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BA Athletics Club News Digest 27th November 2017


  • Saturday 2nd December - Men's Surrey League Match 3 at Roundshaw Downs
  • Sunday 3rd December - Run-of-the-Month - Perivale Five SOLD OUT so we'll see you there only if you have already entered
  • Thursday 7th December - Dream Mile - PLACES STILL AVAILABLE - 12:45 start on the Bath Road WITH Mince Pies and Mulled Wine for finishers

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please. / Difficulty viewing this? Read it from the website:- Latest.shtml

Club Facebook Page "BARunner"

Inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Reminders including confirmation of the club's Christmas Do

We've confirmed our plans for the club Christmas event to be at The Five Bells in Harmondsworth on Wednesday 20th December.  We will have the Club's traditional mile event from 18:00 - Steve Newell will be measuring the course to ensure that it is the same length as the old Parkway Mile course and confirming that the air quality is at least to the same high standard. Then from 19:30 we'll be in The Five Bells with a Christmas Buffet - we may charge a small fee (say £5 a head) to upgrade to a better quality of Mince Pies. I've set-up a Facebook event for this with a nice picture of us on the beach .

Also don't forget to fill in (or complete) your survey responses at .  A few people started but didn't finish - perhaps put off by the SurveyMonkey interface graying out the question.  The club committee will consider the responses next week.  PS - I remembered to fill in the survey myself yesterday!

Oh and a final reminder that the retired runners lunch is on 5th December and anyone who hasn't told Steve Newell that they want to come should do so without any further delay.

Roderick Hoffman

Winter Five Mile Handicap 22nd Nov 2017

After pathfinding runs at Bedfont and Cranford earlier in the Autumn, the Five Mile Handicap series saw a more routine run on 22nd November.

Old Age, injuries and shift-work reduced the field to four runners who completed the full course.

Times for the now accurately measured new five mile course:

  •  Chris Kelly 42:43
  • Scott Davison 46:26
  • Trish McCabe 47:13
  •  Roderick Hoffman 48:11

See league table below for points awarded for this and previous weeks:

League Table 25-Oct 01-Nov 22-Nov Total points Target time next run
Trish McCabe 15 25 40 47:15
Roderick Hoffman 15 21 36 48:15
Chris Kelly 15 16 31 42:45
Gary Rushmer 15 15 30 35:00
Scott Davison 18 18 46:30
Simon Turton 15 15 36:15
Steve Taylor 15 15 42:00
Alan Friar 15 15 50:30
Steve Hillier 15 15 52:15
Tony Barnwell 5 10 15 to be determined

There are still four rounds remaining and with the best four scores to count it is not too late to join in and still win.  The next run is scheduled for Wednesday 13th December at Cranford.  Availability of changing rooms and showers on that day will be included in the the Digest on 11th December.

Steve Newell

WARR 2018 Open for registration...

It is a long way off but the 2018 WARR is already open for registration.  Visit the WARR website to register: .  Prices are 50US$ for the races and 60US$ for the awards evening. Charges are non-refundable but can be transferred for $3.95.

Event details:

  • September 26 6:00 PM MDT - Meet and Greet
  • September 27 5:00 PM MDT - T-Shirt SWAP
  • September 28 9:30 AM MDT - Team Captain's Meeting
  • September 29 6:30 AM MDT - 10K Starts
  • September 29 8:00 AM MDT - 5K Starts [or the nearby Clover Point parkrun also starting at 08:00 !]
  • September 29 5:00 PM MDT - Lets dance at the Awards Dinner and Dance

Other things you might like to consider around the time of WARR...

  • September 22nd 8:00 AM DST - Renton parkrun and opportunities to explore the Seattle area. This is my pre-WARR parkrun plan.
  • September 27th - after the T Shirt Party - WARR British Airways Road Racing Team reunion event (and only the Team Captain has to get up the next morning...any offers?)
  • September / October - Kite surfing opportunities - Victoria is one of the best kite surfing spots in the world and our former colleague Daniela Mayerova, who now works for a kite surfing company, expects to be there and should be able to offer inside information and offers on local kite surfing schools.
  • October 1st 6:00 AM MDT - Rocky Mountaineer Train Departs from Vancouver - this is a WARR special for a five day train tour across the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary - see:  Not cheap, but perhaps a good rate on a once-in-a-lifetime activity.  I've registered for this. There is also a two day option which is cheaper, but poorer value.
  • October 7th - Victoria Marathon (with relay event plus half marathon, 8k road race and kids run) - see .  Piers Keenleyside has already entered the Marathon.

Roderick Hoffman

Men's Surrey League Cross Country 2nd December 2017 @ Roundshaw Downs @ 3pm - Reminder

This is at Roundshaw Downs near Croydon in a fairly flat park (good for new runners). For those inclined to run a parkrun in the morning,
there is one in the same park so you could parkrun, have breakfast, go Xmas shopping in Croydon and get back in time for the race.

Details should get posted at: but arenít there yet.  If not posted then these are the usual location details:

For those unfamiliar with the venue or with sat. navs. CR0 4RW is the postcode for Roundshaw Downs near the start but if you are coming from the Epsom direction you may wish to park near SM6 9DZ(only a short walk away).

As always, if new runners would let me know in advance then I can get the admin. sorted beforehand rather than when I should be warming

Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 25th November

25th November family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Gary Rushmer 20:22 Bedfont Lakes M11, run #70, top grade at Bedfont 76%
Anne Bannister 26:27 Bedfont Lakes run #158 72%
Bob Bannister 23:38 Bedfont Lakes run #292, parkrun pb 68%
Alan Anderson 33:25 Bedfont Lakes age category record (MV80) 66%
Gill Westbrook 30:34 Bedfont Lakes run #81, all at Bedfont 64%
Chris Evans 23:23 Bedfont Lakes run #184, 179th at Bedfont 64%
Neil Frediani 25:06 Bedfont Lakes 25' pacer 64%
Scott Davison 23:37 Bedfont Lakes run #227 63%
Trish McCabe 27:16 Bedfont Lakes run #210 56%
Roderick Hoffman 28:23 Bedfont Lakes run #277, 5th at Bedfont 55%
David Duggan 28:59 Bedfont Lakes run #226, 29' pacer 54%
Steve Newell 35:43 Bedfont Lakes run #289, 2017 course sb 51%
Janet Smith 34:34 Bedfont Lakes run #80 50%
Paul Westbrook volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Joe Nolan supporter Bedfont Lakes
Petra Otto 33:01 Belton House club course record 62%
Sarah Gordon 34:51 Braunstone run #172, 51st at Braunstone 55%
John Coffey 26:54 Bushy Park run #260, 223rd at Bushy 70%
Jonathan Cox 23:14 Crane Park run #333 67%
James Shoulder 21:05 Crane Park run #26, 2nd at Crane Park 61%
Ben Chaytow volunteer Crane Park run director
Caroline Cockram 25:44 Gladstone Park club course record(F) 64%
Ian Cockram 24:39 Gladstone Park club course record 60%
Piers Keenleyside 24:21 Gunnersbury run #184, 129th at Gunnersbury 66%
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury lead bike
Joan Foxley 35:51 Harrow run #79, 73rd at Harrow 60%
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director
Daniela Mayerova 31:06 Langebaan (ZA) erstwhile member, currently kite surfing in South Africa 48%
Alice Banks 27:00 Maidenhead run #101 72%
Chris Kelly 21:46 Reading run #358, 285th at Reading 69%
Eddie Giles 27:00 Salisbury run #93, 17th at Salisbury 65%
Richard Ruffell 22:09 Tring run #131, 9th at Tring 70%
Kevin Holland 33:44 Woking run #90, 48th at Woking 52%
Benita Scaife 30:32 Wycombe Rye run #97, 5th at Wycombe 64%
John Scaife 30:33 Wycombe Rye run #110, 7th at Wycombe 54%

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

Club featured parkrun Bedfont Lakes performances

Bedfont Lakes parkrun team photo

Saturday was the third time that the club has had a featured parkrun at Bedfont Lakes. So how have we done over the years?  The table and graph gives you the answer - note that I've included performances for runners who are NOW members of the club even if they weren't then. As you can see it hasn't all been downhill - at least as many of us have improved as have got slower and Bob Bannister ran his all time parkrun PB on Saturday on his 292nd run, his 247th at Bedfont Lakes. Bob was also too quick for the photograph!

Club Bedfont Lakes parkrun results
parkrunner 25Jun11 3May14 25Nov17 Fastest
Barry WALTERS 00:18:47 00:18:47
Mark TAYLOR 00:20:08 00:20:08
John TAYLOR 00:20:14 00:20:14
Gary RUSHMER 00:20:22 00:20:22
Graham TAYLOR 00:20:48 00:21:51 00:20:48
Ian CUNNINGHAM 00:22:10 00:22:10
Scott DAVISON 00:24:54 00:22:37 00:22:37
Alan FRIAR 00:22:53 00:22:53
Chris EVANS 00:23:29 00:23:23 00:23:23
Eddie GILES 00:23:24 00:23:24
Natalie RUFFELL 00:23:27 00:23:27
Bob BANNISTER 00:27:00 00:25:43 00:23:38 00:23:38
Neil FREDIANI 00:24:30 00:25:06 00:24:30
Alice BANKS 00:24:50 00:24:50
Roderick HOFFMAN 00:26:11 00:25:39 00:28:23 00:25:39
Ian COCKRAM 00:25:55 00:25:55
Anne BANNISTER 00:28:09 00:26:27 00:26:27
Alan ANDERSON 00:27:15 00:33:25 00:27:15
Trish MCCABE 00:28:09 00:27:16 00:27:16
David DUGGAN 00:29:49 00:28:59 00:28:59
John LENNON 00:30:24 00:29:08 00:29:08
Gill WESTBROOK 00:29:31 00:30:34 00:29:31
Marion WOODHOUSE 00:31:19 00:31:19
Janet SMITH 00:34:18 00:34:34 00:34:18
Steve NEWELL 00:35:43 00:35:43

Seasonal Period parkruns

Don't forget that you'll be able to get some additional parkruns under your expanded belt this Christmas time. On Christmas Day you can get a run in before driving home for Christmas with the family.  Amongst many others venues include Northala Fields (I'll try to give you a time keeper on the day), Bushy, Woodley and with 9:30 starts both Homewood and Fulham Palace.

On New Year's Day they will crank up the parkrun computers another notch or two and enable you to record TWO different parkruns in the same morning. Start times are staggered to make this possible (and to confuse those still staggering from the previous night's celebrations). New Year's Day is a good opportunity to visit parkruns the other side of London without being on the road to hell in traffic on the way home.  My challenge as always is to find two parkruns I've not yet run that are both near to each other and with differing start times. Currently I'm seeing Castle Park (start time 08:30) as a good candidate for my first run of the day and year.

Not all parkruns have yet declared whether (and when) they are operating on these two dates - as well as needing to ensure they have enough volunteers they may need to get permission from councils and other organisations.

Of course these parkruns are in addition to the regular Saturday parkruns.  If the weather turns, remember to check the cancellation lists - perhaps as the last thing you do before setting off. Last Saturday the wet and cold spell caused the cancellation of 58 UK parkruns.

UK Links...

The official parkrun list of seasonal extra events:

A Googlemap showing Christmas Day parkruns:

A Googlemap showing New Year's Day parkruns and their start times:

The official list of cancelled parkruns - which is updated during the week AND on the morning:

Roderick Hoffman

Next Saturday Louise Plank is planning her 100th run and has arranged for a £10 donation to a defibrillator fund for Pitshanger junior parkrun for every runner who is a first timer at Gunnersbury.  So if you've never been to Gunnersbury before, think about it, you could be extending some young life in the future by decades.  The exercise has been labelled as the...wait for it...Plank Ton.

Harrow Hill 10k Road Race - 11th February 2018 10:30

The Perivale Five may be full up but there is time to get a registration in for another popular run in the area - the Harrow Hill 10k road race. If you enjoy long downhill runs then this could be a race for you although be warned that whatever comes down must also go up and in the case of the Harrow the up comes first.

Enter on line

Roderick Hoffman

Reproduced from Facebook

Petra's RabbitsI had a rabbit show on in Grantham today. Prior to the show I checked if there happened to be a parkrun nearby and yes, there was - at Belton House. :-)

I dropped the bun off at the show hall at 8am this morning, then drove the 4+ miles to Belton Hall, and enjoyed a really lovely parkrun there. I can highly recommend Belton House parkrun, which had 273 runners getting round the very scenic 2-lap course. It was bitterly cold though, far too cold for me to run, with a northerly wind blowing 'nicely'. Brrrrr....

Then, straight back to the rabbit show, arriving just after 10 am to help out there, after I had thawed out with a hot drink first. Not too bad for a bit of tourism, eh?!! :-)

Petra Otto

Ed: The photograph shows six Himalayan Rex rabbits. If they are from the Himalayas perhaps they would have coped well with the parkrun conditions?

Fool (if you think it's over)...there is still the latest from young Tom

A small report from Battersea Park

Sun.26th Nov. at Battersea Park with a 8.30AM start (OUCH!) Julie Barclay/Paul Watt ran the Self Transcendence 10k around the nicely tarmacked path of 4 laps.  A well organised and recommended event.

With 3 weeks slightly increase in training both aiming 10min laps for a PB.  The final lap being 400/500m longer Julie had a brilliant run to achieve a life time best of 42.45 (previous best being 43.28 at WARR Chicago) also today finished 1st 0/50 with age graded 84.5%. Paul on target after the third lap but said he was losing his pace rapidly over the final lap to finish in 44.50 (69.6%).  His best being 44.28 so obviously disappointed but will return after a rest.

Hoping to see the lads on Sat. at Roundshaw XC fixture

Tom Rowley

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