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BA Athletics Club News Digest 21st March 2022

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

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This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Concorde Promotion

This is an A5 size leaflet for the Concorde One Hour Race (2 copies on an A4 sheet) - please consider how you could use this to promote the event: pdf attachment

Awards Evening Reminder - This Wednesday [tell us to expect you ASAP]

This year's awards have crept up on us but are now this Wednesday. The plan for the evening is:

  • 17:45 Changing Rooms Open [Home & Away for men, Refs for ladies]
  • 18:00 Optional ad hoc run or, if you want something more formal...
  • 18:30 Steve's One Mile walk (see below)
  • 19:30 Club provided food arrives - probably the usual mix of pizza and curry. Please tell us to expect you so that we know how much to order in advance!
  • 20:00 Awards for the year 2021 to be presented
  • 21:30 Informal chat
  • 22:30 Close

 Tell Steve Hillier to expect you, and any food preferences: > Steve Hillier (msn)

Steve Newell says:

I plan to walk a fast mile starting at 6.30 pm. Everyone is welcome to join me or treat it as a time-trial / race.


  • Start in Myrtle Avenue by the red pillar box
  • head towards airport along Myrtle Ave and continue on path across grass
  • At A30, turn left along footpath and continue to Cains Lane
  • Turn left into Cains Lane and the first right into Orchard Avenue
  • Follow Orchard Avenue which bends round to the left until junction with Hatton Road
  • Left onto footpath and follow Hatton Road back towards Bedfont Club passing end of Cains Lane.
  • Finish where the footpath narrows just short of the junction with Wellington Road and Wellington pub.

[This course is currently shown on the club map]

Roderick Hoffman

NOW Syon Park photosNOW Syon Park Report

In the end we had 7 people running/jogging, I went round on my bike, John Wight joined us in the cafe afterwards.

The light drizzle at the start got steadily heavier as time went by!

Everyone did the same course keeping covering parts of the Grand Union Canal, Griffin Park, Brentford Community Stadium and the Thames Path (on the Middlesex side throughout).

Melanie took loads of snaps and has a trace of the route (a bit over 7km) which took about an hour with lots of regrouping stops.

Steve Newell

BAAC Tom Rowley Cross Country 20th March Report #

Cross Country Start Line photoTom at the Cross Country

The sun shone down on the runners and marshals in Cranford Park on Sunday morning.  One day’s heavy rain in the previous week had left two or three muddy sections of the course, but it was mostly soft, dry going.  The previous month’s storm had left a small tree across the course in the wooded area, adding to the challenge.  

Nearly thirty runners set out to enjoy the conditions, and celebrate Tom Rowley’s contribution to all our lives.  Tom had coached, or ran with, just about everyone present at some stage in the last forty years.

A strong field of lady runners tackled two laps, about three miles in distance.  BA’s Maria Jovani led them home, chased home by Ramona Thevent from Stragglers RC and Charlotte Watson from Woking AC.  Maria then decided to continue her race for a third lap with the men, and would probably have finished in the top six overall, if she hadn’t had to divert through the ladies' finish.

Connor Trerise of Woking AC led the men home, and a battle for second place was decided with Stragglers’ Richard Baggott just heading BA’s Paul Knechtl.

First junior home was Jakob Stenham, who completed his three laps in an impressive time.

We were joined in the park by the London Borough of Hillingdon.  Their man, Paul, entertained us with tales of the history of the park and Cranford House….it seems likely that the park will one day see redevelopments to provide a café, toilets and museum.

Thank you to all the runners who took part, and special thanks to the marshals, timekeepers and supporters for their efforts.

Steve Hillier

Thanks to volunteers including Roderick Hoffman, Paul Brandon, Helen Smith, Steve Newell, Laura Stenham, Francesca Stenham, Clara Halket, Peter Collins and Anne Coffey.

Start photo by Paul Brandon.

Number Runner Club Male Finish Female Finish Notes
28 Maria Jovani British Airways AC   00:23:09 3 Laps in 35:54 / First BA Lady
24 Ramona Thevenet Stragglers RC   00:24:56  
5 Charlotte Watson Woking AC   00:25:51  
11 Jacqui Musselwhite British Airways AC   00:26:38  
22 Alice Banks British Airways AC   00:28:14  
8 Fiona Bishop British Airways AC   00:29:47  
3 Amanda Coombs British Airways AC   00:30:04  
27 Jo Wells British Airways AC   00:33:38 First run with us for many years
4 Benita Scaife British Airways AC   00:34:37  
23 Nita Bhanot     00:48:28 Time estimated. 3 laps in 1:12:41
7 Connor Trerise Woking AC 00:28:24    
25 Richard Baggott Stragglers RC 00:30:12    
30 Paul Knechtl British Airways AC 00:30:27   First BA man
2 Adrian Brookes Woking AC 00:30:40    
16 John Taylor British Airways AC 00:33:48    
26 Zachary Watson   00:34:21    
19 Mark Taylor British Airways AC 00:34:39    
21 Mike Waine Windle Valley AC 00:34:44    
6 Colin Haylock British Airways AC 00:36:06    
10 Ian Cunningham British Airways AC 00:36:31    
17 Maarten Stenham British Airways AC 00:37:19    
12 Jakob Stenham British Airways AC 00:40:27    
29 Denis Foxley British Airways AC 00:46:21    
9 Graham Taylor British Airways AC 00:47:15    
15 John Scaife British Airways AC 00:49:54    
18 Malcolm Vaughan Woking AC 01:12:41    
14 John Coffey British Airways AC dnf   Two laps in about 0:52:28

Recent Activity Achievements

I picked up on 16 club members and friends reporting recent activity achievements - but I could have included more from yesterday's cross-country.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Running 4miles XC Sat 00:56:59 Plus two 2.2mile cycles on Mon and Thurs in 18:05 & 17:50.
Barry Walters Running 11km Swinley Forest Sun am 01:16:39 Ran over at Swinley Forest on an undulating route and reached halfway in around 37 minutes. Slowed slightly as I began to tire on the return journey. Conditions were cool and sunny.
Ben Cooper Running Mile BAMC Thur lunch 00:06:55 Twice attempted a timed mile from BAMC this week. This was the faster mile (6:55 vs 7:08) but ironically slower over the full distance (4.37km)
Benita Scaife Running 6km Dinton Pastures Country Park Mon 00:43:58 Our activity on Monday was 2 laps of Black Swan Lake at Dinton Pastures Country Park nr. Wokingham…
John Scaife Running 6km Dinton Pastures Country Park Mon 00:43:58 ...Simpler and a bit longer (if you start from the car park) than the parkrun route. Followed by coffee and lemon drizzle cake at the cafe.
Jain Reid parkrun 5km Richmond Park Sat am 00:30:36 Richmond Park parkrun for me in the glorious ☀️
Jasvir Singh Modaher  Race Marathon Limassol, Cyprus Sun 05:32:20 Noted on Facebook. Photo from Ricky Aggarwal.
Julie Barclay  Race 10km Eastleigh Sun 00:51:21 The Eastleigh 10k was a well organised event but ran with sore knee!
Keith Johnson Running 10miles Villages round Markyate in Hertfordshire Sun am 01:25:00 Longest reported distance for over a year
Maria Jovani parkrun 5km Bushy Sat am 00:22:52 On pacing duties yesterday pacing 23 minutes. Pacing is my favourite volunteer role at parkrun. It’s so rewarding to get runners feedback at the finish. Yesterday I had a few happy “customers”.
Michael Ball  Race 100m Woking Track Sun 100 mtres at Woking
Mike Dennison  Race Half-M Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon Sun am 01:40:41 Due to a cold most of the week and with no running until parkrun I had low expectations. The conditions were excellent and I was happy with the time and to be first in my age group!
Paul Watt  Race 10km Eastleigh Sun 00:40:30 10k PB
Petra Otto parkrun 5km Manor Field, Whittlesey Sat am More of the same ie gym, plus tailwalker at the Manor Field Parkrun. And I entered the Virtual London Marathon again, in order to give me a long-term goal.
Roderick Hoffman parkrun 5km Southall Sat am 00:29:59 My parkrun target is always to beat 30 minutes. Very pleased to achieve that this week despite still recovering from C19. Succeeded not due to a final sprint, more that I didn't quite slow enough to fail.
Steve Hillier Mixed Walk/Run 4.5miles Cranford Park Sun am 04:30:00 Plus weights work getting equipment out of and back into cars!

Week Achievement Photographs

(some photos from last week and some from the cross country).

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 19th March 2022

35 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade PB? Comment
Barry WALTERS Homewood 215 47 0:29:41 57.05% cfp, first finisher
Ian CUNNINGHAM Homewood 215 57 0:31:42 50.16% cfp
Janet CUNNINGHAM Homewood 215 68 0:34:56 54.77% [non-member] With Kiki. I wonder what she'll be like on a short handheld lead?
Benita SCAIFE Homewood 215 81 0:39:35 52.80% first run at Homewood, park #76
John SCAIFE Homewood 215 82 0:39:35 43.58% first run at Homewood, park #85
Steve NEWELL Homewood 215 92 0:49:19 39.88% first time round the Ottershaw course at "Homewood"
Maarten STENHAM Bedfont Lakes 585 24 0:23:50 59.02%
Anne Bannister Bedfont Lakes 585 66 0:30:05 68.42% Also her run at Osterley on 5th March may have been missed
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 522 214 0:32:26 63.46%
Michael Dennison Bushy Park 868 81 0:20:20 81.72% Run #444, 286th at Bushy / "Celebrating my 11th anniversary of starting parkrun - and indeed running at all"
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 868 99 0:20:58 70.91% Run #300, 321st at Bushy
Maria JOVANI Bushy Park 868 222 0:22:52 70.12% Run #343, 16th at Bushy / 23minute pacer
Diana Smith Bushy Park 868 1112 0:56:49 40.51% Tail walker at Bushy Park. 11th clocked finish
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 447 16 0:23:25 60.57% 243rd run at Crane Park
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 422 Timekeeper at Guildford (248th volunteer occasion)
David DUGGAN Hanworth 78 39 0:31:56 51.10% run #395, 15th at Hanworth
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 288 146 0:36:58 63.35% 179th run at Harrow
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 288 Finish Token Support at Harrow
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 97 53 0:27:49 74.00% Higginson hundred due in 3 weeks
Petra OTTO Manor Field, Whittlesey 116 59 0:52:36 41.63% Tail walker at Manor Field
Trish MCCABE Osterley 367 109 0:28:39 55.44%  
Jeremy SHORT Osterley 367 231 0:36:53 43.47% That time looks like a run rather than a walk!
Neil FREDIANI Prudhoe Riverside 202 114 0:50:19 33.32% Keeping in company with the tail walker
Murray Hogge Reading 544 22 0:22:41 71.34% run #311, 291st at Reading
Jain REID Richmond Park 693 264 0:31:04 58.26% 6th run at Richmond Park this year
Eddie GILES Salisbury 284 135 0:28:08 65.23% run #149, 67th at Salisbury - 5secs quicker than last month
Roderick HOFFMAN Southall 11 54 0:29:59 53.97% Recovering from C19. Target sub 30 mins.
Paul TIMMS St Mary’s, Bridport (Dorset) 72 20 0:23:20 67.57% New BA parkrun - #634
Paul WATT The Great Field, Dorchester 20 9 0:20:27 76.45% New BA parkrun - #633, park #75
Julie BARCLAY The Great Field, Dorchester 20 40 0:24:26 76.13% run #229, park #79
Christopher T KELLY University Parks, Oxford 6 209 0:26:39 58.16% New BA parkrun - #635, park #61, Wilson Index 6
Harjit Jhooti University Parks, Oxford 6 317 0:30:40 57.50% park #40
Melanie Miller University Parks, Oxford 6 393 0:37:39 46.83% park #60
Adam MOQUET Wimbledon Common 730 3 0:19:09 68.84% Recently rejoined. Fastest BA male (from Gary Rushmer)
Alan FRIAR Woodley 421 190 0:31:45 61.94% four weeks in a row at Woodley, all 61% +

Adam Moquet has enjoyed a successful season with our cross country team in the Surrey League and ran this week at Wimbledon Common parkrun for the fourth time this year. He was third across the line in 19:09.  He was also 3rd on 29th January when he set his pb of 18:28. The club record was previously held by Gary Rushmer with 20:07 on New Year’s Eve 2016. Adam’s favourite parkrun has been Fulham Palace but runs there have been suspended for a few months* while the tarmac paths are refurbished.

*until the end of April, at least.

The club featured parkrun at Homewood (Ottershaw) attracted five members plus Janet Cunningham who was towed round by her dog.  It was a lovely sunny spring morning to tackle the challenging three lap undulating woodland trail course which featured prolific tree roots almost throughout. Barry Walters (29:41) coped the best.  The next club featured parkrun will be at Guildford on 9th April where it is anticipated that Alastair Heslop will be volunteering for the 250th time and actually go round the course for the 6th time as tailwalker.

Three more parkrun courses, two of them in Dorset, were added to the club collection this week.  Paul Watt (20:27) and Julie Barclay (24:26) were at The Great Field (Dorchester), Paul Timms (24:20) was at St Mary’s, Bridport and Chris Kelly (26:39), Harjit Jhooti (30:40) and Melanie Miller (37:39) were at University Parks, Oxford which started last month.  This one of several now in or near Oxford, probably nearest the centre and only about a mile from the Iffley Road track where Roger Bannister ran the first four minute mile in 1954. {Ed: There are still no shortage of parkruns to be run by the club - including a new one in Dorset at Durlston Country Park parkrun, next to Swanage which started on Saturday. I was staying in that area last July and covered 90% of the parkrun course on one of my walks. I won't be in a hurry to run it since running up and down the cliffs will be brutal}. 

Steve Newell

Club Featured parkrun - Homewood 19th March #

BA team at Homewood parkrunA group of six (including Janet Cunningham who took the photo) participated in the club featured parkrun on 19th March.

The course had been the subject of some modification from its previous norm but the excellent course marking and marshalling ensured that there were no navigation issues for the field of 97 runners and walkers. It’s a 3 lap undulating trail run through woodland and conditions were close to ideal in the spring sunshine, with just a few patches of soft mud which were easily circumvented.

Barry led the team home, 2 seconds ahead of Paul Killick who was running his 721st parkrun.

Sadly there is no cafe or coffee van, so the group dispersed after the team photo (there may also be a shot of us in the run report as a member of the volunteer team realised we were a BA group and took a group photo at the start {Ed: There is, and they lead their "News" with it, but Janet was also missing from that photo!}).

I would guess that if a random selection of Homewood parkrunners were asked what was their abiding memory of the course, the most popular answer would be “tree roots”.

John Scaife

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

Sutton United Run (7th March)

It was inevitable that last week's early digest would catch people out and Paul and Julie were caught. But since I was sending out the digest whilst in the midst of having caught what turned out to be Covid-19, last week's digest was somewhat of a miracle. But this is what Paul had to say about their latest football club run...

Paul and Julie at Sutton UnitedLast Monday was the day that Julie and I completed the first part of our football challenge. We ran from Trafalgar Square to Sutton United’s VBS Community Stadium to complete the set of thirteen London clubs that are in the top four divisions of the Football League and are within a London Borough. Leyton Orient (last week) and Sutton United were not chosen last because of their low league position of the thirteen clubs but purely because Sutton is the furthest away from Trafalgar Square and we wanted to get used to running through busy streets before attempting the longest distance. You may also say that thirteen has to be unlucky for somebody, but no; we are at home tired but unscathed and Sutton reached the Papa John Trophy final by beating Wigan Athletic last week to book a place at Wembley. They are also in the playoff positions of division two and currently, bad luck is not with them.

We let the Monday morning rush hour pass and set off to Sutton. We parked the car in a street opposite West Sutton station which is adjacent to the ground and travelled into London. As you would expect, very busy streets, but the weather was kind. We crossed the Thames to follow quite a direct route along the A3 from Vauxhall and then the A24. So direct at one point that we actually passed nine Northern Line stations between Stockwell and South Wimbledon - they proved to be handy navigation aids. This, our longest football run, was 12 miles and took 2 hours making the collective totals of the thirteen grounds being 89.5 miles in 14hours 34minutes.

The second part of the challenge is to add Wembley Stadium to the list by FA Cup final day. Not sure when this will be done but if we were to run on the day of Sutton’s cup final {Sunday 3rd April}, it certainly would tie everything together and round it all off nicely.

Paul Watt and Julie Barclay

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