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BA Athletics Club News Digest 27th August 2012

This News Digest

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

Tuesday 4th September    Run-of-the-Month    'Round-the-Park' Lunchtime 5k race in Cranford Park - meet in the Concorde Centre at 12:15 or Cranford Park at 12:30

Sunday 23rd September    BAAC Planesaver Track&Field Championship and Family Fun Day at Eton Track - see next week's digest for more details.

Wednesday 26th September Club In-house Event: Brian's Relay - Concorde Centre from 18:00.  Social in the clubhouse afterwards - with a bonus yet to be announced.

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. 

The full events diary is on the club website at:

September Run-of-the-Month 'Round-the-Park' Lunchtime 5k Tuesday 4th September

Contrary to current expectations this event will not consist of a lap around the island of St Lucia but will instead be run on the traditional Cranford Park course.  Meet either at the Concorde Centre at 12:15 or, ready to run, in the Cranford Park car park (TW5 9RZ) at 12:30. Map showing car park location:

Please bring along your friends, family and colleagues.  Mixed teams of four runners are welcome.  A £1 per runner fee is usually charged and donated to the White Lodge Centre.

BAAC Planesaver Track&Field Championships and Family Fun Day - Sunday 23rd September

This is a major event in the club's annual calendar and a significant opportunity to attract new members.  All club members are asked to do what they can to promote this event.  A poster is linked here (or download it from the website).  Please print this off, in colour if possible, and display it where your colleagues can see it.  There is space towards the foot of the poster for you to add your name as a contact.

The event is at the top class Thames Valley Athletics Centre in Pococks Lane Eton (SL4 6HN) including car parking, changing facilities and covered spectator seating.  The club has hired the whole track for 12:00 to 18:00.  Over that time we will be organising a range of Track, Field and "Family and Fun" activities as shown on the schedule.  This is an opportunity to compare and contrast your performance with those of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes we have been following all summer. Some challenges for you:

Mo Farrow won the 5,000m gold in a time of 13:41.66.  Can you run the 3,000m in a faster time?

The gold medal winning high jumps were 2.38m (men) and 2.05 (women).  Can you jump further in the Long Jump?

David Rudisha broke the world record for the 800m by running 1:40.91.  That is equivalent to eight consecutive 100m runs of 12.6 seconds.  Can you run one 100m in 12.6?

Jessica Ennis "put" the shot 14.28m on her way to Heptathlon Gold - can you "wang" a Wellington boot that far?

If there is the demand we may see if we can fit in a 4x100m relay to see if we can outperform the men's GB Olympic team and get the batton round correctly.

This year the Track & Field Championships is being sponsored by Planesaver.


Cranford Park Relay Results

The Club-In-House event for August was held on a pleasant evening in Cranford Park and was a relay of one lap of 2.5K . Three teams of 3 runners plus Steve Newell started and after leg 1 Trevor Plows lead home. He continued on and did all three circuits as part of his build up for the Norfolk Relay next month. On leg 2 Barry passed Steve Hillier to hand over to David Barnard. The 3rd leg saw Alan Friar move into the lead with Eddie Giles moving through to 2nd place.

Thanks to Brian, Paddy and Harry for recording the times. Results are shown below.

Team C   39-56  
Trevor Plows     12-28
Steve Hillier     14-53
Alan Friar     12-35
Team B   40-20  
Tony Barnwell     16-04
David Myers     12-09
Eddie Giles     12-07
Team A   41-09  
Alan Anderson     14-39
Barry Walters     11-04
David Barnard     15-26

Steve Newell    15-54

Trevor's 3 laps totalled 40-58

Barry Walters

Track and Field Grand Prix Results

On Monday 20th August at Uxbridge Track we completed the 4th Grand Prix of six this season. A very good summers evening, perfect for our 3 events.

First up was the 400m sprint , won by Eddie Giles in 69.5 with Steve Hillier in 83.7 - so 1-0 to Eddie.

Next up was the Hammer event which Steve won in style at 30.50m (close to his own M55 record) with Eddie at 14.20m. 1 win each and all to play for.

The Long jump provided a win for Steve in 3.53m with Eddie just behind in 3.44m. So Steve wins 2 -1 on the night .

Eddie Giles

BAAC Photo Competition Captions

"What are the words for ‘Singing in the Rain’? My fans need entertaining!" {Eddie Giles}

"Hmmmm....this sandwich is getting a bit soggy" {Mike Thorn}

"Just checking if it is raining up here" {Mike Thorn}

"You're fulfilling your destiny, young Sandwich. Become my apprentice." {Mike Thorn}

"Learn to use the Dark Side of the Force." {Mike Thorn}

"Your faith in your friends is your weakness - Simon aka Darth Athleticus" {Mike Thorn}

"Oh well, life is full of disappointments!" {Steve Newell}

"My God.  Not much in the Goody Bag This year".  {Harry Wild}

Tweedledum (dressed in green):  "I told you not to sample the cake marked "EAT ME".  Quick, find the bottle marked "DRINK ME".  Whatever you do, don't let that woman in purple see that it's a Pepsi product." {Steve Hillier}

News for the next BAAC News Digest?

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