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BA Athletics Club News Digest 29th July 2013

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

  • Saturday 3rd August - Club Featured parkrun - Upton Court, Slough (see below)
  • Wednesday 21st August - Cranford Park Relay followed by social with food - 18:00 from the Concorde Centre
  • Saturday 31st August - another Club Featured parkrun - The inaugural parkrun in Osterley park - more information to come

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

British Airways BA Fun Run 25th July Thanks and Results

The BA Fun Run last Thursday went very well.  A great big thanks to all of the club members who turned up to marshal including Alan Anderson, Alastair Heslop, Baljit Dhanda, Bill Byrne, BJ Singh, Chris Kelly, Dawn, Abigail & Madeline Taylor, Graham Taylor, Harry Wild, Helen Smith, Joe Nolan, Kathryn Richards, Neil Frediani, Paddy O'Shea, Paul Brandon, Piers Keenleyside, Simon Turton and Steve Taylor and again Chris Kelly who was up until 01:30 on Saturday morning going through the video of the finishers to try to determine the gender of all those who entered on the day for whom we didn't get details.

I'm writing a report for next year of how the event went so that we can plan for it to go even better next year.  Please remind me of what went well, badly or any ideas you had.  I've obviously got some notes already and Joe Nolan has sent me the following photograph of Neil Frediani in marshalling action, holding back the crowd as the leaders approached:


There were about 50 competitors in the Little Legs race.  We didn't collate times or results, it was all we could do to get to our marshalling points before the kids did, but I've offered to produce a certificate for any Little Legs finisher. Little Legs Certificate

The Fun Run results are on the website Full 2013 Results on a web page .  There are a few gaps still and the results will be updated as information is sent to me.  The highlights are:

Place Time Name
1st Man 0:17:48 Chris Gilbert
2nd Man 0:17:55 Adam Moquet
3rd Man 0:18:30 Craig Reilly
1st Lady 0:21:54 Katherine Stather
2nd Lady 0:23:37 Helen Lawrenson
3rd Lady 0:24:05 Emma Brown
1st M16 0:20:27 Jack Edwards
2nd M16 0:22:01 Matthew Edwards
3rd M16 0:22:39 Michael Chapman
1st F16 0:29:18 Shadé Owomoyela
2nd F16 0:33:25 Chloe Maraner
3rd F16 0:35:50 Eloise Maraner

Special mention has to be made for Kat who isn't even back from maternity leave but was still able to finish as first lady.

I don't know how much money was raised for Cancer Research UK but I suspect that it will turn out to have been an impressive amount.  More news when I hear.

Roderick Hoffman

Club Family parkrun Results for Saturday 27th July 2013

parkrunner   Time parkrun comment wava grade
Chris Kelly 19:15 Reading   75.4%
Piers Keenleyside 20:38 Gunnersbury   75.1%
Alan Anderson 26:46 Gunnersbury   75.0%
Colin Haylock 19:54 Bushy Park   70.7%
Alan Friar 24:33 Reading 99th run at Reading 70.3%
Richard Ruffell 21:10 St Albans   70.2%
Joe Nolan 25:55 Black Park   60.8%
Steve Newell 28:47 Gunnersbury 49th run at Gunnersbury 60.6%
Tony Hird 24:20 Gunpowder   60.1%
Roderick Hoffman 25:27 St Albans   59.4%
Monica Alonso 26:47 Guildford   59.3%
Kerstin Luksch 25:07 Gunnersbury   59.2%

The WAVA gradings (which take into account age and gender) shows that we had some tight competition especially towards the back of the field. The performance of the day was at St Albans.  Not by recent regular Richard or myself visiting but by a non-family member Hannah Walker who lapped me before I reached the 2k point and went on to win the event in a parkrun Ladies record time (across all venues) of 15:55. That's only a minute behind Paula Radcliffes' UK 5k road record and Paula didn't have to overtake me nor climb up onto the Roman Wall of Verulamium as one does on the St Albans parkrun course.

Roderick Hoffman

Steve's parkrun stats

Next Club Featured parkrun - This Saturday 3rd August Upton Court, Slough 08:40 for 09:00

If you haven't joined us for a club parkrun before then make this the one - register for free at, print off your barcode and just turn up to run the 5k time trial - and don't forget to say hello to anyone in a BA shirt.

The location of the Upton Court parkrun is The Rugby Club - Slough RFC, Upton Court Park, Upton Court Road, Slough SL3 7LT with a map and other details on this webpage - .  Try to get there at least twenty minutes before the start so that we can have a club photo before we run.  The car park is free, lifts are available (ask me or Steve Newell) and after the run we'll have a coffee, or even a late breakfast, in the Rugby Club.  You may never look back.

Roderick Hoffman

Osterley Park parkrun

The inaugural run of Osterley Park parkrun will be on Saturday August 31st.  We have changed the club diary so that this date and venue can be a Club Featured parkrun. 

Rosenheim Results

Rosenheim finale – in more ways than one

Wednesday 17th July say BAAC’s last involvement in this Track & Field competition this season. In the last league fixture at Woking, the Epsom & Ewell team narrowly beat us to take their place in this year’s final. We’ll just have to stay home and watch it on the telly!

It was also a significant finale for David Barrington of Kingston AC. He has been the Rosenheim Western Division organiser for many years, but has chosen to retire after a one year encore. Many of you will know him for his firm but fair attitude, tireless work ethic and quiet good humour. He will be missed by the league.

For the record, the results on the night, and the full season:

Team Position 17th July Pts Season Match Pts Season Event Pts
Kingston & Poly 1st 65.5 31.5 328.5
St Mary’s Richmond 2nd 47 31.5 310
Walton 3rd 45.5 27 297.5
Epsom & Ewell 4th 17 14 102
BAAC 5th 14 12 111
Woking 6th 8 9 65

And the Woking results:

Steve Hillier {Ed - Steve doesn't spell it out but due to injuries and other absences he has been performing as a one man BA team over recent events.  Had he been able to do the relay at the last event we might have made the final - thank you for trying Steve}.

Right place wrong time

I was at the Uxbridge Track on Monday evening (29th).  Just me and a local girl doing training laps between the rainstorms.  She told me that the other week her club was training at Uxbridge, doing 300 metre repetitions, and someone came down from the stands and asked if he could join in.  "Sure" they said, and when he started off very fast they thought "He'll slow down".  He didn't, he got faster with each one.  They got him to join the club and at a track meeting last week he did a 1500 in 3:56 or so.  Turns out he is a Somali athlete who never made it home after last year's Olympics.

A web search adds up, coming up with the name Mohamed Hassan Mohamed who finished the Olympic 1500m Qualifying Round in a time of 3:46.16 and who subsequently has applied for asylum in this country.

If only the BA club had been training that evening!

Roderick Hoffman

Correction - New Club Committee link

This link will take you to the New Club Committee page:

News for the next BAAC News Digest? Please - far too much of this week's edition has been written by me.  Others must have something to say.

Please let us have your ideas for how club communications can be improved and please send us items for inclusion in the next Digest.  Results, news, feedback, jokes, stories - send it to us at,uk.  You can copy Paul Brandon and Roderick Hoffman in BUT the news address is the one that we use when the digest is compiled.

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