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BA Athletics Club News Digest 25th July 2016


  • Wednesday 29th July Monopoly event at Heston Venue from 18:00 (see below)*
  • Sunday 31st July Ride London Marshalling - Whitehall.
  • Thursday 4th August - Dream Mile Bath Road 12:45*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map:,-3.6252807,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1sz31P-sSECWno.kIIgdFzUuZAo?hl=en

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please.

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Monopoly Event Wednesday 27th July

We will be repeating last Summer's Monopoly competition on Weds 27th, at 18:00.  This "Club In House Event" at the Concorde Centre is open to everyone.  All ages, from one year olds to ninety-one year olds, are welcome.  It's a tortoise and hare team event.  It will involve up to 40 minutes of running or strolling, travelling from Old Kent Road to Mayfair (within the vicinity of the Heston Venue), collecting houses and hotels.

Teams will be brought together on the day to ensure a fun competition.  If you would like to marshal instead, you would be most welcome.

See you there - bring family and friends,

Steve Hillier (

BA FunRun 21st July 2016

Thank you to everyone who helped at the BA Fun Run last Thursday and the thanks are echoed by the event organiser….

"Please pass on our thanks to all the Marshalls for their support yesterday at the Fun run and little legs event. It was so well organised again. Without you, we simply couldn’t hold the event, and we are extremely grateful for everything you do

Best regards,


Over the years the BA FunRun has now earned more than £1 million pounds for Cancer Research UK. We are still working on the results (awaiting data of the on-the-day entrants) but we think that 198 finished the 5k and 65 the 10k. Including the Little Legs (103 entrants) a total of 406 had entered the events.  I thought that this year's event went really well, one of the best, but perhaps I was influenced by the free beer we managed to get after we had finished our duties!

Roderick Hoffman

2016 BA FunRun finish

Chris' Amadeus team at work at the finish - rubbing shoulders with celebrity guests Gary Lineker and Mark Wright. 

Volunteers: Roderick Hoffman, Tim Wicks, Steven Norris, David Duggan, Clara Halket, Steve Taylor, Paul Brandon, Joe Nolan, Chris Kelly, Liam Lynch, Baljit Dhanda, Benjamin Chaytow, Sreeram Sethuraman, Paddy O'Shea, John Scaife, Benita Scaife, Graham Taylor, Neil Frediani, Christine Munden, Steve Newell, Marion Taylor, Harry Wild

Steve Taylor may not so readily volunteer to be lead cyclist for this event in future - with the addition of the 10k he had to cycle round the Little Legs 1k and then do a total of 3 laps around the 5k course. As well as cycling to and from the event!

We also had at least one runner in the race:

Linda Dodsworth finished the 5k in 28:11.

There were also some former members running:

Caroline Akazou (25:10) and Keith Goldsworthy (time not yet available)

Results of the 5th and final Rosenheim league match at Kingsmeadow, Wednesday 20th July 2016

Steve Hillier :-

  • Discus – 18.65m
  • Shot Putt – 6.47m

Eddie Giles:-

  • 200m - 34.1

Just 2 more events in the T&F season:

  • On Monday 15th August at Uxbridge: The 200m & Discus
  •  and Monday 22nd August: The 100m & Hammer.

Hope to see you there,

Eddie Giles.

Great City Race 14th July - thanks and results

On behalf of the London Marathon organisers and BAAC, I'd like to thank you for your assistance at the Great City Race last night. I appreciate that travelling to Central London for an evening race in the middle of the week is everyone's cup of tea but whether you've helped for several years or this was your first, thank you. As I've said before, the LM really appreciate our experience and this year we we're requested to introduce 2 Disley crossings to alleviate problems that had been encountered previously with people trying to cross the route mid race. Barring a few obnoxious 'bankers', the majority appreciated our efforts and the crossings worked well. Thank you also to the team at Bank for stewarding the course so efficiently. I think the post-race refreshments were well received and the fact there was no tube strike this year and the weather stayed dry was a bonus! If interested, the race results have been posted at . Phil and Emily Wicks maintained their stranglehold by winning again, it's worth looking back on the previous years' results to see their consistency.

Simon Turton

Volunteers included: Simon Turton, Mike Thorn, John Scaife, Benita Scaife, David Duggan, Jagjit Singh, Patricia McCabe, Christine Munden, Roderick Hoffman, Steve Taylor, Graham Taylor, Clara Halkat, Julie Peters, John Lennon, Steve Hillier, Eddie Giles, Lesley Giles, Chris Kelly, Jas Modaher, Tejinder Singh Modaher, Dave Rimmer

And we had at least one runner in the race - Sarah Gordon (Roderick's sister) who finished in 35:56 and joined us for the post-race refreshments afterwards.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 23rd July 2016

23rd July family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Scott Davison 23:32 Bedfont Lakes run #171, 150th at Bedfont 60%
John Lennon 25:41 Bedfont Lakes 60%
David Duggan 31:05 Bedfont Lakes 50%
Trish McCabe 27:39 Bedfont Lakes same time as last week! 55%
Ray Hampton 28:04 Burnham & H'Brge 1st run at B&H 64%
Ben Chaytow 43:52 Crane Park run #140 59%
Sarah Gordon 37:40 Fareham 1st run at Fareham 50%
Oliver Mathai 24:41 Gunnersbury run #38 66%
Alan Anderson 32:05 Gunnersbury 196th run at Gunnersbury 67%
Steve Newell 35:40 Gunnersbury too heavy, too hot ! 51%
Steve Dodsworth 22:55 Harrogate course pb, club course record 66%
Linda Dodsworth 28:15 Harrogate run #71, 25th at Harrogate 56%
Denis Foxley 26:27 Harrow run #42, 39th at Harrow 65%
Joan Foxley 36:06 Harrow run #37 59%
Roderick Hoffman 28:23 Linford Wood (MK) run #215, park #162, note 1 55%
Chris Kelly 20:32 Reading run #298 72%
Alan Friar 27:32 Reading 65%
Paul Watt 21:23 Rushmoor parkrun pb, club course record 70%
Julie Barclay 21:38 Rushmoor equals course pb 81%
Piers Keenleyside 24:14 Shrewsbury 1st run at Shrewsbury, note 2 66%
John Scaife 25:03 Wycombe Rye run #51 65%
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury lead bike
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford barcode scanning

Our members continued to show enthusiasm for tourism this week and if anything we are accelerating.  9th July saw two parks - Blickling and Market Harborough, 16th July three parks - Bradford, Stevenage and Penrose and 23rd July four parks - Shrewsbury, Burnham & Highbridge, Linford Wood (Milton Keynes) and Fareham.  Such an observation probably guarantees a score of zero next week!  The club total has now moved on to 277 (worldwide).

Ray Hampton's run at Penrose last week was our first in Cornwall and he qualifies for a pint of beer. He is invited to contact Steve Newell to arrange delivery.

John Scaife has now qualified for his "50" vest.  His 50th run was at his home run at Maidenhead (31:37) and he has followed that up with a 25:03 at Wycombe Rye.  Scott Davison(23:32) has reached a landmark 150 runs at Bedfont Lakes.

Next Saturday Ian Cunningham will be aiming to join the 250 club at Bushy Park. A former rival of Alan Anderson there, John Hanscomb is poised on 499.  This could be the final showdown. Consider joining the party and wearing your BA club vest for the pre-run photograph.

Paul Watt (21:23) achieved a parkrun pb at Rushmoor and improved the club course record.  Julie Barclay (21:38) equalled her course pb there too.

Steve Dodsworth (22:55) achieved a course pb and improved the club course record at Harrogate.

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

Note 1: Roderick also earned himself a volunteer credit by providing the parkrun event report: .  The Run Report Writer is one of several volunteer roles that can be combined with running the parkrun - Pre-event Setup, Tail Runner, Finish Token Sorter are three others and one recently added to the list is VI Guide - for someone who accompanies a visually impaired parkrunner around the course.

Note 2: What was Piers doing in Shrewsbury? "I left Ealing at 6:00am on Saturday morning to travel to Snowdonia and stopped off at Shrewsbury to run their parkrun." [and see below]

Roderick Hoffman

Ultra12 - 16-17th July 2016 - Beale Park, near Reading.

I entered this last year as half of a pair and enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd have another go, this time on my own, to see how far I could get. I didn't get enough long runs in, so tried to concentrate on eating and drinking as much as possible to offset the challenge of running through the night, for 12 hours, starting at 7pm Saturday. Predictably I was found out a bit, as my pace began to wander off the sub50min target [for the 5mile lap] within 20miles, and meander over an hour by around 30miles. Fortunately at that point my support team - wife and daughter - popped in to say Hi, which gave me a vital lift, before they headed off home to bo-bos - so I managed a couple more 55min laps before the morning light, and ended up strolling around the last couple. Final score, 60 miles in 11:54:16. It was most daunting early on, when I had energy, but the furthest still to go. And it was sort of weirdly calm towards the end, when I had little left to go on, but had the least left to do. I'd have liked to get another lap in, but I guess that on the day, I found my limit, and in a way, that's (kinda...) satisfying.

Rgds, Chris Kelly

Ed: The winner managed 16 laps (so 80 miles).  Chris was 11th male finisher out of 71 recorded. 28 of those managed half or less of the distance Chris did.

Snowdonia Trail Marathon

Just got back home to Ealing - I stayed an extra night as I finished so late in the day and was cold, wet and muddy after the race. My Garmin could not cope with the constant rain and is now full of water! Another runner from the 100 Club measured the route at just over 28 miles! By far the hardest marathon I have ever done. I have no idea how the winner could manage to complete the course in just under 4 hours - much of the course was just too steep and/or rocky, muddy and boggy to actually run! If anyone wants a real challenge get your name down for next year - fantastic scenery!

The first half of the race started with quite a steep climb and then stayed flattish for 10 miles or so. I got to 13 miles in just over 2:30 and was quite encouraged thinking that I would manage perhaps 5:30 after factoring in the climb up Snowdon. How wrong I was! We started the real ascent of the mountain just before the 20 mile mark using the 'P.Y.G. Track' route - I found myself walking about 80% of this as it was so steep and rocky. The higher we went the wetter and windier it got! I was glad they had a compulsory kit list of full waterproofs hat and gloves - they were needed!

The descent was far easier but sometimes too steep or rocky to allow proper running. We came down a path that roughly followed the railway line back towards Llanberis where we had started at 9:00am in the morning. So after nearly 7 hours on my feet I finished just before 4pm with a chip time of 6:57:28 - my slowest marathon ever!

Map of the race route here

Regards Piers Keenleyside

Middlesex County winter events

Dear Colleagues,

Coming up over the next few months are:

  • The County 10k (and open) at Victoria Park on Sunday 4th September. Entries are open at the RUNBRITAIN website.
  • YA athletes Road Relays at Minet Country Park, Hayes on Sunday 11th September - prospectus and entry form available. Entries on Excel spreadsheet also fine but please included all the details.  (NB we are hoping to stage a senior relay event on the same afternoon - details will be advised separately).
  • County Cross country championships will be on Saturday 7th January 2017 at Hillingdon House farm course (HQ will be from the Hillingdon running track). Entry forms will be sent nearer the time.


Major Carr

Middx County AA

Any interest?  Get in touch.

Coaching Corner ! - Ten Tips to Prevent Running Injuries (part 2 - tips 5 to 7)

5. Gradually increase your mileage and periodize your training schedule

  • Good aerobic activity is the foundation of your running performance. The principle of progression and periodization means gradually preparing the body to handle workout stress. You slowly build up the amount of training you do along with bumping up the intensity.
  • Periodization is the structure in a training program to progressively increase the training stress from cycle to cycle.
  • The progression should not be a steady increase in volume and intensity, but instead should be a staircase progression with periods of reduced volume and intensity at certain times during a training period, season, or year.
  • Increases in training volume, duration and intensity should be a gradual increase of 5-10% per week.

6. Cross-train and include rest days in your training schedule

  • Cross-training helps to maintain your aerobic fitness while avoiding excessive impact forces from too much running.
  • Including rest days in your training schedule allows your body to recover and adapt to a running workout.

7. Talk with a running expert or coach to analyze your training program

  • Overtraining, running injuries and poor performances are often the result of an ineffective training program.
  • A good running coach can help you develop an appropriate training schedule to meet your running goals and prevent injury.

Joe Nolan

The Rowley Report - The Elmbridge 10k - Sunday 24th July

The club had 5 running the Elmbridge 10k although temperature was cooling it was still humid conditions for running.  Only able to see start and the final 300m. Did not see Natalie Ruffell before start and very little of her as she flew past me with 300m to go looked relaxed and finished 124th in 40.45; next along was Julie Barclay finding 10k in this weather hard going, losing seconds every km, a little below par to finish 222nd in 45.23.

Paul Watt running his second 10k event, first one last week, Paul was 320th in 49.40 best being 49.22.

Scott Davidson having survived two long shift days plus a Sat. parkrun finished in 341st place showing no signs of labouring or fatigued with 300m to go Scott ran 50.41.

The best and fastest 200m finish of the five was Neil Frediani.  Neil looked very impressive and full of running in his new purple coloured T-Shirt (with Neil inside) crossed the finish line 396th in 53.35.

Missing photos: Natalie flew past / Paul hidden from view / Scott someone pushed in front of him / Neil he took off when he saw me - Julie, I took one BUT that don’t mean it will come out.

Well done BA,

Tom Rowley


Place Time Name Team Category Number Chip Grading
124 00:40:58 Natalie Ruffell Clapham Chasers Senior Ladies 190 00:40:45 73.02
222 00:45:35 Julie Barclay Woking AC FV 45-54 390 00:45:23 76.79
320 00:50:25 Paul Watt Woking AC MV 50-59 391 00:49:40 60.07
341 00:51:15 Scott Davison British Airways MV 40-49 11 00:50:41 56.39
397 00:54:07 Neil Frediani Shepperton Running Group MV 50-59 307 00:53:25 59.97

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