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BA Athletics Club News Digest 28th June 2021

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Our intention is to hold our AGM and Awards Evening at the Bedfont Club on 14th July but only if permitted by active legislation. Please leave that date in your diary for now.  

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This Week's and Future Solo Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events, such as the weekend achievement, will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Track-on-Field (by 5pm on Friday 2nd July, to be reported on in the following digest):

Name Date 1500m time 800m time 400m time 200m time 100m time Comment:
              e.g. Location

Weekend Achievement (by 5pm on the Monday) or use the Facebook prompt that will be added on Friday:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Editorial - Questionnaire Response

Last week I announced in the digest and on Facebook that there was a questionnaire asking for your feedback on communications and meeting up opportunities. As this digest goes to press the questionnaire has had just eleven responses. I'll be straight with you; this digest isn't worth producing if only eleven of you rate it sufficiently highly to be prepared to provide feedback. But I'll give it another week - oh, and thank you to the eleven of you who have responded: .

Answers will be treated in confidence, but we cannot guarantee anonymity.

Roderick Hoffman

Vets League Track & Field – Battersea, June 21st - a complicated evening

Our second night of the summer was great fun to take part in, while it enjoyed some interesting moments.

The day started very wet, and we feared a repeat of our experience at Uxbridge two years ago, when everyone was drenched to the skin.  Fortunately, the rain clouds started to scud away, leaving a mostly pleasant if humid evening.  Paul Giles and Janet Smith were unable to join us, while we learnt that most of London’s throwing cages are not up to hammer safety standards, meaning that the hammer event had become a javelin competition.

Officiating is a voluntary occupation, engaged in by a small group of dedicated people.  On this occasion, they were really stretched, with some incorrect timings, and a field event evening which overran by an hour.  As a club we can provide physical help to make sure that events run smoothly, but we are short of qualified judges.  If any club member feels moved to become trained in the art of officiating, let me know and the club will be happy to support you.

We had a great night in the sprints, with Jacqui picking up a PB, Michael producing more excellent times and Fiona setting a new BA club record time.  Julie ran both the 100m and 400m races against a younger age group and may also have achieved a PB (to be ratified!)
Paul Watt showed his ability in the middle distances, and once again just missed a club record in the 1500m, this time one held by Brian Bennett.  We then really came into our own in the 2000m walk, with Fiona and Roderick’s feet becoming a blur as they picked up new club records and 1st and 2nd places respectively.

We closed the track evening with our first opportunity of the season to run a 4 x 400m relay.

As we move towards the first Rosenheim League match of the season on Wednesday of this week, team places are still available.   The final (!) Vets League match of the season will take place at Perivale on July 7th.   Please let me know if you are interested in taking part in either event.
 > Steve Hillier

Battersea Veterans League Track & Field

Pictured: Steve Hillier launching himself at the start of the 100m / Jacqui not quite pipping first place in the 400m but achieving the club record / One lady short of a 4x400m team so time for a photograph instead.
Vets League Track & Field, Battersea, 21st June 2021
Event BAAC Participant Age group Time/Distance Position
100m W35A Julie Barclay W55 TBC 5th
100m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 16.5 2nd
100m M50 Michael Ball M55 15.4 4th
100m M60 Steve Hillier M65 18.0 7th
400m W35A Julie Barclay W55 83.9 7th
400m W50 Jacqui Musselwhite W50 67.3 2nd CR
400m W60 Fiona Bishop W60 104.0 5th CR
400m M50 Michael Ball M55 85.1 5th
400m M60 Steve Hillier M65 103.6 7th
1500m W50 Julie Barclay W55 06:07.4 3rd
1500m W60 Fiona Bishop W60 07:18.6 3rd CR
1500m M50 Paul Watt M55 05:24.4 3rd
2000m Walk W60 Fiona Bishop W60 13:03.6 1st CR
2000m Walk M60 Roderick Hoffman M60 13:39.9 2nd CR *
4 x 400m relay M35 Paul, Steve, Roderick, Michael M55 TBC 6th
Javelin M60 Steve Hillier M65 15.35 4th
Discus M60 Steve Hillier M65 21.49 5th


* Ed: This is the first club record I have ever held, so you can expect next week's digest to focus solely on the club's 2000m walk records. I've worked out the contents already: Interviews with the holders of the current club records, a technical discussion on the judging involved in walking races including details of the latest "Hawkeye" developments for automated judging, an article by J. Cleese on the development of walking styles in the 20th Century,  a colour supplement featuring multiple photographs of someone walking, a item from our special Olympic correspondent in Japan on the competition for the 10k and 20k Olympic titles.  But I may substitute for these with the analysis of the feedback from the club questionnaire, provided enough of you contribute. You have been warned!

PS - Another event

The Middlesex County Track and Field Championships are taking place at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre on Saturday 24th July (for U13 and U15) and Monday 30th August (Seniors, U20 and U17). Let Steve Hillier know if you are interested in attending.

SOLO Activity Achievements, Weekend 25th to 28th June 2021

20 activities recorded, although some of them had to be extracted from other sources. Following last week's credit Andy Rayner sent me an apology for not submitting anything since he is recovering from an injury.

Colleague Activity Distance Course Start Time Duration Comments
Trish McCabe  Race Half-M Milton Keynes Half Marathon Sat 02:24:43 Milton Keynes running festival, with Nikki Crawford
Steve Hillier Cycling 8miles Including Roxbourne Rough Sun With Linda. Followed by an hour's ramble in very quiet Ruislip Woods, before steady rain and darkness fell.
Stephen Taylor Running 17.56miles Highcliffe to Bournemouth return Sat 02:58:07 Visiting Marion's mum so do a run along the sea front.
Simon Turton Walking 5.75km Twyford and Ruscombe 01:10:00 A Saturday afternoon stroll with my youngest around Twyford and Ruscombe. Very reminiscent of the lockdown walks we did but a lot less busy now.
Sarah Gordon  Race 15km Turing 10k & Rocket 5k Fri/Sat 01:55:51 Milton Keynes running festival two races with bonus bling.
Roderick Hoffman Running 15km London East End Sat 01:42:34 Freedom runs of Victoria Docks, Beckton and then Mile End parkrun courses. Victoria Docks in 0:31:49, the others slower.
Piers Keenleyside Running 10miles Richmond return Sun 01:47:57 Set out on the Ealing Eagles 10 mile route taking in the Thames towpath behind Kew Gardens. Went too fast and averaged 9:20 m/m for 5 miles then jogged the second 5 at 12:15 pace.
Mike Dennison Running 5km Hampton Streets Sat am 00:20:01 5k on Saturday morning - getting some practice in before parkrun returns (and the marathon training plan said to run a 5k tempo, too, although this was a bit quick for that)
Michael Ball Hill Sprints Sat 6x80mtr hill sprints
Melanie Miller Walk 13.60km Cornwall Mon 04:14:52 On holiday did a lovely hike from Lelant to St Ives via Carbis Bay in Cornwall
Kelly Davis Running 13.1miles Bushy Park & Thames towpath Sun 02:53:00 I did it, it wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty but training week 6! Done.
John Scaife Running 3.5miles Maidenhead Thicket Mon 00:39:45 A run across Maidenhead Thicket this morning, surprisingly firm after heavy rain overnight, then a road circuit finishing at…
Joe Nolan Running 7.53km Upton Court Park Sat am 00:53:12 Upping the distance and time on feet, in preparation for the Yateley 10k in early July.
Joan Foxley Running 4miles Pinner Sun am 00:50:00
Denis Foxley Running 4.5miles Celandine Route Sun am 00:51:00
Chris Stockwell Walking 23miles South Downs Sat/Sun 07:41:00 Satuday - Washington & Storrington (pictured, the 9thC yew tree in the graveyard of a Saxon church in Sullington), Sunday - Upwaltham to Petworth
Benita Scaife Running 3.5miles Maidenhead Thicket Mon 00:39:45 ...finishing at Saints Cafe opposite St Mark’s hospital. The cafe has spacious basement seating (pictured) and the coffee is good.
Ben Cooper mixed Run/Walk 5km BAMC Sat 00:27:19 My BAMC 5K route, but following a 6x speed set 90 sec race pace, 90 sec walking
Barry Walters Running 6km South Hill Park Sun am 00:45:32 Ran a 1200m time trial round a circuit of the park. Then after a few minutes jog recovery did a session of 8x150 hill sprints with jog back rec.
Amanda Coombs Open water swim Roker Beach 00:30:00 In sunny Sunderland for a few days. 30 minute swim in the North Sea at Roker Beach.

Weekend Achievements

 Roderick Hoffman

BA Athletics Club Records - 200m

The 200m features on Wednesday at the Rosenheim meeting at Battersea. These are the club records.

TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (OPEN) 200m Anne Hurn ** 26.5 ASCA Dublin Sep-99 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV35) 200m Jane Harbert  32.1 Jan-99 Current
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV45) 200m Jacqui Musselwhite 33.0 Rosenheim Walton May-18 NEW
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV50) 200m Jacqui Musselwhite 32.8 Rosenheim Twickenham Jun-18 NEW
TRACK & FIELD - LADIES (FV55) 200m Julie Barclay 36.4 Vets League Uxbridge Jun-19 NEW
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (OPEN) 200m John Coe 21.5 ASCA Jan-82 * Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV40) 200m John Coe 24.3 Jan-98 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV45 & MV50) 200m Malcolm Field 27.2 BA Champs Eton Aug-03 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV55 & MV60) 200m Eddie Giles 27.9 Grand Prix Eton Jul-09 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV65) 200m Eddie Giles 33.2 Grand Prix Uxbridge Aug-16 NEW
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV70) 200m Brian Bennett 34.2 Grand Prix Eton Jun-10 Current
TRACK & FIELD - MEN (MV75) 200m Tony Barnwell 43.5 Grand Prix Uxbridge Oct-17 NEW

* John Coe's 200m Open record, set at ASCA in the first 12 months following the club's founding is, not surprisingly, the oldest record in the books. I don't think that it will be challenged on Wednesday - even if our runner finds a short cut from start to finish across the throwing area. But our age band records may be under more of a threat.

** Anne Hurn set our ladies best in Dublin in early September 1999. Her time of 26.5 was then also an ASCA European Airlines Record and Anne repeated that achievement in the 100m with 12.5. That ASCA was a good competition for our ladies with Sarah Bond getting the 800m record (BA and ASCA) with 2:21.3 and Caroline Yarnell and Colette O'Neill making up the 4x100m team to finish second in 60.6.

To qualify as a record the event has to be competitive and accurately measured and the participant has to be a paid-up member of the club and wearing a club vest (or in an in-house organised event). Members for whom BA is a second claim club may need permission from their first claim club for them to compete in a BA vest and claim the record (so the same performance cannot be claimed by two different clubs). If you know better, please send us your claim - we want to get these in the best shape possible. New records or questions:

Roderick Hoffman obo Paul Brandon

Meet the Committee - Chris Kelly

Chris KellyAfter my initial membership of the club ended in the early nineties, despite highlights such as losing sensation in my tongue due to not breathing enough during an 800m Swim and embarrassing my colleagues in the annual Round-the-Block race, I let my athletic aspirations flounder until 2005, when I finally manned-up and entered the London Marathon. After improving by 30 minutes in 2006 I was hooked and looked forward to continuing that trend yearly! It didn't quite work out like that and actually took 7 more years to crack the sub-3, but I was very glad to tick that off.

Along the way, I was offered the position of Treasurer, which is great (though if anyone wants to find out more, let me know...) I have also inherited the Captaincy of our Green Belt Relay team - a most wonderful event - volunteers welcome! - and developed an inexplicable fondness for running hilly-double-marathons in South Africa - Comrades - which is fantastic (Shosholoza!). I'm looking forward to doing them again as soon as possible, but meanwhile recently enjoyed the OMM Lite, and am trying to squeeze in a bit more Orienteering.

Chris Kelly

 parkrun UK return

parkrun returned to the UK on Saturday with 29 events held in Northern Ireland including one inaugural event. Worldwide there were 667 events held (so more than a third of the number being held in early 2020) and more countries are expected to resume parkrun shortly. England's parkrun return is still planned for 24th July.

Roderick Hoffman

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