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BA Athletics Club News Digest 29th September 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Weekend 4th/5th October - World Airline Road Race 5k / 10k - Dublin
  • Magic Mile - 1 mile time trials on the Bath Road at 12:45 on both Thurs 2nd October and 9th October - tell Paul Knechtl to expect you
  • Saturday 11th October Surrey League Matches - see below

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Nine Lives Exercise - Wednesday 24th September from 18:00 - Concorde Centre Field

At short notice I agreed with Roderick to put on a training session to replace Brian’s relay.  I was to put together an outline to go out beforehand in the digest but the cat at home had been unwell with some sort of virus and whilst at the Vets on the Monday evening I texted him to say that I would go ahead with details to follow …whereupon quick witted Roderick prompted a cat themed session on the Concorde (oops, Imperial College) Club field!

A good turnout of 12 alley cats turned out with their paws ready for action: Alice, Alan A, Alan F, Chris, Dennis, Eddie, Gary, Mark, Richard, Roderick, Steve H, Steve N and Paddy kindly coming along to help.

After a lap warm up, dynamic exercise and strides, the ‘clowder’ were briefed on the ‘Fartlek’ format evening prowl to last for 20 minutes…. The goal of a Fartlek, which is Swedish for ‘speed play’, is to keep it free-flowing so you’re untethered to a watch or a plan, and to run at harder efforts but not at a specific pace.  Benefits are apparently a stress-free workout that improves mind-body awareness, mental strength, and stamina …so there!

4 stations (Ginger/Tabby/Black/Vets) were positioned around the 1k perimeter, with boxes containing cards with all station numbers.  The moggies would select a card and run spritely to the station show, have a brief recovery, pick up another card and run to that station and so on …should they pick a card with the same station number that they were at this would mean a complete lap round before another pick! 

After the final whistle the puffed out gaggle re-formed  for a 1 lap warm down before the following category (in Brian choccy bar style) prizes were awarded:

  • HERO Cat (special commendation) for helpers – Paddy O'Shea,
  • FRISKY Cat (most stations visited 10, exceeding the 9 lives max expected) – Eddie Giles
  • AWESOME Cat (most complete laps endured) – Mark Taylor
  • CRAZY Cat (scattiest zig zagging of stations) – Gary Rushmer
  • TOP LADY Cat – Alice Banks

Final note to report, after a course of antibiotics, the cat at home is now fully fit again!

Meow for now – Joe Nolan

Surrey League Matches - winter fixture list

Gentleman: some info about this years men's surrey cross country league season, for those who may be interested. You don't have to run in all the races or run like Mo, just come whenever you can, its great fun ( trust me). Last year the men's team gained promotion to div 3.

Gary Rushmer

DATES & VENUES FOR 2014/15   Men   Ladies
MATCH 1:   11th Oct : Richmond park: 15:00   11 Oct 2014 : Richmond Park (Kingston end) 12:00
MATCH 2:   8th Nov: Epsom downs: 15:00    
    6 Dec 2014 : Nonsuch Park, Cheam 12:00
MATCH 3:   10th Jan: Oxshott: 14:30   10 Jan 2015 : Wimbledon Common 12:00
MATCH 4:   7th Feb: Lloyd park: 15:00   7 Feb 2015 : Farthing Downs, Coulsdon 12:00
Please get meeting times and locations confirmed nearer the event.

Ladies: The first match of the Surrey League Ladies XC is on Sat 11 Oct starting at 12noon at Richmond Park. I welcome anyone who wishes to try it out to come and join our usual friendly team on the day. Distance is about 6K. Please let me know in advance if you wish to come along so that we can look out for you. I'll post match details as soon as I receive these from the hosts, Kingston AC & Polytechnic H.

We are required to provide an official for this match to do Funnel Controller duties. If there is anyone from the BAAC who is able to help out to allow all our ladies who turned up to run, I would be most grateful.

Clara Halket

Track&Field Championships and Family Fun Day - Photo Finish

We had to have a photo-finish adjudication today in the Track and Field Championships between Derek (in the green) and Neil (in the white) at the end of the 400m.  Who would you have given the result to?  Answer next week with the full event results.

Photofinish photo at the end of the 400m.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 27th September

27-Sep-14 Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time Comment
Gunnersbury parkrun 61 8 Kerstin LUKSCH British Airways AC 00:23:59 pb
Kingston parkrun 18 17 Richard RUFFELL British Airways AC 00:21:11 27th park
Reading parkrun 20 20 Christopher T KELLY British Airways AC 00:19:35  
Crane Park parkrun 20 20 Ben CHAYTOW British Airways AC 00:22:00  
Wanstead Flats parkrun 45 40 Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:24:54 125th run, 89th park
Upton Court parkrun 50 42 Sreeram SETHURAMAN British Airways AC 00:27:32 pb
Oak Hill parkrun 73 56 Steve NEWELL British Airways AC 00:29:31 149th run
Gunnersbury parkrun 132 98 Alan ANDERSON British Airways AC 00:27:58  
Wycombe Rye parkrun 139 106 Tony BARNWELL British Airways AC 00:29:39  
Black Park parkrun 143 120 Joe NOLAN British Airways AC 00:26:00 26 minute pacer
Bushy 249 227 Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways AC 00:23:07  

On retirement some people move away from the Heathrow area and then occasionally turn up on a Wednesday evening for a run.  Some people bury themselves so deep in the countryside we never see them again.  How lovely then to see that Bob and Linda Winning are still active in West Wales.  They are regulars at Llyn Lech Owain but this week visited the recently started parkrun at Colby where Bob set a new age category record (MV75).

Nearer to home, one of our new members Sreeram Sethuraman maintained his recent improvement and set a new pb (27:32) at Upton Court.

Roderick Hoffman moved his parks total up to 89 with a visit to Wanstead Flats and Steve Newell continued his tour of London boroughs with a run at the not so hilly Oak Hill Park in Barnet.  That only leaves the hills at Brockwell Park (LB Lambeth) to tackle.  Richard Ruffell ran his 27th different parkrun by the Thames at Kingston.  Roderick (125) in now half way to his 250 vest, Steve is now just one short of the150 mark.

Several entrants for the popular Ealing Half Marathon were out at a parkrun on Saturday, some taking it easier than others.  Kerstin Luksch ran under 24 minutes at Gunnersbury for the first time on Saturday and then broke two hours (chip time) for the first time on Sunday.

Derek Baker joined in the BAAC Track and Field Championships on Sunday (results next week remember).  Eddie Giles had met Derek at Upton Court parkrun and suggested that he join in the fun.  Derek's time at Upton Court on Saturday was 24:21 - down on his best of 23:09 which is the second fastest at Upton Court for his age group, second only to Brian Bennett.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats: {to be updated later this week}

Updated BA parkrun map: Parkruns 2014.jpg {some parkruns may have been missed}

parkrun 10 year anniversary - Saturday 4th October

The first every parkrun was run at Bushy Park on 2nd October 2002 - the ten year anniversary is therefore this week and will be celebrated in several ways including on Saturday's run at Bushy and worldwide.  There is expected to be a feature on BBC Breakfast News that morning (hopefully captured as a video so that parkrunners can view it after their run!).  There will also be a BAAC Digest parkrun Special later on this week.  Wherever you are (several of us are in Dublin for WARR) please make a special effort to run or support a parkrun on Saturday - a record will be set so please be part of it.

Roderick Hoffman

Ealing Half Marathon 28th September 2014 Results











Ian Cunningham

British Airways AC

Vet Men 50-59




684 01:41:11 Piers KeenleySide Ealing Eagles RC Vet Men 50-59 721 01:40:46 69.08



Lissa Pritchard

British Airways AC

Vet Ladies 35-44






Christopher Dawson

British Airways AC

Vet Men 50-59






Joe Nolan

British Airways AC

Vet Men 50-59






Kerstin Luksch

British Airways AC

Senior Ladies






Stephen Taylor

British Airways AC

Vet Men 50-59






Jasvir Singh Modaher

British Airways AC

Vet Men 50-59




Can you help?

Hopefully everyone must have heard by now of the missing local school girl Alice Gross. The local community in Hanwell are encouraging people in London and the surrounding areas to post up yellow ribbons and posters to raise awareness and to try and jog someone’s memory. To see how effective this is just drive around Hanwell and you will see yellow ribbons and posters everywhere!

We still need more awareness in all areas of London and surrounding areas including Hounslow, Hammersmith, Richmond, Hillingdon, Surrey. People are posting ribbons as far and wide as Brighton and Kent.

BA is kindly supporting us by providing batches of laminated posters. We need your help to spread the news around more. Would you be willing to stick a poster or a yellow ribbon on your car or your bike. Perhaps you would get involved in putting up posters and ribbons in your local area on trees and lampposts. We also need staff to help distribute larger batches of the posters to the central poster pickup points all around London – so that volunteers can pick them up easily.  

If you can do any of the above, please contact the Community Investment Office (Mary Brew) in Waterside Aus GB to collect posters or to suggest other ways you can help. Alternatively I have plenty of posters and some ribbon at my desk today in Asia 2B - or just email me to arrange a collection.

Debs Helsdon

Or perhaps you can help more directly?  Were any of us running or cycling on the canal towpath that day or later that week? Did you see anything that might help? Thursday 28th August?

Running Shorts

Brian Forrester appreciation

Brian passes on his thanks to everyone who signed his birthday card and wished him well.  He may be able to be back at the club from this Wednesday, or perhaps more likely for a Wednesday soon after.  However he says that he wasn't sure what to make of the price label being left on the card but he'll bring it in for Chris Kelley in case an expenses claim is required.

Berlin Marathon Result

Kimetto, Dennis (KEN) - 02:02:57 [new world fastest time]

Colin Haylock (GBR & BA) - 03:32:07

More on the UK 100 mile record

Don Richie set a new record of 11:51:12 in New York on 15th June 1979 while the best time(12:16:46) run in UK was set by Martin Daykin in 1981.  Ron's time is still a TVH club record.  Some of the shorter distance records are held by Linford Christie!  Maybe something for Piers to think about!

Steve Newell

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