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BA Athletics Club News Digest 24th February 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 26th February - Run-of-the-Month 5 Mile Handicap AND Club Annual Awards Evening - Concorde Centre from 18:00
  • Sunday 2nd March - Run-of-the-Month - Berkhamsted Half and 5 Mile Fun Run
  • Thursday 6th March - Magic Mile, Bath road from 12:45
  • Saturday 8th March - Club Featured parkrun Guildford for 09:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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New Club membership year and "Associate Member" option

The club's membership year runs from 1st April through to the 31st March.  This means that next year's subs will soon be due.  Those on the convenient direct debit schemes should find the direct debit called upon automatically.  The cost of membership is unchanged from last year at £9 for the year with the optional add-on of UK Athletics registration of £10.  One difference for those who pay by cheque is that the cheques should be made payable to "British Airways Athletics Club" rather than the old "BA Clubs (Athletics)".

A new option for the membership year is that we have decided to trial a new "Associate Member" arrangement. This should appeal to those friends of the club who would like to formalise their relationship with the club and enter races as club members but for whom membership of BA Clubs (Heathrow) is not viable.  "Full Members" need to be members of BA Clubs (Heathrow) as before but Associate Members do not.  The BAAC fee and optional UK Athletics fee will be the same but the member's entitlements are different.  Critically an Associate Member is NOT entitled to the use of the Concorde Centre facilities or benefits (including use of the changing room, showers or the field for running).  The Concorde Club currently allows a non-member to be signed in for a limited number of times each year.  Note that the Athletics Club will take a tough stance against an Associate Member who tries to take advantage - e.g. not paying the sign-in fee or exceeding the number of visits allowed. Another limitation with Associate Members is that they will not be allowed to vote at the club's AGM or hold one of the critical club positions (chairman, treasurer, secretary).

For details please see the membership page on the barunner website or load the membership form.

Roderick Hoffman

Club Awards Evening Wednesday 26th February

The big night is almost upon us. On Wednesday, after the February Handicap race (from 6pm), there is the clubs annual awards evening where we'll take a moment or eleven to show appreciation for the great achievements and achievers of the calendar year 2013.

The BAAC Trophies.

All club members are urged to attend.  Inevitably some may be prevented from doing so.  Those unable to attend this prestigious event should cut, paste and adapt the following into an email to the club secretary Steve Hillier...

I'm honored/delighted/bewildered* to have won/nominated for/invited to see* the award for {list award here*}.  I need to thank my trainer/spouse/supporters/dog/sponsors* and everyone/anyone/noone* who voted for me. I can't be with you this evening because I'm still up to my waist in water/work/powder-snow* but please be assured that my thoughts are with the academy/club/whoever.  The trophy/marsbar/memory* will have a pride of place in my house above the fireplace/high water mark/line of sight*.

Yours *delete as applicable your name here.

parkrun update

22 Feb 2014 parkrunner time parkrun comment WAVA
Alan Anderson 29:52 Gunnersbury 299th parkrun 67%
Chris Kelly 22:29 Woodley 65%
Gareth Snook 23:02 Cardiff 65%
Steve Newell 29:00 Gunnersbury 60%
Tony Barnwell 29:42 Fulham Palace 70-74 age cat record 60%
Roderick Hoffman 25:33 Oak Hill course pb 59%
Kerstin Luksch 25:41 Gunnersbury 58%
Eddie Giles 29:38 Upton Court badly held up by the mud 57%
Ian Cunningham    26:06 Bushy Park 57%
Joe Nolan 27:45 Black Park 57%
Neil Frediani 28:41 Bedfont Lakes 99th parkrun 55%
Daniela Mayerova 29:32 Black Park parkrun pb 50%
Robert Fleming 27:57 Bedfont Lakes 50%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford

Neil expects to run his 100th and shirt earning parkrun this Saturday at Bedfont Lakes. All are welcome to join in Neil's celebration - he is offering coffee and cakes after the run. The WAVA column shows relative performance considering gender and age.  Good packing by club members from Neil at 55% through to Steve at 60%.

Updated parkrun stats:    Roderick Hoffman / Steve Newell

Milocarians AC home match at RMAS on 22nd Feb 2014 (results)

Hi all, thanks to all that ran on Saturday which turned out to be, great whether, a great course? and great food (Same again next year we hope). Seven BA runners - 5 men, 2 ladies ran this race for the first time in quite a while, and we were not disappointed. Run on a tough course of 6.4 miles (hilly) not a lot of mud, and a lovely day (Bonus).  Chris Kelly lead the BA team home in 13th place followed by Gary Rushmer in 17th and Barry Walters 21st, with BAAC finishing in joint 4th place.

Well done also to our two lady runners of Alice Banks and Monica Alonso who had to run the full course of  6.4 miles, don't know if they've run that far before (As Simon said "well 'ard!"). The post race tea & food was as good as ever before.

If anybody's interested in the background of Milocarian AC they've got a website, which includes photos of the race and a bit about how they derived their name.

13th Chris Kelly 45.22
17th Gary Rushmer 46.30
21st Barry Walters 48.40
23rd Simon Turton 49.24
32nd Gary Rushmer (jnr) 53.21
37th Alice Banks 61.35
42nd Monica Alonso 64.29
        Thanks to all Gary.

 An update from Petra

It was so nice to find out that I had not been forgotten at BA Athletics Club. As you may remember, I moved to the Fens (North Cambs.) in 2001 and have been running for Thorney RC since then. I hold very fond memories of BA and I was only just wondering when your races for non-BA folks are being held. I am very lucky in that I have my dear old friends, Joan & Denis Foxley who I visit regularly, again on the day of the bespoke Metros 10K.

...Yes, there is a park run in Peterborough but I haven’t been to any parkruns yet. In order for me to run in the Peterborough parkrun, I’d have to drive 10 miles to the venue, as I don’t actually live in Peterborough. A 20-mile journey for a mere 5 K wouldn’t be worth the effort, when our club does its fantastic, so-called Manor Laps here, in my little market town. Our laps usually take place again once the clocks go forward and then last until they go back again. We had them yesterday as the runner, organising them, is a teacher so he also holds them during half-term. The kids love them and, whiles those laps are kind of race, they’re aimed at all runners of all abilities. The laps really encourage most of our members to take part which can be quite a sight!! Afterwards, the kids will enjoy some relays, followed by some well-deserved cakes. Yesterday, we ran 4-3-1 laps, which added up to 2 1/3 miles (each lap = 1/3 of a mile). Our club now got involved in the Peterborough parkruns and some members help with the marshaling. It’s really taken off there as well so, maybe, you’d like to visit Peterborough’s parkrun one day?
Thanks also for your BA events – again, brilliant to have dates already. I won’t be able to run in the cross country champs, unfortunately, as I will be running in our own club’s 10 K on the following day. However, if you ever want to run in one of the U.K.’s fastest/flattest 10 K races, then you should consider taking part in the Thorney 10K which is also part of our Cambridgeshire league

With kind regards and very best wishes,

  Petra Otto

And a marathon training from Piers

Piers Ks Training Update #2 - 24th February 2014:

It’s about 4 weeks since I reported on my VLM 2014 training. Things have been going fairly well except for a slightly sore Achilles tendon that came on after the Country to Capital ultra which I ran in mid-January. It does not seem to get any better or any worse – just a slight niggle. I’m running 40 to 50 miles a week over 5 or 6 sessions with a few races thrown in:

At the end of January I completed the Marrakech Marathon in my third ever best time – 3:15:51. This was also my best time for 16 years (since April 1998). Sub 3:20 was my target for London but now I will have to modify this to sub 3:15! This time now gives me a good-for-age time for the London Marathon in 2015 and 2016.

A couple of weeks later I did the Punchbowl Marathon – a 30 mile off-road ultra organized by the LDWA in the Surrey hills south of Guildford. This was a very wet and muddy affair and a couple of times we were in freezing water up to our knees. I managed to navigate the course much better than last year only going off-route once or twice for just a few hundred yards. I finished in 6:28:00 in 33rd place (out of about 200). Last year I got lost a couple of times and managed to cover 37 miles finishing in 9:16:00!

I’ve just been skiing for a week and can tell I have lost a bit of running fitness and put on a couple of pounds by eating too many croissants etc.

Hope to recover it quickly so that I can do a reasonable time in the Reading Half on 2nd March.

Piers Keenleyside


Paul Knechtl came 4th at the Hampton Court Half in a time of 1:16:00 (chip time 1:15:57).

Neil Frediani reports "Second resolution achieved today. On Friday I discovered the Old Deer Park half marathon and entered it. I ran it today in 1:50:42 well clear of my 2hr target and my fastest half for 29years!!"

Clara  says "I highly recommend the Farnham Pilgrim Marathon and Half Marathon having run it previously. It's a beautiful route, tough in places but overall very interesting. I've found that the date (this year 21st September) tends to clash with Round Norfolk Relay - but this year there is no Round Norfolk Relay to clash with!".  More details

Roderick says "Thanks to Tom Rowley and Julie Barclay for this evening's training session at the Uxbridge Track.  More details another evening once I'm certain no long term harm has been done."

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