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BA Athletics Club News Digest 23rd December 2012

This News Digest

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This is the last Digest of the year though there may be a special tomorrow!  The next regular digest is likely to be distributed on Tuesday 1st January. Here's to a great Christmas for you all with faster performances from the New Year onwards.

Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

  • Saturday 12th January 2013 - BA hosted Men's Surrey League Cross Country at Cranford Park 14:30 or earlier.
  • Wednesday 16th January - Forrester "4-way Folly" from Concorde Centre from 18:00
  • Tuesday 22nd January - Round-the-Block - Traditional 3.5 mile race round the Concorde Centre from 12:30

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

Club Events in 2013

The club diary for 2013 has been updated on the website: Diary.shtml.  Events listed include the regular Monday and Wednesday club sessions, all the Club In-house Events (CIE) and club "Run-of-the-Month" (ROM) and other featured races.  To get an event you like featured simply mail Neil with an offer to champion that event and it can be listed (unless it clashes with another event considered important for the club).

Please add the following priority events to your new year diary or calendar: 

Date   Event   Where   Why
Sat 12th 14:30   Surrey League Men's Cross-Country   Cranford Park   We are hosts for this event so we need course and finish marshals as well as runners.
Tue 22nd 12:30 Round-the-Block Concorde Run-of-the-Month for the annual club race that's in its 4th decade.  And this year you have a good chance of beating the reigning champion (Roderick).
Sun 17th 10:30 BA Cross Country Cranford Park Club Cross-Country Championships Cranford
Wed 27th 20:00 BAAC Awards Evening Concorde Our annual awards ceremony
Sun 24th T&F Championships Eton A gloriously sunny day for the rearranged Club Track & Field Championships from last September.
Sunday 21st London Marathon London What would the event be without us?  The club provide over twenty runners and over one hundred and twenty marshals covering the critical crossing points over the final two miles of the course.
Wed 8th 19:00 Speedbird Ladies 5k Harmondsworth One for the ladies, and the gents to marshal.
Mon 27th BUPA 10,000 St James Park A significant marshalling opportunity contributing significantly to club funds.
Sun 9th 10:30 Concorde 5 Mile Concorde The club's biggest solely hosted event where we expect over 100 runners to pound the local streets on a new five mile course including club runners but only because others have stepped forward to be marshals.
Wed 3rd 19:00 Rosenheim Track&Field Eton BA Hosted so we'll need marshals as well as competitors.
Wed 10th 20:00 BAAC AGM Concorde Your biggest opportunity to influence how the club is run.
Thur 11th Great City Race Bank A significant marshalling opportunity contributing significantly to club funds - and usually a good nosh-up afterwards!
Thur 18th 18:00 BA Fun Run Harmondsworth Marshalling of the British Airways Charity Fun Run in aid of Cancer Research UK.
tba Adidas Womens Challenge 5k Hyde Park A significant marshalling opportunity contributing significantly to club funds.
Weekend 12th/13th WARR Cape Town The 32nd World Airline Road Race - the biggest annual inter-airline sporting event this year hosted by South African Airways in Cape Town. Not to be missed even if you are only there for the parties!
Wed 18th Parkway Mile and Christmas Social Concorde Another year will have gone by and it will be time for the 25th Parkway Mile followed by mince pies and Christmas cheer.

Dates and details of ASCA Cross-Country and the ASCA Track & Field Championships are yet to be announced. Other priority events will be added.

Neil Frediani (contact Neil with any suggestions for events to feature in the club diary)

The "Fairy Tale of New York" Parkway Mile Relay 19th December 2012

Sixteen runners in four teams of four contested the Parkway Mile Relay. It could have wetter, but not much. It could have been colder and it certainly could have been windier. Everyone had to negotiate an enormous puddle just to reach the start and several chose another route back. Hon Sec will write to Department of Transport before the footings of the M4 junction are eroded away.

As part of their 80th birthday celebrations, Paddy O'Shea and Harry Wild helped out on the course, Paddy directing runners down the right (left) subway and Harry in his traditional role at the half mile turn point.

Brian Forrester, Paul Brandon and Alastair Heslop handled the timekeeping with Ann and John Coffey and Nick Edge on hand at the start/finish.

The runners and helpers enjoyed a very pleasant evening in the clubhouse with a variety of wholemeal sandwiches and mince pies and the two birthday cakes.

Galway Bay Striders age clock time AgeGrd  
David Barnard 75 09:59 09:59 55.3%  
Alan Friar 68 18:13 08:14 61.3%  
Steve Taylor 49 25:29 07:16 58.0% Youngest male runner!
Denis Foxley 63 32:52 07:23 64.7%  
Cheap Lousy Faggots          
Neil Frediani 55 08:24 08:24 52.8%  
Alan Anderson 77 17:07 08:43 65.3%  
Piers Keenleyside 55 24:06 06:59 63.5%  
Barry Walters 57 30:16 06:10 73.2% Best age grade
Helen Smith (F) 21 08:47 08:47 58.3%  
Steve Newell 68 17:45 08:58 56.3%  
Eddie Giles 64 24:47 07:02 68.6%  
Gary Rushmer 51 30:49 06:02 71.0% Fastest on the night
Broadway Bells          
Steve Hillier 58 08:39 08:39 52.6%  
Roderick Hoffman 52 17:05 08:26 51.2%  
Graham Taylor 52 23:34 06:29 66.6%  
Richard Ruffell 51 29:51 06:17 68.2%  

Average age 60, youngest 49, oldest 77

AgeGrd: Age grade percentages courtesy of Heartbreak Hill Striders, Boston, MA  Data compiled by World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) Last updated 17 September 2012

Steve Newell

2013 London Marathon Request for Helpers

The 2013 Virgin London Marathon is on SUNDAY 21st APRIL and we need your help to make it a success. I'm sure it's going to be another record year for entries and the elite field is looking as good as ever.

For those that have not helped before you'd be most welcome, as would any friends or relatives you can cajole into helping but don't be under any illusions it'll be an easy day. Helpers need to be on site between 9:00 and 9:30 and you most probably won't get away until 16:30. We need 130 volunteers to cover the five crossing points over the last two miles of the course at Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square, Birdcage Walk, St James and Spur Rd. All the team leaders are very experienced, as are many of the stalwart helpers that return year in year out, so don't worry if you're new to helping, they'll be plenty of advice. At this stage I need:

  • name
  • address
  • e-mail
  • phone contact (preferably a mobile)
  • preferred location If you have one - we can usually accommodate most requests.

In return you'll get the best view on the day, a T-shirt, helpers medal and will be helping to secure a donation to BAAC Club funds, not to mention the guaranteed entries the club receive each year. Talking of which, if you've helped at London, it goes a long way to pushing you up the list for a guaranteed place the following year if you're unsuccessful through the ballot. I'll only have kit for 130 volunteers and in recent years we have been oversubscribed so get in early to bag your space.

If you can help, please e-mail me at, it would be great to have you on board.

regards, Simon Turton

Why run road and cross-country relay races?

I. The greatest thing about running in a relay team is you are part of a team, and perhaps surprisingly this seems to spur most on to achieve greater things than they might if running just for themselves

II. But of course you do get your own individual time for your bit

III. And for the relays we run each year there are always our own BA leg records to be broken

IV. What better way to get to know your team mates than spend 24 hours in a van with them

V. Not all relays involve such antics, they are all different, some are over inside an hour, some take a day and a night, you choose

VI. Everyone can take part, the individual legs are often very different lengths from 3 to 20 miles, so there will always be something for everyone

VII. For the relays we do each year, of which there are currently 4, we know the ropes so if you want to know more just ask

VIII. We have a core group of relay runners in the club, and once someone tries it out they usually return, so it must be fun

IX. Relay races have an atmosphere of their own, teams support each other, teams mingle and you often meet fellow racers from previous years to share experiences

X. As these are generally well established events with many runners the organisation is second to none.

XI. While individual legs are often marked out by markers on trees and posts or lines of saw dust on the ground, there can be an element of finding your own way round which always adds that little bit of excitement

XII. Many of the relays are run in fantastic areas of the countryside with some fantastic legs through woods, across beaches, down footpaths you would never normally go

XIII. There are many relays we have either never run, or not run for a long time, so if you fancy doing one then you will certainly find many willing to join you, you only have to ask or offer

XIV. Relays are held all over the world, so if you fancy travelling and need some company then all you need to do is find a relay and get a team together to join you as the perfect solution

Richard Ruffell

The events that Richard refers to are:

  • The Green Belt Relay (220 miles round London by teams of 11 over a weekend in May)
  • The Bridges Relay (4 strong teams running 10 miles over the bridges of London near Westminster on a Tuesday evening in June)
  • Runnymede Relay (6 strong teams running 21 miles round Windsor Great Park on a Saturday in early July)
  • The Norfolk Relay (200 miles round Norfolk by teams of 17 in September)

But also see point XIII above!

Lighter Running

Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?
A: The lettuce was a "head" and the tomato was trying to "ketchup"!

Q: Who is the fastest runner of all time?
A: Adam, because he was first in the human race!

Q: What do you get when you run in front of a car?

Q: What do you get when you run behind a car?

Q: Why do runners go jogging early in the morning?
A: They want to finish before their brain figures out what they're doing.

Q: What do runners do when they forget something?
A: They jog their memory


News for the next BAAC News Digest? Thank you to Richard and the regulars for their input this time - next week could it be you?

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