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BA Athletics Club News Digest 29th May 2017


  • Wednesday 31st May - Rosenheim League Track&Field at Ewell Court from 18:45 (contact Neil Frediani)
  • Thursday 1st June - June Dream Mile, Bath Road from 12:45 *
  • Sunday 11th June - Concorde Five - Race HQ Cranford Community College * - marshals needed - (contact Roderick Hoffman)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated May 5th.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Club Facebook Page "BARunner"

2017 Green Belt Relay Report

Last weekend, 20-21 May 2017, BA completed the Green Belt Relay, for the 13th time, coming 20th of the 45 teams, in a time of 28:27:36 for the 218miles (average pace 7:49 min/miles).

2017 GBR Team at FinishThe Team was made up of 12 runners - Paul Knechtl, Richard Ruffell, Graham Taylor, Roderick Hoffman, Barry Walters, Neil Frediani, John Quertstret, James McFarlin, Murray Hogge, and Chris Kelly with one pair of stages split between 'injury-risk' Dave Dixon and 'only-training' Natalie Ruffell, with an injured Dave Bird and reserves Simon Ashford, Brian Bennett unable to run. We were ably supported by our Lead Driver, Nick Edge, and additional supporters & drivers Vicky, Julie, and Tony.

Despite the last minute substitutions, an additional marshalling position, some late night schedule rearrangements, and some creative SatNav work by Google*, we managed to start and finish the 22 legs, ranging from 6 to 13.3 miles in length, climbing up to 1372ft, and marshal five different locations. At most of the marshal points we also provided water, although at some it was delivered as 'self-service' (due to restructuring of our onboard provision) {Ed: It was still complimentary}. We also drove up to 8 cars around large parts of the M25 - ideally we'd like to reduce that number in future - and besides the two generations in the team, one of our regular runners but this year supporting was working on developing a future runner for the 2037 event.

There were some excellent mini-races within the race - witnessing Barry's unsuccessful dip for the line at the end of Stage 6 was exciting, as was the whole-hearted commitment from Graham to the finish sprint at Blackmore on Day 1. There were remarkable results - such as the injured Mr. Dixon's top-5 finish - and the just plain beautiful - Neil's finish at the top of Box Hill - mainly thanks to the landscape on a delightful Sunday afternoon, admittedly.

Captain Kelly

* It could also be pointed out that when we had the IT failure we were quickly able to implement the backup manual process and ensure a quick turnaround leading to an on-time departure.

More photos on Facebook (you may need to request friendship)

Driver Hoffman

24th May: "Traditional" Concorde Handicap Run and last Concorde Centre Social - report

Last Wednesday we held a "traditional" Wednesday evening handicap from the Concorde Centre followed by our last ever social in the main building.  Various runners set off on various distances on what was one of the hottest evenings of the year - 25 degrees.  It wasn't a race so results haven't been recorded but we probably had fifteen runners doing distances from the "Round-the-Block" up to "The 10.3".  The heat got to me so I finished five minutes later than the 19:15 target hence I can't say how close others got to their target finishes of that time.  Sadly we had one DNF.  Dave Barnard, running "The six" I think, had his hip give way on him half way around.  Steve Hillier passes on the following update: "Gary Rushmer did a great job of finding him and rescuing him, bringing him back to the club. Dave didn't want to go to A&E and spent the evening at the social at the club. It appeared that his thigh had given up the ghost, and he couldn't put any weight on one leg. Tony Barnwell kindly took Dave home to Cholesbury, near Tring, and got him indoors. The next day he rested at home, but by Friday it was clear that he wasn't getting better, so he went to his local hospital. Stoke Mandeville diagnosed a stress fracture of his hip, and on Saturday he had an operation to pin it. He remains in hospital for the time being, but his wife and friends are very grateful for the rescue performed by Gary Rushmer and then Tony."  There are various get-well wishes to Dave on Facebook including this one from Petra Otto "Please, would you be so kind as to relay my very best wishes to Dave, for a speedy recovery? Hope he'll be back on his feet again soon. ". Dave replied, "Thanks. Actually a "Dynamic Hip Screw" (sounds better than a pin, too)" [Dave's address and phone number available on request to the editor].

We did have the last social in the main building, with Gary delivering M&S Sandwiches and more, for our consumption.  We also had a sale of old stock and managed to raise £30 the committee needs to decide what to do with. Sadly I think that new hips cost somewhat more than £30.

Please remember that when we don't have other events we will still be running from the Concorde Centre on Wednesdays, including this Wednesday (other than for those doing the Rosenheim).  Since the bar will not be open after this Wednesday we will be increasingly tempted to go to the Queen's Head afterwards - with its 30% discount for card holding BA Clubs members.

The expectation for the monthly club nights are as follows, though none can yet be confirmed...

  • Wednesday 28th June - running event followed by AGM at the Wraysbury Sailing Base Clubhouse
  • Wednesday 26th July - "Monopoly" running event at or near Bedfont Sports Club
  • Wednesday 23rd August - Sporting Fun Event followed by summer BBQ at Harmondsworth Moor (or Five Bells if wet).

Roderick Hoffman (

Track & Field Grand Prix 1,000 meters and Triple Jump

On Monday we competed in the traditional curtain raiser of the Grand Prix season, the 1000 metres and Triple Jump.  Gary led us out on the 1000m on a warm, windy evening at Uxbridge, cruising to an excellent 3:16 finish.  Steve and Tony briefly threatened to steal the silver medal, but the race settled to a smooth pattern after half a lap, with Roderick stretching his lead to 80m by the end. 

Next came the Triple Jump.  Roderick returned to the track for further training, while the other three decided to tackle this career threatening event.  Each tried to psyche the others out by their positioning of the take-off board (pile of sand).  In the end, Gary's left-left-right spring defeated Steve's left-left-right bounce and Tony's right-right-left leap, all three seemingly managing to land in the exact same location in the pit.  Jonathan's WR is safe for another day, but the club MV70 record may be under threat.

Results 1000m   Triple Jump  
Gary Rushmer 1st 3:16.8 1st 7.46m
Roderick Hoffman 2nd 4:37.6 - -
Steve Hillier 3rd 4:58.3 2nd 6.75m
Tony Barnwell 4th 6:36.0 3rd 3.48m

Future Mondays at the Hillingdon Track...

  • Jun 5th:  Vets Athletic League.
  • Jun 12th:  Training evening - we'll do some warm-ups and intervals.
  • Jun 19th - Nothing at Hillingdon - Vets Athletics League, Battersea.  
  • Jun 26th:  Track & field Grand Prix: 1500m + Shot.
  • Jul 3rd:  Training evening
  • Jul 10th:  Training evening
  • Jul 17th:  Training evening

All members are welcome at the open evenings and all but the youngsters at the Veterans events.


Please note that the next Rosenheim event takes place on Wednesday 31st May at 18:45, venue Ewell Court (nr Epsom).  The one after that is at St Marys Twickenham on Wednesday 21st June.  Let Neil know if you'd fancy a run, jump or throw.

Neil Frediani (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 27th May

27th May family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Janice Jones 26:52 Banstead Woods best ever WAVA% at Banstead 63%
Bob Bannister 25:48 Bedfont Lakes run #274 62%
Anne Bannister 29:05 Bedfont Lakes run #138 64%
Ian Cockram 24:52 Bedfont Lakes run #391 & pacer 59%
Caroline Cockram 28:34 Bedfont Lakes run #271 & pacer 57%
David Duggan 30:59 Bedfont Lakes run #202 50%
John Lennon 27:10 Bedfont Lakes run #253 57%
James Shoulder 22:07 Bedfont Lakes run #15 58%
John Coffey 26:36 Bideford park #8, BApark #337 71%
Joe Nolan 28:44 Black Park best this year so far 57%
Ian Cunningham 24:54 Bushy Park run #287, 243rd at Bushy 61%
Alice Banks 25:05 Bushy Park 1st run at Bushy Park, best ever age grade 76%
Grant Strydom 28:04 Bushy Park run #32, 3rd this year 53%
Jonathan Cox 23:07 Crane Park run #313 67%
Ben Chaytow 23:53 Crane Park run #168 57%
Scott Davison 23:56 Crane Park run #205, 14th at Crane Park 59%
Sarah Gordon 32:16 Daventry 7th run at Daventry, course pb 59%
Alan Anderson 33:35 Gunnersbury run #459 66%
Steve Newell 37:23 Gunnersbury 110th run at Gunnersbury 49%
Joan Foxley 39:28 Harrow run #62 55%
Benita Scaife 31:07 Maidenhead run #75 63%
John Scaife 31:07 Maidenhead run #88 53%
Petra Otto 34:37 March run #17 59%
Roderick Hoffman 27:58 Nostell park #194, BApark #338 55%
Trish McCabe 28:53 Osterley Park run #186, 4th at Osterley 54%
Chris Kelly 20:22 Reading run #337 73%
Steve Waite 28:52 Riddlesdown run #2 59%
Eddie Giles 25:51 Salisbury run #83, 8th at Salisbury 67%
Tony Barnwell 35:09 Wycombe Rye run #138, 66th at Wycombe 54%
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury lead bike
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director

The bank holiday weekend prompted a bit of tourism but with a higher than usual 15 UK parkruns cancelled due to their park being unavailable the overall total of runners was down to 104,044.

Guildford and Rushmoor were among those cancelled which pushed more people than ever before over to Frimley to set a new attendance record of 689.

The in-form Alice Banks (25:05, 76.28%) was looking further afield than Maidenhead for a change.  She had planned to run at Bracknell but got the message of a late cancellation due to a fallen twig, sorry tree.  She thus made her debut at Bushy Park where they are geared up for high numbers on a regular basis.  The atmosphere and the naturally fast flat and meticulously measured course can bring out the best in people. She was rewarded with her best ever age grade score at a parkrun and became the 53rd member to run at Bushy Park at least once in their career.  Those 53 doesn't count Tom Rowley who ran there in the early days of the Bushy Park Time Trial before barcodes were issued.  There is a possibility that Tom will return to Bushy on Saturday 1st July when a large turnout of really senior veterans is expected. Curiously the VM90 record is still waiting for someone old enough to get round the course.  Iím sure Tom wonít be short of volunteers to escort him round in under an hour.  No pressure Tom!

Further afield Bushy regular John Coffey (26:36) became our first member to try the parkrun at Bideford in Devon.  That established him as record holder in his VM75 group, but only just.  Angus Kindley of Herts Phoenix AC, a regular at St Albans, did 26:53 at Bideford last year.

Roderick Hoffman (27:58) was at a Cowell club outing at Nostell parkrun (Wakefield).  Those two new parks take the club total to 338 out of the 452 UK 5k parkruns.  On average one new run starts up every week.  Next week will see a new run start at Upton House in Poole and may bring relief to the established Poole parkrun which has been attracting over 800 runners on some Saturdays in recent weeks.

Sarah Gordon (32:16) ran a pb at Daventry on her 7th run there while Janice Jones (26:52) was rewarded with her best age grading at Banstead Woods.  We welcomed two new runners to our active membership this week with Bob Bannister (25:48) and Anne Bannister (29:05) running at Bedfont Lakes.  They are both also members of Runnymede Runners.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

James Greaves, one of our "Couch to 5k" participants, ran at Upton Court on Saturday and improved his PB to 23:02...but that is due to his continual effort and improvement this year rather than the slow jog we took him through last Thursday!

If you want to promote a special parkrun then let Steve or I know.

Roderick Hoffman

Running Form ImageJoe's Coaching Corner - Chilling at the bar and playing at choo-choo trains!

Source: Doug Hay of Rock Creek Runner (and with reference to other sources as listed in the picture).

Quad Stretch

Quad Stretch DemoWhile standing on your left leg, bring your right heel back, and grab your right foot or ankle with your left hand. Gently pull your foot toward your tailbone. Keep your knees aligned, and donít arch your back, hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on your other leg. To keep balance you may use the free arm to steady yourself against a chair, wall or another person !

Joe Nolan

Running Shorts

  • Another week another Marathon - Piers ran 3:52:51 in Sunday's Dorchester Marathon.  He was supposed to be resting ahead of the Comrades Marathon next week but we all know Piers.
  • As well as marshalling the Vitality London 10,000 on Monday we also had some runners - Jasvir Modaher finished in 1:02:09 and I've seen a picture of John Lennon with a medal though I can't find a time for him.

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