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BA Athletics Club News Digest 26th November 2012

This News Digest

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

  • Wednesday 28th November - 5 mile handicap from 17:00 to finish at 17:50 then the final Sports Hall Fitness Session - 18:00 to 19:00
  • Thursday 29th November - Retired Runners Lunch - Pissarro (Chiswick) - Contact Steve Newell for details.
  • Sunday 2nd December - Run-of-the-Month - Perivale 5 Mile at Greenford - 10:00

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Christmas Parkway Mile and Social - Wednesday 19th December - Concorde Centre

On Wednesday 19th December we will have our traditional parkway mile races followed by the club's Christmas Social.  There will be mince pies and Santa's sack. Please bring a wrapped present to the value of about £3 - if you put one in then you can take one out.

Also that evening there is likely to be cake since there will be at least two club member significant birthdays to celebrate!

KLM Event reminder

Will anyone be joining me for the KLM Championship at the Beach near Amsterdam on Saturday 15th December?  Enter at . Let me know or ask me for a reminder of the details.


parkrun weekend results and trivia

19:23 Chris Kelly Reading  
19:34 Colin Haylock Bushy Park pb
20:56 Simon Turton Upton Court Inaugural
22:38 Scott Davison Bedfont Lakes
23:04 Eddie Giles Upton Court Inaugural
23:59 Piers Keenleyside Gunnersbury
24:25 Joe Nolan Black Park
26:17 Kerstin Luksch Gunnersbury
26:20 Alan Anderson Gunnersbury
28:16 Roderick Hoffman Upton Court Inaugural
29:27 Steve Newell Gunnersbury
30:40 Ian Cunnngham Bushy Park

Good PB from Colin whereas at over ten minutes slower than his best I hope that Ian was jogging with a friend.  Simon, Eddie and myself ran the inaugural Upton Court parkrun.  Simon now has the club best time at three different parkruns. This was Eddie's 10th different parkrun which now puts him on the UK report of "Most Events" ( ). Brian Bennett had previously made it onto that table and I'm somewhat higher up with my total of 38 different parkruns. There are now 192 parkruns worldwide and "Upton Court" is the first parkrun starting with a "U".  Now the only gaps are "J", "X" and "Z" (any suggestions?).  BAAC members have now participated at a total of 45 parkruns though none of them yet start with a "D", "I", "Q", "V" or "Y".  We look forward to seeing your results for "Durham", "Ipswich", "Queens" (Belfast), "Valentines" (East London) or "York" (or others).

Roderick Hoffman

Club Run-of-the-Month Sunday 2nd December Perivale Five 10:00

December's Run of the Month is the Perivale 5M next Sunday. It's a good race over two laps on the roads plus a lap of the Perivale track. Postal entries have closed, but you can still enter online or on the day. Details on  There are team competitions (3 men, 3 ladies), so if we get a good turn out ... who knows?

Alastair Heslop

Marathon Effort - Luton Marathon 2012

Most of you have probably met Piers Keenleyside and are aware that he has run a few Marathons in his time and also does Ultra-run events with lengths greater than that of a Marathon.

So please reply now and guess how many 25mile plus races Piers has run in over the years.  Tell me your guess...and also tell me how many such races you've done (for example I've run three).  Next week I'll publish the answer for Piers, say who came closest (excluding me and Piers!) and what our total Marathons are. Reply to me.

Piers Keenleyside Luton Marathon Report 18th November 2012

The Excuses:

I really should not have been running the Luton Marathon given my level of fitness, state of injury and lack of training – but I had paid my money and there was a medal waiting for me at the end!

Since July I’ve had a slight problem with sciatica / piriformis syndrome which has restricted the speed I can go at – anything quicker than 8 minute miles is too painful. But I had still managed to do 3 long races, rather slowly, since then. The last of these being on 7th October and since then, due to a holiday and another injury, I had only managed 4 training runs of no more than 5 miles before stepping up to the start of the Luton.

The Race:

After yet another spell of wet winter weather Sunday 18th November was a fantastic sunny, but cold, winter day. I travelled up to Luton from Ealing with a friend, Jose, from the Eagles Running Club.

On arrival at the start area everyone gathered inside a sports hall to keep warm until we were called to the start just before 10am. There seemed to be 6 to 700 runners although some were part of relay teams where each team member was going to run a little under 9 miles. The logistics for this were made easy by the course being 3 laps of in the suburbs of north Luton and adjoining countryside.

I managed to maintain a pace of just over 8 minute miles for the first lap and got to the 13 mile marker in about 1:50 which wasn’t too bad. However approaching 16 miles with the second lap nearly complete my lack of recent training told I was down to doing 10+ minute miles. I shuffled round the 3rd lap and crossed the line in a disappointing 4:10:08. I was hoping to get round in under 4 hours.

Meanwhile my club-mate, Jose, had a long wait in the cold before I could give him a lift back to Ealing. He finished in a time of just over 2:55! Well he is over 25 years younger than me.

The Course:

The course was very flat apart from a small steep incline at the start of laps 2 and 3 and it was paved for all but about 150 metres of muddy track across parkland which had to be covered on all 3 laps. The route was well signed and marshalled with a total of 8 water-stations across the 26.2 miles.

When we were out of Luton in the countryside to the north of I did feel a little exposed at times as we were running on a quite busy road with no pavements. However by the time we got there for the first time after 3 or 4 miles the field was quite spread out so not too much of a problem.


News for the next BAAC News Digest? I've had another complaint that there is too much parkrun content - please send me other material to dilute it with.

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