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BA Athletics Club News Digest 28th September 2015


  • Wednesday 30th Brian's Relay 18:00 + Social 20:00 @ Heston Venue (mapped*)
  • Thursday 1st October - October Magic Mile on the Bath Road 12:45 (mapped - start and course*)
  • Saturday 10th October - Men's and Ladies Surrey League matches - Nork Park & Roundshaw Common (mapped*)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.  Updated 14th September.

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*Club Event Map:

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Equinox 5km - Wednesday 23rd September 2015 Results & write-up

Steve Taylor (22:38) showed some good form ahead of the upcoming Ealing Half Marathon.  Christine Munden(30:30) who has also run in the Concorde 5 was the leading lady.  Joe Nolan, Neil Frediani and Eddie Giles all showed improvement but John Coffey seems to be the one holding back the years better than most.

Many thanks to Brian Forrester, Paul Brandon and Ann Coffey for start and finish line duties and to Paddy O'Shea and Harry Wild for marshalling out on the course.

After the run the members and guests enjoyed a fish pie and peas in the Washington Room. This was almost universally enjoyed and generous portions (and seconds) were all gobbled up

Results* age 2015 time WMA 2014 (17 Sep) 2013 (2 Oct)
Chris Kelly 50 20:39 71.42% 20:28 71.49% 19:50 73.18%
Simon Turton 49 21:46 67.22% 20:58 68.68%
Steve Taylor 52 22:38 66.23% 23:57 61.58%
Joe Nolan 60 23:41 67.72% 24:31 64.86%  
Neil Frediani 58 24:15 65.00% 25:42 60.81% 24:22 63.60%
Denis Foxley 66 24:41 68.59% 24:54 67.36%  
Eddie Giles 66 24:51 68.13% 25:09 66.69% 30:06 55.22%
John Coffey 73 24:51 73.83% 24:52 71.75%
Alan Friar 71 24:59 71.42%  
Roderick Hoffman 55 26:06 58.87% 24:24 62.46% 24:28 61.77%
Steve Hillier 61 29:41 54.51% 29:36 54.19%  
Steve Newell 71 30:26 58.63% 29:51 59.05% 29:46 58.55%
Christine Munden ** F45 30:30 52.07%  
Narinder Thandi ** F42 32:39 47.46%  
Tony Barnwell 73 32:44 56.05% 30:01 60.24% 33:24
Alan Anderson 80 38:38 54.40% 30:01 68.38% 28:38 70.12%

* All veterans

** guest

WMA (World Masters Athletics) scores courtesy of Howard Grubb's calculator (2006/2010 table).  By observation, this corresponds very closely to the system used by parkrun.  The research carried out by Howard Grubb and his team at the department of Applied Statistics and Reading 
University in the 1990's makes interesting reading for those who desire a deeper understanding of the effects of age and sex on running performance.

Steve Newell

Cross Country season approaching

Despite the late summer sunshine we have been enjoying, the cross country season is almost upon us.

The first men's Surrey League match will take place at Roundshaw Downs at 3pm on Saturday 10th October.  Please turn out for this league fixture if you possibly can.

One week later we have been invited to compete in the Milocarians Cross Country event at Sandhurst on Saturday 17th Oct. We will be competing against Milocarian AC, Thames Hare & Hounds AC, Runnymede Runners AC, Sandhurst AC and Bank AC.  This is a thoroughly enjoyable run over an undulating course of some six miles.  Teams need to arrive by 12:30.  There are shower and changing facilities.  Excellent refreshments will be provided after the match. Prizes will also be awarded after the event. In order to gain access to the site we need to supply details of competitors and their vehicles by the end of the first week in October.  If you want to compete, please contact me or Neil Frediani by Wednesday 7th October at the very latest.


Steve Hillier

Ed: I've added these events to the club map but please note that the locations are only approximate since I've not been provided with the correct  postcodes for meeting points.

BAAC results from Ealing Half Marathon Sunday 27th September:

Bernard Sexton 1:32:48
Ian Cunningham 1:40:21
Piers Keenleyside 1:42:42
Lissa Pritchard 1:44:43
Joe Nolan 1:50:18
Chris Dawson 1:50:30
Steve Taylor 1:54:01
Sreeram Sethuraman 2:08:30
Jas Modaher 2:14:38

  Piers Keenleyside 

Club parkrun results for Saturday 26th September 2015

26th Sept 2015

Family, Friends,+





Adrian Haines 17:50 Horsham 2nd, age cat record, 81.4% 81.4%
Julie Barclay 23:01 Frimley Lodge course pb, run #51 74.7%
Colin Haylock 19:08 Bushy Park Best ever age grade score 74.7%
John Coffey 25:17 Guildford run #184 72.6%
Chris Kelly 20:59 Reading run #255 70.3%
Alan Friar 25:27 Reading run #173 70.2%
Eddie Giles 26:13 Yeovil Montacute best Yeovil age grade score 64.6%
Alan Anderson 32:46 Gunnersbury much better than Wednesday 64.1%
Lissa Pritchard 23:30 Gunnersbury course pb 64.0%
Scott Davison 22:50 Bedfont Lakes run #130, 23rd/136 61.6%
Tony Barnwell 30:04 Wycombe Rye best 2015 age grade 61.0%
Monica Alonso 27:25 Guildford run #59 59.7%
Joe Nolan 27:34 Black Park pacer mentoring ? 58.5%
Kevin Holland 29:12 Woking run #24 58.5%
Steve Newell 30:36 Riddlesdown course pb 58.3%
Roderick Hoffman 27:04 Dunfermline BA park #198. park #125 56.8%
David Duggan 41:09 Bedfont Lakes 37.3%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guidford Funnel Manager
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow timekeeper
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow funnel manager
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury token sorting

Far be it for me to liken Adrian Haines to London buses but after ten months without a parkrun at all Adrian put in a another amazing performance at Horsham this week coming second overall in 17:50 and setting a new age group (MV45-49) course record. His WMA score was an excellent 81.4%.

In last week's report a couple of achievements got missed so let's correct that right now.  Julie Barclay completed her 50th run (at Frimley) and Joan Foxley lowered her pb (at Harrow) to 32:42.  Julie was back at Frimley again this week and ran a course pb (23:01) while Joan put in a volunteering shift at Harrow as funnel manager (and Denis did some timekeeping).

Colin Haylock put in a quick run at Bushy Park (19:08), 3 seconds off his all time pb but it earned his best ever age group score (74.65%) at a parkrun.  Eddie Giles (26:13) was 2 seconds off a pb at Yeovil but again improved his WMA score (64.59%).  Tony Barnwell (30:04) at Wycombe Rye was one to improve on his time in the Equinox 5km and that was his best WMA score there (61.03%) this year.  All these birthdays!

One new parkrun to report this week.  Roderick Hoffman dropped in on Dunfermline in the Kingdom of Fife for his fifth Scottish parkrun*.
The parkrun there is one of the newer ones and has only been going 11 weeks.  That takes the club score to 198 and Roderick's bag to 125.

Earlier in the summer Steve Newell went up the hill to Riddledown and embarrassingly followed the dog with a runner in front of him through the woods instead of the runner with a dog.  The mistake cost him dearly.  This time, he paid close attention to the marshals instructions, ran the correct route and chopped 100 seconds of his course pb.  The autumnal mud was beginning to set in on what is very much a cross country course and by the end his shoes were in a dreadful state.  Glorious days are just round the corner.

Lissa Pritchard only puts in an appearance at a parkrun every now and again but this week she turned up at Gunnersbury (23:30) for first time in years.  We have reported on the loyalty of Tony Hird to the Gunpowder parkrun in this column over the past year or two.  Tony has now left the club and we wish him well. 

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Fifth in Fife

*This was also my fifth new parkrun in five weeks and with 125 parkruns visited this moves me back into the top 30 in the very competitive International parkrun table, one parkrun behind Paul Sinton-Hewitt. I'll probably slip back down now since I feel its time to revisit some local events.

All parkruns worldwide are now shown on the club map. Those in red have been run by club members - click on them for details. Those in green haven't yet been run by club members - use google maps to get directions. For instance to Uditore (Italy) the car route via A1 will take 28 hours to cover the 1,751 miles and you are warned that it features car transport, tolls, a ferry and crosses through France. The flying route offered takes just 2hr 45mins. There are nearer parkruns we haven't done yet. Reminder:

Roderick Hoffman

Meet the Committee

Most club members rarely if ever make it to the Heston Venue and so only get the chance to meet up with committee members at events.  A good suggestion has been made for each of the committee members to write a few words about themselves.

Roderick Hoffman - Communications Secretary

Now 55 I've been running since the year I joined BA back in 1982 having been attracted by the 1983 World Airline Road Race in Orlando and that year's New York Marathon just one week later - run within my first ever flying trip.  My best running achievements since include being recognised by David Bedford and others in the London Marathon management team for retiring after operating one of our crossing points for twenty years, being Project Manager for the BAAC WARR event in London in 2010, for being the first person to run fifty different parkruns as their first fifty parkruns oh and have I ever mentioned that I once won the club's annual round-the-block race?

My official role for the club is in the communication of club matters to its membership and for that I firstly setup the club website and then focused on creating and maintaining this digest - produced weekly since 13th August 2012.  I'm also Race Director for the Concorde Five and BA Fun Run events and I'm team captain for our WARR team.

My unofficial role is as a troublemaker. I strongly believe that if something is good, like the BA Athletics Club is, then it should be kept going but that in this ever changing world that must mean change.  I agree with Darwin that anything that doesn't evolve must inevitably die. For that reason I have been pushing the club towards the adoption of new ideas and new technologies, the Google Map being the latest one.

Roderick Hoffman

Too much of a good thing?

Too much of this week's digest has been written by just two people - Steve Newell and myself.  Please consider if there is a contribution that you can make to next week's digest or a future one.  Results, news, pictures, feedback, jokes, stories - send it to us at

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