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BA Athletics Club News Digest 24th December 2018


  • Thursday 27th December - annual Round-the-Airport (Heathrow) run from 12:00 in Moor Lane (see below) *
  • Thursday 3rd January 2019 - Dream Mile Bath Road from 12:45 *
  • Saturday 12th January - Men's Surrey League Cross-Country at Oxshott at 15:00 #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 10th December.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 10th December) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Next week's digest...end of year / New Year special

Will be published as usual sometime on New Year's Eve.  Please send me your best achievements from 2018 and your running ambitions for 2019.

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

We are NOT meeting at the Bedfont Club on Boxing Day this Wednesday, but will resume there from Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

19th December Christmas Mile Relay Result #

In 2016 the Parkway Mile was run for the final time and followed by our last Christmas at the Concorde Club (or was it the Heston Venue by then?).  Anyway, after an experimental mile (the Double-Half-Dream) at Longford last year the wandering through the wilderness may now be over as we settle into our new club house (discounted drinks), large car park (and on a direct bus route from Hatton Cross) and get used to a really flat course.  The aircraft noise seemed less invasive than usual - maybe this was the "Cranford" agreement in action. The glue holding it all together has been Harry Wild at the 880 yard turnaround point.  He has now revealed that he actually enjoys the task as it involves a healthy half mile walk followed by a half hour rest and then a walk back.  He uses the gaps (in time) between runners to include some short bursts of more intense activity.  A mobile phone now reduces the risk of leaving him stranded out in the dark somewhere not knowing whether any more runners are on their way to him.

This year we had two teams of four runners with a full range of abilities from the six minute milers to those needing ten minutes or more.  The rain stayed away and it was quite mild for mid-December.

The course:

2018 Christmas Mile runnersThe start and finish are on the pavement in Hatton Road (essentially outside Bedfont FC) just beyond the nearest bus stop.  After approx. 1/4 mile the course turns left and uses a cycling/pedestrian route to the turnaround point just short of the Duke of Northumberland River.  Runners then retrace their steps and turn right back on to Hatton Road at the 3/4 mile point. (thanks to Piers Keenleyside for marshalling at this point).


Team A 34:12

  • Graham Taylor 7:24,
  • Neil Frediani 7:10,
  • Kelly Davis 9:08,
  • Janet Smith 10:30

Team B 36:44

  • Simon Turton 6:34,
  • Roderick Hoffman 8:40,
  • Alan Friar 9:40,
  • Steve Newell 11:50

Marshals - Harry Wild, Piers Keenleyside

Course set up and timekeeping - Steve Newell, Roderick Hoffman

Steve Newell

Ed: Neil was delighted to have finished faster than Graham...but one should take into consideration that Graham was walking with a stick (see photo) {thanks to Dave Barnard for taking the photo}.

# That was the final event in the calendar year's "Round-the-Block" points competition.  I'll be publishing the final table in next week's digest.

Christmas Club Do

For those unable to attend last week you will be pleased to learn that the club Xmas do at the Bedfont Club was successful. There were eight runners and two officials for the mile relay and then nineteen made the social. About ten of us participated in the Secret Santa and no one complained about getting the same present out that they had put in.

There may have only been nineteen of us present but we got through six pizzas and four boxes of garlic breads and a large number of festive mince pies.

I managed to offload a small amount of unwanted stock and collected about £17 to be donated to a charity of the club’s choosing.

Have a great Christmas and also New Year – though I will probably see some of you briefly next Thursday at the Round Heathrow run.

Roderick Hoffman {}

Annual Round The Airport (Heathrow) Run - Thursday 27th December

This 13 or 15 mile run will take place from 12:00 on the 27th December and will circumnavigate Heathrow starting in Moor Lane behind Waterside and will take in Stanwell Moor, Stanwell, Hatton Cross, Cranford, Sipson and finishing in Harmondsworth for a quick pint.  Most of the run is on trails and minor roads and the aim is to be round in 2 to 2.5 hours. Take your Oyster card or cash card and you can hop on a bus/tube to make it a shorter run.

To get to the start at postcode UB7 0AP enter Moor Lane at Harmondsworth village from A3044/Hatch Lane. Pass the 5 Bells pub on your right side and continue for 400m and park on the right near the narrow bridge.

Let me know if interested at:

Courses subject to adjustment but last year... (15 miles) (13 miles)

Neil Frediani

Ed: I'll be doing it again this year and I know a couple of shortcuts - I've never run more than 12 miles and this year I'll be running at a steady 11 minute mile / 7 minute km pace. Roderick

Track Season Finale

The last race of BAAC's track season took place at Uxbridge on Monday evening.  As well as the Rosenheim and Vets League competitions, we have been working our way through track and field events as domestic competitions.

Simon Turton took top honours in the lung-busting 400m, outpacing Steve Hillier.


  • Simon    81.3sec
  • Steve    103.3sec

Training will resume in January.  If you would like to come and try something different, let me know.

Steve Hillier{}

Club parkrun results for Saturday 22nd December 2018

22nd Decemberparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Alan Friar 33:08 Woodley run #264, 81st at Woodley 56%
Julie Barclay 31:48 Woking run #146, 19th at Woking 56%
Jacqui Musselwhite 24:00 Woking run #68, 60th at Woking 70%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking
Adrian Haines 19:13 Tilgate run #49, 32nd at Tilgate 77%
Emmanuel Brousse 27:22 Southend run #50, 33rd at Southend 52%
Eddie Giles 28:36 Salisbury run #108, 30th at Salisbury 62%
Steve Newell 37:54 Richmond Park run #338, 25th at Richmond 49%
Chris Kelly 20:52 Reading run #411, 321st at Reading 72%
Maria Jovani 21:25 Old Deer Park run #252, 19th at Old Deer Park 72%
Colin Haylock 26:45 Mole Valley run #69, 1st at Mole Valley 55%
Petra Otto 33:41 March run #70, 52nd at March 62%
John Scaife 28:02 Maidenhead run #157, 72nd at Maidenhead 59%
Paul Davis 50:07 Kingston run #127, with daughter (junior) 27%
Kelly Davis  32:04 Kingston run #72, 1st at Kingston 47%
John Coffey 29:14 Hazelwood run #310, 33rd at Hazelwood 66%
Maarten Stenham 21:24 Hazelwood run #155, 16th at Hazelwood 64%
Denis Foxley 28:41 Harrow run #119, 101st at Harrow 61%
Joan Foxley 39:59 Harrow run #124,106th at Harrow 56%
Alan Anderson 50:19 Gunnersbury run #538, 300th at Gunnersbury* 45%
Piers Keenleyside 25:46 Gunnersbury run #215, 114th at Gunnersbury 63%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford marshal
Bridget Ruffell 29:56 Dulwich run #18, 1st at Dulwich 62%
Natalie Ruffell 19:56 Dulwich F-4, run #55, 2nd at Dulwich, course pb 74%
Richard Ruffell 21:10 Dulwich 1st run at Dulwich, park #82 74%
Ben Chaytow volunteer Crane Park run director
Jonathan Cox 27:14 Crane Park run #372, 77th at Crane 57%
Ian Cunningham 22:40 Bushy Park run #356, 288th at Bushy Park 68%
Roderick Hoffman 27:30 Brooklands run #326, park #254, best age-grade% 2018 57%
Sarah Gordon 31:47 Braunstone run #214, 65th at Braunstone 61%
Bob Bannister 24:36 Bedfont Lakes run #339, 283rd at Bedfont Lakes 66%
Caroline Cockram 25:45 Bedfont Lakes run #339, 197th at Bedfont Lakes 64%
Ian Cockram 23:51 Bedfont Lakes run #459, 277th at Bedfont Lakes 62%
Scott Davison 23:57 Bedfont Lakes run #279, 231st at Bedfont Lakes 60%
David Duggan 29:31 Bedfont Lakes run #284, 193rd at Bedfont Lakes 53%
Chris Evans 23:58 Bedfont Lakes run #223, 216th at Bedfont Lakes 63%
Neil Frediani 26:07 Bedfont Lakes run #211, 138th at Bedfont Lakes 62%
Trish McCabe 28:29 Bedfont Lakes run #264, 159th at Bedfont Lakes 54%

The weather conditions were fairly benign for late December in SE England although it was wet underfoot in places and puddles remained in evidence on many courses.  Many members stayed close to home with even globetrotting parkrun tourist Roderick Hoffman (27:30, 57.33%) remaining within the M25 visiting Brooklands.  Roderick registered his best age grade % score of the year and 19 of us have now visited Brooklands at least once since the parkrun started there on 17th November.

The Ruffell family (Natalie 19:56, Richard 21:10, Bridget 29:56) held a family reunion at Dulwich.  Richard’s time is a new male club record. Natalie is a member of Clapham Chasers these days but still holds our club record with 20:44.

We had three of the Davis family at Kingston this week with Kelly (32:04) finishing well clear of Paul (50:07) who ran with young daughter Chloe.  Colin Haylock (26:45) became the latest member to run at Mole Valley – it was his first parkrun for 15 months.

With just one week of 2018 left we have two members – David Duggan (52) and Alan Anderson (50) who have already run 50 times.  Chris Kelly and Trish McCabe are both on 48, impressive scores.

Next Saturday (29th January) will see Black Park hosting parkrun for the 500th time, a milestone unlikely to go unnoticed. Janet Smith (pb 30:26) was our first runner to try the course through the woods in 2009, intends to be there again next Saturday and hopes a few others will join her.  Thirty-eight members have logged a total of 504 finishers (with barcodes) over the years.  Paul Knechtl (17:54) and Maria Jovani (20:52) hold the club records.  Joe Nolan (282 runs) has worked tirelessly behind the scenes setting up a squad of pacers who on the 500th will probably be off duty and just having a relaxed run round the course.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Ed: *There is a rumour that Alan Anderson took his wife Ann for a spin around the Gunnersbury parkrun circuit.  This can't be confirmed.

Christmas and New Year parkruns

As well as the regular parkrun next Saturday morning, there are additional parkruns tomorrow, Christmas Day, and on New Year's Day. Not all parkruns are operating on either day and start times may vary. The official list of additional parkruns is here: .  On New Year's Day you are allowed to run two different parkruns and have both results filed in the parkrun computer. Two parkruns on the 1st of January is a great way to kick start your 2019 running ambitions. This map: Google New Year Map shows all the New Year's Day parkruns including colour coding their start-times to enable you to plan a double. There is also this list: for finding doubles. Some that might prove popular with members:

  • Old Deer Park at 09:00 followed by Osterley at 10:30
  • Canons Park at 09:00 followed by Harrow at 10:30
  • Richmond Park at 9:00 followed quickly by Kingston at 10:00
  • Rickmansworth at 09:00 followed by Cassiobury at 10:30
  • Maidenhead at 08:30 (set the alarm) followed by Upton Court at 10:30
  • Tring at 09:00 followed by Wendover Woods at 10:30

If I wasn't planning on doing two "new to me" parkruns (Billericay and South Woodham Ferrers) I'd probably be heading for Tring!

Roderick Hoffman

Running shorts...

  • Dear Ed, attempted my extended XC and despite the tres mud, laying water  and 'grip' probs got round in 41.25. Merry Christmas everyone!  Andy Rayner

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