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BA Athletics Club News Digest 29th June 2015


  • Wednesday 1st July - Parkway Mile followed by Club AGM - see below
  • Thursday 2nd July - The July Magic Mile on the Bath Road from 12:45.
  • Monday 6th July - T&F Grand Prix at Hillingdon Track from 18:00 - 400m and Javelin.

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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BAAC Annual General Meeting plus parkway mile - THIS Wednesday at Heston Venue

To all members:

Please remember one of the most the important evenings in our calendar, on Wednesday 1st July.

At 6pm, the traditional Parkway Mile (or, "Where's Harry?") race will star from the "Field of Hope" (M4/A312 junction).  The event will consist of two heats, one for the faster runners and one for the slower ones.  The slower runners are asked to be the course and finish marshals for the faster heat and vice versa. Harry Wild will be the turnround marshal for both heats.  We'll decide "on the fly" where to draw the line between faster and slower runners and which heat will go first.

This will be followed at 8pm by our Annual General Meeting at Heston Venue (Concorde Club).  You will hear news of the last year's successes, elect a new committee, and be able to take part in a further discussion on the club's future.

If there are any further nominations for the 2015/16 committee, please let me know.

Steve Hillier

3rd Rosenheim Ewell court Wednesday 24th June 2015


 Julie Barclay 200m 36.8 800m 2.50.2 1500m 5.57.2

Tom Rowley reports that Tony Barnwell was competing for BA in the field also but neither of us have any results for him.

3rd Vets League Battersea 22nd June 2015

Julie Barclay 100m 16.3 400m 77.8 1500m 5.58.3  
Janet Smith Discus 30.33m Javelin 18.32 m High Jump 1.05m  
Eddie Giles 100m 18.1 400m 79.2 1500m 6.47.3  
Gary Rushmer (Snr)   400m 70.7 1500m 5.21.9 Triple Jump 6.96m
Steve Hillier Discus 22.93m Javelin 17.70m   2000m walk 15.22.8
Scott Davison   400m 80.4 1500m 6.01.1 2000m walk DNF

A good turnout for this event including Harry Wild officiating (though not judging the walk).

  • Janet won her age cat in the Discus throw 2nd in the Javelin & =2nd in the High jump
  • Julie in her age group came 2nd in the 400m & 3rd in the 100m & 1500m
  • Steve 3rd in age group for Discus & Javelin & Gary 2nd in his 1500m & Triple Jump.

Scott joined the vets event for the 1st time and produced a club 1st as far as I can remember!!  Both Steve & Scott  were both keen to do the 2000m walk, how easy is that, they said. Scott went off like a train and was half a lap ahead of Steve at around 1200m when the track official
raced after Scott and produced  a red card and told him to get off the track immediately. Scott was stunned by the action of the official, as he thought a yellow flag surely would come first!! Still not knowing why he had a straight red, was sent to the sin bin, still protesting his innocence. I think his crime was, at one point in the race, he had both feet off the ground (Im walking in the air). Davison was not convinced!!

Oh what fun we had.

Hope to see you at Perivale, Monday 13th July  for the 4th and last Vets meet of the season (no 2000m walk to contend with).

Eddie Giles

Concorde Five Mile Road Race thanks correction

Apologies to Jasvir Singh-Modaher who of course was the organiser and provider for the refreshments both at the halfway point and at the end.

Roderick Hoffman

World Airline Road Race update - More Hotels and Discounts announced:

The Emirates WARR Dubai 2015 Committee has just released a new hotel list with discounts along with a new hotel booking form.   
Room rates are heavily discounted and are limited so the early bird catches the worm. There is a requirement that only those already registered for WARR 2015 Dubai will be allowed to book the discounted rooms.

Please note the legend on the last page of the hotel list that indicates which hotels are in proximity to the WARR HQ Hotel, those that are dry (no alcohol!), those with 24 hour check-in, and those suitable for guests with disabilities.  Also note that all rates are listed in US Dollars. 

Click here to view the hotel list

Click here for the hotel booking form

Please make sure to address the form to: and copy .

The World Airline Road Race is the largest annually held running event for airline staff and associates.  This years event is being held in Dubai and hosted by staff from Emirates and Fly Dubai.  The schedule will be more or less as follows:

Day Date October Time Event Venue
Sunday to Wednesday 18th to 21st Daytime Various Cultural / Touristic Tours All over Dubai
17:00 - 20:00 WARRtering Hole (event meeting / drinking point) to be advised
Wednesday / Thursday 21st to 22nd tba Race Packet pickup to be advised
Thursday 22nd 13:00 - 15:00 Team Captains Meeting Emirates HQ
17:00 - 01:00 T-Shirt Swap Party Jumeirah Creekside Hotel
Friday 23rd 06:00 - 07:30 10km Run to be advised
08:00 - 09:30 5km Run to be advised
Daytime Various Cultural / Touristic Tours Dubai
18:00 - 02:00 Gala Awards Dinner Atlantis Hotel, the Palm Dubai

The Atlantis Hotel is the majestic 5 star hotel that gets advertised on BA flights - though even at the discount rate on the sheet above I can't see any of us staying the night after the do!  The Jumeirah Creekside Hotel is the event Host Hotel and also boasts being a luxury five star hotel but is more affordable for airline staff on a budget and is also closer to the airport.  Where transportation is required to events this will probably be to and from the Jumeirah Creekside. If you are thinking of attending then you need to...

  • Plan enough leave to be in Dubai for a minimum of 14:00 on Thursday 22nd to 12:00 on Friday 23rd but for a better trip from 14:00 on Wednesday 21st to Saturday morning,
  • Plan to acquire a return ticket to Dubai - and for BA Staff I'll announce soon how that can be cheaper than you'd expect (non-BA staff contact me and we'll see what we can do),
  • Book yourself onto the event at:  [try a different browser if this doesn't work in Internet Explorer], the Gala Awards is a highly recommended add-on.
  • Book the event Host Hotel - see or one of the other hotels above or make your own arrangements,
  • Tell me that you are coming so that I can assist you and plan a team T Shirt and other trimmings,
  • Get some training in - preferably wearing several layers to get used to running in the heat!


Roderick Hoffman BA WARR Team Captain

Corrected Results of Bridges Relay Wednesday 17th June

Ian came home in a respectable 14:43, a touch slower than last week, Vicky a very decent 15:26 (34th women of 171) and Neil came home in a dismal 18:21 so not quite so bad as he thought last week but only by 13 seconds.  Colin came in 14:04 so a second faster than his own timing had said (he was 133rd of 407).  Overall the team time was unchanged at 1hr 2min 34sec - 64th of 119 Open teams. 

Natalie Ruffell finished in 16:38 for Clapham Chasers 5th team.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 27th June 2015

27th June 2015 Family, Friends,+ Time parkrun Comment Grade
Alan Anderson 30:12 Gunnersbury 70%
Alice Banks 45:56 Maidenhead "run" #30 & tail runner 40%
Julie Barclay 21:58 Woking run #47 78%
Tony Barnwell 30:28 Black Park 60%
Ben Chaytow 22:09 Crane Park run #107 61%
Caroline Cockram 28:47 Bedfont Lakes run #186 56%
Ian Cunningham 21:01 Bushy Park run #201 71%
Scott Davison 22:36 Crane Park run #121 62%
Linda Dodsworth 27:04 Harrogate new member ? 58%
Steve Dodsworth volunteer Harrogate new member ?
Denis Foxley 24:24 Harrow course pb 69%
Alan Friar 26:53 Reading run #164 66%
Matt Gardner 22:51 Colwick run #18 56%
James Glover 25:52 Alice Holt Forest run #4, park #2 57%
Tony Hird 25:54 Gunpowder run #101 57%
Roderick Hoffman 26:06 Didcot BA Park #181, park #115 58%
Piers Keenleyside 26:43 Gunnersbury 59%
Chris Kelly 19:56 Oxford park #23, run #242 74%
Claire Killen 28:42 Larne run #28 55%
Kerstin Luksch 21:47 Gunnersbury no pb this week! 69%
Steve Newell 31:52 Banstead Woods park #63 56%
Joe Nolan 23:24 Black Park run #225, age cat pb (again) 69%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
Benita Scaife 28:32 Bowral BA park #180, parkrun pb 67%
John Scaife 28:33 Bowral run #17 57%
Simon Scaife 29:19 Bowral run #1 44%
Michael Scaife 29:38 Bowral run #1 44%
Andrew Scaife 52:43 Bowral run #1 24%
Saasha Scaife 52:43 Bowral run #1 29%
Sreeram Sethuraman 27:15 Upton Court 48%
Fiona Smith 30:12 Harrow run #6, pb 51%
Barry Walters 18:59 Upton Court club course record, 3rd pos 84%
Caroline Wilson 28:42 Larne run #19, BA park #182 53%
Bob Winning 34:01 Llyn Llech Owain run #73 59%
Linda Winning 32:42 Llyn Llech Owain run #73 67%

The performance that catches the eye this week is the run by Barry Walters at Upton Court where he came 3rd overall.  His time was 18:59, his WAVA score of 83.76% was his best ever at a parkrun.

John and Benita Scaife were at a remote spot called Bong Bong Common in New South Wales to celebrate midwinter there.  Benita achieved a parkrun pb (28:32) at the parkrun known as Bowral and was the first of seven family members round the course in frosty conditions.  The youngest member was riding in a buggy without a barcode. Bowral becomes club park #180.

Denis Foxley shaved another few seconds off his pb at Harrow (24:24) and Joe Nolan was his fastest since his last birthday at Black Park (23:24).  Joe is on 225 runs now and could just reach 250 by yearend.  Chris Kelly is on 242 after a nippy run at Oxford (19:56), a V50 pb.  Ian Cunningham's time of 21:01 was his best at Bushy Park since the new course was adopted in April.

Our tourists were out and about.  Roderick Hoffman went to Didcot (26:06), club park #181.  Steve Newell tried Banstead Woods for the first time. The locals there consider the course is prettier in May when the bluebells are out.  The hill is for all seasons and less muddy in the summer.  He met a fellow pensioner who lived the wrong side of the London borough border and doesn't have freedom pass.  End of conversation about parkrun tourism. There were no fewer than nine 250 vest holders at Banstead for run #423 there.  Matt Gardner was at Colwick (22:51) and James Glover at Alice Holt Forest (25:52).

Caroline Wilson and Claire Killen continued their tour of Ulster with a visit to Larne, finishing together in 28:42.  Club parkrun #182.

Finally, a week is a long time in parkrun but old habits die hard.  After his 100th run at Gunpowder last week Tony Hird suggested it was time for a change now that a new run had started in his home town of Hoddesdon (Barclay Park).  Look at the table to see what actually happened.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell


Didcot is well known as a railway town and for its electricity plant cooling towers. These two features also help define the 2k "Out" section of the parkrun course - you run a curved section alongside the railway line and then turn right along a linear park underneath a line of electricity power cables. Before you do the Out section you have the typical parkrun three laps of the sports grounds - 1k each so totaling 3k. The astute amongst you will have realised that that covers the whole 5k distance and hasn't had an "In" section. That is indeed the case though in truth the curves and turn on the Out mean that the finish is only 500m from the start...but you don't know that, when you arrive at the finish you've never been anywhere near it before on the course. 

Visit soon to see the cooling towers - three were demolished last year and the remaining three are due to go sometime this.

Roderick Hoffman

Running Crossword

Challenging Clues

Clues Across Clues Down
2. Club member activity (9) 1. Club member activity (3,3)
9. Club member activity (6) 2. Club member activity (5,3,5)
11. Club member activity (4,4) 3. Club member activity (4)
12. Club member activity (5) 4. Club member activity (5-7)
13. Club member activity (12) 5. Club member activity (11)
14. Club member activity (5) 6. Club member activity (8)
15. Club member activity (3) 7. Club member activity (5,4)
  8. Club member activity (7)
  10. Club member activity (7)

Easier clues on the Internet
Prize - the usual one year's free subscription to this periodical to the first received with all the correct answers. You might get a mention also.

I'll publish the answers if someone asks me to.

Roderick Hoffman

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