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BA Athletics Club News Digest 26th January 2015


  • Tuesday 27th January - annual Round-the-Block race - Heston Clubhouse (Concorde Centre) start 12:30 (see below)
  • Wednesday 28th January - January Five Mile Handicap - Heston Clubhouse starts from 18:00
  • Saturday 31st January - Club Featured parkrun - Northala Fields start time 09:00 (see below)

Three featured events this week hence the early delivery of this digest. How many can you attend?

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated Saturday 24th January with events to end of July.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Club Promotion

There is a new poster to promote the clubs activities over the next few months.  Please print off a copy and leave in your nearest rest room or notice board and/or email the link to others you know might be interested.

Annual Round-the-Block Race on Tuesday 27th January from 12:30

Founded in or before 1982 this event is probably the oldest fixture in the BA calendar. As in past years the race is a single lap course of about 5k, around the Heston area. The start will be at around 12:30 and is a short walk from the Heston Clubhouse (Concorde Centre), so please leave enough time to get to the start. 

Anybody and everybody is welcome to take part including mixed teams of four. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.  Please pass this information on to anyone else who might be interested.  Lifts can be offered from and back to Waterside and other locations.  Ample Car parking and changing facilities are available at the clubhouse - non-members should sign the guest sheet. There is a 1 entry fee which will be donated to the White Lodge Centre charity.

email: Paul Knechtl

Club Featured parkrun - Saturday 31st January at Northala Fields from 09:00

This Saturday there is a club featured parkrun at Northala Fields. Check out the parkrun site for full details

Getting There: The parkrun is accessible by bus and tube and quite easy to find by bike or if on a marathon training run on the Grand Union Canal nearby. Looks out for the four conical hills to the west of the A40 just before the Target (McDonalds) roundabout with the A312. If driving there is car parking adjacent to the park and I recommend the larger car park alongside the A40 slip road - you can't get directly to it from the A40 or slip road - instead from the Target roundabout exit in the direction of the eastbound A40 (into London) but stay in the left hand lane, staying on the slip road rather than joining the A40. At the T-junction at the foot of the slip road, turn right to head under the A40, then turn right again and the car park entrance comes up on the left. The meeting point is in the middle of the park next to where the cafe is.  There are loos here and note that bags and belongings can be left in this area during the run.

What to expect: A fast single lap course consisting of a 1k loop around (not over) the conical hills, 750m out, one lap around a large football field and then return back the way you came.  The surface is a combination of tarmac, hard packed gravel and normal pavement. The hard packed gravel is rough in places. Although mostly flat the rise up and down alongside the conical hills is noticable.  There is an optional local tradition to run up and down the hills before and/or after the parkrun!

Afterwards: Although I'm hosting this event and will be there for the run I won't be able to join you in the cafe afterwards since I've a lunchtime flight to catch - but I do recommend the cafe which is right by the finish.

Northala Fields was one of several parkruns cancelled the other week because of ice - so if conditions are icy please check the facebook side before you set off -

If you let me know that you are coming I'll look out for you - we will try to take a team photo before the start.

email: Roderick Hoffman

BAAC CIE 4 Way Folly - Wednesday 14th January - Results

It was a cold and wet Wednesday evening in January when 13 brave souls ventured out for the 4 way folly, a distance of 5k starting and ending at the end of Church Lane. There were 8 runners split into 4 teams red, yellow, green, and blue, plus 2 timekeepers and 3 marshals making sure everyone took the correct route. The 4 way folly is a figure of 8 course with each team taking a different route around the 8. The red team edged out the blue team for first place, while the Alans (green team) came in third not too far ahead of the yellow team. Afterwards a couple of runners did an extra loop to warm down, as the rest of us went off to the showers and clubhouse, where we have a different chef and I must say the egg and bacon butty is much improved over previously.

Team Runner Time Team Time Team Pos
Red Gary Rushmer 20:48
Red Joe Nolan 25:47 0:46:35 1
Blue Roderick Hoffman 25:50
Blue Chris Kelly 22:41 0:48:31 2
Yellow Steve Newell 33:45
Yellow Tony Barnwell 33:40 1:07:25 4
Green Alan Anderson 35:30
Green Alan Friar 29:32 1:05:02 3

Paul Brandon on behalf of Brian Forrester

26.2 Team Challenge - Maidenhead Marathon Relay Sunday 14th June

This is a team event where each member of the team of up to ten runners runs one or more 2.62 mile laps over the afternoon to cover the marathon distance.  We ran it last year under the guise of "BA Flyers" and lived up to our team name by winning. As defending champions Richard Ruffell has already entered a team based on last year's participants but there may be space for another couple of entrants or we may find we have enough interest to enter a second team. Note that although the team entry is quite expensive the BAAC encourage participation by subsidising team entries depending on the number of club members involved {subsidy for this year to be confirmed}.

email: Richard Ruffell

Club parkrun results for Saturday 24th January

parkrun position parkrunner time agecategy age grade gend g.pos club comment total runs
Bedfont Lakes 27 Scott DAVISON 23:30 VM40-44 59.43% M 25 British Airways AC PB stays at 21:22 107
Black Park 55 Roger VINCE 21:51 VM60-64 74.07% M 54 PB stays at 21:05 54
Black Park 122 Joe NOLAN 23:59 VM55-59 66.30% M 112 British Airways AC PB stays at 22:47 206
Black Park 172 Alice BANKS 25:37 VW55-59 72.61% F 19 British Airways AC PB stays at 24:39 16
Bushy 87 David TYAS 20:37 VM45-49 70.98% M 82 PB stays at 18:45 334
Bushy 173 Ian CUNNINGHAM 22:01 VM50-54 68.05% M 157 British Airways AC PB stays at 20:31 181
Bushy 593 Ben CHAYTOW 26:59 VM35-39 49.85% M 476 British Airways AC PB stays at 20:50 94
Curl Curl 47 Caroline YARNELL 23:36 VW50-54 74.72% F 4 Sydney Striders New PB! 2
Curl Curl 159 Benita SCAIFE 31:49 VW55-59 59.30% F 62 Maidenhead AC First Timer! 6
Curl Curl 160 John SCAIFE 31:50 VM60-64 50.37% M 98 Maidenhead AC First Timer!
BA parkrun #151
Guildford 163 Monica ALONSO 28:20 VW45-49 57.18% F 50 British Airways AC PB stays at 25:23
record attendance
Gunnersbury 56 Kerstin LUKSCH 22:21 SW30-34 66.67% F 4 Ealing Eagles Running Club New PB! 125
Gunnersbury 227 Alan ANDERSON 31:02 VM75-79 66.17% M 170 British Airways AC PB stays at 25:51 +Volunteer 348
Gunpowder 35 Tony HIRD 24:15 VM50-54 60.82% M 32 British Airways AC PB stays at 23:48 87
Kingston 38 Brian BENNETT 23:20 VM75-79 81.21% M 36 Runnymede Runners PB stays at 22:26
Grade highlight
Reading 13 Christopher T KELLY 20:14 VM45-49 72.32% M 13 British Airways AC PB stays at 18:40 224
Upton Court 2 Tim HAWKES 19:57 SM30-34 65.16% M 2 PB stays at 18:20 75
Upton Court 32 Roderick HOFFMAN 25:46 VM50-54 59.12% M 28 British Airways AC PB stays at 25:23 143
Upton Court 52 Sreeram SETHURAMAN 30:20 VM35-39 43.46% M 44 British Airways AC PB stays at 26:50 32
Upton Court 54 Daniela MAYEROVA 30:34 SW30-34 48.42% F 10 British Airways AC First Timer! 21
Woodbank 112 Ray HAMPTON 28:30 VM70-74 62.63% M 88 British Airways AC PB stays at 27:07 12
Wycombe Rye 177 Tony BARNWELL 30:35 VM70-74 59.13% M 132 British Airways AC PB stays at 28:46
record attendance

Plus volunteer efforts by Alastair Heslop at Guildford, barcode scanning for a record attendance of 336 runners.  Alan Anderson's is reported above, others may have been missed.

Steve's away so apologies from me for anyone whose result or efforts have been missed or misrepresented this week. 

A new parkrun hits the table this week - the 151st by a club family member - Curl Curl by John Scaife with Benita. Where is Curl Curl? It's a suburb of Sydney just to the north of Manly. Also in the Curl Curl results appears former member Caroline Yarnell who has just taken up parkrun despite the 7am Saturday morning start downunder.  John and Caroline met up afterwards...though only on facebook. I can't say anything about that since I failed to spot Sreeram at Upton Court despite cheering on Daniela who finished just two places behind him. Incidentally Daniela had run the previous week at Fulham Palace but this went unrecorded...the moral of the story being #DFYB!  Since I frequently travel for an hour or more to new parkruns I take no chances and usually have four on me - a credit card barcode in my wallet, a plastic tag version on my car key fob, a wrist band version on my wrist and a backup paper copy folded inside the battery compartment of my mobile!

Brian Bennett recorded his 3rd highest age grade ever and his highest since March 2011 - both the higher grades having been achieved at Bushy.

As well as Guildford there was a new record attendance at Wycombe Rye (259) and several other parkruns across the county. By the time the last few results have been processed the total parkrunners in the UK will probably have exceeded 55,000 for the first time.  parkrun is continuing to grow across the world - last week and this week five parkruns have had record attendances of greater than 1000 runners bringing to seven the number of parkruns that have experienced that number of runners.  One of the new mega parkruns is Root44 in Stellenbosch, South Africa, which a number of us ran at in October 2013 - we ran up and around the vineyard fields amongst 171 runners which was five short of the then record but numbers grow up to exceed 700 last October and then 1011 last week.  The food stalls at the Root44 market must be doing very well! There are now six parkruns around Cape Town and between them they had over 3,600 parkrunners on Saturday.

parkrun stats: NOT UPDATED

Roderick Hoffman

Running Shorts

Hi there,

I am the race director for Tired Gorilla Racing, a London based marathon & ultra racing company. We are holding the inaugural 'Transylvanian Bear Races', a trail marathon and 80km trail ultra, on 30th May in Romania. Both courses combine the unique cultural heritage and landscape of Transylvania and hold the distinction of the being the first races to incorporate the Sighisoara citadel, a UNESCO world heritage site. We would very much like to promote the event to British Airways AC members.

Best wishes, Ben 07843 273 237

More details - .

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