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BA Athletics Club News Digest 27th April 2015


  • Wednesday 6th May - Speedbird Ladies 5k - Harmondsworth Moor 19:00
  • Thursday 7th May - Magic Mile - Bath Road from 12:45
  • Monday 11th May - Track&Field - London Veterans League, Battersea from 18:30

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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London Marathon Results and Thanks

Wow, what a day! On behalf of the London Marathon organisers and the BA Athletics Club, I'd like to say a big thank you for your support at the 35th staging of this epic run. As you can see from the attached press release, there was a record number of finishers and records tumbled across the various races but it wasn't all about the elites, there were the thousands upon thousands of runners raising millions for charity and I, like you, was proud to be part of the team of several thousand volunteers that made the day such a great success. Everyone played their part but I'd specifically like to thank, on your behalf; Stuart, Natalie, Barry, Eddie and Paul for team leading the 5 crossing points.

If you've got the helping bug then BAAC also support the following races and are always on the look out for volunteers. There's usually at least a T-shirt on offer and the distances being a lot shorter means it's not a big time commitment:

BUPA 10000 - B/H Mon 25th May - contact

Standard Chartered Great City Race (5km evening race) - Thur 9th July - contact

Prudential Ride London - Sat 1st Aug (FreeCycle) - Sun 2nd Aug (100 mile) - contact

If you'd like to help at next year's London Marathon (Sun 24th Apr 2016) then please drop me an e-mail in Jan 2016. Co-ordinating 150 marshals whilst trying to balance family and work commitments is quite challenging so I prefer to start with a clean sheet each year.

And finally, as you've marshalled you have the opportunity to apply for a BAAC guaranteed entry BUT you must first apply through the official ballot, which opens on Mon 4th May (be quick though, the limit was reached in about 8hrs last year!) and IF you're rejected you can apply to for a guaranteed place.

Thanks again and enjoy the rest, you earned it! 


Simon Turton

VMLM BAAC coordinator

Results - with apologies for errors and omissions

Place overall Place gender Place cat'y Name Club Runner no Cat'y half distance FINISH Comment  
36475 13678 940 Ferriday, Nadia (GBR) 9815 50-54 03:04:33 06:27:55 BA Yammer Colleague
20242 14769 530 Singh, Jagjit (GBR) Ba Club ... 20699 55-59 02:02:01 04:24:31 BAAC
24903 17396 649 Frediani, Neil (GBR) Briti... 22791 55-59 02:03:28 04:42:36 BAAC Entry
20487 5562 706 Mills, Tracey (GBR) Okehampt... 23316 45-49 02:06:17 04:25:31 BAAC
8467 6919 207 Keenleyside, Piers (GBR) Ealing E... 27192 55-59 01:40:39 03:41:28 BAAC
3526 3232 550 Kelly, Chris (GBR) Briti... 31096 45-49 01:34:40 03:14:04 BAAC Club fastest
33092 21453 865 Singh Modaher, Jasvir (GBR) briti... 54333 55-59 02:21:06 05:31:37 BAAC Entry
7646 6328 183 Taylor, Graham Charles (GBR) Briti... 54334 55-59 01:43:53 03:37:42 BAAC Entry
15980 3833 2173 Higham, Tamarind Lee (GBR) 54335 18-39 01:56:26 04:08:13 BAAC Entry
5403 4711 752 Haylock, Colin (GBR) British ... 54336 45-49 01:45:55 03:26:23 BAAC Entry Negative Split - 2nd half 4:40 faster than the first!
11141 8856 828 Rushmer, Gary (GBR) Briti... 54337 50-54 01:41:17 03:51:23 BAAC Entry
Turner, Mark (GBR) Briti... 54338 50-54 02:20:36 BAAC Entry Pacemaker to 30k?
27653 8799 1080 Turner, Kimberley (GBR) Briti... 54339 45-49 02:20:35 04:55:05 BAAC EntryCaught by Hannah and Sam over last 2k. finished with them.
12995 10161 945 Taylor, Stephen Keith (GBR) Briti... 54340 50-54 01:56:28 03:57:17 BAAC Entry
15798 12039 2310 Davison, Scott HARVEY (GBR) BRITI... 54341 40-44 02:00:09 04:07:28 BAAC Entry
27650 8796 5184 Davison, Hannah Caitlin (GBR) Briti... 54342 18-39 02:25:31 04:55:04 BAAC Entry
27648 18854 9746 Prosser, Sam Roy (GBR) Briti... 54343 18-39 02:25:31 04:55:04 BAAC Entry
8239 6753 1415 Haylock, Ian (GBR) Briti... 54344 40-44 01:45:28 03:40:31 BAAC Entry
14200 3193 419 Reeves, Jenny (GBR) Briti... 54346 45-49 01:53:32 04:00:44 BAAC Entry
36311 13575 1594 Goodridge, Louise Jane (GBR) Briti... 54347 45-49 02:45:08 06:23:18 BAAC Entry
13967 10852 2129 Stewart, Robbie (GBR) BA 54348 40-44 01:57:55 03:59:53 BAAC EntryJust beat 4hrs!
6799 5734 550 Timms, Paul (GBR) Briti... 54349 50-54 01:45:57 03:33:12 BAAC Entry Most even splits and 12m 37s off last year's time.
22981 16339 8427 Priday, Craig (GBR) Briti... 54350 18-39 02:08:46 04:34:45 BAAC Entry
19767 14497 7447 Chamberlain, Christopher Neil (GBR) Briti... 54351 18-39 01:45:43 04:22:47 BAAC Entry

[names are clickable and should take you to 5k splits]

By the end of this week I'll be submitting a results article to the BA Up-to-Speed magazine for May . They won't publish what I send them unless it has some interesting and revealing one liners of the experiences of the runners and helpers so please send me what you can - money raised? people met? thoughts of next year's?  One liners please...

Roderick Hoffman (and tell me of errors and omissions)

WARR World Airline Road Race 2015 Open for Entry

This year's WARR is being held in Dubai with 10k/5k race day being FRIDAY 23rd October 2015.  Information is somewhat vague at the moment but if you are keen to get yourself committed then the following link leads to registration - you will have to log into or create a new account to do so.  Note that for me I had to run this link in a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Let me know how you get on though please note that at the moment I've got no additional information other than I believe the intent is to include all of the usual elements. No hotel information available.

If you don't know what the World Airline Road Race is then I have to advise you to hold on until better information is published - but flag the date.

Roderick Hoffman 

Club parkrun results for Saturday 18th April 2015

18th Apr 2015 Family & Friends Time parkrun Comment Grade
Monica Alonso 31:57 Bushy Park run #53 51%
Alan Anderson 29:30 Gunnersbury run #360 70%
Alice Banks 25:34 Maidenhead run #25 73%
Julie Barclay 27:06 Woking club pacemaker 63%
Ben Chaytow 21:34 Crane Park run #101 62%
John Coffey 25:35 Guildford first run at Guildford 72%
Ian Cunningham 23:12 Bushy Park run #193 65%
Alan Friar 25:52 Woodley 40th run at Woodley 68%
Tony Hird 24:45 Gunpowder run #95 60%
Gareth Hobby 25:41 Reading run #12 54%
Roderick Hoffman 26:25 Cranleigh BApark #161, park #110 57%
Kevin Holland 29:38 Poole run #10 58%
Piers Keenleyside 43:54 Gunnersbury tail runner 36%
Chris Kelly 22:39 Reading run #235 65%
Kerstin Luksch 21:43 Gunnersbury marshalling tomorrow 69%
Steve Newell 32:35 Orpington BApark #162 55%
Joe Nolan 24:59 Black Park practice 25' pacer run 64%
Sreeram Sethuraman 26:59 Upton Court run #43 49%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Alice Banks volunteer Maidenhead pre event set up
Benita Scaife volunteer Maidenhead marshal
John Scaife volunteer Maidenhead marshal
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

The weekend was of course dominated by the London Marathon and attendances were short of the peaks reached the week before.  Chris Kelly 22:39 at Reading) and Piers Keenleyside (tail runner, 43:54 at Gunnersbury) had gentle outings ahead of the effort on Sunday but the other 26.2 fans stayed away.  Bushy Park didn't attract even 1000 runners, partly because the normally loyal John Coffey defected and ran at Guildford (for the first time) instead and found Alastair Heslop was on stopwatch duty this week.  Monica Alonso put in a rare appearance at Bushy to try out the new course and introduced the young Daniel Alonso into the parkrun fold and bearing in mind the instruction for under 11's to run with an adult they finished together in 31:57.

Alice Banks came close to equaling her club record at Maidenhead with 25:34.  John and Benita Scaife were on marshalling duty there.  At Woking, Julie Barclay was pacing a Woking club colleague under the watchful eye of Tom Rowley.

BA runners appeared at two previously unvisited parkruns this week.  Roderick Hoffman (26:25 at Cranleigh) and Steve Newell (32:35 at Orpington) took the club total on to 162.  Both courses include significant off-road and uphill elements!  Just as Steve Newell gets close to completing his tour of London Borough parkruns, two new ones have been announced.  Raphael Park in Romford (LB Havering, 2 May) and Harrow Recreation Ground (LB Harrow, 9 May) are being added to the list.  There is talk (but not much more than that) of a parkrun on Tooting Common starting sometime.  All year round post run swimming opportunities in Tooting Bec Lido (solar heated), woolly hats allowed on frosty mornings!

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

I couldn't avoid the Marathon over the weekend - running at Cranleigh I chatted afterwards in the cafe with the day's Run Director Chris Finill. On Sunday he ran the London Marathon for the 35th time - one of only twelve people to have run the event every year (assuming that they all finished - Chris did in 2:52:39).

Roderick Hoffman

Running Shorts

Get well soon Petra

Petra Otto has sent her apologies to Alastair for not being able to enter the Speedbird ladies or Concorde Five event.  In her words: "I so wish that I could run in your lovely event but I am down with a broken ankle. I tripped over on my training run on Easter Monday across the Fens, sprained (I thought) my ankle, only to find out last Sunday that I had been hobbling around with a broken ankle and also a displacement. Seeing the Consultant tomorrow. Soooo frustrating...  Please, do send everyone who knows me my very best wishes, for another successful event."

Get well quickly and best avoid the fens in future - perhaps there is a salt lake somewhere that is flatter?

and from our Rowling reporter...

As Julie Barcley was running in a S A League fixture on Saturday afternoon she went to Woking parkrun to run to help a training partner achieve a PB. That was a success - hence Julie's time of 27.06.

In the afternoon Julie ran her very first attempt at a non-scoring 1,500m in 5.44.  Then ran one of her favourite events, a 2,000m Steeple Chase as a scorer to run 9.02 with 5 barriers including the water jump on each of the 5 laps - and she managed to hurdle all of the barriers other than the water jump.

Tom Rowley

2014/15 5Mile Handicap Series Final Results and Winners

Now where did I put the sheet with the final results on them?...OK - I'm withholding the results until we've had an opportunity to present the award to the winner.

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