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BA Athletics Club News Digest 24th September 2018


  • Saturday 29th September - World Airline Road Races in Victoria, Canada (and if you haven't planned these then it is probably too late) #
  • Thursday 4th October - Dream Mile, Bath Road from 12:45.
  • Saturday 13th October - Ladies and Men's Surrey League cross-country matches - yes, it is nearly the start of the cross-country season #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of August.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] / # Club Points event

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Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

This Digest... a day early since I'm touring the USA and Canada. Next week's digest might be similarly early or it could be late and/or brief.  You can help by submitting some complete items for inclusion.

Roderick Hoffman (

This Wednesday...

...we are not meeting at the Bedfont Club - there are too many of us away to make this worthwhile. The club bar remains open - but the changing rooms probably won't be.

Next Wednesday, October 3rd, there will be ad hoc runs from the Bedfont Club from 18:00 prior to a Committee Meeting in the function room from 19:30 (all members welcome...and there is an attached bar).  If you need to use the changing rooms before 17:50 please check with Steve Hillier what time he expects to arrive with the keys.

Roderick Hoffman obo Steve Hillier {}

Facebook reminder

And whilst on adminee things a reminder about the club's Facebook presence. We have TWO presences on Facebook - a group called "BA Runner" and a page called "BARunner" (though if you look in the URL it is actually "BARunnerUK" to distinguish us from a page for the "Bay Area Runners"). Why do we have two presences and which should you use for what?

  • Think of the page as being the shop window for the club. The whole world can see what is in the shop window so it is great for promoting the club and the public events that we do. However because the whole world can see what is in the window we need to be careful about what we put in it - no saucy pictures of runners in a state of undress for instance.
  • Think of the group as being in the back office, perhaps just next to the kettle.  This is where we can chat with each other with little danger of non-members listening in and taking things out of context.

Page> Front Window BARunner Items are mainly written by me and include these digests and information on our public events. Anyone in the world can view these.  You can have new items highlighted to you if you "Like" or "Follow" the page.
Group> Back Office BA Runner Only members can see items and participate but they can do so freely. Anyone can apply to be a member BUT will only be accepted if they are known to be a member, or a friend of the club.
So most of the time you want to say something to other members it is the group that you want to be posting to. Not clear? Post a question in the group (or email me).

Roderick Hoffman

AGM Minutes

BAAC's Annual General Meeting was held earlier in the summer.  It was a chance to review our successes of the past year, enjoy the traditional summer mile race, and look forward to our plans for our new home in Bedfont.  We looked at the continuing strength of our membership numbers and our financial position. Here is a review of the meeting as a document to download. Enjoy!

Steve Hillier

Club parkrun results for Saturday 22nd September 2018

Not the usual format since both Steve and I are visiting Alaska. Steve is on a cruise to Alaska and I'm visiting Alaskan Airline WARRiors in Seattle. Apologies to anyone missed off or misrepresented, especially those who volunteered last Saturday.

parkrun #run field runner pos g.pos time agegroup age% 1st club #runs note
Homewood 102 156 Kay TRINDER 17 2 00:21:55 VW50-54 78.40% Woking AC 108 Club Featured parkrun
Bedfont Lakes 477 177 Bob BANNISTER 28 26 00:23:08 VM60-64 70.53% Runnymede 328 New PB!
Bedfont Lakes 477 177 Chris EVANS 29 27 00:23:09 VM50-54 65.30% BAAC 212  
Bedfont Lakes 477 177 Anne BANNISTER 166 55 00:41:25 VW60-64 46.84% Runnymede 175  
Bushy 753 1227 Ian CUNNINGHAM 205 185 00:22:38 VM55-59 68.48% BAAC 345  
Canterbury 236 142 Trish MCCABE 78 19 00:29:30 VW40-44 52.15% BAAC 252 First Timer!
Crane Park 336 205 Scott DAVISON 38 34 00:22:58 VM45-49 62.70% BAAC 268  
Crane Park 336 205 Ben CHAYTOW 59 50 00:24:40 VM40-44 56.15% BAAC 206  
Des Moines Creek 16 35 Roderick HOFFMAN 19 15 00:29:10 VM55-59 54.06% BAAC 314 First Timer! / New BA park
Frimley Lodge 448 525 Julie BARCLAY 88 6 00:22:53 VW55-59 78.08% Woking AC 139  
Frimley Lodge 448 525 Paul WATT 137 120 00:24:14 VM50-54 62.38% Woking AC 85
Fulham Palace 260 491 Ian COCKRAM 177 155 00:23:59 VM50-54 61.99% BAAC 446  
Gladstone 331 199 Benita SCAIFE 169 52 00:30:50 VW60-64 64.76% Maidenhead 127 New PB!
Gladstone 331 199 John SCAIFE 170 118 00:30:51 VM60-64 53.86% Maidenhead 145  
Guildford 321 513 Monica ALONSO 372 96 00:31:17 VW50-54 54.24% BAAC 79  
Guildford 321 513 Alastair HESLOP             Volunteer
Gunnersbury 353 479 Alan ANDERSON 458 280 00:39:02 VM80-84 58.37% BAAC 527  
Harrow 176 227 Denis FOXLEY 123 95 00:29:43 VM65-69 58.67% BAAC 110  
Harrow 176 227 Joan FOXLEY 216 85 00:42:01 VW65-69 52.12% 112  
Hazelwood 28 153 John COFFEY 78 66 00:28:09 VM75-79 68.50% BAAC 297 Approaching his 300th run
Heartwood Forest 46 (of 47) 232 Piers KEENLEYSIDE 125 100 00:26:43 VM60-64 60.57% Ealing Eagles 206 First Timer! / Penultimate run (last is on 6th Oct.)
Nonsuch 367 667 Maria JOVANI 43 2 00:20:36 VW40-44 75.24% BAAC 241 First Timer!
Northala Fields 224 386 Stephen K TAYLOR 91 80 00:24:38 VM55-59 62.38% BAAC 101  
Reading 451 310 Christopher T KELLY 18 18 00:20:09 VM50-54 75.02% BAAC 398 Approaching his 400th run
Rickmansworth 81 368 Marion WOODHOUSE 225 68 00:30:53 VW55-59 57.85% BAAC 31 New PB!
Victoria, Kitchener 15 30 David DUGGAN 11 10 00:26:47 VM55-59 58.87% BAAC 270 First Timer! / New BA park
Wycombe Rye 317 488 Alice BANKS 260 59 00:28:33 VW60-64 68.94% BAAC 125  

It was a Club Featured parkrun weekend and Kay Trinder turned up as planned at Homewood expecting to meet up with several of us.  Unfortunately she was the only club member who did. Questions will be asked about this at the next Club Committee Meeting. But from Kay's point of view she scores the usual club point for being there. Kay also achieved the highest age grade of all our runners this weekend…despite Homewood having a reputation for being a technical course.

Maria Jovani ran at Nonsuch for the first time and was our fastest lady of the weekend finishing in 20:36 which not surprisingly is a new club record. She takes the record off from Trish but meanwhile Trish ran at Canterbury for the first time and in doing so set the BA ladies record there {all records to be confirmed by Steve Newell upon his return}.

Chris Kelly was our fastest male runner with his 20:36 performance at Reading.

There are new PBs for Bob Bannister, Benita Scaife and Marion Woodhouse. Benita and Marion are warming up nicely for WARR next weekend.

Roderick ran at Des Moines Creek near Seattle Airport in the USA. He was joined by three Alaskan Airline WARRiors including Gaylene and Brian who had run with us at Root44 before the Stellenbosch WARR {pictured}.

David Duggan also ran at a new to BA park, this time Victoria, Kitchener near Toronto in Canada. Of the parkruns run by colleagues this one had been going the fewest weeks (15) and had the lowest turnout (30) and partly in consequence David ended up with the best overall finish position (11th).  In terms of gender position both Kay Trinder and Maria Jovani finished second in their respective parkruns, to David's tenth.  Ian Cunningham can claim to have finished ahead of most people - well over a thousand in fact - but with a turnout of 1227 anyone who runs at Bushy can expect to be both ahead of but also behind many other participants (with one notable exception - see:

Piers ran at Heartwood Forest and has been the fifth club member to run there. Sadly there is only one run left for that parkrun, on the 6th October, for any other club members who need to add that run to their list.  A new nearby venue is due to be announced shortly and the loss of one parkrun is insignificant in the growth of parkrun - new parkruns in the UK are still averaging more than two a week.

Roderick Hoffman

NOT Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

World Masters Medalists

Three of the BA team competed at the World Masters Athletics Track and Field in Malaga from 4/9/18 to 16/9/18 in the 50 - 54 age category -  Janet Smith, Adrian Haines and his sister Jacqui Musselwhite.

It was a new experience for Jacqui who only started track events this summer for BA in the Vets and Rosenheim leagues and she competed in the 400m and 800m, and in the 4 x 400m relay and was delighted to come home with a bronze medal in the relay and a 4 second pb in the 800m. 

Janet came home with 2 bronze medals in the Hammer (43.06) and the Weight Throw (14.79) and also threw the discus with a 5 year best (32.01) and came 10th and came 7th in the Weight Pentathlon.  Janet is ranked 1st in the UK for the Hammer, Weight Throw and Weight Pentathlon and 2nd for the Discus.

Adrian competed in the 800m and 1500m and this proved challenging with a 800m heat, semi-final and final on three consecutive days. Each was a tough race and exciting to watch {videos available on Facebook}. In the final Adrian just missed out on gold by 0.12 of a second but did a season's best of 2.03.54 which ranks him 1st in the UK in 2018.  A brilliant achievement. This left tired legs for the 1,500m and although he did well in the semi-final (4.24.18) he struggled to finish 14th in the final. Just too many tough races in a short period of time for a 51 year old!

Jacqui Musselwhite

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