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BA Athletics Club News Digest 28th December 2021

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy.

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This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Track-on-Field (by end of Sunday 9th January, to be reported on in the following digest):

Name Date 1500m time 800m time 400m time 200m time 100m time Comment:
              e.g. Location

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Round Heathrow Run on Thursday #

Currently three of us are due to meet at the Bedfont Club carpark on Thursday at 11:00 for the round Heathrow run. I might be the only one to do the full circuit with one other just running the first five miles and the other making a longer run of it! Course details: Round_LHR_2021.pdf.  I expect the course to be wetter than when I checked it last week, and leggings are recommended, but it will be warm!  More are welcome to join us, to run any distance, but please let me know to expect you. > Roderick Hoffman

New Year Editorial

I've just reread my editorial from the 28th December 2020. I'll suggest that my predictions for the year were fairly accurate, although slightly overstating the effectiveness of the vaccines then in the early days of being rolled out. We are still to discover if the "next winter there will be a further wave of the virus but it should only have a minor impact due to the rollout of a booster" bit is true, or a gross understatement.

I am optimistic for 2022 but I won't put any predictions into print - we should know within a couple of weeks whether Covid-19 can really be downgraded to "just another virus like the flu".

Of course, I have great sympathies for all those who have suffered loss or long-term health issues due to the virus, and also those (including me) who have had to follow their "Plan B" over the Christmas period.

Here's to a better 2021.

> Roderick Hoffman

2021 Athletic Achievements and Targets for 2022

2021 Achievement 2022 Target
Trish McCabe My best achievement of the year was taking on the challenge of running every day (RED) of January which I succeeded and continued to run every day until 19/08 when a niggle set in and I decided to take a break and have a rest. Despite this setback and not running very much in the latter part of the year, I managed to successfully complete the Virtual London Marathon and finished the year having run 1,253 miles. I haven't stopped, I've a half-marathon in January and my target for next year is to exceed my annual mileage obtained for this year and to compete in 3 new races and take on my first duathlon.
The Scaifes 2021 wasn’t great for us with regard to running. We have not as yet set ourselves a goal for 2022, apart from hoping to get back to our previous levels of fitness.
Steve Newell I think my highlight of the year was swimming a mile round Chiswick Eyot from Hammersmith in the tidal Thames (and not all with the current!) A few years ago people of my age were uninsurable and I had to put an upper age limit of 75 on the Great River Swim. Aim for 2022 - do it again, one year even older! Also moving my Wilson Index (currently 114)  up to maybe 150 and keeping Londone status.  Swanley (M25 ring) to be attempted sometime, maybe by bike and train - needs a bit more planning.
Steve Hillier 2021.  The highlights must have been competing again with club mates, rather than being isolated from them; on the track, at Bedfont, at NOW events, and at the cross country.  Perhaps my personal best performance was a shot put series at Perivale, on a baking July night. 2022:  My targets are to encourage big turnouts for our club XC in March and our league track and field events in the summer, and to perhaps improve my discus PB?
Scott Davison My best achievement in 2021 was that by June I had run 5k every day for 6mths as I started it as lockdown began the previous December!!! 2022 sees me return to longer distances starting with Hampton Court half in February.
Roderick Hoffman Not my club record 2km walk, but my 2021 run total for the year now exceeding my 1,200mile stretch target for the year, only the second time I've done this. My target achievement for next year isn't a mileage target - it is to initiate the Concorde One Hour event [and, unlike this year's achievement, I'll need much more help from you to achieve the Concorde event].
Rob Evans Best achievement of 2021 getting up to three 10km runs per week, after hip op 4 years ago
Piers Keenleyside October's London Marathon was my best achievement of 2021 as it was the fastest of my 6 marathons run this year. Finished in 4:25:02. A non-running achievement was becoming a grandfather! My main target for 2022 is to try and get a sub-4 marathon time after March 20 (when I turn 65) but before early August to get a good for age qualifier for the 2023 London Marathon. I also want to run about 16 marathons in 2022 which will leave me with 6 to do in 2023 to reach my 200th at the Richmond Park Marathon in May.
Petra Otto My best and, very sadly, the only ‘achievement’ this year was walking in the Virtual London Marathon, and finishing that. After the sudden loss of my beloved mum, my aim for next year is to fall back onto my feet again, and getting mentally and physically stronger. I think that my running days might be over but I've entered for next year’s London Marathon for my 70th birthday. I would be walking it, as per my consultant’s firm instructions.
Paul Watt Best ever year and I ran PBs in all ten different events run…from 200m - 10k. Dulwich parkrun in November was my best time for 5k of 19:18 and first time age grade over 80%. Maintain the standard but I also want to run and compete in a half-marathon.
Neil Frediani My best achievement was running over 1000 miles in the year after falling well short in the last 2 years. Total elevation was >80,000ft. which was double my previous best. My best individual achievement was running the Chevy Chase in the Cheviot hills. 20miles with very steep ups and very difficult downs, the hardest run I have ever done.
Mike Dennison My best achievement would be finishing the London Marathon within my 3:30 target time. I've also managed to get PBs at all the distances I've raced in 2021 (that's at 1 mile, 5k (parkrun), 10k, 10mile, half marathon and marathon) - the best of these was probably the Ranelagh Richmond 10k, where I managed to break 40 minutes for the first time, and got my highest ever age-grade, of 85.00%. There's also been a lot of pleasure in just going out running with friends, as well. For 2022, just more of the same. I'm not sure I can carry on with the PBs, but we'll see! My hope is to become the v60 100mtrs and 60mtrs record holder for Woking AC and also have a successful injury free season.
Melanie Miller my ‘best’ achievement was the London/New Forest Virtual Marathon as it took a lot of structured training and the course was ‘choppier’ more undulating than last year and I finished 30 mins faster than last year too. For 2022 I’m hoping to achieve my London Classics’ by completing the swim ‘leg’ of 2 miles at Swim Serpentine in September…now that wud be an achievement given swimming has surpassed running as my ‘weakest’ link…lol.
Maarten Stenham My favourite individual race was the BAAC Cross-Country run at Cranford Park (last time I saw Tom Rowley) at the beginning of May. A lovely oasis and a nice friendly atmosphere, well organised as usual. My favourite run moment was Bedfont Lakes Parkrun, 18th December, as it was the first that Jakob was able to run by himself as he'd turned 11 the previous weekend. Although I was faster, I am looking ahead to when he will be faster than me over the 5km.
Kevin Holland Notwithstanding a couple of serious health issues, my best moment of 2021 would be recently completing my first park run for a long time - Brookland, just under 38 mins. For 2022, my ambition is to complete a 5k without walking at all. If that comes to pass I'll be looking to join you in one of the BA Club featured parkruns also.
Julie Barclay Dorney Lake 5k in March - good time of 21:31 and a good grading of 83%. Shake off the current injury and run 10k in sub-45 minutes.
Joanna Roxy (Wells) Started couch to 5k & got injured . Entered the Dorney Sprint Tri at end of Sept & my only claim to fame was “my time was EXACTLY the same as 2 years ago!!  2 years older, hit my 60th in match, yet time the same!! My aim for 2022 is to run the Thorpe 10k with my youngest dog, complete Windsor Sprint Tri and to enter an Olympic distance Tri (and NOT walk on the run at all!!)
Jane Harbert my best exercise was on 'Ride The Rockies' in June, which was about 400 miles cycling over 6 days at altitude. The worst of it was that it was hot this year, the hottest day being 103 miles at temperatures reaching 39.5'C. I won't be doing it any more as my eyes really suffer in the extreme dryness and heat. Aim for future is to continue at an hour of exercise per day, having done that for several years now. That was easy in UK with all the great parks and runner friendly areas. More difficult in Colorado when snow covers the ground for 5 months of the year. No more running for me.
Ian Hudson Since become my wife’s carer it is all I can do to get out for a 10Km urban walk in Wokingham. In 2022 I intend to start jogging the 10Km!!
Ian Cunningham Best achievement for 2021 - hitting my annual target of 1500 miles for the year with 10 days to spare as well as seeing the return of some racing (23k around Ambleside), Cross Country and parkrun. For 2022 I’ll be happy enough with more group events and less Covid constraints.
Harjit Jhooti In 2021 I climbed 2 mountains in the Lake District, Helvellyn and Scafell Pike.  My longest distance was Race to the Stones. I had to cancel running the London Marathon due to having Covid-19. In 2022 I have booked Race to the Kings 100K 2 day event with camping ⛺️. I am running the London Marathon in October.
Emma Moreton Achieving "Good For Age" at the Virgin London Marathon. Target for 2022 would be to get a sub-22 parkrun.
Eddie Ketterick   As for goals for next year they will all be in supporting rolls ( London half and full marathons ). But I do also hope to walk some parkruns.
Eddie Giles Not many runs this year but enjoyed the parkrun on 30th October when I ran with Tom Newsam on his 600th. A very quiet guy but I had a word with the organisers and a big cheer came up when announced about to run his 600th. Lots of runners cheering all the way round and at the finish. For 2022 I notice that on 13th June at Uxbridge track, the Vets event will have a V70, hopefully a 200m, if so I will be there. Another comeback at 73!! [Ed: Brian Bennett holds the club record at 34.2]
Di Smith My best activity achievement would have to be my 1.2 million steps in 120 days Stride for Stroke challenge, which I started in March and finished in July. I was encouraged to have a go at it by the physio and I’m glad I did, as it really got me going, and it led on to my participating in parkrun for the first time in September. As for next year, I would like to achieve one or more or all of the following: a sub 50-minute parkrun, to have totalled 25 or more parkruns (I’m on 7 currently), to have totalled 25 or more ‘volunteers’ at parkrun (I’m on 6 currently), to have attempted some sort of a jog, even if it’s only for 10 yards!!
Denis Foxley My most pleasing achievement is being able to run at all following my knee replacement operation. I was in such pain before the op however, following a lengthy period of rehabilitation, it is now virtually pain-free and I can run comfortably for an hour which I never thought I would be able to do again. I no longer enter races so measure myself with parkrun times. In September I did my fastest parkrun since 2017 and the aim for 2022 is to make further improvements. I will also do my 100th volunteering role early in the new year.
Clara Halket There were several achievements in 2021 that I’m grateful to have achieved, one of which was running 62km to mark my birthday in May covering the local woods and roads. Now that my right leg is still causing issues and under physio care, for 2022 my target is to walk rather than run the length of the Grand Union Canal towpath from Birmingham to London with some like minded friends .
Barry Walters I was probably most happy with reaching 100 parkruns as this was a goal for the year and at one time didn’t look like it was going to happen. For 2022 my goal will be to improve my running action which has definitely deteriorated over the last 2 years and bring down my parkrun time to below 28 minutes which I have run a lot recently.
Andrew Rayner I've managed cross-country jogs in honour of The Duke and VE and VJ Days (carrying our flag) and a few for Tony Barnwell. These can affect me days after so I need to be careful. Most of my cross-country 4 mile jaunts are now at the fast walk. Plan A for 2022 is simply to keep going, knowing that at 79 the 'Clock' as per Rudyard Kipling may call time. I have been running seriously since my forties (marathons, etc) so 'Keep right on to the end of the road!'
Amanda Coombs My best achievement of 2021 was managing the BAAC ladies' cross-country team participating in the Surrey League. Two matches completed with two more ahead to complete the season. In September 2022 I am taking part in the Scilly Isles Swim Challenge - a 16km staged swim across the islands - which I am very much looking forward to. I move into a new age-group (F55) so I will also do a triathlon, but I haven't decided which one yet!
Alan Friar My most enjoyable race this year was the Equinox 5K at Bedfont Lakes Country Park held just before sunset on an undulating and twisty course. Although I followed some other runners and took a wrong turn, I still did a fairly good time of 33:21. This coming year, I hope to improve on this year's parkrun time and get below 32 minutes.
Adrian Haines 2021 started really well with a great training block and smashed out my best achievement of 17:35 for a local 5k. Since then performance has plummeted following Covid jabs, injuries and then Covid itself. Covid was bad flu for a week, but recovery has been slow and I think I’m just turning a corner. For 2022 I will be changing my training approach, with quality over quantity plus strength work. My focus will be 400/800 instead of 800/1500 to reduce the mileage. There are the World Masters championship in Finland in June and I will be in a new age group(M55). Let’s get over Covid first and then see where I am in a couple of months.

Apologies to anyone who has submitted their achievements or 2022 targets but been missed out by mistake. Submit again for next week's digest.

Roderick Hoffman

2021 Xmas Mile Relay Results #

The traditional pre-Christmas mile out and back relay was held on a chilly dry evening using the same course as previous years when an event has been possible at Bedfont  (Hatton Road plus the footpath/cycle way past the allotments).  This has probably become the established course to replace the parkway mile in Cranford. Although narrower throughout compared with the old course it has some advantages - almost no detectable gradients, well lit, cleaner air and a start/finish much nearer changing rooms, toilets and a bar. 

Teams (pairs) were selected with the intention of avoiding too much bunching on the narrow paths shared with the few other pedestrians in the locality. The two fastest runners (Paul Watt and Maarten Stenham) were not on the track at the same time but would clearly have had a close race if they had started together.  Jakob Stenham (age 11) has run the summer mile at the Feltham track and is maintaining his early promise.

Participant Times
Paul Watt 06:29
Maarten Stenham 06:29
Jakob Stenham (J) 06:59
Julie Barclay 07:48
Graham Taylor 08:11
Denis Foxley 08:39
Roderick 08:43
Steve Hillier 09:40

Merry Christmas

Steve Newell

Others, including Melanie, fitted in a mile run earlier.

We had a good evening in the Bedfont Club afterwards with 25 of us enjoying the pizza and curry provided and the mince pies - though we clearly over-catered since there was plenty left at the end. The "Secret Santa" was successful - no one complained that they hadn't got a present back. No one unwrapped their present to discover a gift of a pack of Rapid Lateral Flow tests, though, sad to report, many might have found that a useful present over the Christmas period.

2021 Club Achievements and Statistics

2021 Club Achievements

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun results for Saturday 25th December 2021

27 runs and volunteer efforts are listed below - get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Pos Time Age Grade PB? Comment
Neil FREDIANI Blyth Links 211 00:29:57 55.48% 2nd run at Blyth Links
Charlotte HABGOOD Braunstone 397 00:43:31 42.17% Roderick's other sister - visiting from Oz
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 340 00:33:57 59.70%
Di Smith Bushy Park 1603 01:04:15 35.82% Tailwalker - 7th run this year, busy event, Di finishing 1,603rd (see below)
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 1289 00:34:00 46.76% 11th Christmas Day parkrun at Bushy
Maria Jovani Bushy Park 224 00:21:57 72.36%
Mike Dennison Bushy Park 117 00:20:23 80.78%
Christopher T KELLY California Country 190 00:46:24 33.41% run #497, even closer, 8th Christmas Day parkrun
Frankie HOGGE California Country 23 00:22:55 64.58%
Murray HOGGE California Country 24 00:22:55 70.62%
Ben Chaytow Crane Park 29 00:23:42 59.85%
Bob Bannister Crane Park 27 00:23:37 71.00%
David DUGGAN Crane Park 138 00:33:08 48.84% 26th parkrun this difficult year
Scott DAVISON Crane Park 57 00:26:21 55.98%
Trish MCCABE Crane Park 99 00:29:42 52.97%
Paul KNECHTL Frimley Lodge 27 00:20:40 71.37%
Alastair Heslop Guildford Token Sorting at Guildford [I wonder what was on the TV?]
Emma Moreton Homewood 58 00:27:12 56.56%
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 62 00:27:14 54.59%
Melanie Miller Itchen Valley Country 67 00:57:41 30.57% Tailwalker - "the course was soooo muddy"
Harjit Jhooti Jersey Farm 116 00:33:39 52.40% Getting into this tourist lark! 12th BA runner at Jersey Farm (only Steve Newell has run more than once)
Benita Scaife Maidenhead 281 00:35:20 59.15%
John Scaife Maidenhead 282 00:35:21 48.33%
Roderick HOFFMAN Northala Fields Traditional Timekeeper at Northala Fields (6th Xmas run in a row)
Julie BARCLAY Old Deer Park 91 00:33:14 55.97% first run at Old Deer park, park #66
Paul WATT Old Deer Park 124 00:50:18 30.82% first run at Old Deer park - slow time without being the tailwalker. 26th BA runner at ODP.
Andrew William Jordan Walsall Arboretum 119 00:25:35 60.59% 8th Christmas Day parkrun at Walsall Arboretum


This was the first year when Christmas Day fell on a Saturday since 2010 when parkrun was still, if not in infancy, in early development.  Since 2004 Bushy Park has had an extra run on Christmas Day every year, excluding 2020, but as parkruns grew in number over the years a Christmas Day run was an option which was not adopted by all core volunteer teams and in many cases ruled out by park owners who traditionally gave park-keepers their only day off all year.

At a personal level some of our members have made a parkrun a part of their Christmas for many years while others have never got involved and some have run on 25th December for the first time this year.  Ian Cunningham (34:00) has now done 11 Christmas Day runs at Bushy Park, every year available since 2010.  Chris Kelly (46:24) has collected a total of eight visiting Woodley, Reading, Dinton Pastures and this year California Country.  Andrew Jordan (25:35) ran at Walsall Arboretum on Christmas Day for the eighth time.  Alan Anderson was often a regular at Bushy Park (on his bike) in the early years and did seven Xmas runs there and Bob Bannister (23:37) has now run six at either Bushy or Crane Park.

Harjit Jhooti (33:39) was our notable tourist this week grabbing a  “J” at Jersey Farm and taking her total to 32.  Steve Newell has enjoyed the rural course in Hertfordshire three times because essential numbers for his Wilson Index have been on offer on particular days. He is unlikely to be there again in the next few months.

New Year’s Day is another story and we will get on to that next week.  In previous years start times varied between 08:30 and 11:00 but all runs in England this year be at 09:00, Scotland and Northern Ireland 09:30. 5 km parkruns in Wales have been closed down for the time being.  Sunday Junior parkruns (2km) in Wales are still allowed (max age 14).

Steve Newell

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore (this is where I get most of my club stats from).

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Whilst Di Smith may have had 1,602 parkrunners finish ahead of her that hasn't made her the lowest place finisher for the club. Ian Cunningham has that honour, gained at Bushy on Christmas Day in 2019, finishing in 2,189th place (and with over 250 behind him). Neil Frediani was 1,957th that day. Ian again and also Chris Kelly have also finished lower than 1,603rd at North Beach in South Africa.

Roderick Hoffman

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