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BA Athletics Club News Digest 27th May 2019


  • Wednesday 29th May - Rosenheim T&F2 at Ewell Court from 18:45 #
  • Tuesday 4th June - NOW Richmond (see below)
  • Wednesday CIE Monopoly at the Bedfont Club from 18:00 (see below) #

We meet at 18:00 at the Bedfont Club on most Wednesdays throughout the year including this Wednesday. Numbers are light so please let me know in advance to expect you - mail > Roderick Hoffman

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: 4th April.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] (parkrun details updated 26th May) / # Club Points event.

Facebook: (formal "front window" club page), BA Runner Facebook Group (informal "back office" - ask to join).

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

NOW Richmond - Tuesday lunchtime 4th June

The next NOW event is scheduled for TUESDAY 4th June and will be held in Richmond Park. It will consist of a short run, lunch at Pembroke Lodge and a visit to Ham House. All are welcome. We will meet in the car park by Pembroke Lodge entrance at 12:00 noon. Postcode is TW10 5HX. Look forward to seeing you there.

Regards Barry Walters

Monopoly Event Wednesday 5th June from 18:00 + social with food #

We will be repeating last Summer's Monopoly competition on June 5th, at 18:00.  This "Club In House Event", based at the Bedfont & Feltham FC ground in Hatton Road, is open to everyone.

All ages, from two year olds to ninety-two year olds, are welcome.  It's a tortoise and hare team event.  It will involve up to 40 minutes of running or strolling, shuttling between the club and friendly marshals to acquire properties from Old Kent Road to Mayfair, then collecting railway stations, houses and hotels.

Teams will be brought together on the day to ensure a fun competition.

See you there - bring the family if you can. Some volunteer opportunities also available! (we need three people to deal out the cards).

Steve and Linda Hillier

Let Steve know to expect you so that we can get the food order right. Remember that we are happy to feed you, but we would like you to be members of the Bedfont club either directly or via BA Clubs. You can fill in a form on the night.

Track & Field Grand Prix, Hillingdon Track, Uxbridge, 20th May 2019 #

We gathered at Hillingdon Athletics track on Monday night for the second club Grand Prix of the season.

Wellie Wanging was once a popular Olympic event, sadly missing from recent Olympiads.  We all used the standard boot (size 11, black), although some chose to use the left boot rather than the more common right waterproof.  It was a close contest, with the “propeller”, “helicopter” and “javelin” techniques all employed to good effect.

Simon strode to a good time in the rarely-run 1000m.   Our former T&F captain, Eddie Giles, was visiting Uxbridge and kept the pressure on Simon.  Steve and Roderick battled out third place, which was decided on not much more than the thickness of a vest.

We all entered the long jump event, slightly nervous of collecting an unnecessary injury.  We all came away unscathed, and with only one no-jump between us in the entire series.  Simon again took top honours.

The last event, shot, got confusing.  At least for me.  A few words of advice on technique and rules are often useful, ahead of this rarely competed event.  However, I couldn’t sort out my left from my right.  Eddie and I were putting with our right hands, Roderick due to injury with his wrong (left) hand, and uninjured Simon with his right (left) hand.  As a result, my advice on the right (correct) positioning of feet, left (caused) something to be desired, and it took me a few minutes to get it right (spot-on).  In the event, Eddie’s two putts over 8 metres ensured he was the winner.

Uxbridge track, 19/5/19 1000m Wellie wanging Long Jump Shot Put
Simon Turton V50 03:51 (1st) 17.70m 3.44m (1st) 5.19m (6kg)
Eddie Giles V70 04:19 15.85m 2.83m 8.07m (4kg) (1st)
Steve Hillier V60 04:55 19.45m (1st) 3.03m 7.72m (5kg)
Roderick Hoffman V55 04:57 15.64m 2.31m 4.63m (6kg)

The next Grand Prix will be held on June 17th.  Come and join us to tackle the 800m and Triple Jump.

Steve Hillier

Ed: At this point I need to tell a story about today's marshalling of the Vitality 10k. In the practice beforehand concern had been expressed by the "volunteered" loud speaker that he couldn't be relied upon to know the difference between left and right. Since the shout out to runners has to be reversed, "Left" if we need them to divert to the right, and v.v., this was a potential problem but the caller was assured that he would be told what to shout. Halfway through the marshalling I was busy watching the runners coming in and admiring the courage of the pair of runners strapped together, running towards the pen. I was about to cry out a word of encouragement to the pair when I heard the caller shout a very loud "RIGHT!". It was fortunate that I was about to call out because I had to change mid-breath to shout "NO! LEFT!" in an even louder voice before the blind runner completed his instinctive movement towards disaster. The problem passed, but it was close. So, I may not be able to run fast, throw or jump (see above) but there is nothing wrong with my reactions!

World Airline Road Race 2019 Amsterdam entry process and racecourse #

Sept 5-7th, Amsterdam.

Entry is now possible allowing direct payment in Euro (or GBP at their exchange rate). Race AND awards dinner costs either €99.83 or £91.23. Link: . You can enter either the 5k or the 10k or indicate that you intend to run both races - there is no difference in cost. There are many individual and team prizes for airline participants and some prizes for non-airline participants. All are welcome to enjoy the various parties and awards dinner - providing a race entry and/or awards evening ticket has been purchased.

The race registration process allows you to join the BA team even if you are not a current or former BA employee.  That will enable us to ensure we keep in touch with all of the people running with us and ensure that we have a large enough table at the awards banquet. Interestingly though, there are currently two "British Airways - BA" teams, one for those who have joined paying US Dollars (with ten members so far) and one for those having paid with a European Currency (currently only me!). I'm sure they will join the two teams together.

KLM have also announced some details of the route: "The racecourse is called "Amsterdamse bos" which is translated as the 'Amsterdam forest'; however, the name is a bit misleading since the race is in a park rather than a forest. The racecourse is all on a bike and pedestrian road, there is no gravel or dirt but rather the run is all on pavement. The course is completely flat with one climb of 17 meters at the 8 km mark.". I believe that the 5k course also has the hill, though at the 3km mark.

If you are considering entering WARR please let me know so that I can include you in WARR specific communications.

Roderick Hoffman

London Marathon 2019 Reports (part four of four?)

Vikki Foster

Sunday was a good day for me - I finished in 5:39:39 and had a brilliant time on the course seeing lots of friends and family along the way even those who were running but on different starts!

But I think I'll definitely be on the other side of the fence next year!

Vikki Foster

Helen Clifton

First of all I would like to thank the BA athletic club for giving me this wonderful opportunity to run in best marathon in the world.

I was full of nerves but confident that I would run ok as my training had gone so well. Nothing could prepare me for the crowd noise and the very supportive volunteers, this kept me going all race and I managed to complete the marathon in 5:05:07 which I was very pleased by. 

I hope you all had a great day and managed to have good rest afterwards, I look forward to being part of the volunteer team for the 2020 London Marathon.

Thanks for all support

Helen Clifton

Chris Kelly

Indeed, it’s a great day to be a part of. Can’t say I enjoyed all of it - I am going with "Disciplined" for my adjective of the day.

I had a good spell running with Maria Jovani for few miles from the start – but had to let her go as she was running so well, then was very happy to see Steve & Marion at Bermondsey – sorry you couldn’t run – but thanks for the cheer.

I timed it just right (!) to see the winners opposite me on the Highway, in a Gang of Four, followed by a solitary Sir Mo, and then a steady stream of named runners and a few low numbers.  I did notice that no-one around me took any of the offered Lucozade Gels at mile 14 – I usually can’t pass up freebies - but they are just too rubbish – sorry to hear of so many stomach upsets – perhaps we should let Lucozade know…

After that it was a case of one foot in front of the other for me until the last few miles – nice to see a few Reading Roadrunners, who marshal at the Tower, then very good to see my family at Mile 25 and of course the closing miles there are many friendly faces – thanks to all of them - a Power Up / Fist bump from Graham – thank you – and an enjoyable finish. It’s a tough day. Well Done folks.


Chris Kelly

Charlotte Bernath

I had an amazing experience at my first London Marathon and thoroughly enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. The atmosphere is incredible, the support from random people and especially the marshals and my family got me through to the end.

I managed to get a time of 4hours and 33 minutes which was incredible.  Proud of myself as I wanted to get a sub 5 hours.

Thank you for the place and one of the best memories in my life.

Kindest regards, 

Charlotte Bernath


Place (Overall) Place (Gender) Place (Category) Name Runner Number Category Race Status Time
23568 7399 3886 Bernath, Charlotte (GBR) 60436 18-39 Finished 04:33:23
31239 11072 977 Clifton, Helen (GBR) 60435 50-54 Finished 05:05:07
36742 14105 7434 Foster, Vikki (GBR) 60420 18-39 Finished 05:39:39
7445 5974 606 Kelly, Chris (GBR) 24630 50-54 Finished 03:33:18

Club parkrun results for Saturday 25th May 2019

If your time on Saturday, or that of someone you think should or could be included, isn't in the following list, please let me know so that I can add them next time.

Roderick Hoffman

Member 25th May 2019 parkrun  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Age Grade  ↓ PB?  ↓ Comment
TRUE Ian CUNNINGHAM Hanworth 29 00:23:05 67.15% first run at Hanworth, park #40
TRUE Mike Dennison Hanworth 5 00:19:48 81.73% PB   course pb, 20" improvement, club record, VM60 record, 4th highest %.
TRUE Steve NEWELL Hanworth 133 00:39:36 47.85% first run at Hanworth, park #109, VM75 record
TRUE Neil FREDIANI Hanworth 65 00:26:38 61.26% first run at Hanworth park #48
TRUE Paul Davis Hanworth 139 00:42:42 31.73% 3rd run at Hanworth
TRUE Benita Scaife Hanworth 116 00:33:05 61.26% first run at Hanworth, park #59
TRUE John Scaife Hanworth 117 00:33:05 50.68% first run at Hanworth, park #66
TRUE Roderick HOFFMAN Hanworth 92 00:29:06 54.18% first run at Hanworth, park #273
TRUE Maarten Stenham Hanworth 64 00:26:37 51.66% first run at Hanworth, park #6
To be checked Kelly Davis Hanworth 119 00:33:53 44.27% first run at Hanworth, park #17
TRUE Christine Harriet MUNDEN Barnsley 158 00:33:04 49.50%
FALSE Chris Evans Bedfont Lakes 45 00:23:55 63.21%
TRUE David Duggan Bedfont Lakes 104 00:28:30 55.79%
TRUE Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 48 00:24:01 59.96%
TRUE Maria Jovani Bedfont Lakes 139 00:30:58 50.43%
TRUE James Shoulder Bedfont Lakes 35 00:23:08 55.76%
TRUE Joe NOLAN Black Park 324 00:29:18 56.71% first sub 30 min run F175this year
TRUE Oliver MATHAI Bushy Park 483 00:25:02 66.98%
TRUE Adam Moquet Clair 1 00:18:17 71.10% PB   M-1, course pb by 14s, club record
TRUE Trish MCCABE Edinburgh 672 00:50:10 30.90% first parkrun in Scotland, park #39
TRUE Anne Bannister Edinburgh 673 00:50:11 39.22% first parkrun in Scotland, park #26
TRUE Bob Bannister Edinburgh 676 00:53:11 30.68% first parkrun in Scotland, park #31
TRUE Zoe OSTLEY Edinburgh 675 00:53:11 34.50% first parkrun in Scotland, park #17
TRUE Tim Bellars Exmouth 42 00:21:39 69.82% 12th run at 12 different parkruns
TRUE Piers KEENLEYSIDE Fire Service College 75 00:26:33 61.46% PB   01:18 improvement
FALSE Joan FOXLEY Harrow 238 00:38:35 57.71%
TRUE Denis Foxley Harrow 167 00:30:57 56.97%
TRUE Ian Cockram Hazelwood 26 00:23:37 62.95% first run at Hazelwood, run #479, park #77
TRUE Petra OTTO Manor Field, Whittlesey 76 00:34:25 60.73%
TRUE Alan ANDERSON Osterley 252 00:42:11 55.71%
TRUE Christopher T KELLY Reading 155 00:25:52 58.44%
TRUE Murrey HOGGE Reading 35 00:21:26 73.56% run #259, all at Reading, new member
TRUE John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 23 00:20:20 74.92% 5th run at Rickmansworth
TRUE Marion WOODHOUSE Rickmansworth 329 00:31:53 56.77% 10th run at Rickmansworth
TRUE Paul WATT Rushmoor 101 00:25:26 59.90%
TRUE Julie BARCLAY Rushmoor 36 00:22:27 79.58%
TRUE Eddie GILES Salisbury 171 00:25:41 68.66%
TRUE Paul TIMMS Tetbury Goods Shed 23 00:24:57 62.12% Club parkrun #497

Volunteers - We can ONLY include specific volunteer efforts each week if we are emailed about them by 17:00 on the Monday after the run.

25th May 2019 parkrun role
Caroline Cockram Bedfont Lakes Run Director
Alice Banks Higginson Marlow unknown

Club runners at HanworthA good turnout at Hanworth for the Club Featured parkrun # - and without the Bedfont trip to Edinburgh we would have had even more. Being a new run everyone who ran there is in the "top 500" in the age graded league. But we got two new age category records to add to the one that Maria Jovani already holds. The photo is edited - a prize to the first person who emails Roderick to say what the edit is!

Paul TIMMS ran his first parkrun of the year and chose to do it in the Goods Shed at Tetbury which takes the club total onto 497.

35 parkrun results are listed above - apart from on New Year's Day that is almost the record. We've once had more, 37 on Christmas Eve (Saturday) 24th December 2016.

Steve's parkrun stats - club parkrun stats - NOW UPDATED

NEW club parkrun database - {read access to new club parkrun database} - UP TO DATE - Download and explore.

Steve Newell / Roderick Hoffman

Up to 497 - push for 500 for 1st June 2019!

The club map is up to date showing as red trees the parkruns that we are yet to run.  The three nearest to Hatton Cross are:

  • Bethlem Royal Hospital (SE London, just beyond Croydon),
  • Dunstable Downs (just off the M1, near Dunstable),
  • Mountbatton School (just north of Southampton).

I'll be doing a new-to-the-club parkrun up in Scotland.

Hanworth extra...

It was great seeing you at Hanworth Parkrun yesterday. It was a nice way to achieve your 349th Parkrun!

At the end, the Run Director, Carol Moran, asked me if I minded putting a word out on the Digest / Facebook for an idea - they thought it would be nice if we could get enough people in the BAAC to 'take over' the complete volunteering of Hanworth Parkrun for one week in the summer. This would be Run Director, Marshall, Time Keepers, Bar Code Scanners and Tail Walkers.

I said it's certainly something we can consider, but thought it more appropriate to put it on the Digest / Facebook to get a straw poll if a certain Saturday favours, or if it's achievable at all?

I'm certainly up for it.

Let me know what you think,


Maarten Stenham

I think that that is a great idea and something we should aim to do - perhaps sooner rather than later (to give the new team a break and allow them to run their own course!).  As an additional incentive please be aware that this is something that our Qantas rivals have already done - last Saturday they provided all of the marshalling roles at Dolls Point parkrun in Sydney.

The idea needs a formal owner, someone prepared to coordinate the appropriate date with the parkrun team and potential participants - ideally someone with Run Director experience.  I'll create a Facebook event, initially with a dummy date just to get the ball rolling, so please register for this if you COULD be interested in being involved and let me know by email if you are prepared to be the owner.

Roderick Hoffman

Adrian Haines in the Westminster Mile2019 British Airways Run Gatwick Sunday 13th May results - Adrian in the 5k

Rather than the half marathon that took place around the Gatwick area, I opted for the 5k race around Crawley. Having raced the 800m on Saturday in 2:06, my favoured distance, I also participated for the longer distance. With 1,000 runners, I ran a decent race, after losing touch with the leader after a kilometer. For a period I was in 4th/5th place, but in the last kilometer pulled back to a creditable 2nd place with a sprint finish in a time of 17:33 .

This is a very well organised event with a few celebrities turning up. I had a long chat with Colin Jackson and congratulated Dina Asher Smith after her brilliant 200m in Doha. There was also Helen Skelton, apparently famous for her short skirts in the 2016 swimming summer Olympics.

And the Westminster Mile (pictured)...

"Westminster Mile incorporated with the British Masters mile. A few seconds slower this year and 4th M50 in 00:04:56."

Adrian Haines

Adrian gives the club a headache in the recording of records. The club MV50 record for the mile would appear to be held by John Williams with 5:11 set in June 1993. Adrian doesn't usually count for club records because he has a first claim club of Crawley AC hence in big events enters and runs for them, not us. However, clearly here, he is wearing a BA club vest!

Street-O Final Table

The last run of this year's South London Street Orienteering league was held on Tuesday 14th May around Wimbledon.  One of the controls that Simon Turton visited turned out to be {sir} Andy Murray's golden post box! Both of us had reasonable runs but both were scored down by adding up errors by the adjudicators! Simon spotted the mistake on his sheet and had his corrected, I didn't so was 30 points worse off than I should have been. On the night Simon finished in 19th place out of 93 runners with 500 points. The joint winners both got 674 points.  I was given 399 points and 50th place, though it should have been 429 points and 41st place.

Overall for the series Simon finished in 14th place (13th man) and I was in 38th. However, although she didn't run the last event, Christine Munden ended the season as 12th women so beat both of us!  In total 342 people ran at least one run over the series of nine runs (including Chris Kelly and Jain Reid). Only two people ran all nine - and I got a name mention in the results for being one of them:

Next season will kick off in September but to prepare us for it Simon will be organising a local trial event around the Bedfont Club on Wednesday 21st August. All will be encouraged to attend and take part.

Roderick Hoffman

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