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BA Athletics Club News Digest 22nd May 2017


  • Wednesday 24th May - Heston Venue "Traditional" Concorde Handicap Run (and last Concorde Centre Social) * (see below)
  • Thursday 25th May - RunTogether "Couch to 5k" programme start at Harmondsworth at 17:30 (see below)
  • Monday 29th May (Bank Holiday) - Vitality 10,000 - Marshalling (contact Clara)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated May 5th.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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2017 Green Belt Relay Result

Despite challenges before the start and along the way the BAAC team successfully completed the Green Belt Relay this last weekend.  The biggest challenge before the day being late injuries to two of our eleven runners.  Neil Frediani stepped in to replace Dave Bird.  Dave Dixon agreed to jog one of his legs and we had a non-runner (N.R.) for his leg the next day.  The official report next week will say more.  One of the challenges along the way was Nick Edge's Sat Nav taking a funny turn which resulted in Barry Walters almost missing the start of his second leg (pictured).

Barry late at the GBR Start

The picture is a composite - but the individual photographs at front and back were both taken during the minute of 10:39.

The good news is that we were presented with the Corporate Trophy.  The bad news is that we were told to keep it.  The reason for that was that it was once more a one-horse race to win it (and perhaps the organisers considered the average age of our team and wondered about us being put out to pasture next year). The reason that that is bad news is because this week the club is losing its trophy cabinet at Heston Venue - but we'll find somewhere to proudly display it.

Roderick Hoffman

Concorde Five Volunteers

We need lots of club volunteers for the morning of Sunday June 11th for the Concorde Five.  I've had messages from Jagjit, the Scaifes and Colin Haylock and perhaps one or two others but I need many more.  Please send me an email to confirm your availability (or, if like Steve Newell you can't make it, please let me know also).

 Roderick (

24th May: "Traditional" Concorde Handicap Run and last Concorde Centre Social (with food)

At the end of May we expect to lose access to the Heston Venue bar, lounge and meeting rooms.  The club has been using those facilities since 1981.  We thought that it would be appropriate to mark the occasion with one final event and have chosen Wednesday 24th May for this.

For the special event we'd like you to plan to set off from the Concorde Centre for one of the routes listed, and plan to complete your run at 19:15.  All courses start and end at alongside the door to the Pavilion where there is a course map displayed (or see last week's digest). I'll also have some maps printed to take with you. The table below shows some suggested departure times depending on your expected speed.  This won't be a race - but we'll probably have someone recording finishers for posterity.

Course >>> Round the Block Concorde Five Concorde Six The 6.6 Concorde Eight The 10.3
Distance (miles) >>>







Pace (Minute Miles) Departure time (for 19:15 finish) ˅˅˅



































































































After showering we'll then meet in the Heston Venue where we'll have one of the meeting rooms reserved and the club will provide food - M&S sandwiches and snacks.  Be there, we do expect this to be the last time in those rooms. And if you can then let us know that you are coming, and suggest your distance and start time or pace so that we can pair you up if you wish.  We've already had some old faces (and older legs) indicate that they will be joining us.

Roderick Hoffman (

Stock Clearance - save the environment!

We need to clear out the club cupboards prior to moving the kit someplace else.  We'll make items available during the do on Wednesday but please also email in any offers.  Funds generated will go into the club catering fund (though we may subsequently decide to donate it straight to a club supported charity). The following are a selection of the items that will be available, though there will be more on display on the night.

Stock Clearance Items

Stock Clearance WARR Shirts
Picture Item Detail Availability Suggested Price
1 2010 WARR Key Rings   10 make us an offer
2 2010 WARR Medals With mauve lanyards 100 Priceless - make us an offer
3 2009 WARR Medals (Panda) On blue lanyards 17 make us an offer
4 2010 WARR Shoe bag   30 to 40 £1 each or make us an offer
5 Concorde 10 Brass Medals Year stamped from 1990s Hundreds Priceless - make us an offer
6 Concorde 10/5 & Munchman Brass Martingales   17 oval, 7 round.  £2 each or make us an offer
7 Barrier Tape Red/White stripped Up to 30 rolls make us an offer
8 2010 WARR T Shirt The "Fruit of the Loom" white participants shirt. 7 medium / 3 large £2 each or make us an offer

"make us an offer" - note that you may be saving us from dumping the items as landfill.  Perhaps you have some imaginative uses for what can be done with some of these items.

Roderick Hoffman (

Track & Field Results - Rosenheim League Match 1 3rd May Kingsmeadow Stadium, Kingston

A small team of myself, Ian Haylock and newcomer friend of mine Ayee Tavares took part on the same evening as the Speedbird Ladies 5k.  It was chilly and not good for track running.  Ian being a much better runner than me took part in my usual 1500m and started off very well and ended up in second place.

Ayee went for the 800m (run as a mixed event) with me and then ran 200m in a ladies heat before I ran (for about 5 metres) then hobbled the men's 200m .  I pulled the top of my hamstring due to not having warmed up properly, normally the 1500m immediately before the 200m acts as a perfect warm up!

We ended the evening bottom of the men's league and, thanks to Ayee, fourth in the ladies.

Neil Frediani (

The next event is at St Marys Twickenham on Wednesday 21st June.  Let Neil know if you'd fancy a run, jump or throw.

Run Together Session – Couch to 5K Programme

On Thursday the club is running its first ever Couch to 5k programme. This is based at Waterside/Harmondsworth and will be every Thursday at 17:30 until the date of the BA Fun Run. We have 16 people signed up - some absolute beginners and at least one with current parkrun times faster than mine. Any club member is welcome to join us - and in weeks when Clara, Joe or I can't all make the session we may ask you to accompany the stronger runners on runs round the moorland. Anyone you know is also welcome to signup for free.

The programme is designed for beginners to gradually build up their running ability and confidence, so that they can run 5K without stopping. The pace of the nine-week running plan is based on the NHS recommended c25k programme and has been tried and tested by thousands of new runners.

More details:

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 20th May

20th May family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Alan Anderson 32:40 Gunnersbury run #458 68%
Alice Banks 25:34 Maidenhead best WAVA% at Maidenhead 75%
Julie Barclay 22:44 Rushmoor run #96 77%
John Coffey 26:18 Bushy Park run #239 72%
Jonathan Cox 22:39 Bushy Park run #312, 275th at Bushy Park 68%
Scott Davison 25:07 Crane Park run #204, 13th at Crane Park 56%
David Duggan 29:49 Aldenham run #201, 1st at Aldenham 52%
Chris Evans 23:13 Bedfont Lakes run #165 64%
Sarah Gordon 30:42 Leicester Victoria run #154, course pb 62%
Janice Jones 27:46 Lloyd Park run #43, course pb 61%
Andrew Jordan 24:11 Bushy Park run #134 61%
Kathryn Keenleyside 39:36 Gunnersbury run #31 48%
Piers Keenleyside 27:38 Gunnersbury long run Sunday! 58%
John Lennon 27:23 Bedfont Lakes run #252 57%
Trish McCabe 29:05 Bedfont Lakes run #185 53%
Steve Newell 36:31 Gunnersbury run #265, 109th at Gunsbury 50%
Joe Nolan 30:56 Black Park run #277 53%
Petra Otto 36:29 March run #16, 13th at March 56%
Gary Rushmer 20:39 Bedfont Lakes run #68 75%
Benita Scaife 31:23 Maidenhead run #74 63%
John Scaife 31:23 Maidenhead run #87 52%
Janet Smith 31:59 Whiteley park #20, BApark #336 54%
Kimberley Turner 25:22 Chichester run #12, 9th at Chichester 64%
Mark Turner 26:37 Chichester run #8 (all at Chichester) 57%
Paul Watt 21:03 Rushmoor run #46 71%
Fiona Smith 29:48 Harrow record 244 runners at Harrow 53%
Linda Winning 34:15 Bognor Regis run #142 65%
Bob Winning 37:02 Bognor Regis run #150 57%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Ian Cunningham volunteer Bushy Park

Some of our regular parkrunners turned their undivided attention to the Green Belt Relay this weekend so our list of runners is slightly shorter than in recent weeks.

Alice Banks (25:34, 74.84%) had an excellent run at Maidenhead and achieved her best WAVA% score there.  Her time puts her 5th out of 55 in her current age group and notably a few places higher than Paula Fudge, a former world record holder at 5000m.

Janice Jones (27:46) ran a course *PBpb at Lloyd Park and established a female club record there.

*PBpb = Perfect Birthday personal best.

Thirteen turned out to be lucky for Sarah Gordon (30:42) this week as she achieved a course pb at Leicester Victoria on her 13th run there. Janet Smith (31:59) continued her pioneering tourism on the south coast with a first visit by a club member to Whiteley parkrun which has been going for just eight weeks.  Janet has now visited 20 different parks, her well spread collection includes Glasgow, Peterborough, Tewkesbury and Isle of Wight.

Fiona Smith (29:48), the younger daughter of former members Jean and the late George Smith, was part of a record breaking field of 244 runners at Harrow.

Paul Watt (21:03) and Julie Barclay (22:44) arrived back at LGW around midnight on Friday only to find their route home made difficult with a closure on the M23.  They nevertheless they made it to the start line at Rushmoor and swelled an already record turnout to a colossal 644 parkrunners, 150 more than the previous highest.  It was the third anniversary so I hope there was enough cake for everyone.

Both Rushmoor and Guildford parkruns have been cancelled this coming Saturday.

There is to be a rally of 80+ year old runners at Bushy Park on Saturday 1st July. Somebody who might be interested would be one of the older but still active of our former members, Bob Winning (37:02) (a regular at Llyn Llech Owain these days) who visited Bognor Regis on Saturday and captured the MV80 age group record there.  It was a good weekend for the family as his child bride Linda (34:15) also set a new record in her (somewhat younger) age group too.

Steve Newell (with input from Tom Rowley)

Updated club parkrun stats

If you want to promote a special parkrun then let Steve or I know.

Roderick Hoffman

I was staying with my friend in Emsworth and checked the BA map of un-run parkruns!  Whitely came up which was only 15 miles away, between Portsmouth and Southampton. It was their 8th run on Saturday so quite a new one.

Whiteley looks like a new town.  Lots of new houses and a shopping precinct.  There was free parking for 4 hours and toilets in the leisure centre or shopping centre.  This was right next to where the run started.  The run itself is 3 laps round a field and a bit in the woods.  It is all tarmac paths apart from very short bits where there is diversions of the path to loop back onto the route.  It is pretty flat with just a few undulations. 

There were quite a few tourists there but only me from Slough.  That caused some hilarity from the Run Director.  He told me my car would be safe in the car park in Whiteley!  There is a large Costa in the shopping area close by for refreshments after.  It is worth a visit if you wanted a new run to try.  Nothing spectacular but good facilities and easy access.

Janet Smith

Ed: Twenty different UK parkruns makes Janet the most recent club member to be entered onto the UK Most Events table ( and qualifies her to join the Facebook "UK parkrun tourists" group and buy and wear the Cowell Cowl (optional).

Tom's Diary

The rain had no affect on conditions at Rushmoor as it is all on paths, just a couple of puddles. Paul/Julie in good shape after both trekking around Spain sight seeing on foot NOT sun-bathing.  Paul ran very equally paced laps of 10.25/10.38 but catching up the many back markers along the canal towpath having to run careful but pleased with his run.

 Julie’s walking holiday helped her ankle niggle and was very surprised having no problems today and was hoping to run under 23.00.  Paul finished 60th in 21.03.  Julie 111st (1st 0/50 in 22.44).

But before their holidays ends next Wednesday they went along to Farnham to run the Mabac XC on Sun 21st and certainly was no doddle
over a very undulating course.  The course is situated at the top of a hill alongside Farnham Castle looking down over the town ½ mile below. Both pleased with their run over the very tough course.  Julie lead Paul the whole way to finish in 39.48 and 39.52 (not official times).  So now ready to train and race track & road before their next holiday.

They have a little family contest to come during next season’s Surrey Ladies XC - Julie runs for Woking AC whereas sister Janice will run for BA and Vera for Linfield. FUN TIME.

Tom Rowley

Joe's Coaching Corner - Stretching

In general stretching is recommended after a running session, although there are lines of thought that some stretching may also be wise before speed-work.  Runners should warm up and warm down after sessions with some dynamic exercises prior to the session main element.

Simple stretches of at least the hamstrings, glutes, calves and achilles are recommended as a minimum so it would be wise to review these, starting this week with hamstrings.  There are a number of different ways to stretch these muscles – try out some of these and find which suit you best.

Hamstring Stretching Examples
Joe Nolan

Richmond Park Marathon 21st June 2017 Results

I started and finished my 6th Richmond Park Marathon on Sunday - last year I DNF'd pulling out with a pulled calf muscle. Was hoping to get near 3:30 this year but 4 weeks between marathons is too long for me! Since running London I think I had put on a bit of weight and lost a bit of the spark I had in April. Still I finished in 3:44:18 and was the first V60 by over half an hour! There were 2 other BA runners - Ian Cunningham 3:52:41 and Jagjit Singh 5:36:10.

Piers Keenleyside

Stockley Park 10K 21st June 2017 Results

Pos Bib No Name Gun Time Chip Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club Pace
51 226 Craig LUNNON 45:26.4 45:10.8 V40 17 Male 49 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC 13.2 km/h
242 281 Emma PARKES 59:30.9 59:14.3 V40 13 Female 56 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC 10.1 km/h
318 264 Joe NOLAN 1:06:04.7 1:06:04.7 V60 14 Male 218 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC  9.1 km/h

It looks like Joe was holding the gun.


Keep on running at WARR Singapore in October

As long as you are traveling all the way to Singapore for WARR 2017 "Rain, Shine, Run" on October 7,  why not add the Singapore Airlines Charity Run the next day on Sunday October 8?

The SIA Charity Run will take place Sunday October 8 at the The Float @ Marina Bay, the same venue as WARR the prior day.  The race consists of a 10K run, a 5K run, and a 5K Fun Run for children 6 - 12.  There are competitive prizes as well as prize drawings and best of all it supports Singapore's Community Chest charity.

Find out all of the details and register here.

World Airlines Road Race IWC

Running Shorts

  • The results from the Staines 10K on Sunday 14th May included Chris Evans finishing in 48:48 and Scott Davison in 54:15

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