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BA Athletics Club News Digest 23rd July 2018


  • Wednesday 25th July - Club AGM at Wraysbury Club House (see below)
  • Wednesday 1st August - Vets T&F match at Perivale # AND informal club evening at The Bedfont Club (run & drink)
  • Thursday 2nd August - August Dream Mile from 12:45 Bath Road

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated: First week of July.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] / # Club Points event

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Facebook: (formal club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal - ask to join)

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Ed: It was my birthday yesterday, so thank you to everyone who contributed items to make this a bumper issue (with items left out). Same again next week?

BAAC Annual General Meeting Wednesday 25th July

Wrasbury club house locationTo all club members and friends,

I've attached the agenda for Wednesday's AGM at the BA Sailing Lake, Staines Road, Staines TW19 5AG.  Please do your best to attend this important meeting at 8pm, and if possible, do join us for the mile race at 6pm - where there will be multiple heats before finals. 

  • Changing rooms with showers are available for after the run,
  • Food is being provided!,
  • The sailing base bar will be open. 

All are welcome, including non-members. Note though that only members are allowed to vote at the AGM, and only those who are also members of BA Clubs are allowed to vote on key issues.

Steve Hillier

Wraysbury cubhouse entrance

Last Rosenheim meeting of the Season Wednesday 18th July (ROM #)

Well, that was a surprise, ten (yes, TEN) of us competed at the last Rosenheim meeting of the season in Walton plus we had supporter Paul Watt (injured on Monday) and super-supporter Tom Rowley keeping an eye out and calling splits for ‘his’ ladies.

The team was Jacqui Musselwhite, Julie Barclay, Kay Trinder, Janet Smith, Ian Haylock, Tony Barnwell, Alan Anderson, Steve Hillier, Steve Newell and myself.  Everyone who had appeared this season was there on a glorious, hot evening. The in-field resembled a desert despite being down by the riverside.

LADIES RESULTSRosenhaim T&F team

Event 800m Competitor Team Time/Distance
3   Jacqueline Musselwhite BA 2.475
Event 1500m      
4   Julie Barclay BA 5.504
Event 200m      
4   Jacqueline Musselwhite BA 32.9
Event 3000m      
3   Kay Trinder BA 11.54.8
Event 4 x 200m Relay      
1     E 2.202
2     BA 2.314
Event    Discus      
2   Janet Smith BA 29.19
Event Pole Vault      
2   Kay Trinder BA 2.10
Event Hammer      
2   Janet Smith BA 35.85


Event 100m Competitor Team Time/Distance
4   Alan Anderson BA 22.1
Event 400m      
5   Neil Frediani BA 84.6
Event 1500m      
5   Alan Anderson BA 8.54
Event 200m      
4   Neil Frediani BA 37.3
Event 3000m      
5   Ian Haylock BA 11.10.7
Event 4 x 200m Relay      
3     BA 3.157
Event Discus      
5   Steve Hillier BA 17.41
Event Shot      
4   Steve Hillier BA 6.59
Event 800m      
4   Steve Hillier BA 3.497

The ladies have done really well this season and can cover most events, I never thought that I would see someone doubling up with Pole Vault and 3000m but that is what Kay did.  We think that they finished 4th . Results are yet to be confirmed.

The men’s team isn’t so strong but is more numerous and in fact we nearly had two teenagers there as well to cover sprints to 800m but alas they pulled out for various reasons unlike the 70+ and 80+ brigade who maintained our numbers.

To end the evening, we had 2 relay teams for the first time that anyone can remember. {Ed: The BA men's 4x200 team were lapped by the winning team BUT it would be interesting to compare the average age of the two teams - the BA team perhaps being over double the age of the team that ran twice as fast}

I would like to thank everyone for attending this season and please do your best to recruit more for next year.

Neil Frediani

Veterans' Track & Field Competition  Wednesday 1st August #

Due to England World Cup Semi-final last Wednesday, our last Vets league match of the summer has been postponed until Weds 1st August at Perivale Track.  It is a relaxed, fun evening, with an opportunity to compete against athletes of your own age.  Everyone is welcome, and everyone attending will make a contribution to our final league position.   Come and join us from 6.30 pm.  If you are certain in advance that you plan to attend, please let me know, but if you decide to simply turn up on the night you will be very welcome.

Steve Hillier

Ed: I've also had from Steve the late results from the match on 18th June - expect to see these in next week's digest.

BA FunRun Thursday July 19th 2018 - Thanks #


May I extend my thanks to each and every one of you, and your fabulous teams for all your hard work yesterday.  As always, everyone worked really hard to bring the event together and those who attended seemed to enjoy it.

If you have any feedback for next year (!) please let me know as I am pulling something together myself.

Bev (Beverly Pearce)

Please channel feedback through myself - either on the run set-up or anything to do with the evening.

The provisional results have been published on the website: .  There were 28 Little Legs finishers, 127 in the 5k and 54 in the 10k. Numbers slightly down from last year - though more did the 10k on a punishingly hot day!

Thanks to the marshals on the night: Baljit Dhanda, Benita Scaife, Chris Kelly, Clara Halket, Denis Foxley, Fred Ashford, Graham Taylor, Harry Wild, Jean Ashford, Joe Nolan, John Scaife, Liam Lynch, Mark Granger, Neil Frediani, Paul Brandon, Piers Keenleyside, Simon Turton, Steve Newell & Steve Taylor.

In the 5k we also had Ian Cunningham running (5th in 21:55) and Marzia Coltelli (69th overall, approximately 20th lady, in 35:07) and in the 10k Matt Foden (34th in 55:32).  Any other members who finished let me know.

Roderick Hoffman {}

Great City Race 2018 - Thank you

Great City Race London Wall teamJust a short note to thank you for making last night’s Great City Race another success. We got the opportunity at the HAC after the race to chat with the London Marathon staff and feedback was very positive; they really do appreciate our efforts.

As I said at the pre-brief, the City Race is a doddle to marshal compared to the Marathon but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have an important job to do and that frenetic 20 mins or so of operating the sweeps and kindly requesting pedestrians wait a few minutes for the runners to go through (some I understand being more amenable than others!) was much appreciated.

It was touch and go if the starters would all be away before the first finishers arrived (they weren’t!) but we were prepared. I understand that Roderick’s crossing was equally busy {picture is the "before" picture}. Thank you to Trish for switching positions on the night to balance numbers. We may be asked to provide a further Disley shuttle at the Bank of England next year so will look to bolster the numbers.

I hope you enjoyed the post-race hospitality in the salubrious surroundings of Armoury House; it’s a good opportunity to catch up with everyone.

Thanks again for your help and hopefully I’ll be able to count on your support in 2019.


Simon Turton

Thanks go to: Anne Bannister, Bob Bannister, Caroline Cockram, Clara Halket, Colin Haylock, Dave Rimmer, David Duggan, Graham Taylor, Ian Cockram, Jasvir Singh Modaher, Jeremy Short, Joe Nolan, John Paton, Lesley Chamberlin, Monica Alonso, Roderick Hoffman, Sarah Gordon, Steve Hillier, Tejinder Singh Modaher & Trish McCabe.

# Club Points Update

With two recent marshalling jobs and two track and field matches there have been significant movements in the club points table. Those smashing the ten-point barrier are Simon Turton (who has doubled his points this year in the last week), Trish McCabe, Clara Halket and John Scaife (currently separated from Benita!). Thank you for your efforts.  There are now 15 club members with at least ten points.  Roderick Hoffman and Steve Newell are leading the way...but remember that we don't do cross-country so others have a chance to catch us for the overall Round-the-Block trophy for 2018. Joint third are Graham Taylor and Joe Nolan, and with Neil Frediani and Steve Hillier just behind them. 233 individuals are adjudged to have helped the club this year, and 69 more than once.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 21st July 2018

21st Julyparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
John Scaife 31:53 Worsley Woods 1st run at Worsley Woods, BA park #426 52%
Benita Scaife 31:53 Worsley Woods 1st run at Worsley Woods, BA park #426 63%
Ray Hampton 34:55 Street (Somerset) run #17, 1st at Street, BA park #427 53%
Trish McCabe 26:54 Navan (Co. Meath) run #245, 1st at Navan, BA park #428 57%
Julie Barclay 22:17 Hazelwood age category record 80%
Jacqui Musselwhite 23:10 Bideford 2nd run at Bideford, pb, club record 72%
Lesley Chamberlin 25:46 Hazelwood 4th run at Hazelwood, pb 73%
Caroline Cockram 31:12 Hoblingwell run #322, 1st at Hoblingwell, club rec (F) 53%
Ian Cockram 25:26 Hoblingwell run #440, 1st at Hoblingwell, club record 58%
Alice Banks 25:31 Jersey first parkrun on Jersey, park #30 76%
Steve Taylor 24:48 Northala Fields best run at Northala this year (new course) 62%
Helen Smith 30:25 Hazelwood run #40, 2nd at Hazelwood, pb 65%
Roderick Hoffman 29:48 Prospect Park 1st run at Prospect Park, park #237 52%
Chris Kelly 23:04 Prospect Park run #391, 1st at Prospect Park 66%
Alan Friar 28:55 Reading best parkrun at Reading this year 63%
David Duggan 28:32 Bedfont Lakes run #262, 180th at Bedfont 55%
Bob Bannister 25:35 Bedfont Lakes run #321, 267th at Bedfont 63%
Sarah Gordon 33:01 Braunstone run #198, 56th at Braunstone 59%
Ian Cunningham 33:27 Bushy Park run #337, pacer 46%
Ben Chaytow 23:12 Crane Park run #198 59%
Scott Davison 23:30 Crane Park run #261 61%
Maria Jovani 21:48 Crane Park run #235, F-2 71%
Jonathan Cox 27:20 Crane Park run #363 57%
Steve Newell 35:59 Gunnersbury run #320, 129th at Gunnersbury 52%
Alan Anderson 37:49 Gunnersbury started late after setting up course ! 61%
John Coffey 27:20 Hazelwood 15th run at Hazelwood 71%
Joan Foxley 38:35 Rickmansworth run #105, 11th at Rickmansworth 57%
Denis Foxley 28:32 Rickmansworth run #106, 7th at Rickmansworth 61%
Petra Otto 31:20 Rutland Water 3rd run at Rutland Water 66%
Piers Keenleyside volunteer Gunnersbury marshal
Kathryn Keenleyside volunteer Gunnersbury tailwalker 46 min 44 secs
Zoe Ostley volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal

The hot weather continued over the British Isles for another week but people keep running, some of them quite quickly and all 22 members of the 500 Club (including Alan Anderson) ran yet another Saturday morning 5km.  Good natured Alan hadn’t got back round to the start after trying to stick the course signage into the bone hard ground at Gunnersbury when the command “go” was given so his running time was at least a couple of minutes better the official results suggest.

The enthusiasm for tourism shows no signs of abating and three new parks were added to our collection this week.  Benita and John Scaife (31:53) visited Worsley Woods in Salford.  The nearest we have come to that one in the past was in April last year when Steve & Linda Dodsworth ran the course the day after they had resigned and joined Sunderland Strollers.  Ray Hampton (34:55) continued his West Country holiday and ran at Street in Somerset, one of a number of parkruns which have started during the first half of 2018.  Trish McCabe (26:54) travelled to Navan in County Meath, to the north and west of Dublin.  parkruns there start at 9.30 a.m.

Julie Barclay (22:17) returned to Hazelwood for the first time since her last significant birthday and grabbed another age category record so she owns two of them simultaneously at the moment.  We are well represented there with Maria Jovani, John Coffey and Alan Anderson also currently holding their respective age group records.  Jacqui Musselwhite (23:10) achieved a pb at Bideford and needs to find just another 21 seconds to take the age category crown there.

Ian (25:26) and Caroline Cockram (31:12) went to Hoblingwell in SE London for the first time and set club records.  A new London parkrun has just started at Foots Cray Meadows near Sidcup (LB Bexley), less than three miles away.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

pparkrun frequency by parkrun countarkrun Stats - Likelihood of parkrunning this Saturday...

It's often said that parkrun is addictive and this graph demonstrates the point. It shows your likelihood of having run a parkrun last Saturday based on the number of parkruns that you have done.  So those who had only done 1 to 49 parkruns are only 4.8% likely to have run on Saturday whereas those who have run 150 to 199 had a 58.3% likelihood to have run. 100% of those who had run over 500 parkruns, including our own Alan Anderson, ran last Saturday. These days your GP can prescribe you to run parkrun - they may change their mind on that when they realise how addictive it can be.

Most Events

My 237 different events may be impressive but the meet at Prospect was to celebrate two of the uber-tourists running their 250th different parkruns and in total there were seven parkrunners there who had done more different parkruns that I have done - including Charles Green who has done 302 different events but not Paul Freyne who is leading the way with 421 different.

Roderick Hoffman

Peterborough Grand Prix Series - Stamford 5km Wednesday 18th July

The Stamford 5km race, starting at 7:30pm, was part of the Peterborough Grand Prix Series. This was the first time in years that I had attended this race series. I *may* do their last race in two weeks’ time (if my back behaves itself), which is on a dead-flat course in Werrington, just outside Peterborough. I really liked the Stamford course tonight, two laps with a hill in it - I absolutely love hills, so it was perfect for me, but for most Fenland runners it wasn’t!!! Results are finally in: 32:42.

Petra Otto

Return to Snowdon

Neil at SnowdonHaving not had the best experience running the Scott Snowdonia Trail half-marathon last year I thought I would have another go, in fact I signed up almost immediately after last year’s event while the pain was still in my mind . This time, I was travelling alone, so I decided to travel early on the Saturday morning setting out at 03:50 to travel 275miles to the Newborough Forest parkrun (their 4th event) on Anglesey. I knew the beach from my student days at Bangor and it looked better than ever, glorious sunshine, long sandy beaches and views of the mountains. If you have an excuse to be up that way, do visit, although I guess it could be very bleak in the winter.

Anyway fast forward to Sunday, the weather was alternating sunny and cloudy, the lower reaches of the ascent seemed to require more walking than last year and I had said that I would accompany a friend on the way up so stopped a few times and waited for her in the refreshing, cold cloud at the high point. We started the treacherous descent and almost immediately my friend went over the edge so we stopped and waited for her to recover before descending separately. A 9 minute mile of rock hopping followed during which I passed a mound covered in a tarpaulin which I later discovered was a mountain casualty waiting for an airlift to hospital. I survived the descent and like last year it became very warm back in the village but I knew this time what the sting in the tail of this run was like, a very steep and difficult ascent and descent around a quarry before a nice last half mile.  Final time was 3:47, an improvement of something like 45minutes over last year when the quarry alone took an hour or so.   I am already thinking about next year. Piers Keenleyside also took part in the half but injuries hindered him somewhat.

Neil Frediani

Running Shorts

Dear Ed,  Windsor-Cox Green walk achieved. XC jog yesterday 36.19 (PB). Andy Rayner.

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