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BA Athletics Club News Digest 26th September 2016


  • Wednesday 5th October "Equinox" 5k plus social with food - Heston Venue from 18:00*
  • Thursday 6th October Dram Mile Bath Road 12:45*
  • Saturday 15th October - First Cross Country events of the season - Ladies Nonsuch at 12:00, men Wimbledon at 14:00.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [long Google-map hyperlink you would not copy]

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WARR 2016 - Early Results

BA WARR Team 2016

Pictured - The BA Team (other than Billy and Steve S).

As usual the results from WARR will be issued in at least two stages - firstly, below, the awards the team members were presented with on the awards evening shortly after the run, with some potential errors including my recorded. The actual awards that team members should have been awarded will be issued in a later digest once the individual and overall results have been issued and digested.

So these were the awards that team members were presented with at the awards evening following the races:

Race Gender Category Place Runner Comment
10k Men Open 3rd Paul Knechtl Award was actually announced for "Paul Knight" but PK accepted it on his behalf.
10k Men 25-29 1st Billy Parker-Brown  
10k Ladies Masters 3rd Julie Barclay  
10k Ladies 35-39 3rd Debora Helsdon  
10k Ladies 45-49 2nd Monica Alonso  
10k Men Non-Airline 1st Steve Strange First overall [friend of Billy Parker-Brown]
5k Men Open 3rd Paul Knecthl  
5k Ladies Masters 1st Julie Barclay  
5k Ladies 35-39 3rd Deborah Helsdon  
5k Men Non-Airline 1st Steve Strange First overall [again!]
5k Men Non-Airline 3rd Luke Bellars  

Fuller report - next week (provided any team member submits something!)

Roderick Hoffman

O'Hare Airport Race September 2016

No rest for some of us - up before 06:00 the morning after the WARR Awards Party and heading for O'Hare airport but not to catch a flight home but to run instead on a currently unused new runway (new - but with ample tire marks showing that aircraft have already been landing on it).  The start area was adjacent to the cargo village and the otherwise well organised event was only geared up for locals arriving in their own cars.  The team overcame that challenge by squeezing the five of us into a hailed taxi and navigating the Chicago local taxi driver round his own airport using Google Maps navigator on my smartphone. 

The photo below shows that it was early morning, we were on the tarmac of a live airport and that United had left an aircraft or two on the tarmac for us to run around.  Also we were not alone - there were 3,000 runners for our event and more for a kids race later on.

The return trip back to our hotels was via a 1k walk (we weren't arrested) to the settlement near to the cargo village which had a train station.  We discovered that the trains on a Sunday were every two hours...but there was a bakery nearby selling coffee and cakes at much lower prices than we'd seen in the centre of Chicago so we were content - or we would have been had the local bees not also taken a fancy to our Danish pastries.

O'Hare Airport Race Team 2016

As for the race, the course was - not surprisingly - firm, flat and straight and so, with little wind on the day, very fast.  The first man finished the 5k in just 14:56 and the first lady in 19:10.  Of the five of us Paul was particularly pleased with his 5k time - a 5k pb.  Julie was ninth lady overall (of 1,663) and 2nd in her age category - not bad for her third race in 25 hours.

3760 Paul Watt M 50-54 37 4/145 33/1472 20:30 6:37
182 Julie Barclay F 50-54 79 2/189 9/1663 21:36 6:58
1449 Roderick Hoffman M 55-59 448 21/103 340/1472 26:26 8:32
3126 Benita Scaife F 60-64 596 3/88 162/1663 27:44 8:57
3127 John Scaife M 60-64 600 10/69 437/1472 27:47 8:58

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 24th September

First claim club attendees (mainly)...

parkrun Total runners Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time   Comment
Bedfont 178 18 17 Scott DAVISON British Airways AC 00:23:23
Bedfont 178 47 41 John LENNON British Airways AC 00:26:13
Bedfont 178 177 109 Ian Cockram   00:53:27Tail Runner
Reading 329 39 38 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 00:21:04
Sunderland 217 33 32 Steve DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:23:34
Sunderland 217 217 74 Linda DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:55:24 Tail Runner
Harrow 147 39 34 Denis FOXLEY British Airways AC 00:25:34
Harrow 147 147 64 Joan Foxley 00:49:47 Tail Runner
Old Deer Park 82 62 42 David DUGGAN British Airways AC 00:29:36
Guildford 340 340 203 Alastair HESLOP British Airways AC 01:00:53 Tail Runner
Gunnersbury 360 283 195 Alan ANDERSON British Airways AC 00:31:34
Wycombe Rye 361 246 173 Tony BARNWELL British Airways AC 00:32:37
Crane Park 148 27 27 Ben CHAYTOW British Airways AC 00:22:38
Upton Court 105 9 8 Barry WALTERS British Airways AC 00:20:37
Northala Fields 209 65 56 Stephen K TAYLOR British Airways AC 00:25:22
Jersey 337 129 33 Trish MCCABE British Airways AC 00:27:00 Record Attendance / Club attendance first lady
Sherwood Pines 155 133 56 Sarah GORDON British Airways AC 00:38:05 Club new parkrun
Ellenbrook Fields 111 13 12 Richard RUFFELL British Airways AC 00:21:21 Club best

Several of our "runners" featured as tailend marshals this week with Alastair Heslop having the easiest job and recording a rare 5km finish in over an hour at Guildford.  The others involved were Ian Cockram (53:27) at Bedfont, Linda Dodsworth (55:24) at Sunderland and Joan Foxley (49:47) at Harrow.

Richard Ruffell ran at Ellenbrook Fields for the first time and lowered the club record there to 21:21.  That makes 54 different parks for Richard.

Sarah Gordon (38:05) ran at Sherwood Pines for the first time.  It is one of the slower courses in the UK.  That takes the club total on to 287 parks and Sarah's score to 70.

Trish McCabe (27:00) achieved a course pb at Jersey and lowered the club female course record there.

Natalie Ruffell (21:08) was at Fulham Palace and Denis Foxley(25:34) at his usual run at Harrow.  They are both just one run away from their red 50 shirts.

Former members Paul and Gill Westbrook were at Bedfont Lakes.  Paul was a volunteer while Gill ran round for the 50th time in 29:07.

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

parkrun attendance was lower than usual due to WARR and other events and the parkrun results reporting is below par due to Steve Newell and myself being amongst those away at WARR - Steve has sent me the updated stats but I need to check out of the Hotel shortly so although I've updated them on the website I haven't updated the table above.  However club members and associates managed to provide four tail runners last Saturday - probably an unusual record for the club. Although the WARR times have not yet been published I would like to say that two of those tail runner times were slower than the time of regular Woking marshal Tom Rowley who, at the tender age of 89, ran the 5k at WARR.

Roderick Hoffman

Frieth Hilly 10k/5k - Sunday 16th October

The Run of the Month in October is the Cabbage Patch 10 miler but for anyone who can't manage that distance you might like to consider the Frieth Hilly race on the same day - but note that the Frieth Hilly race should not be seen as an easy option!

September always signifies a fresh start and seems a far better month than January to make plans and resolutions. Perhaps it's because a new school year still feels like a chance to start again, but after a long summer September is a natural time to press the reset button.

If you need a target to get your training back on track or need a goal to aim for, the glorious Frieth Hilly is just one month away! If your training has slipped (or even if it hasn't), the slight chill in the mornings and the golden evening light make runs even more exhilarating.

As summer eases into autumn and the leaves start to turn, the Frieth Hilly route is looking spectacular. Do you remember those breathtaking views across the Chiltern Hills and the huge sense of satisfaction you felt when you finished the race last time? Come and experience it again and join us on Sunday 16 October.

For parents with young children, we have a fully accredited crèche  so your little ones can play whilst you challenge yourself and soak up the incredible atmosphere which makes the Hilly such a special event.

Last year, places for the 10k race sold out so register now at or to guarantee your place.

Remember that we also have the 5k route too.

Thank you and we can't wait to see you.

The Frieth Hilly Team

Berlin Marathon - Sunday 25th September

I did my first Berlin Marathon on Sunday well worth the trip despite missing out on WARR and the best half marathon in town - Ealing. I've had 5 days of great weather over here with sunshine every day and temperatures in the low 20s - it was just starting to get a bit too hot to run as I finished on Sunday.

We started at 9:15 - I found the first 10K a little difficult because I was constantly running up against slower runners and having to find a way round them in the packed field was difficult and broke my rhythm. As usual I ran much faster in the first half doing around 7:30 minute miles and reached the halfway point in 1:38. It was downhill from there but managed to keep under 8 mins/mile until mile 20. I thought at that stage I might manage 3:25 but in the final miles I couldn't stop myself slowing. I can usually speed up a little for the last mile but not yesterday, mile 26 was done in 9:20 - my worst split of the day and the only one over 9 minutes. My final time was 3:27:21 - fastest marathon time this year and marathon #115.

Piers Keenleyside

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