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BA Athletics Club News Digest 25th September 2017


  • Wednesday 27th September, Hayes and Harlington Runners Invitation evening, Hayes Community Centre, run from 19:30* (see below)
  • Thursday 5th October, Dream Mile, Bath Road at 12:45*
  • Saturday 7th October, World Airline Road Race 5k/10k, Singapore*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please. / Difficulty viewing this? Read it from the website:- Latest.shtml

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October Evening Events

With Heston Venue closing at the end of the month this is a look ahead to where we'll be on Wednesday evenings in October.  Please support Wednesday's visit to Hayes and these events if you can:

  • 4th October - Cranford Community College - 17:30 for 18:00 run, changing rooms & showers available.  Committee Meeting from 20:00 in the College - all welcome to investigate the facilities available.  More details next week.
  • 11th October - Bedfont/Hatton course tryout - meet around Bedfont Green at 18:00 ready to run.  Steve N or Neil will provide maps of the area to try out. Towel down, tracksuit up, and join us in one of the local pubs after the run.
  • 18th October - Nothing currently planned
  • 25th October - First 5 mile handicap run of the season - probably using a course investigated on the 11th. 

Hayes and Harlington Runners club house locationHayes & Harlington Run this Wednesday from 19:30

We have been invited to join Hayes and Harlington Runners for their regular Wednesday evening run.  This is from the Hayes and Harlington Community Centre (Albert Road, Hayes, UB3 4HR).  The centre has a car park and nearby streets can easily cope with any overflow.

 We should have a presence there from 19:00 so arrive from then and use the two rooms in the centre to change OR arrive ready to run from 19:30.

Hayes and Harlington runners will be joining us and will show us their regular routes covering a variety of distances and speeds.

After the run we can change and shower at the centre (two low-pressure showers), and then we can join the Hayes and Harlington Runners in the bar for a chat (no food).

The more of us the better - any questions email me, and if you have any doubts about finding the location let me know to look out for you.

Roderick Hoffman (

Cross Country Fixture Details for Saturday, 14th October 2017

Ladies: Priory Park, Reigate, start time 13:00.

Our first match of the season is on Saturday 14 October at Reigate Priory Park.

I am working that day so won't be there. We need to collect the race numbers and hand out to our team runners on the day, so I would appreciate a volunteer for this. I will have a list of our team runners with allocated race numbers shortly that I can email to the volunteer.

I am aware so far that Janice, Trish and Shelly are attending this match. If anyone else are planning to run, please also let me know. The more the merrier!

If anyone has any query, please let me know.

Clara Halkit

Men: Wimbledon Common, start time 14:00

Hi lads,

Just a reminder we have our first x/c race of the year which is on Wimbledon common on the 14th Oct with a start time of 2pm. They've asked us to park at the free windmill car park (SW19 5NR) about 10 minutes walk from the start. All men who are full or associate members can run in this race, it will be good to see a good turnout.

PS: Please try and be as early as possible so we can give out numbers being the first race of the season.

Many thank, Gary Rushmer.

Equinox 5km Wednesday 20th September - results

A dry, cool, calm and dull evening greeted the runners who assembled at the start line for the 2017 edition of the annual Equinox 5km.  The course included stretches of the A312 cycle track and visited Cranford Park (North), Cranford Park and Avenue Park.

The field included two guests from Hayes and Harlington Runners - there being possible opportunities to join forces occasionally in the future.

Chris Kelly was quickest finishing half a minute clear of Mark Taylor with Simon Turton third.  Joe Nolan appeared for his first completive run at Heston this year and achieved his best 5km time so far this season.  Trish McCabe was the first woman to reach the finish followed by Annette Sissons and Christine Munden who was unfamiliar with the course.

Chris Kelly M BA 20:20
Mark Taylor M BA 20:50
Simon Turton M BA 22:14
Joe Nolan M BA 26:30
Denis Foxley M BA 26:44
Roderick Hoffman M BA 27:05
Trish McCabe F BA 27:12
Alan Friar M BA 27:39
Steve Hillier M BA 29:48
Annette Sissons F H&H 30:00
Christine Munden F BA 30:22
David Myres M H&H 30:39

Thanks to marshals Harry Wild, Graham Taylor and Paddy O'Shea, and Alan Anderson for assisting with timekeeping.

The runners enjoyed an evening meal in the Queen's Head afterwards.

Steve Newell

Grand Prix 400

Monday 18th saw the latest episode in this summer's Track and Field Grand Prix competition.  Simon, Tony and Steve undertook a careful warm up, followed by a one lap burn up, to chase this year's 400m crown.


  • Simon Turton    78.0
  • Steve Hillier       90.6
  • Tony Barnwell  114.0

We followed this up with an interval session.  Runner 1 carried the baton 300m at a brisk pace, handed over to Runner 2, and jogged/walked 200m to the opposite side of the track.  Magically, Runner 3 arrived seconds later carrying the same baton.  It seemed to work, so we carried on until everyone had completed four cycles.  A gentle warm down followed in the opposite direction round the track.

If you want to come and join us at Uxbridge for a future GP, or a wacky training session, let me know.

Steve Hillier (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 23rd September

23rd September family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Adrian Haines 18:03 Tilgate run #39 82%
Paul Knechtl 17:34 Bushy Park M-9, run #17 81%
Alice Banks 25:25 Bicester club record(F) 76%
John Coffey 26:16 Bushy Park run #254 72%
Anne Bannister 26:38 Bedfont Lakes run #150 72%
Richard Ruffell 21:40 Erddig (Wrexham) Richard's first parkrun in Wales 72%
Kerstin Luksch 21:51 Gunnersbury F-4, run #232 69%
Caroline Cockram 24:24 Crane Park run #283, 10th at Crane Park 67%
Alan Friar 27:28 Woodley run #243, 74th at Woodley 67%
Jonathan Cox 23:45 Richmond Olympic 1st run in Canada 65%
Petra Otto 31:34 March run #26, 23rd at March 65%
Bob Bannister 24:58 Bedfont Lakes run #285 65%
Alan Anderson 34:16 Gunnersbury run #475 65%
James Glover 23:39 Guildford run #21, 16th at Guildford 63%
Chris Evans 23:48 Bedfont Lakes run #177 63%
Ian Cunningham 24:30 Bushy Park run #302 63%
Benita Scaife 31:59 Knocknacarra run #103,1st at Knocknacarra 62%
Joe Nolan 26:34 Rickmansworth 1st run at Rickmansworth 61%
Tony Barnwell 32:21 Rickmansworth 10th run at Rickmansworth 59%
Roderick Hoffman 27:34 Heartwood Forest 1st run at Heartwood 57%
Sarah Gordon 34:00 Daventry run #165, 8th at Daventry 56%
Charlotte Habgood 38:41 Diamond Creek run #12 45%
Trish McCabe 27:16 Bedfont Lakes run #201 56%
Scott Davison 25:41 Bedfont Lakes run #219 56%
Monica Alonso 30:33 Guildford run #76, 59th at Guildford 55%
John Scaife 32:00 Knocknacarra run #90,1st at Knocknacarra 51%
Neil Frediani 34:52 Bedfont Lakes run #178 46%
David Duggan 34:40 Bedfont Lakes run #217 45%
John Lennon 34:39 Bedfont Lakes run #261 45%
Kevin Holland 47:14 Woking run #84, 43rd at Woking 37%
Sarah Knechtl 46:34 Bushy Park run #4 34%
Ben Chaytow volunteer Crane Park run director
Ian Cockram volunteer Crane Park marshal
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director

With WARR in Singapore now only two weeks away two of our runners who would normally be up near the front of one or even both of the races were having a serious workout this week and appear to be in excellent form.  Adrian Haines (18:03, 81.72%) was 2nd over the line and his age grade score was not only the best of the day at Tilgate but the best he has ever achieved there.  He is now up to 4th in the all-time list in the VM50 group at Tilgate.  Over at Bushy Park, which all the historical evidence would suggest is a slightly faster course, Paul Knechtl (17:43, 81.31%) was first in his VM45 age-group and 9th overall out of a field of 1168. His best time in the VM45 group at Bushy is 17:18 which puts him 23rd out of a staggering 3,415 amassed over the 13 years. Ed: Sadly Paul won't be attending WARR this year - poor excuse, "no longer employed by the airline", which isn't stopping me from attending.

Our tourists were well spread out round the globe again appearing in parkruns in three different countries.  Richard Ruffell (21:40) was first out of the blocks at Erddig Hall in North Wales.  The parkrun there was established in 2016 and regularly attracts at least 200 runners.  Benita (30:59) and John Scaife (32:00) were in Knocknacarra in County Galway.  The prison ship waiting in the bay provides a link to their favourite parkrun area in the hinterland of Botany Bay.  Much further west and later in the day Jonathan Cox (23:45) was at Richmond Olympic parkrun in Vancouver which is one of those parkruns within sound of an international airport.  The course is an out-and-back along the banks of the Fraser River.  The club total of different parkruns has moved on top 365.  The most recent 100 has been amassed over about 15 months.

Others were trying out new runs – Joe Nolan (26:34) enjoyed his best run so far this year at Rickmansworth where the less popular three lap course was in use.  The parkrun will revert to the two lap version as soon as various works have been completed.  Roderick Hoffman (27:34) was at something of a tourist rally at Heartwood Forest in Hertfordshire taking his tally to 206 which just keeps him in the worldwide top 20.  Alice Banks (25:25) establish a club record(F) at Bicester.

First result of the day was by Roderick's other sister, Charlotte Habgood, running her first parkrun in 18 months at Diamond Creek (Melbourne) in the same week she committed to run at WARR in Singapore in two weeks' time.  Perhaps those two facts are related.

Looking ahead to our next featured parkrun on 21st October at Nonsuch, Ian Cunningham, as our member with the most experience there, has agreed to provide any advice. Those who have club vests should consider wearing them but of course any parkrun t-shirt is perfectly ok.  This week there were 581 runners/walkers with times ranging between 17:02 and 51:30 (mail: Ian Cunningham).

Steve Newell (who is this Steve and how did he get into parkrun? - see

Updated club parkrun stats

parkrun Finish

Bad news at Wythall parkrun, just south of Birmingham.  The inaugural on 16 September was attended by 354 including large numbers from nearby Midlands parkruns and a handful of uber-tourists.  The event held was successful and results were published, but the numbers there, and/or the number of cars taken to the area, proved too much for the park and the parkrun has been suspended. Hopefully this will only be for a few weeks and then the parkrun will return with new visiting/parking arrangements and fewer non-locals.  parkrun tourism is considered good for parkrun, but please only attend inaugural events if you have a specific association with a new parkrun or if you know that the parkrun is not vulnerable to large numbers (for instance very few non-locals made their way far west for the inaugural Haverfordwest parkrun last Saturday).

And better news to finish with - parkrun Finland will start on October 14th at Tampere - see for details.  ALL TOURISTS WILL BE MADE VERY WELCOME!

Roderick Hoffman

Jas in the Windsor HalfHalf Marathon Results

Event Runner Category Time
Windsor Half Jasvir Singh Modaher M60 02:40:22
Ealing Half Piers Keenleyside MV60 01:43:43
Ealing Half Lissa Pritchard LV35 01:49:29
Ealing Half Neil Frediani MV60 02:15:10
Ealing Half John Lennon MV50 02:29:54

No reports to go with these results but thanks to Janet Smith for the photo of Jas in the Windsor Half.  I wonder if Jas has life membership of some of these events?

Details are sketchy but rumour has it that due to an Ealing Half registration issue Steve Taylor obtained a result of -22 hours (pb). 

Tom's Diary (from 18th)

Small report from the S.E

Julie Barclay and Paul Watt spent their couple of days off at Margate.  And before returning on Sat 16th could not resist the temptation of running the local park run.  May be off season as only 70 ran.  Julie's feed back  “From the start we found ourselves both along side each other in the lead and started to worry 'Where is every one?'.  Eventually was caught by 2/3 others being relieved of the leadership”.

The final outcome: Paul finished 4th in 21.17 with Julie 1st lady (6th o/a) in 21.35, but not the end of the story. Julie now holds the 0/50 course record and her time is better than the 0/40 and 0/45 age groups.

SUN 17th both ran the Mabac league xc at Lightwater park and as many of you have run there in the Surrey M/L lge. know it is no doddle but again Paul kept 2/3m in front of Julie going up/up/up/up all the hills and both entered the funnel together.  Other members present Chris Stockwell walked one lap - even that is tough.

Tom Rowley

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