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BA Athletics Club News Digest 24th July 2017


  • Wednesday 26th July, Club In-house Event - Monopoly Heston Venue from 18:00 then Queen's Head*
  • Monday 31st July, T&F Grand Prix, 600m & Discus, Uxbridge*
  • Thursday 3rd August, Dream Mile, Bath Road 12:45*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated July 17th.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Apologies for the late publication this week - the cause being the Great City Race having been moved to a Monday.  This photograph shows the BAAC marshalling team ay Moorgate, ready to go into action:

2017 Great City Race Marshalling Team

BA staff Fun Run - Thursday 20th July - Results and Thanks

Cancer Research UK logoThe BA staff Fun Run was a considerable success. There were 52 entrants in the Little legs (we don't record results), 164 in the 5k and 48 in the 10k. Unusually the club didn't have any runners - all those involved this year were marshalling.  Four of the participants in our Couch to 5k programme ran the 5k.

The fastest 5k runner was Dominic Bond who finished in 20:11. First lady was Kate Morrisey in 24:07 and first superhero Spiderman in 24:33 (this year's theme was "Superheros").  In the 10k Adam Moquet knocked 40 seconds off his time from last year to finish in 37:55 (yes, less than double the winning time in the 5k) and first lady Marie-Louise Kertzmacz in 46:20 (ditto).

Full results:

Froome was otherwise engaged, so thank you to Steve Taylor for cycling the 5k course four times (once to check it, twice leading the 10k and once as sweeper, and he also cycled the Little Legs run as well). Thank you to Clara Halket and Trish McCabe for marking the course and handing out water to the 10k participants. Chris Kelly for leading the finish team of Paul Brandon, Mark Granger and Baljit Dhanda and for staying up late and producing the results for me to publish the following morning. And to Joe Nolan, John and Benita Scaife, Graham Taylor, Steve Newell, Alice Banks, Harry Wild, Simon Turton, Fred and Jean Ashford and Neil Frediani for regular course marshalling.

Roderick Hoffman ( - please send me any feedback either about the run or the event as a whole (which I'll pass on to Beverly).  The first thing I do each year in planning the organisation of an event like the Fun Run is to read through the feedback from last year. It is worrying when there is nothing to read!

Thank you,

Thank you very much for everything you contributed to the fun run last week. Yes, it was ‘different’, yes we had less people, but, those that were there enjoyed themselves and I got the opportunity to speak with Alex, and whilst doing so I did tell him about the support you have all given to the event over the years.

As always, your teams pulled out the stops. You all contributed over and above and both SJ and I are very grateful for your support. Year on year you have never let us down. Thank you. Please would you pass this on to your teams.

I don’t know how much we made, and I will let you know as soon as possible, but whatever it is, it will be money that will go towards vital research into the causes, cures and treatment of cancers.

If you have any feedback I would be very glad to hear it

Thanks again

Bev Pearce (Fun Run Organiser)

Final Vets League Results

Following last week's final events the Vets League table has been published for the season and the table reveals that the BA team took part - and if we didn't then the event would be the poorer.


Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 22nd July

22nd July family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Barry Walters 25:47 Rising Sun 1st run at Rising Sun 63%
Piers Keenleyside 26:01 Penrhyn 1st run in Wales 62%
Benita Scaife 30:52 Maidenhead run #82 64%
John Scaife 30:54 Maidenhead run #95 53%
Joe Nolan 27:26 Black Park run #284 59%
Denis Foxley 25:50 Rickmansworth run #78, course pb 67%
Joan Foxley 36:36 Rickmansworth run #66, course pb 59%
Tony Barnwell 32:10 Rickmansworth run #145, 6th at Ricky 59%
Mike Lawrence 23:15 Gunnersbury 1st run as VM60 69%
Alan Anderson 31:29 Gunnersbury run #467 70%
Chris Evans 24:05 Bedfont Lakes run #170 62%
Trish McCabe 27:32 Bedfont Lakes run #193 56%
David Duggan 33:24 Bedfont Lakes run #209 47%
Ben Chaytow 22:12 Crane Park run #170 61%
Jonathan Cox 22:26 Bushy Park run #319, 277th at Bushy 69%
Ian Cunningham 23:24 Bushy Park run #294 65%
Leslie Chamberlin 27:50 Bushy Park run #161, 47th at Bushy 67%
John Coffey 26:38 Bushy Park run #246 71%
Chris Kelly 20:23 Reading run #345 74%
Alan Friar 27:20 Woodley run #236, 69th at Woodley 66%
Roderick Hoffman 26:27 Beckenham Place park #200 59%
Sarah Gordon 35:41 Beckenham Place park #84 54%
Steve Newell 36:13 Beckenham Place course pb 51%
Kathryn Keenleyside 38:30 Penrhyn run #36, 1st at Penrhyn 50%
Petra Otto 32:17 March run #21 63%
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury Lead Bike
Bob Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes finish tokens
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal

It was tourism rather than fast running which caught the eye this week.  The first new park to be visited was Rising Sun (Country Park) by Barry Walters (25:47).  This doesn’t mean Barry has travelled to Japan, this Rising Sun is on Tyneside midway between Newcastle and Whitley Bay both of which Barry has run at before. It was wet with puddles galore and the attendance there was 295 against a record of 547 who turned up for a recent first anniversary run.  Further south and on the other side of Great Britain Piers Keenleyside (26:01) was part of a record attendance of 304 at Penrhyn near Bangor in North Wales.  Nearby Conwy parkrun also had a record attendance (364).  Partly holiday makers and maybe more than just a few runners warming up for the Snowdonia Trial Marathon the following day.  As a club we have now run at 346 parks.  The total has gone up by 70 over the last 12 months.  Some further additions can be anticipated from New South Wales over the next few weeks.

Roderick Hoffman(26:27) chose Beckenham Place (LB Lewisham) as his 200th different park.  He is 19th in the global most events table with two other runners on 201 while Gregory Bailey is in 20th place on 199 {see table extract below}.  Maybe they will meet next week in Essex.  Sarah Gordon (35:41) chalked up her 84th park while Steve Newell (36:13) recorded a rare pb while paying a repeat visit to one of his 85 parks for a 27th time which he is claiming as a club record unless anyone can prove otherwise {Ed: I've raised a query on the "Facebook parkrun statsgeek group" (yes, there really is one) and so far no one has suggested anyone else who might have done as many different repeats - but it is very difficult to trawl through the data to show such a statistic}.

Denis Foxley (25:50, pb) likes Rickmansworth and now the course is the right distance likes it even more. A pb for Joan Foxley (36:36) as well.  Tony Barnwell (32:10) was at Rickmansworth the sixth time.

Alan Anderson (Gunnersbury 31:29) hasn’t missed a parkrun Saturday in 2017 and is now on 467 runs.  That 500 vest with his name on it could be on the loom quite soon now.  A former member, Mike Lawrence (23:15), made one of his occasional appearances at Gunnersbury.  This was his first as an MV60.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

parkrun Tourists - International Most Events

Seq Runner Events Total Runs Note
1 Paul FREYNE 366 410 Tourist parkrun Leader
16 Danny NORMAN 205 543  
19 Roderick HOFFMAN 200 261 19th member of the Double Cowell Club
20 Gregory BAILEY 199 199 Running his "200 in 200" at Maldon Prom next Saturday
30 Chris COWELL 182 401 First member of the parkrun tourist Cowell club. Well named for it.
41 Paul SINTON-HEWITT 168 343 parkrun founder - so Paul has run at only around 17% of parkruns worldwide.
90 Morgan DANIELS 120 120 Second place in the XinX club (aka the Hoffman club, named after my 50 in 50)
223 Steve NEWELL 85 273 Just one parkrun ahead of Sarah
232 Sarah GORDON 84 160 Just one parkrun behind Steve
303 Nigel HARDING 73 73 Nigel "runs" the Hoffman club (it has nothing to do with me, though they let me remain a member).
390 Richard RUFFELL 65 122  
589 Ian COCKRAM 54 396  
689 Caroline COCKRAM 50 276  
1141 John SCAIFE 41 95  
1609 Benita SCAIFE 35 82  
1616 Christopher T KELLY 35 345  
1980 David DUGGAN 32 209  

Roderick's 200th parkrunThe club has other runners on the UK Most Events table where you only need 20 different venues to qualify. The photograph shows the tourists at Beckenham Place including me in the yellow (and with two "Cow Cowls"), Sarah to my right, Morgan behind us, Steve in the green and Nigel to his right.

Roderick Hoffman

August ‘Run of the Month’ Countdown - Black Park parkrun 5th August

The time is now ticking fast with only 2 weeks to go now to 5th August – next week there will be a lot more info about the event, Black Park, and travel/parking arrangements but in the meantime let me chase a few more names !  Have had a couple of sick notes from those holidaying or committed elsewhere that day.

I was helping out at the Wexham Hospital 10k today, which was won in commanding style by Steve Norris ….who said he is planning to be along – Simon Turton certainly knows his way around Black Park with his orienteering adventures there, and hoping that Steve and Marion Taylor will come back again having run there a lot in the past.  Will seasoned parkrunner John Coffey and family appear, hope so, now that his feet are working well again now ?  Haven’t seen Simon Ashford for a while now, who knows the route as his Father Fred is one of the event directors at BP !  Not too far either for Denis Foxey ? At my age now I shouldn’t be seen to be chasing the girls (they’re too quick for me anyway ….) but let’s hope a few more will make it that I haven’t mentioned before (…Monica, Helen, ………) ?

I’d better stop here for this week before I am lynched !!!

Cheers, Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan {}

Tom's Report

Elmbridge 10k 23rd July

The Elmbridge 10k is the 6 of 7 in the Surrey Road Series. Today’s 1 lap event started at the leisure centre, out along road for 5k towards Hampton Court then left onto the Thames tow path returning to the finish area.

The 1st man was Phil Wicks in 30.37.  Three BA members competed among the 567.

A slightly new idea to target for this year - finish in first 100 for a Gold finishing medal, if in next 100 a Silver from then on a Bronze.

Julie Barclay finished 174th (Silver) in 44.15, running her best 10k time since Chicago.

Paul Watt finished 184th (Silver) in 44.51 (same digits, different way round) Paul pleased with performance after a disappointed Elmore 7 last week;

Scott Davidson finished 301 in 50.17, his final 200m sprint matched his overall running performance and well pleased with weather temperature after the sizzling heat in the Richmond 10k two weeks ago that caused many to drop out.

Hope to see you all at Black Park

Tom Rowley

Tom's other Report

{this follows the presentation to Tom of an album of photographs put together by the ladies cross country team and other club members}

A big THANK YOU to every one who helped to obtain many memorable snaps of my 90th birthday run and various/venues/ races thro’out the years, I loved them.

 To Paul Brandon for his wonderful camera work, Julie Barclay contacting my daughter in Chicago for family snaps, also to those who helped get the comments/snippets from the Woking ac magazine.  Then to the BA members who assisted in putting it altogether perfectly and then
presenting me with a beautiful photo album that I will treasure forever.

I consider myself a very lucky man to have such great marvellous friends.

Although loosing the club facilities I am sure Roderick and committee will keep the club functioning and with the Digest keep all of you together more closely.

Thanks to you all so much, all done unbeknown to me, a really lovely surprise.

Thanks to Helen for the 1st class delivery.

good luck in your running and enjoy it for better performances

Tom Rowley

ASCA Cross Country - 4th November

Time is passing so quickly so we already need to consider the coming winter's Cross Country season.  The first Surrey League dates are in the diary for 14th October and the Micocarian XC is on 28th October.  These could be seen as a warm up to the ASCA Cross Country which is now scheduled for 4th November in easy to reach Dublin.  Let Gary Rushmer/Neil Frediani or Clara Halket know that you might be interested and they will endevour to get you there!

Running Shorts

  • From Facebook - Snowdonia Trail Mountain results: Half: Neil Frediani in 04:34:25 "dead on my feet...had to sit down...pains on my thighs...wonderful scenery made up for it" / Full: Piers Keenleyside 07:24:49 "If you want to see some spectacular scenery and do a bit of rock climbing this race is for you!"
  • Our popular winter handicap event has been pencilled in again for this winter from 25th October.  However once again the organiser of it has decided to leave the area - first Barry Walters, now Paul Brandon.  So we are looking for a volunteer to oversee the event (you can still run it). So if you want an excuse to leave the area ;-) please let a committee member know.

Roderick Hoffman {}

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