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BA Athletics Club News Digest 24th March 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 26th March - Final Winter 5 Mile Handicap - Concorde Centre from 18:00 (update below)
  • Wednesday 2nd April - Watersplash 10k - Concorde Centre from 18:00 + social from 20:00 (details below)
  • Thursday 3rd April - Magic Mile - Bath Road near Newport Road Junction start 12:45

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated).

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Too much material this week - expect another issue by the end of the week with London Marathon updates and Mad March Twister results.

New Publicity Poster

If there was one disappointment in the weekend's Cross Country event it was in the low number of new local participants.  Please load and print a copy of the latest poster promoting club events in April, May and June and display on your local noticeboard. Poster 290Kb.

ASCA & BA Cross-Country Championships, Cranford Park, 22nd March 2014 RESULTS

ASCA Cross Country 2014 Men's start

The Men's start.  More photographs on the ASCA Facebook page (request access).

Result highlights (apologies for insufficient space to print full results here - Full results on website):

Teams Ladies Men's
1 Austrian Airlines Iberia
2 British Airways British Airways
3 Icelandair Icelandair
5 Iberia Aer Lingus
6 British Airways B Austrian Airlines
7 Lufthansa

Individual Finishers: (21 Ladies over the 4.7k distance and 42 Men over 8.24k)

Ladies Time Name Category Team Comment Men Time Name Category Team Comment
1 18:29 Sabine Kozak F35 Austrian Airlines 1st ASCA Lady 1 0:26:09 Kari Karlsson SM Icelandair 1st ASCA
2 19:14 Madgalena Krendl SF Austrian Airlines 2nd ASCA Lady 2 0:29:51 Paul Knechtl M40 British Airways 2nd ASCA, 1st BA
3 20:11 Kat Stather F35 British Airways 3rd ASCA, 1st BA 3 0:31:14 Nick Wood SM Milocarians 1st Non-airline
4 20:48 Dorit Loffler F35 Austrian Airlines 1st F35 4 0:32:17 Tomas Alonso Gonzalez SM Iberia 3rd ASCA
5 21:10 Birgit Zwedorn SF Austrian Airlines 5 0:32:31 Chris Kelly M40 British Airways 1st M40, 2nd BA
6 21:34 Bjorg Alexandersdottir F35 Icelandair  10 0:33:25 Francisco Puerta Robles M60 Iberia 1st M60
7 22:04 Deby Helsdon F35 British Airways 2nd BA 12 0:33:50 Barry Walters M50 British Airways 1st M50, 3rd BA
8 22:27 Ana Beatriz F35 Iberia  13 0:34:56 Gary Rushmer M50 British Airways 4th BA
9 23:17 Anne Mansson F45 SAS  1st F45 20 0:36:36 Simon Turton M40 British Airways 5th BA
10 23:53 Anna Sveinbjornsdottir F45 Icelandair  24 0:38:04 Graham Taylor M50 non-BA 6th BA
11 23:56 Gisla Kristjansdottir SF Icelandair  25 0:38:39 Gary Rushmer Jr SM non-BA 7th BA
12 24:33:00 Ida Kjems F55 SAS  1st F55 29 0:40:17 Neil Frediani M50 British Airways 8th BA
13 24:38:00 Monica Alonso F45 British Airways 3rd BA 33 0:42:04 John Coffey M70 British Airways 9th BA
15 25:09:00 Helen Smith F55 British Airways B 4th BA 34 0:42:34 Denis Foxley M60 British Airways 10th BA
17 25:53:00 Clara Halket F45 British Airways B 5th BA 40 0:51:52 Steve Newell M60 British Airways 11th BA
20 28:00:00 Daniela Mayerova SF British Airways B 6th BA 41 0:53:50 Steve Hillier M50 British Airways 12th BA
21 29:06:00 Pat Cradden F65 Milocarians  1st Non-Airline 42 01:05:16 Ralph Berens M60 Lufthansa 1st Lufthansa

This was a hugely successful event - the weather was good (ignoring the two hail storms just before the start of each race) and the Concorde Centre did us proud with a great lunch.  Considerable thanks to Gary Rushmer for being the main man...and still being able to finish as 4th BA.

Thank you all, (marshals, time keepers, Tom & supporters) for making it a great day at the BAAC x/c championship and the ASCA x/c events, where British Airways AC picked up two team awards & four individual awards, in what turned out to be the best attended ASCA x/c for a while. 

A big thank you to Steve Hillier, Roderick Hoffman & Chris Kelly for their help in organising this event.

Congratulations to Paul Knechtl & Kat for winning the BAAC x/c championships 

                                         Regards, Gary Rushmer

Watersplash 10km Advance Notice

The annual Watersplash 10km will be held on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 with wave starts designed to bring everyone to the finish line at 19.15.  Register at the Concorde Club pavilion up to 18:00, thereafter at the start line. First start at 18.10, then every few minutes until elite start at 18.35. There will be a 5km option for those wanting a shorter run starting at 18:40 (mass start). 5km walkers - by arrangement with the starter on the night. Sunset is predicted to be at 19:35 (BST).

The start/finish line will be the traditional (painted) one in the Field of Hope (finish for Concorde 5 mile, etc). Course (the one used most years since 1989) courses/Watersplash Map.DOC. Twice round a figure-of-eight:

  • firstly an anticlockwise loop of the Western International Market via Church Road, Southall Lane (over M4 bridge), Hayes Road and A312 cycle track (East side heading South) 
  • followed by
  • a clockwise loop through Cranford Park, St Dunstans subway, Roseville Road, North Hyde Road and A312 cycle track (West side heading South).
  • Repeat.

Post race food in the Concorde Club.

Guideline for wave start times

  • 10 minute milers - start at 18:12.
  • 9 minute milers - start at 18:18.
  • 8 minute milers - start at 18:24.
  • 7 minute milers - start at 18:30.
  • Elite start at 18:35.

Historical note (especially for John Williams)

The event takes its name from Watersplash Lane which appears on Victorian maps (pre M4 motorway) and ran from a junction with Church Road through to North Hyde Road by the Crane Pub.  The course passes both ends of the ancient route which was aptly named as it was necessary to ford the River Crane.

Club parkrun Results for Saturday 22nd March

Club parkrun numbers were down on Saturday largely due to the ASCA Cross Country and BA Championships...but numbers were not down by as much as you might think since seven BA parkrunners managed to combine the two events - albeit in different ways.  Chris Kelly used Woodley parkrun as a warm-up opportunity prior to the big event - he "jogged" round in one of his slowest parkrun times.  Daniela in contrast knocked a whole minute off her parkrun PB in her double header.  Roderick also ran at Osterley and Alan Anderson ran at Gunnersbury prior to marshaling for the Cross Country. Steve Newell at Gunnersbury and Neil Frediani at Bedfont Lakes did it the other way around by marshaling the parkrun before racing the Cross Country.

Amongst the club's other parkruners Richard Ruffell (and Natalie), on the way to Goodison Park, stopped off at Walsall Arboretum to make it the BA club families 95th parkrun venue.

Updated parkrun stats:  

Roderick Hoffman / Steve Newell

Saturday's parkrun was my 98th so #100 is now in sight.  For my 99th I'll be running somewhere new and then I plan to run my 100th at Pymmes on Saturday 5th April.  I've chosen Pymmes because I like it as a course - three laps on pavement with enough of a slope to notice, and because it has a low attendance (better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond?).  I've run there three times and had a top ten finish each time. Anyone is welcome to join me on the 5th - it would be good to boost their attendance - the park is just off the North Circular Road and well served by public transport. Hoffman

Final Winter 5 Mile Handicap - Concorde Centre from 18:00 on Wednesday 26th March

Overall status and start times for Wednesday's run.  Start times assume a target finish of 19:00 and are subject to correction on the night.

Start Time Total Points Start Time Total Points Start Time Total Points
Richard Ruffell 18:26:30 63 Neil Frediani 18:21:30 18 Tony Barnwell 18:08:00 9
Gary Rushmer 18:29:00 50 Chris Kelly 18:28:30 18 Mark Taylor 18:28:30 9
Piers Keenleyside 18:27:00 42 Graham Taylor 18:23:30 18 Paul Knechtl 18:32:00 7
Barry Walters 18:26:30 39 Steve Hillier 18:09:30 17 Helen Smith 18:07:30 7
John Coffey 18:19:30 32 Denis Foxley 18:19:00 15 Steve Taylor 18:22:00 7
Steve Newell 18:10:30 30 Joe Nolan 18:20:30 15 Eddie Giles 18:25:00 6
Alan Friar 18:15:00 22 Matthew Stratful 18:27:30 13 Alan Anderson 18:08:00 5
Roderick Hoffman 18:16:30 21 Jeremy Short 18:29:30 12 Alice Banks 18:07:00 2
Simon Turton 18:26:00 20 Harry Wild 18:19:30 11


"I hope the XC goes well today. I'll be thinking of you all while sunning myself here in MRU. It's a hard life." Nick Edge

"Last week I asked for names of anyone interested in a BA team for the Round Norfolk Relay. We need a team of 17. Right now I only have 6 names. I need to know this week if we want to enter so this really is your last chance, you need to let me know now." Richard Ruffell

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