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BA Athletics Club News Digest 23rd April 2018


  • Wednesday 25th April NOW Lunchtime Run Harmondsworth (park in Moor Lane, meet in the main carpark, for Speedbird Ladies course from 12:15) / then the Five Bells from 13:15 *
  • Monday 30th April Track&Field Grand Prix events - 1000m and Triple Jump at Hillingdon Athletics Stadium, Uxbridge from 18:00 *
  • Wednesday 2nd May Rosenheim Track&Field match at Walton from 18:45 #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]   /  # Club Points event

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Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

 NOW run at Harmondsworth on Wednesday 25th April from 12:15 / + Speedbird Ladies 9th May

Meet in the normal Harmondsworth Moor carpark for 12:15 (slightly later than normal to allow those with "office jobs" in Waterside to join us this time).  I recommend parking in Moor Lane (where we park for the summer BBQ - see club map).  On the day we are going to run round the Speedbird Ladies 5k course (or further if you like).  After the run we'll go up the road to the Five Bells for a drink.

Note that because of the lunchtime NOW run, although we have use of the changing rooms at the Cranford Community Centre in the evening, there may be few if any using them.

Roderick Hoffman

PS Don't forget to enter and/or promote the Speedbird Ladies event on 9th May from 19:00 - see Either enter online or print off the application form from the site and post it to Steve Taylor via the address given.

So far this year we've had 28 entrants but this doesn't yet include a full BA Ladies' team! (not quite).  Incidentally if any BAAC "Second Claim" members have, or will, enter the event and you wish to run for BAAC then please ask your first claim club secretary before the day of the event - I wouldn't expect them to have a problem with this but they need to be given the option. 

We'll be looking for male marshals, and this will involve a second check of the course from 18:00 that evening.

London Marathon Results and Thanks

Place overall Place gender Place cat. Name Half Time 2nd half slower Club points #
33195 21033 3207 » Haylock, Colin (GBR) 02:52:39 05:52:16 4.0% 1
3 3 3 » FARAH, Mo (GBR) 01:01:03 02:06:21 7.0% 0
20312 6070 85 » Bannister, Anne (GBR) 02:19:11 04:48:46 7.5% 1
32081 11566 1556 » Hammond, Mel (GBR) 02:44:23 05:45:10 9.98% 1
7953 6355 662 » Kelly, Christopher (GBR) 01:48:54 03:51:55 13.0% 1
16909 4762 648 » Whitfield, Joanne (GBR) 02:08:35 04:34:31 13.5% 1
27889 9430 1265 » Baggs, Sarah (GBR) 02:30:55 05:22:23 13.6% 1
21889 6735 1300 » McCabe, Trish (IRL) 02:17:23 04:55:19 15.0% 1
34653 12990 466 » Ostley, Zoe (GBR) 02:48:07 06:02:13 15.5% 1
26613 8796 304 » Chamberlin, Lesley (GBR) 02:26:02 05:16:54 17.0% 1
14592 3953 797 » Tavares, Ayee (GBR) 02:00:50 04:24:25 18.8% 1
24081 16444 763 » Singh, Jagjit (GBR) 02:19:01 05:04:39 19.1% 1
15710 4330 877 » Pritchard, Lissa-Marie (GBR) 02:00:07 04:29:10 24.1% 1
22179 15329 2384 » Davison, Scott (GBR) 02:07:00 04:56:29 33.5% 1
35837 22191 592 » Modaher, Jasvir Singh (GBR) 02:41:08 06:17:35 34.3% 1
34369 21540 562 » Bannister, Bob (GBR) 02:29:51 06:00:06 40.3% 1
24942 16916 412 » Keenleyside, Piers (GBR) 02:06:57 05:08:47 43.2% 1
27926 18473 885 » Taylor, Graham (GBR) 02:12:19 05:22:34 43.8% 1
26098 17547 3146 » Searle, Dan (GBR) 02:06:39 05:14:34 48.4% 1
31148 20049 9582 » Herbert, Luke (GBR) 02:09:02 05:39:53 63.4% 1
25810 17388 8298 » Davis, Paul (GBR) 01:57:04 05:13:05 67.4% 1

Colin in BootsWell done to all club runners for twenty finishers in twenty starts (and to anyone missed out in the results).  Chris Kelly was our first finisher, but this list is sequenced by the amount slowed down by in the second half - a good measure of fitness (though Mo Farah perhaps got it easier finishing before it got really hot).  Our best finisher is therefore Colin Haylock. Colin also ran the entire way in ski boots (see picture attached).  The wearing of ski boots and slowing down the least could be related - if you've ever tried it then you'll know that it is very difficult to run fast in ski boots.

Roderick Hoffman

On behalf of London Marathon Events and the BA Athletics Club, I'd like to say a big thank you for your support at the 38th staging of the London Marathon. As you can see from the attached press release (here), there was a record number of finishers but it’ll be the heat the 2018 race is remembered for (and Sir Mo’s new British record!).

This year the organisers introduced measures to help regulate the flow of runners and reduce congestion on the course. There were wave starts from 10am and it took approx. 45 minutes for everyone to clear the start. This did seem to help with congestion but coupled with the record temperatures meant it added 30 minutes to the 7hr course close entourage coming through, with the first of the BAAC crossing points at Somerset House (24.5 miles) not closing down until 17:30, followed by those on Birdcage Walk soon after 18:00.

My thanks to Paul Brandon and the small team that supported at Cutty Sark (10km) with a proposed new crossing; it didn’t go to plan (through no fault of the team) but I’m sure the organisers will act on the feedback.

Everyone played their part but on your behalf I'd specifically like to thank Stuart Glover, Mike Thorn, Colin Bloomfield, Eddie Ketterick and Alastair Heslop for team leading the five main crossing points. I’d also like to thank my deputy on the sector from Blackfriars to Embankment, Alan Friar and Melanie Holman & Steve Hillier, for overseeing Birdcage Walk.

If you'd like to help at next year's London Marathon (Sun 21st Apr 2019) then please drop me an e-mail in Jan 2019. Coordinating 150 marshals whilst trying to balance family and work commitments is quite challenging so I prefer to start with a clean sheet each year.

And finally, as you've marshalled you have the opportunity to apply for a BAAC guaranteed entry BUT you must first apply through the official ballot, which opens on Mon 30th April (only open for 5 days so be quick). IF you are rejected you can apply to to go into the BAAC ballot for a guaranteed place.

Thanks again and enjoy the rest, you earned it!


Simon Turton  VMLM BAAC co-coordinator

Ed: We don't do it for the points, but the marshals each got 2 club points and Simon 4 points.

Next Week - please send in some write-ups from Sunday - either from running or marshalling.

A couple of quick ones...

Hi all,

Few words can describe yesterday.  One word, Brutal.  Two words, Never again.  Three words, enter next week.  Four words, Apply for club place.

I hope nobody suffered too much, and an early shift for me this morning.  Knees are a little sore, but I did get a nice suntan, albeit you can see the outline of my running vest.

Regards Graham Taylor

Brutal sums it up perfectly!  Post the run, things seem to be ok except from a swollen foot which I think might be the result of tying shoelaces a bit too tight and the heat...I'm on an early start too and currently rocking the office dress & trainers combo :)

I heard the marshals all worked very hard too, so congrats to everyone :) 

Lissa Pritchard

Ed:  I thought for a moment that Lissa Pritchard had had too much (sun / marathons / BA) since the latest parkrun announced was the set-up of the Pontypridd junior parkrun in the mountains above Cardiff, but I looked again and there was only one "s" in Lisa.

Marshals - Bank Holiday Monday 28th May #

I hope everyone, runners and marshals, had a lovely day in London yesterday. Now that you are recovering at home, I thought I put in a pitch for our next marshalling event in London! This is the London Vitality 10K on Bank Holiday Monday 28th May. The London Marathon organisers have once again requested our marshalling expertise and are looking for 40 marshals from our Club.

If you are interested and able to help out, please can you drop me a line at The information I need from you are: full name, mobile number, next of kin/contact number, shirt/jacket size, veg/meat lunch option and whether you require coach transport. Some of you have already informed me of your availability. If you could let me have the other info will be great. 

You may be aware that we no longer have use of the Heston Club car park to leave our cars on the day if you are taking the coach. My proposal is that we park at the Accommodation Lane car park near to Waterside, BA HQ ( the one we use for the Ladies Speedbird 5K). The coach can pick up/drop-off there by the lay-by as it won’t be able to get into the car park itself. If anyone has any other parking suggestion, please can you let me know by Friday this week as I need to book the coach early next week. 

Thank you

Clara Halket (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 21st April 2018

21st April 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20:45 Bedfont Lakes course pb 75%
David Duggan 28:47 Bedfont Lakes 250th parkrun 55%
Chris Evans 23:07 Bedfont Lakes run #200 65%
Scott Davison 26:16 Bedfont Lakes run #249 54%
Caroline Cockram 28:08 Bedfont Lakes run #311 59%
Neil Frediani 49:10 Bedfont Lakes run #194 plus volunteering 33%
Scott Davison vol Bedfont Lakes token sorting
Trish McCabe vol Bedfont Lakes marshal
Maureen McCabe vol Bedfont Lakes marshal
Ian Cockram vol Bedfont Lakes race director
Denis Foxley 29:21 Harrow 100th parkrun 59%
Joan Foxley 39:23 Harrow run #95, 84th at Harrow 56%
Julie Barclay 24:24 Hogmoor Inclosure 1st run at Hogmoor * 72%
Paul Watt 24:59 Hogmoor Inclosure 1st run at Hogmoor * 61%
Roderick Hoffman 31:18 Toyen (Oslo) first run in Norway, park #227 50%
Richard Ruffell 21:18 Forest Rec club course rec, park #75 73%
Ian Cunningham 21:40 Hazelwood 1st run at Hazelwood, club rec 71%
Ben Chaytow 22:45 Hazelwood 1st run at Hazelwood 60%
John Coffey 27:50 Hazelwood course pb, age cat rec 69%
Lesley Chamberlin 28:40 Hazelwood 2nd run at Hazelwood 66%
Janet Cunningham 29:07 Hazelwood 1st run at Hazelwood 62%
Joe Nolan 30:57 Black Park run #305, Black Park sw(!) 53%
Jonathan Cox 23:21 Crane Park 60th run at Crane Park 67%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Alan Anderson 33:31 Gunnersbury run #505, 273rd at Gunnersbury 66%
Dave Dixon 17:56 Hackney Marshes run #17, 6th this year (!) 84%
Steve Taylor 25:38 Northala Fields run #85, 2018 sb 60%
Benita Scaife 30:51 Northala Fields 3rd run at Northala Fields 64%
John Scaife 30:51 Northala Fields 3rd run at Northala Fields 54%
Chris Kelly 23:23 Reading run #379 64%
Tony Barnwell 38:34 Rickmansworth run #165, 14th at Ricky 49%
Eddie Giles 27:31 Salisbury run #99 63%
Jacqui Musselwhite 22:38 Woking 54th run at Woking 73%
Alice Banks 26:34 Wycombe Rye run #115, 4th at Wycombe 73%

Den and JoanA combination of much better weather and thousands of provincial runners being in London with its choice of over 50 parkruns the day before the annual Marathon caused in a blip in the UK parkrun attendances this week to over 132,000, a new record.  Within London new high figures were set at Gunnersbury (575), Southwark (540), Finsbury Park (511), Clapham Common (502), Bexley (502), Burgess (491), Hampstead Heath (469), Ally Pally (356), Oak Hill (283), Victoria Dock (252), Harrow Lodge (179). {Victoria Dock had the highest rise of 171%}

There was plenty of well organised celebration at Bedfont Lakes where parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt (20:45, course pb) was on hand to witness David Duggan (28:47) reach his 250 run milestone on a day when there were exactly 250 finishers at Bedfont.  Scott Davison (26:16) is one behind on 249 and was one of our members to go on to complete the Marathon the following day.

Over at less crowded Harrow where there are normally just 150-200 runners, Denis Foxley (29:21) finally notched up his 100th run.  Denis has also put in many volunteer shifts at Harrow including being run director on 18 occasions. Attached is a rare picture of Den and Joan, taken at Den's 100th parkrun.

As usual there was tourism to report with Roderick Hoffman (31:18) choosing a better time to visit Oslo to complete his first run in Norway.  He had an abortive trip in midwinter and the run was cancelled throughout January and was only possible on two Saturdays in February and two in March because of snow and ice. Julie Barclay (24:24) and Paul Watt (24:59) visited the newish parkrun at Hogmoor Inclosure.  They found it very scenic with a rich diversity of running surfaces and a few ups and down thrown in for good measure.

Richard Ruffell (21:40) set a club record at Forest Rec (near Nottingham) while Ian Cunningham (21:15) set a new club mark at the rapidly drying out Hazelwood where John Coffey (27:50) lowered the MV75 record yet again.

The club featured parkrun planned for 12th May at Upton Court will be somewhere else as the rugby club has been booked for a football tournament.  The plan is to join the popular club run at Hazelwood.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

parkrun Tourism

So, I managed to add Norway to my list of parkrun countries completed - I've now got 15 country flags on my parkrun Chrome APP!  But I haven't increased the number of parkrun countries "to go" since Malaysia (with Taman Pudo Ulu) was added last week - turnouts 129 and then 92.  I also haven't "completed" Norway since on Saturday, Stavanger was added with a turnout of 35 - all but ten new runners.  I'm clearly slipping behind -  I've only run one Singapore parkrun but a third has now been added - to East Coast Park and West Coast Park has now been added North Coast Park, no sorry, Bisham. Nice balanced attendance with 63, 67 and 65 respectively.  Within the UK Kirkwall, in the Orkneys, has been added with a turnout of 107 (82 new) - and I find it interesting that the largest group of "Tourists" at Kirkwall was a group of six who had travelled SOUTH to get there!

Every so often I update the Google club map to include all of the current parkruns and how many club members have done (from Steve's spreadsheet).  I last updated it 31 days ago, in the meantime parkrun has added 50 new parkruns so that is about 1.6 everyday!  It is now up to date…until tomorrow.

Roderick Hoffman

* Hogmoor Inclosure

After a few days away in Helsinki and Tallinn, Julie Barclay and I decided to continue our explorations and visit the new Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun which is in Bordon, Hampshire and about four miles past Alice Holt.

This venue seems to have sneaked under the radar as we only found it by chance as it suddenly appeared as a parkrun that is close to Rushmoor. This week was event 7 and they average 130.

The 2 lap course is mainly in forest and run over many surfaces including sand, fresh soil,  track, grass, name it, you will find it! The main thing is that it is far from flat - not too hilly but many small undulations. For this reason, it is a slower course than Rushmoor or Frimley but not as tough as the nearby Alice Holt or Queen Elizabeth courses as testified by some locals who have run them all. A lovely scenic course overseen by friendly and keen volunteers. Worth a visit definitely.

Incidentally, if you are ever in Tallinn, take your running kit to Kadriorg Park - a perfect parkrun venue should Estonia ever gets involved.

Paul Watt

BA Fun Run - Thursday 19th July

Please note that there will be a BA Fun Run on Thursday 19th July in aid of Cancer Research UK and, unlike last year, it will be properly supported by BA.

Now, if I can only persuade all of those who I told last year "This will be the last one", to come and marshal again...

Roderick Hoffman {}

Running Shorts

  • Dear Ed, in prep of my non 'starring role' at the Cutty Sark with a small team I jogged my usual road/xc route in 31.37 (11Apr) and 32.27 (15Apr). Best of luck to the real runners. Andy Rayner.
  • This year for the first time for 18 years there will be a Half Marathon in Slough on Sunday 14th October - see attachments/Slough Half Marathon 2018_A3.pdf

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