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BA Athletics Club News Digest 26th August 2013

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 28th August - Cranford Park Relay followed by social with food - reminder below
  • Saturday 31st August - Club Featured parkrun - The inaugural parkrun in Osterley Park (details below)
  • Revised Date and Venue: Lunchtime, Tuesday 10th September - 'Round The Park' - Harmondsworth Moor (details below) 

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Promotional Poster for club events in August/September/October

We need more participants! Please load the linked pdf file, print it off on a colour printer and post on your local notice board. Thanks.


Cranford Park Relay Wednesday 28th August - meet at the Concorde Centre by 17:45

RUNNERS NEEDED for your latest Club In-house Event the Cranford Park Relay on Wednesday 28th August at 18:00

Join the big fat burgers, the sizzling sausages, or a team name of your choice to run a 2.5k (ish) leg followed by food at the club social at the Concorde club. Teams will probably be allocated on the night to ensure a competitive race but if you have a ready made team of 3 then let me know.

Everyone - please email: if you intend running and let me know what your most recent 1mile and/or 5k time is. If you canít decide until the night then just turn up.

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are particularly welcome.

Neil Frediani

World Airline Road Race October 10th through 13th Stellenbosch Cape Town

5k and 10k races against runners from all of the worlds' airlines with parties before and after. The BA Team now looks to be up to twenty strong.  I'm communicating separately to those who have expressed an interest so if you haven't told me please let me know so that I can copy you in.  Maps of the course have just been published.  Keep the training up - the long race course looks like a full 10k distance. Also see for details and to register for the races - but make sure you get the registration tips from me first....

Roderick Hoffman

Round-the-Park Tuesday 10th September 12:30

This years Round the Park race takes place on Tuesday 10th September 2012 at 12:30. To increase the number of participants we have decided to move the location of this years event from Cranford Park to the Waterside Parklands. If this proves successful, we will look at running this event at Waterside in future. It is likely to be a 2 lap course, but this will be confirmed shortly.

The run will still be approximately 5k and anybody is welcome to take part. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.

Those not resident at Waterside wishing to take part, will find it difficult to park in the Parklands. Due to this, you are encouraged to use the BA1 bus to get to Waterside, where the start will be a 10 minute walk away. For people where this is not an option please let me know and I will request parking in the BA visitors car park.

The entry fee is £1 per person and all proceeds goes to the White Lodge Charity. You can either enter the race as an individual or as part of a team. Teams are to be made up of 4 mixed runners, including at least one male and one female.

In an attempt to avoid too much of a rush on the day and to inform the wardens of expected numbers, please could you let know if you are going to take part. If you are entering as part of a team, can you please complete the attached form and email it to me. We will hand out numbers, collect your entry fees and take any final entries on the day at the start, so please arrive a few minutes early.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Paul Knechtl

Club parkrun Results for Saturday 26th August 2013

The "Where you do it is as important as what you do" table...

Date FName LName Time parkrun wava Pos Gpos runs Comment
24/08/2013 Roderick Hoffman 24:58 Pymmes 61% 9 7 71 Course PB
24/08/2013 Chris Kelly 19:00 Reading 76% 9 9 156
24/08/2013 Kerstin Luksch 25:51 Gunnersbury 58% 81 13 70
24/08/2013 Ian Cunningham 21:39 Colwick 69% 25 23 114
24/08/2013 Tony Hird 25:12 Gunpowder 58% 29 27 33
24/08/2013 Neil Frediani 27:10 Bedfont lakes 57% 54 45 79
24/08/2013 Joe Nolan 23:34 Black Park 67% 77 70 137
24/08/2013 Alan Friar 24:29 Reading 70% 80 74 118
24/08/2013 Alan Anderson 27:02 Gunnersbury 74% 102 81 279
24/08/2013 Tony Barnwell 36:31 Black Park 49% 331 220 26 Welcome Back

This week I find a way of getting myself listed first - by running at the oddly unpopular Pymmes parkrun I obtained a better gender position than everyone else.  Had I done the same time at Bushy I'd have been 254th and last in this table.  Tony, had he run at Pymmes, would have had a gender position of 12th.  There were 27 finishers at Pymmes compared to (only) 649 at Bushy and 361 at Black Park.  If you get the chance to travel round the North Circular early one Saturday then I would recommend Pymmes - and not just because I've had a top ten finish there all three times I've done it - it is also a nice fast course (my only faster parkrun was at Winchester where I was uncertain about the length of the course).

Steve's parkrun stats

Next Club Featured parkrun - NEXT Saturday 31st August Osterley Park inaugural run

First of all thank you to the nine club family members who helped the practice run last Wednesday (including our overlap with Ealing Eagles).  Most of us wore our BA Vests and I overheard comments about this and we look good in the photographs taken .  Wear your shirts again on Saturday please.

Hopefully we'll be into double figures on Saturday for the inaugural run (though some regualrs, including Steve Newell, will be absent because of the clash with high tide at Steve's annually organised Chiswick Thames swim). If you haven't done a parkrun before then please register at least a couple of days in advance via the main parkrun website . I keep telling you that it is free to register and free to run.  The run will start at or shortly after 09:00 BUT it is nice to have a club photo shoot twenty minutes early so try to be there by around 08:30.  Note that the Osterley Park cafe will be open afterwards for a late (or second) breakfast.

Details of the course and how to get to it are on the website page . Sat Nav Post Code: TW7 4RD and see the map above.  I would anticipate there could be a very large turn out on Saturday - the event is an off shoot from the Gunnersbury parkrun and whilst Gunnersbury normally attracts 200 runners by chance there isn't going to be a run at Gunnersbury on the 31st (due to Steve's swim or some other event).  So if the new run gets most of those 200 PLUS 50 inaugural parkrun tourists (quite likely - several of the runners at Pymmes knew that Osterley was starting next weekend) and at least a dozen of us and some new locals then there could be a turnout of 250 for the inaugural run.  Although there is a good car park at in Osterley park it could be wise to park nearby and complete your journey on foot.  Or in Alan Anderson's case walk from home. If you do park in the car park note that parking is free if you are showing a parkrun barcode.

Roderick Hoffman

News for the next BAAC News Digest? I also need a club running related photograph every week so help me out here.

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