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BA Athletics Club News Digest 28th November 2016


  • Wednesday 30th November - Winter 5 mile handicap from 18:00 at Heston Venue* (see below)
  • Thursday 1st December - December Dream Mile - 12:45 Bath Road*
  • Saturday 3rd December - Ladies Surrey League Mitcham Common* (see below)
  • Sunday 4th December - Run of the Month - Perivale Five 10:00 - Event Full, see you there if you have entered

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [long Google-map hyperlink you would not type in]

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please.

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Winter Handicap

The second five mile winter handicap race is this Wednesday with start times from 18:00 to allow a finish at about 19:00.  Remember that the results are based on the best five of six runs so anyone who didn't make the first run last month is still well placed to do well.

Afterwards we will be eating and drinking at the Queen's Head.

Ladies Cross Country match 2 - Saturday 3rd December - Mitcham Common

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are well!

Our next XC match is on Saturday, 3rd December at Mitcham Common. Race starts at 12:00 hours, so if possible be there at least 30 minutes earlier to get your race number from me if you were not at the last race, and also to do some warm-up as it will be cold!

As usual, my blue picnic table will be used as a focal point so just look out and aim for it when you get there.

Attached is match information from the host club, Clapham Chasers >match information. If you have any other questions or need a lift, please let me know and I'll see what we can do to resolve.

Hope to see most, if not all, of you there!

Clara (

Ed: I know that Clara has had a team full of positive responses but we are allowed to enter more runners with the best five scoring and all enjoying the event and after's.  Let her know to expect you.

London Marathon

2016 thanks

Simon Turton and I recently attended a "thank you" session for all volunteer groups.  The LM team were grateful for the hard and varied work put in by the large selection of organisations present, and hoped we would be there again to help in 2017.  We also heard from a speaker on the work of the LM Charitable Trust - it's worth looking at this on the VMLM website. (  One interesting fact:  At £59 million raised, LM2016 was the biggest one day charity raising event in the world.  So thanks to every one of you who marshalled.

2017 places

Our allocation of places for next year is on its way.  As usual, we will prioritise runners rejected in the ballot, BAAC members, and individuals who have helped us with marshalling.  If you haven't already contacted me to express interest, this is your last chance.  If you have already asked for a place, please can you contact me again this week to confirm that you still need the place.  Decision day will be early in December.

Steve Hillier (

England Athletics

An option with membership is to affiliate with England Athletics (or other UK Athletics regional equivalents, but the rest of this article will refer to England Athletics).  The cost of this seems to go up each year and the reason for that is that the cost HAS gone up each year, and will continue to do so.  UK Athletics was well subsidised ahead of the 2010 Olympics but that subsidy has been significantly reduced since hence the year-on-year increases.  England Athletics has announced that the cost next year will go up to £14 and that further annual increases of £1 per year are to be expected. Obviously this is a nuisance for the club and its members who would prefer subs to be the same year-on-year to enable direct debits and the like.

So why affiliate and what do you get for your money?

There is probably just the one immediate pay off that most of us our aware of - if you are a current subscribing member of England Athletics then you can pay the lower entry fee for most running events across the country - usually a £2 discount.  This means that if you enter one such event per month you will save £24 for your £13/£14 investment.

But what else?

Some events are only open to affiliated athletes - including for instance the Surrey League Cross Country races.  Part of the reason for this and the £2 discount for other races is that England Athletics organise the third party insurance that such events need to have.

Where does your money go?

England Athletics funds a large variety of athletics related initiatives with a selection being English Schools AA and the provision of kit to UK Athletes so your money is put to use helping a range of athletes across the country. They also subsidise the training costs for coaches and officials and some members of the club have taken advantage of that to open up new avenues for themselves.

There is more information available here:

Roderick Hoffman

Club's 35th Anniversary event - 21st December

Thank you to those of you who have let me know that you'll be attending and also to those of you who have sent apologies. Everyone else - please remember to notify us that you intend to make it to our anniversary event - by email, Facebook, pigeon etc.  We need to know for the catering.

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 26th November

Steve's back but hasn't got his spreadsheet back up to speed yet so again, not the usual report and some runners and volunteers may have been missed...

parkrun Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time Comment
Bushy parkrun 116 105 Andrew William JORDAN British Airways AC 00:20:57
Bushy parkrun 142 130 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways AC 00:21:36
Richmond parkrun 395 261 Steve NEWELL British Airways AC 00:39:35 8th year at Richmond
Bedfont Lakes parkrun 34 31 Ian COCKRAM British Airways AC 00:23:49
Bedfont Lakes parkrun 39 35 Scott DAVISON British Airways AC 00:24:13
Bedfont Lakes parkrun 61 54 John LENNON British Airways AC 00:26:37
Bedfont Lakes parkrun 85 72 David DUGGAN British Airways AC 00:28:32
Bedfont Lakes parkrun 89 75 Neil FREDIANI British Airways AC 00:28:44
Bedfont Lakes parkrun     Caroline COCKRAM British Airways AC  Volunteer
Reading parkrun 33 28 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 00:21:40
Reading parkrun 162 137 Alan FRIAR British Airways AC 00:27:34
Harrow parkrun 40 36 Denis FOXLEY British Airways AC 00:26:12
Harrow parkrun 85 27 Joan Foxley 00:36:22 50th run
Bracknell parkrun 55 51 Lee JENKINS British Airways AC 00:24:36
Harrogate parkrun 52 49 Steve DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:22:37 15th course PB at Harrogate!
Harrogate parkrun 206 50 Linda DODSWORTH British Airways AC 00:28:05
Wycombe Rye parkrun 268 193 Tony BARNWELL British Airways AC 00:32:14
Crane Park parkrun 38 36 Ben CHAYTOW British Airways AC 00:22:44
Crane Park parkrun 75 15 Trish MCCABE British Airways AC 00:26:27
Homewood parkrun 45 39 John COFFEY British Airways AC 00:26:30 Course PB
Homewood parkrun 64 13 Monica ALONSO British Airways AC 00:30:27
Homewood parkrun 66 14 Helen SMITH British Airways AC 00:31:25
Homewood parkrun 67 53 Kevin HOLLAND British Airways AC 00:31:32
Upton Court parkrun 72 57 Sreeram SETHURAMAN British Airways AC 00:29:36
Maidenhead parkrun 9 9 Barry WALTERS British Airways AC 00:20:55 1st visit and club course record. 49th run.
Maidenhead parkrun 89 16 Alice BANKS British Airways AC 00:26:55 3rd Maidenhead run this month
Maidenhead parkrun 133 35 Benita Scaife Maidenhead AC 00:30:46
Maidenhead parkrun 135 100 John Scaife Maidenhead AC 00:30:48
Leicester Victoria parkrun 165 62 Sarah GORDON British Airways AC 00:34:33
Evesham parkrun 25 22 Piers Keenleyside Ealing Eagles 00:23:32 4th club runner at Evesham
Bedgebury Pinetum parkrun 41 34 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:29:34 #175 different parkrun, new club parkrun.
Guildford parkrun     Alastair Heslop British Airways AC   Volunteer

Last week we reported on Adrian Haines being late at the start of an international parkrun but still managing to join in and get a finish.  This week we had the story of a club runner, not listed above, who turned up at Greenpoint in South Africa at 08:45 "ready for the start" to discover the backend of the field coming in through the finish line. There are three positives about this:

  •  I can remind us all that different parkrun countries have different start times so remember to check,
  • The club already had Greenpoint on its done list,
  •  and finally - my club record there remains intact!

There were 702 finishers at Greenpoint which is a contrast to the 134 who ran there with me in October 2013 - the event was then under threat because the Event Director was leaving.

Joan Foxley becomes the most recent club associate to complete their 50th parkrun and earn a red 50 shirt.  Barry Walters may become the next next weekend...or could put it off for a while.  He has taken over six years to do his first 49.

Steve Dobsworth achieved his 15th PB at Harrogate on his 30th run there.  His improvement over the last couple of years led me to generate the following plot showing times and PBs at each parkrun he has attended. This is impressive - other than it does reveal that he let it go a bit last Christmas!

Steve Dodsworth parkrun improvement

Christmas and New Year Plans

Talking of Christmas don't forget that there are extra opportunities to run or volunteer on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  Many parkruns are doing an extra run on Christmas Day and on New Year's Day many parkruns will operate and some with different and unusual start times [Steve Taylor take note] which can enable you to record a maximum of two parkrun results on the day. Being Sundays some Junior parkruns will also be operating on Christmas Day and New Year's Day so please volunteer even if you won't be in condition to run - teams may be stretched.

The official list is here:

This unofficial map shows the New Year's Day start times for the planning of doubles: 

If you want to take on a real challenge then get yourself booked on a flight to Washington USA where you should be able to do College Park on the Saturday and then both Roosevelt Island and Fletcher's Cove on New Year's Day to score three new parkruns for the club [nb: details still to be confirmed but I know of at least one non-airline parkrun tourist who has booked their ticket for this!]

Roderick Hoffman

Black Park parkrun Pacer Squad 2 year anniversary 

How time (and the miles) flies by when you get the pacing right !  Next Saturday (3rd December) sees the 2nd year anniversary of the parkrun pacer squad at Black Park. After pacing various times carrying a flag there myself in preparations for the 2014 New York marathon at lot of interest was shown in helping out so the first Saturday of every month became pacer day - I thought it would fizzle out of interest after a couple of months but proud to say that we have over 100 signed up on the list and we cover every minute from 20-36, and sometimes 18-40. Every 'pacer day' has a special friendly supportive atmosphere about it with plenty of PBs and improved performances.

Joe Nolan

Ed: The statistics show that around 13% of Black Park participants set a PB on a non-pacer Saturday whereas around 18% do so on pacer day. And since the pacers don't (or shouldn't) get a PB on pacer day the odds are even better! 

15 Years Ago - June 2001

The June 2001 edition of the club's "Round the Block" newsletter, the first edited by Judy Connaghton {now whatever became of her?} featured an account of the club's twentieth anniversary event - which followed on from that year's Watersplash 10k event. John Williams wrote a report on how difficult it was to remember names, faces, places and performances from twenty years ago {Ed: just wait until December when it'll be 35 years we are trying to remember back on}. That wasn't the lead article - the club had recently and tragically lost one of its own, George Smith, and his passing was marked with a tribute written by Linda Ketterick. The newsletter also contained reports from the 2001 London Marathon - we had had 16 finishers the fastest of whom was Graham Taylor in 2:55:53 (although Sarah Knechtl could also claim first place for the successful delivery of Aaron that morning). And as a contrast there was a report on the Tube-O event organised by Simon Turton and Ian Hudson "Good hill work on the escalators but the course was short of marshals. Bit congested too with 150,000 other competitors".  Back to the Watersplash 10k and, according to the published results, the winner was Alan Friar in 44:33. And the last word in the Newsletter was the announcement that Simon Turton and Judy Connaghton had become engaged {yes, that is what became of Judy}.

Recent joiners that year included Deby Helsdon, Tim Bellars and John Banks.

Roderick Hoffman

Running Shorts

1991 Revisited Revisited

Ed: Last week I mentioned the reports in the November 1991 Round-the-Block including the Air France Triathlon in Reunion.  Also in the BA team at that event were Jo and Sue Wells...

"On my flight out to Florida last week Jo Wells and I spotted each other from across the world traveller cabin. Anyway there is good chance she will come and race me over a mile on 21st December and try to bring Melody Coleman as well. She will let Sue Wells and Bruce Kennedy know about the 35th anniversary too, although they are living in Abergavenny."

Steve Newell

Harrow Hill Race 2017

Next year's event has been confirmed for Sunday, 12th February 2017 from 10.30am.  The race starts on the playing fields of the famous Harrow School and continues through some of the old streets of Harrow on the Hill and includes two tough climbs up the hill.

  • UKA Licence 2017-25824
  • Certified course No. 13/321
  • Chip timing
  • £14.00 attached/ £16.00 unattached
  • £18.00 on the day (subject to race limit)
  • Fully marshalled road race/parking, toilets, showers
  • Under UK Athletics rules
  • First three men, plus first Senior, M40, M50, M60. First three women, plus first Senior, W35, W45, W55. One prize per person. Additionally - King and Queen of the Hill Awards (for first up the hill on the first lap...though you must also finish the overall event).
  • Organised by Metros Running Club

Details and application:

Roderick Hoffman

Nexen Uxbridge Turkey Trot : Tue 6th Dec'16 at 12:15

Our new Uxbridge Oil Runner friends are holding a Turkey Trot, on Tues 6th December.  £10 entry fee, cash prizes for the first 3 nearest their estimate (no watches). This starts at 12:15 so Neil Frediani and others will be trying to leave from Waterside at 11:45 to make it. Let Neil know if you are interested >  Details below:
"Christmas is around the corner and itís time for our annual turkey trot to prepare our poor bodies for the Xmas excesses and for a few fortunate trotters to win the takings to buy his/her Christmas turkey Fare!

Our Annual Turkey Trot is on Tuesday 6th Dec 2016; Start time 12:15 --- Distance 6.13km

The run will start on the canal bank from the Swan & Bottle pub and trotters will run north along the canal bank to the railway bridge, touch the bridge and run back down along the canal bank, back to the Swan & Bottle.  Total distance is 6.13km.  See link for map:

This year is 'guess your time'.    Obviously, time keeping devices will be banned on the day for the trotters.

1st , 2nd & 3rd  prizes  for the closest estimated times (to the nearest second).

Submit your estimated time with your entry fee of £10 to Jim Mallon on or before Wednesday 30th November.

On the day meet at the Swan & Bottle car park for a 12:15 start.

RSVP if interested {via Neil}.

We will need volunteer(s) for time keeping.

Good luck all ye turkeys!


NB. open to anyone interested."

Neil Frediani

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