Rowling Reporter...

A small report from Eastleigh 10k on the 19th Mar:

Perfect weather for running, excellent FAST course, traffic free and not expensive.  Parking/Toilets/baggage store facilities wonderful.  A figure of 8 course with a 6k loop then a 4k with excellent spectator viewing.

Paul Watt and Julie Barclay were the only BA members although running for WAC, both been nursing a month long injury since 12th April.  Paul tried the Surrey 5k last week and finished ok, Julie had been cheer-leader for one more week.  Both decided to cautiously try the Eastleigh 10k, both aiming for a comfortable 50min.

Paul was just leading Julie at 6k with Julie passing me in 28.40 (my timing). The final 500m is a brilliant straight run to tape, I stood watching the fit ones enjoying a sprint finish.  Paul managed to clock 47.45 (chip time) with Julie getting under her target with 48.37.  Both feeling tired around 6/7k but very pleased just to be running again and both hoping will now be able to slowly ease back into training.

Small memory jogger - in 1997/8 I won the over 70 age group here BUT as I passed the 6k marker UK International Rob Denmark was finishing first - in the course record time of 25.??.  That had been my target - but he did it for me. {Ed: I can't verify this, the nearest I've got is "Power of Ten" showing that Rob Denmark ran the Perivale 10k in 1996 finishing in 28:51 (thus beating me in that race by over twenty minutes!)}

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts

  • Street-O Bethnal Green 14th Mar '17: Having landed at 10:00 that morning after an 18 day layoff in the States and with a troublesome journey to the East End of London I was very pleased to both run and navigate well in the Street-O event achieving my second best score of the series. I finished in 37th place out of 93 finishers.  There are two more events in the series - 11th April at Tooting and 9th May at Wimbledon. Roderick Hoffman

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