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BA Athletics Club News Digest 30th April 2018


  • Wednesday 2nd May Rosenheim Track&Field match at Walton from 18:45 # (sorry - yesterday)
  • Wednesday 9th - Speedbird Ladies - see below. #
  • Saturday 12th May - Hazelwood parkrun at 9:00 (please arrive early so that a photograph can be taken). #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]   /  # Club Points event

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Late Digest

Weak apologies for the late digest, but I've spent the last six days in Charing Cross Hospital, during which I had lots of blood extracting from within the skull ! Last Friday I was not able to talk or type, and also I couldn't use my right arm and I was clumsy. Having extracted the excess blood I'm expecting to recover completely - though I will use the incident to account for spelling mistakes and missing words! One symptom over the weekend is that I was continually hearing voices in my head - amusingly mainly "parkrun".

Roderick Hoffman

 Speedbird Ladies 9th May #

Meet in the normal Harmondsworth Moor carpark for 6 o'clock.  The men may check the 5k course at six. The ladies race at seven. Lots of marshalls are needed. This is a club points scoring event.  Marshalls score 2 points. Racers score one. We would prefer our ladies to run.

Roderick Hoffman

PS Don't forget to enter and/or promote the Speedbird Ladies event on 9th May from 19:00 - see Either enter online or print off the application form from the site and post it to Steve Taylor via the address given.

If any BAAC "Second Claim" members have, or will, enter the event and you wish to run for BAAC then please ask your first claim club secretary before the day of the event - I wouldn't expect them to have a problem with this but they need to be given the option. 

New Membership Year - Subscriptions due

Another reminder - As you know, the BA AC Subs for 2018 Membership came due in April.  Especially if you Affiliate to England Athletics - and will be wanting the race entry discount again - 38 people did last year – you don't want you to miss out at the last minute…

Our Subs remain the same at £9, but Affiliation to UK Athletics has increased to £15. So if you affiliate, your payment should now total £24.

Ideally, I would suggest that you setup a standing order for the yearly payment, even now, as you will be able to shift the date back to 1st April later on. And let us know by email that you have paid - Thanks.

  • Name: British Airways Athletics Club
  • Account: 10096647
  • SortCode: 60-02-60


Chris Kelly (Club Treasurer)

Alan Friar (Membership Secretary)

PS. See Jas on the London Marathon entry page "Good for Age" photograph... !

PPS. Expect BA Clubs (if you are a member) to pay your Bedfont Football and Social club costs! (not confirmed).

London Marathon Reports and a reminder to enters

The London Marathon Events have confirmed the date of the 2019 race will be SUNDAY 28th APRIL (the week after Easter). If you want to enter apply to TODAY, not tomorrow.


Simon Turton

Colin Haylock has written a report describing his Marathon Des Sables, rather his run of the London Marathon in Ski Boots, though I'm not sure which is madder! See MDS.docx.

From: Dan Searle
It's typical that the weather has cooled down now it's all over. I wonder how different things would have been if we'd been running in yesterday's cooler temperatures.
The first half of my marathon went pretty well, and I got to tower bridge in just over 2 hours, but then the heat really started to get to me. I was reduced to a shuffle and then I walked the first 100m of each of the few kilometres on the approach to Canary Wharf. From about 17 miles though every time I ran even slowly I felt dizzy and was short of breath. I'm so glad I took the sensible option and just adopted a brisk walk from then on. Apparently about 100 runners were hospitalised with serious heat injury. I can see how easy it would be to push yourself too hard when there's such amazing well-meaning support on the course. A slow finish and a medal is much better than a DNF or worse. It's an amazing event to experience regardless of what speed you're moving.
Thanks very much to BA for giving me the opportunity to do it, and well done to all of you, the marshals and supporters.

On 23 April 2018 at 21:46, Lesley Bradley wrote:
Hi All,
Firstly, thank you  for the opportunity to run the marathon again. At least we have all gone into the record book for completing the hottest recorded marathon. Well done to all of you  for finishing yesterday.
It was a real test of endurance and positive thinking.  It was my worst nightmare as I tend to crumble in heat at the best of times. So sure enough at mile 12  I found myself slightly delirious unable to even coordinate getting a gel into my mouth! Lucky my supporters were on hand to sort me out. I decided I had two options, quit or carry on – quitting was not an option so I just got on with it.
I had given up very early on any thought of trying to get a good time but was pleased with my time in the conditions.  The day was amazing as ever, with such wonderful support from the crowds.
Thank you to all the BA marshals , you did a great job.
So all back to normal today, no real aches or pains, back to work and enjoying a cooler temperature!
Take Care everyone

From: Trish McCabe
Hi All,
Well done everyone for getting across the finish line. Yesterday was an amazing day despite it being the hottest London Marathon on record.
I had a strong and promising start but by the time I got to mile 10 I know I would have to slow my pace down as there was no way I was going to jeopardise not crossing the finish line. I was initially hoping for a new marathon PB - but it was not to be in the heat. I am now most grateful to have made it across the finish line without any issues. 
I did take the day of work and I am feeling not too bad today. 
Very sad to hear the news of Matt Campbell.
Thank you to all the BA Marshalls for your support. I managed to see quite a few of you, receiving high fives and big hugs from some of our marshalls at the various crossings was very uplifting indeed. 
Best Regards 

On 23 Apr 2018, at 18:52, SCOTT DAVISON wrote:
Hi All,
Firstly thanks to all the wonderful Marshalls, how hot was that ! My hardest ever but to 15 miles felt great and relaxed but the energy sapped from me by 18m and mr potato head went past me.
Recovery now and got my 250 parkrun Saturday at Bedfont parkrun - cakes available after  
Take it easy

On 23 Apr 2018, at 18:11, Chris KELLY <> wrote:
Hi All,
Yes, what a delightful day - for our supporters!  I was easing up as I went, and especially the last couple of miles, when I tried to say hello to as many of the BA Marshals on the way through – although looking at my splits I seemed to speed up at that point – quite unconsciously – great support – all the way in fact.
But how are Colin’s feet today - aarrgghh???  #32:
Chris Kelly

More next week.


BA still has places available for Run Gatwick on Sunday 13th May - but they do require a minimum of £100 sponsorship to be raised, if anyone is interested.
Contact Ian Cunningham ( for further details.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 28th April 2018

28th April 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Chris Evans 23:07 Bedfont Lakes run #201 65%
Scott Davison 23:08 Bedfont Lakes run #250 62%
Trish McCabe 27:21 Bedfont Lakes run #233 56%
John Lennon 33:03 Bedfont Lakes run #269 47%
Tracey Mills 34:02 Bedfont Lakes run #19, all at Bedfont Lakes 50%
Bob Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes finish tokens
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Zoe Ostley volunteer Bedfont Lakes finish token sorting & run report
Steve Newell 37:23 Catford LonDone maintained, park #98 50%
Jeremy Short 23:56 Hampstead Heath run #99, 1st at Hampstead 65%
Julie Barclay 23:25 Osterley Park 1st run at Osterley, club rec(F) 75%
Paul Watt 23:19 Osterley Park run #73, 1st at Osterley 65%
Kevin Holland 35:18 Woking run #95, 2018 sb 50%
Jacqui Musselwhite 23:05 Woking run #59, 55th at Woking 72%
Steve Waite 29:06 Riddlesdown run #16, first run of 2018 59%
Marion Woodhouse 31:47 Rickmansworth run #28, 2nd at Rickmansworth 56%
Sharon Kassemzadeh 22:45 Rickmansworth run #93, 24th at Rickmansworth 88%
Chris Kelly 21:18 Reading 299th run at Reading 70%
Steve Taylor 25:42 Northala Fields run #86, 55th at Northala 60%
Benita Scaife 31:07 Maidenhead run #109, 59th at Maidenhead 64%
John Scaife 31:08 Maidenhead run #128, 61st at Maidenhead 53%
John Coffey 28:02 Hazelwood run #289, 6th at Hazelwood 69%
Petra Otto 23:59 Hasenheide (BER) run #46, 2nd at Hasenheide 61%
Denis Foxley 29:16 Harrow run #101, 87th at Harrow 60%
Alan Anderson 35:09 Gunnersbury run #506 63%
Ben Chaytow 22:22 Crane Park run #191, 162nd at Crane 61%
Jonathan  Cox 23:06 Crane Park run #355, 61st at Crane 68%
Ian Cunningham 21:52 Bushy Park run #326 70%
Sarah Gordon 33:08 Braunstone run #188, 53rd at Braunstone 57%
Joe Nolan 35:07 Black Park run #306 47%

The “250” season continued at Bedfont Lakes with Scott Davison (23:08) being the latest to qualify for the dark green vest.  He was three minutes faster than last week which may just prove that running a marathon can improve your parkrun times.  Chris Evans (23:07) appears to be on a plateau, has run the same course in the same time for two consecutive weeks but without a marathon in between.  Tracey Mills (34:02), who has averaged two runs a year since Bedfont started, ran for the second time in a month.  Maybe her London Marathon marshalling experience and seeing Chris Kelly heading for a sub four-hour finish has inspired her start training early for 2019.

Steve Newell (37:23) attended an inaugural for the first time since Woking in 2014.  This time it was Mountsfield Park in Catford reachable via the fascinating trail known as the South Circular or less frustratingly with a gentle stroll from Hither Green station.  It is not as hilly as nearby Hilly Fields but is not flat either and a significant part of the three lap course is on grass.  There is one toilet and fresh post run coffee is dispensed from the inside of a discarded shipping container.  An excellent under cover bag drop area in the hilltop bandstand by the start and finish.  There are now 52 parkruns within the boundaries of the London Boroughs.

Jeremy Short is just one run short of his century after his run at Hampstead Heath (23:56), Richard Ruffell’s club record of 22:24 remains intact.
It was a joyous return to his childhood playground, Osterley Park, for Paul Watt (23:19).  Julie Barclay (23:25) set a new female club course record under the watchful eye of coach Tom Rowley.  Tom reports taking his grandchildren to Osterley Park so it was a day for reminiscing.  Over 30 members have now run at Osterley at least once.  The parkruns which have proved more attractive are Bushy (56), Bedfont Lakes (49), Gunnersbury (37), Crane Park (36) and Black Park (35).

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

parkrun Tourism

"The best parkruns" - Bill Byrne interviewed me last month about parkrun tourism -

Roderick Hoffman

Running Shorts

  • Dear Ed, just one jog/run park/Xc this week=31.54. From a marshal's role last Sunday in hot conditions to cold/wet weather 27April for my jog?! Well done REAL runners in the Marathon. Andy Rayner.
  • Is anyone interested in the Bridges Relay again this year? Simon who organised this last year but can't make it this year and we have a Rosenheim track mtg. that night too so we are looking for someone to organise the team.

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