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BA Athletics Club News Digest 29th January 2018


  • Tuesday 30th January - Round-the-Block road race at 12:30 at Cranford*. See below.
  • Wednesday 31st January - 18:00 ad hoc runs from Cranford Community College*
  • Thursday 1st February - Dream Mile on Bath Road from 12:45*.
  • Saturday 10th February - Men's and Ladies Surrey League matches.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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BAAC Cross Country Championships 2018 - January 28th Cranford Park - Report and Results

2018 BA Cross Country Course

Whilst I don't myself do cross country races I did take time out on Thursday to visit Cranford park and do one lap of the circuit.  I reported to Gary that the course was fine. Well, maybe that with a couple of dry days and a small course adjustment it would be...and I was right because come Sunday it was.

We had a good turnout with 17 from British Airways AC and guests of four from Woking AC, two from Shepperton and two from Milocarians.  The men raced over three laps. The ladies raced over two laps, with an optional third to prepare them for the day when cross country race distances are equalised. The two and three lap courses were measured (by runner's GPS watches) at 2.88 miles (4.6k) and 4.28 miles (6.9k) respectively.

Number Name Surname Club Gender 2 lap time 3 lap time Female finish Male finish Comment
185 Katie Hopkins Woking F 00:22:13 00:32:10 1 First women
187 Julie Barclay British Airways AC F 00:22:24 00:33:59 2 Women: BA Club Champion, 2nd overall
186 Kay Trinda Woking F 00:22:38 00:33:58 3 Third women
175 Deby Helsden British Airways AC F 00:23:33 4
177 Jacqueline Musselwhite British Airways AC F 00:24:05 5
190 Fiona Bishop Woking F 00:25:53 00:40:43 6
171 Alice Banks British Airways AC F 00:25:57 7
179 Leanne Searle Shepperton F 00:27:24 9
178 Alison Joyce Shepperton F 00:29:24 8
193 Helen Smith British Airways AC F 00:30:30 10
176 Monica Alonso British Airways AC F 00:32:23 11
189 Marion Woodhouse British Airways AC F 00:32:23 12
181 Paul Knechtl British Airways AC M 00:27:29 1 Men: BA Club Champion, 1st finisher
194 Nick Bennett Milocarians M 00:28:13 2 2nd male finisher
170 Matthew Nun Milocarians M 00:28:29 3 3rd male finisher
188 John Taylor British Airways AC M 00:29:31 4
174 Mark Taylor British Airways AC M 00:31:36 5
191 Gary Rushmer British Airways AC M 00:32:08 6
184 Mike Waine Woking M 00:32:14 7
182 Ian Cunningham British Airways AC M 00:33:35 8
192 Scott Davidson British Airways AC M 00:36:56 9
173 Luke Smith British Airways AC M 00:37:14 10
180 Graham Taylor British Airways AC M 00:38:29 11
172 John Coffey British Airways AC M 00:41:28 12
183 Steve Hillier British Airways AC M 00:48:26 13

BAXC Championships LeadersKatie Hopkins was first finisher in the women's race with Julie Barclay second - narrowly ahead of Kay Trinda such that on the optional third lap Kay managed to overtake Julie.

In the men's race Paul Knechtl realised that the two Milocarians were going to work together so he ran a tactical race - staying just behind the two for the first two laps and then after stripping off his extra top he stretched out on the third lap to win by nearly 45 seconds.

As this was the BA championships the two winners were Julie and Paul.

The course was set by Gary Rushmer with assistance including from Tom Rowley. We were honored to have Tom helping at our event on his 91st birthday.  Most runners wished him a happy birthday as they passed him on each of their laps. At the end various cakes and goodies appeared and we made it a proper celebration - though Tom was probably relieved that it proved impossible to light all of the 91 candles put on the cakes so he only had to blow out a dozen or so (photo at end of digest).

Thanks to Gary and Tom and also the other members of the club who turned up to marshal and support - John Williams, Anne Coffey, Paul Brandon, Harry Wild, Jane Taylor, Joe Nolan, Paul Watt, Clara Halket and others.

BAXC Championship Line-up with Tom

Roderick Hoffman

Reminder - Round-the-Block Tuesday 30th January at Cranford, start time 12:30

Concorde Round-the-Block courseThis year the traditional Round-the-Block race will have a course of exactly one lap around the block which has been measured at 3.4miles / 5.5km.  The course is shown on the club map and reproduced here. The start and finish line will be across the road from the Cranford Community College and it may prove possible to park immediately adjacent to the course here.  Please note that we have no car parking or changing facilities at either "Heston Venue" or at the college, either before or after the race.  The Queen's Head is available afterwards for those needing refreshment - 5% discount if you show your BA Club's card.  Traditionally we charge £1 to participate in the Round-the-Block race and this is donated to the White Lodge charity.

Please attend and encourage your friends and colleagues to join us also.

Non-runners are also welcome to help at the start / finish.

Roderick Hoffman  

Surrey Ladies Cross Country League - Match 4, February 10th 2018


The last match of the season is at Richmond Park on Saturday 10th February. Please note that we start at 11.00am. Unfortunately I won't be there that day. If you are running and this is your first match this season, Monica will give you your bib number on the day. Please bring some safety pins with you.

Below is a brief from the hosts:

Please find attached race information and course maps for the fourth and final Surrey League fixture of the season, in Richmond Park, on Saturday February 10th.

We feel this covers everything but wish to emphasise a number of key points:

  • We are using a new course, with a new start/finish location.
  • Division 1 and Division 2 Senior Women will run in separate races, Division 2 starting at 11 am and Division 1 at 1 pm.
  • The erection of flags and banners is permitted, but not tents. Nor is the use of bells, horns or other instruments.

 If you have any query, please let me know, otherwise have fun on the day.

Clara Halket

January Five Mile Handicap results

A damp cool evening after a day of heavy rain greeted the three runners who took on the course from Cranford for the first time in 2018.

Steve Hillier headed off first but was eventually overhauled by an improving Roderick Hoffman.  London Marathon bound Chris Kelly had jogged over from Harlington to reach the start and returned to his office on foot afterwards.  He was also fastest by a considerable margin and with Trish McCabe away in Australia moved to the top of the league table.  Only the best four scores will count in the final reckoning so with two runs still to come the result is still wide open.  The next run will be on Wednesday 21st February.

Steve Newell

Club parkrun results for Saturday 27th January 2018

27th Jan 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Chris Evans 22:56 Bedfont Lakes run #193 65%
Bob Bannister 25:31 Bedfont Lakes run #304 63%
Scott Davison 22:33 Bedfont Lakes run #238 63%
Caroline Cockram 27:02 Bedfont Lakes run #301 (and 27' pacer) 61%
Anne Bannister 40:02 Bedfont Lakes run #165 48%
John Coffey 27:24 Bushy Park run #268, 231st at Bushy 69%
Ian Cunningham 24:29 Bushy Park run #316, 265th at Bushy 63%
Jonathan Cox 23:14 Crane Park run #343, 51st at Crane Park 67%
James Shoulder 20:21 Crane Park run #27, 3rd at Crane Park 63%
Ben Chaytow 22:51 Crane Park run #185 60%
Jeremy Short 26:29 Crane Park run #95, 64th at Crane 59%
Neil Frediani 29:24 Cuerden Valley 1st run at Cuerden Valley 55%
Kerstin Luksch 21:42 Gunnersbury run #246 69%
Alan Anderson 33:22 Gunnersbury run #493 66%
Steve Newell 36:10 Gunnersbury run #297, 122nd at Gunnersbury 51%
Joan Foxley 40:20 Harrow run #89 54%
Denis Foxley 45:27 Harrow tail walker 38%
Benita Scaife 30:36 Maidenhead run #102, 53rd at Maidenhead 64%
John Scaife 30:37 Maidenhead run #118, 55th at Maidenhead 54%
Petra Otto 53:14 March run #39, Volunteer credit (tail walker?) 39%
Trish McCabe 30:16 Noosa (Queenland) Australia week 2, BApark 381 51%
Maureen McCabe 37:26 Noosa (Queenland) Australia week 2, BApark 381 47%
Steve Taylor 31:54 Northala Fields 1st run since November 48%
Chris Kelly 22:02 Reading run #369 68%
Sarah Gordon 32:37 Rutland Water course pb, club rec(F) 59%
Roderick Hoffman 27:19 Rutland Water 1st run at Rutland Water 57%
David Duggan 30:48 Sunbury (Victoria) Australia week 1, BApark 382 51%
Ian Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper

Some of our parkrunners were clearly saving themselves for the club cross-country championship but there was plenty of tourist activity this week and four more parks were added to our list. 

‘Down’ in Australia Trish McCabe (30:16) and Maureen McCabe (37:46) were at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with an 8 a.m. start at GMT+11 while further to the South David Duggan (30:48) was at Sunbury in Victoria a little to the North and West of Melbourne airport.

In the UK Roderick Hoffman (27:19) and Sarah Gordon (32:37) visited Rutland Water.  Sarah had run there previously but before she became a member and improved on the time she ran in 2016.  Neil Frediani (29:24) was further north and west at Cuerden Valley in central Lancashire.

 We are now up to 384 parks with no fewer than nine added this year already.  David Duggan is intent on adding to the total while he is down-under.  This reporter will keep counting until we reach 500 and then someone else can take over! (?)

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Helen Smith lighting Tom's candles.I always like to have something lighter at the finish...

Helen was doing her best with the lighter, but the wind was never going to let her succeed.

And Tom can have the last words...

Hi to every one that turned up for the BA XC Champs on Sun. 28th.  Some knew it was my birthday and it made Gary’s work marking out worthwhile.  He did leave a few puddles around for fun.

A big thank you for all the goodies / candles / music / and the BREAD PUDDING and the cuddles (some from the ladies too). Clara’s picnic tables certainly worked and stood the weight you all made my day wonderful and the Milocorians for their wishes and support.

I will do my best to come along to every ones 91st.   No promises but I can chase my dreams.

Thank you every one so much,

Tom R 

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