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BA Athletics Club News Digest 30th August 2021

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Stockley Park 5k courseNOW Stockley Park

Seven of us met up at Stockley park last Wednesday and ran round the proposed 5km route before chatting over coffee at the Costa.

I've attached a picture of the course for anyone who wants to run it in their own time. It's mostly easy to follow - but you do need to keep turning left at the 1.5km point before the woods opens out on your right and you can turn right.

 Parking is free for up to three hours for users of the hotel or cafes so ensure you have a drink or snack after the run.  There is a choice of Costa, Greggs and Subway outlets - with Costa also having a customer toilet.

Roderick Hoffman

2021 Round-the-Park Race - 12:30 Wednesday 15th September Osterley Park

The club has held a Round-the-Park race most years since the late 1980s. Originally this was held at Cranford Park and more recently over Harmondsworth Moor. Neither of those locations have facilities available before or after the run so for this year we have switched to Osterley Park which has toilets and cafe courtesy of the National Trust (free to enter, although if you are not a National Trust member you will have to pay to park your car - or park for free in Osterley Lane which is closer for those entering from the Norwood Green direction).

Traditionally the Round-the-Park, and the Round-the-Block race in January, have been held on a Tuesday. The reason for the Tuesday race day was because in those days all of the club runners would meet up at the Concorde Centre on the Wednesday evening hence a Wednesday run was inappropriate. That is now not the case so this year's race will be on Wednesday 15th September.

We will use the current two lap parkrun course, starting and finishing next to Osterley House and running clockwise (unless we decide to do it the other way for a change). See course | Osterley parkrun.

Race start time will be 12:30, we will time your run but in return we ask for a £1 charity donation.

Roderick Hoffman

Award Winners (part 3)Club Awards for 2020 (continued)

The Awards for performances across 2020 were presented on the awards evening. All those presented on the night are listed here: baRUNNER News Trophies page. Here are some more details on three of the awards given out on the night:

Most Improved Athlete

If there’s one person in the club who epitomises the phrase “Age is only a number”, our winner is the person. Taking up serious running at fifty can be a way of simply avoiding early onset stiff joints, but to get better year after year takes some dedication.

In 2020, our winner was out exploring ways to keep fit despite lockdown.

  •  He improved his Street-O performances.
  •  He ran to suspended parkrun courses, ran around them (socially distanced of course) and then ran home…..and then he cycled the route to check his distance.
  •  He won November’s hexathlon (which involved running, jumping and throwing).
  •  He was often the most successful performer in the monthly “Track on Field” challenge.
  •  He ran a half marathon PB at the “Big Half” in March.
  •  He increased his annual mileage by 400 miles to 1750!!

Our winner’s all-round success, regular improvement and dedication to the cause mean that BA’s most improved athlete is ………………Mike Dennison

Female Athlete of the Year

Despite lockdown, we once again had a good clutch of candidates for this important trophy.

Our winner probably covered the most ground of anyone in the club last year. Special performances included:

  • Completing the GB Ultras Everest 135 event
  • The Run Gatwick 10K
  • The Virtual London Marathon (in the dark!)
  • Regular ten mile plus runs
  • The Snowdon Ultra Virtual Marathon
  • The Ultra Scotland Virtual Marathon

…you get the picture.  She got this done while encouraging us to undertake stretching exercises, which most of us don’t put the effort into.  What’s more, our winner spent an increasing part of 2020 jetting around the world for work and doing voluntary shifts in a local hospital.

Our female athlete of the year is …………………Clara Halket.

Male Athlete of the Year

Our winner started the year as a regular competitor with us in club events:  Cross-countries, the Five-Mile handicap through Feltham, and parkrun.  Then lockdown came, but that didn’t stop him from regular participation.

He improved his 5K and 10K times on regular runs through Ashford.  He worked hard with the family in quirky running, spelling and scrabble events throughout the year.  He contributed to our art catalogue with some interesting GPS art.

On a windy and muddy weekend, he and the family showed their all round talents in our running, jumping and throwing Hexathlon competition.

In July 2020, England Athletics staged a virtual 5K championships, and our trophy winner was the club’s leading runner in this event.

This year’s stand-out candidate for the male athlete of the year is………………. Maarten Stenham.


The award of the Veteran's trophy is yet to be made. If you want to speculate, then the fact that the recipient wasn't present at the awards evening narrows down who the winner is more so than the title of the trophy. 

Thanks to Steve Hillier for the words and Paul Brandon for taking the photographs. 

Roderick Hoffman

BAAC 40 Branded Clothing

As part of our 40th Anniversary Year celebrations we would like to give members and friends the opportunity to acquire some club branded clothing. This would be well-subsidised by the club - but note that you would still be able to get cheaper unbranded equivalents from high-street chains. Our products should be good quality and sourced locally (we use the company Shawscreen, based in Hayes/High Wycombe) . The branding would probably be our registered "Speedmarque" colours (i.e. The "British Airways" text in blue with the red and blue "speedmarque", as modelled by Maarten in the photo above). We would also have a small "BAAC 40" logo (not yet designed), for instance on the sleeve of tops. Clothing colours are likely to be white or light shades. Sizing should be 'any'. I put up a poll on Facebook (BA Runner | Facebook) and so far this has indicated popularity as follows, but please don't let this overly-influence you. Please let me know your own ideas, non-committal, on whether you'd be interested and in what item - including items not listed.

  • Technical Tee Shirt with Speedmarque and "BAAC 40" logo on sleeve [lots of votes on Facebook].
  • Sweat Top with Speedmarque on front and "BAAC 40" logo on sleeve [6 votes on Facebook].
  • Club branded headband/buff/cowl [2 votes on Facebook].
  • Cotton Tee Shirt with Speedmarque and "BAAC 40" logo on sleeve [1 vote on Facebook]
  • Softshell top with zip front with Speedmarque on back and "BAAC 40" logo on front [1 vote on Facebook]
  • Shower jacket with "BAAC 40" logo [1 vote on Facebook]
  • Cap with "BAAC 40" logo [no votes yet on Facebook]

Roderick Hoffman

Rosenheim Track & Field At Walton on Wednesday

This Wednesday, 1st September, we will be competing in our final T&F of the summer.  The Rosenheim meetings have become "Open" this year, meaning that everyone is welcome to take part, but pre-booking is necessary.  BAAC is subsidising the entry fee, so if you want to enter, please let me know on Tuesday.

The evening starts at 18:30, and includes 100m, 400m, 800m and 3000m on the track, with Discus, High Jump, Triple Jump and Shot on the infield.  The final event will be the 3000m at 20:15.

I hope to see you there!

Steve Hillier

Activity Achievements for the week 23rd to 29th August 2021

19 activities recorded including those who ranked their parkrun as their best activity of the week.

Colleague Activity Distance Course Start Time Duration Comments
Adrian Haines parkrun 5km Des Dougnes Sat am 00:19:41 Seasons best and a Des Dougness improvement of 8 minutes. My daughter decided to do 2 of the 3 laps. Good to see Piers and his wife.
Andy Rayner mixed Run/Walk 4miles XC Thur 00:54:00 Also Tues 24 Aug; 3M cycle=16m 25s plus 1M walk= 8m 29S & Wed 25 Aug= Fast walk=25m 27s.
Ben Cooper Running 4.57km BAMC to Penmark Sun 00:23:53 After looking at the map I elected to try a circular route on some single track roads which were pleasant and less steep than the previous visit! Pace was intentionally 'slow'
Benita Scaife mixed Run/Walk 6miles  Hurley to Marlow and back Fri Our weekday activity was a run along the Thames Path from Hurley to Marlow and walk back to Hurley.
Clara Halket mixed Run/Walk 12.11km The ridge Sat 01:44:00 Saturday's workout was 2.5km pole walk, 2.5km run x 2, on the hilly stretch of the ridge, with couple minutes walk recovery in between.
Denis Foxley Running Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:03:00 Different routes
Jacqui Musselwhite Intervals 2km St Aigulin track, Dordogne, France Sun At Adrian's in France. We cycled 5 miles to a track for warm up 4 laps, 100x4 strides and then 200m x 5 and then the bike ride back to base in Parcoul in the evening sun. [photo includes a repeat of Adrian]
Joan Foxley Running Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:03:00 Different routes
John Scaife mixed Run/Walk 6miles Hurley to Marlow and back Fri Still being cautious with my foot, but felt OK after Wednesday’s NOW run. 3 mile run segment 00:30:31.
Julie Barclay  Race 5km Cosham Wed 00:22:26 Race - second of three race series at Portsmouth Lakeside
Melanie Miller Walking 12.81km Ilfracombe to Woolacombe Sun 03:56:16 A stunning hike along the headland of Torrs Park from Ilfracombe to Woolacombe on a blisteringly hot day felt like doing the 7 sisters…lol
Michael Ball parkrun 5km Woking Sat am 00:28:55 Rather slow
Mike Dennison Running 32km Thames to Kingston Thur am 02:39:01 First 20 mile run of marathon training, surprised that it went quite well - 16k 'easy', 13k 'marathon', and then 3k 'easy'. Forgot to charge the watch beforehand and got home with 1% charge remaining!
Paul Watt  Race 5km Cosham Wed 00:19:54 Race - second of three race series at Portsmouth Lakeside
Piers Keenleyside parkrun 5km Des Dougnes Sat am 00:27:11 Fastest parkrun since 2019
Roderick Hoffman Running 9.08km Hillingdon Cycle Circuit Thur 01:00:00 On the paths around the circuit. Mo Farrah's one hour world record is 21.33km and Sifan Hassan's is 18.93km - but they ran theirs on a track. This relates to a cunning plan I'm putting together! [photo is from Saturday's parkrun]
Simon Turton Orienteering 11.12km Crown Woods, Bracknell Wed 00:59:02 The beauty of GPS-O events is that if you make a complete hash of it, you can repeat it; so I did and going by my smiley face, had a much better run. Nice area to run round with plenty of route choice.
Stephen Taylor Running 20.07miles Richmond and Bushy Sat 03:29:44 Another long run in preparation for London. I ran with a friend from BA days and caught up on all the news. It made the run feel easier, solo long runs can be tough.
Steve Hillier Walking 4miles Aston, Birmingham Sat pm With Linda. Through some hilly industrial estates. Plus 6miles cycling through Newton Farm ecology park and West Harrow.

Week Achievements Roderick Hoffman

parkrun results for Saturday 28th August 2021

37 runners and volunteers below - get in touch if your result is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Pos Time Age Grade PB? Comment
David DUGGAN Bedfont Lakes 92 00:32:18 50.10% 365th run, One for every day of most years.
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 24 00:23:59 64.14%
Maarten Stenham Bedfont Lakes 15 00:22:43 61.92% Over 15min improvement on last week's time!
Paul PRESCOTT Bedfont Lakes 9 00:21:22 60.69%
Janet Smith Black Park 361 00:37:13 48.63% parkrun 1,2,3
John COFFEY Brooklands 193 00:32:31 63.15%
Maria Jovani Brooklands 224 00:34:46 45.69% Running with a youngster (JM10) on their first parkrun.
Mike Dennison Brooklands 9 00:19:41 83.66% PB   Running as a youngster (VM60-64). PB by 51s.
Richard RUFFELL Buckingham Non-member, retired, over 60…soon to be completely forgotten (21:23 at Buckingham)
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 711 00:29:35 53.75% First run as an ex BA employee.
Julie BARCLAY Crystal Palace 59 00:23:23 79.54% We are sailing…
Paul WATT Crystal Palace 18 00:20:31 75.55% …the seven Cs.
Vera Simms Crystal Palace 167 00:29:05 65.79%
Roderick HOFFMAN Edgbaston Reservoir 121 00:29:04 55.68% New BA park. Old home parkrun (but you do need to go back to the '60s).
Sarah GORDON Edgbaston Reservoir 159 00:36:19 55.81%
Paul KNECHTL Frimley Lodge 19 00:19:00 77.63% Club record
Benita Scaife Grove Fields 116 00:32:23 64.54% New BA parkrun
John Scaife Grove Fields 117 00:32:24 52.73% Managed to keep up with Benita this week.
Alastair Heslop   Week off? No event at Guildford this week.
Denis Foxley Harrow Run Director at Harrow
Joan FOXLEY Harrow Finish tokens at Harrow
Trish MCCABE Henley-on-Thames 31 00:30:38 51.36%  
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 32 00:23:49 62.42%
Melanie Miller Land’s End 115 00:38:20 45.43% Taking English tourism to an extreme. New BA park.
Adrian Haines Les Dougnes 1 00:19:41 77.39% PB   2nd run at his other home parkrun and smashes his PB and Roderick's club record by seven minutes.
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Les Dougnes 5 00:27:11 61.13% 10th parkrun country - and Pier's average parkrun is now the Bois de Boulogne in Paris!
Frankie HOGGE Mile End 37 00:20:59 70.53% 10,000 club UK finish (see below**)
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 253 00:47:09 53.41% Assisting Anne. Running at Osterley on its 8th birthday - Alan was one of several BAAC members who ran in the very first event on 31st August 2013 - hasn't time flown!
Anne ANDERSON Osterley 252 00:47:08 61.14% (Assisted)
Anne Bannister Osterley 87 00:25:45 78.71% PB   Third Osterley PB in 4 runs there, and 86s improvement. Lifetime parkrun PB.
Bob Bannister Osterley 36 00:23:07 72.53%
Scott DAVISON Osterley 45 00:23:37 62.46%
Alan FRIAR Reading 292 00:36:05 53.44%
Christopher T KELLY Reading 54 00:22:11 69.87%
Monica ALONSO Reading 196 00:28:46 60.54% Electrifying - second parkrun since June 2019
Eddie GILES Salisbury 212 00:26:56 67.14%
Barry WALTERS Upton Court 98 00:28:06 59.67% Quickest run since the restart.
Steve NEWELL Westmill 112 00:48:08 40.86% Compass completion
Micheal BALL Woking 196 00:28:55 54.99%

The cross-country season is only just round the corner and by way of a fitness test Paul Knechtl (19:00) made a rare appearance at a parkrun this week and broke the club record at Frimley Lodge which Barry Walters had held for eleven years!

Anne Bannister (25:45) bagged a parkrun pb at Osterley. Mike Dennison (19:41) achieved a course pb at Brooklands putting him 4th/164 in his age group there. Brexit defying  Adrian Haines (19.41) returned to Les Dougnes (not far from Bordeaux) and as well as being first man home also went to the top of the rankings in his age group.  Piers Keenleyside (27:11) was there too and has now completed a parkrun in 10 different countries. Julie Barclay (23:23) lowered the female club record at Crystal Palace.

Three new parks were added to the club collection this week. In finishing time order – Roderick Hoffman (29:04) and Sarah Gordon (36:14) ran at the recently launched Edgbaston Reservoir near their childhood home.  Benita (32:23) and John Scaife (32:24) went to Grove Fields (Wantage, Oxon) which started only last week.  Melanie Miller (38:20) went South and West as far as possible to the parkrun at Land’s End which started a few weeks before the Covid interruption.

Steve Newell (48:08) ran/walked at Westmill Farm (Herts) for the first time and found the course charming.  Very pretty and plenty of undulations to keep it interesting.  He is now the sixth club member to complete the compass challenge having already completed parkruns at Southwark (12Oct13), Northala Fields (21Jun14) and East Grinstead (30Sep17). With a bit of planning It could now be done in a single month rather than eight years!

With our 40th anniversary event coming next month it is good to see two members who were young in our first decade are still keeping up a good pace.  Bill Byrne (23:59) and Mike Lawrence (25:04) now both in the VM60-64 group were running on the all grass course at Old Deer Park in Richmond.  Bill’s son Theo (pb 19:41) was third there this week in 19:52. Bill’s pb on that course is 19:51 (he did once clock 18:57 at Richmond Park).

Those who have been waiting for the California Country parkrun (Wokingham) to resume need wait no longer.  The contractors on site have completed their task and the first run back was this last Saturday.

Steve Newell

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

** My estimate is that, assuming that all parkruns started at exactly 09:00, and ignoring those undertaken in France this week, when Frankie finished her Mile End parkrun she became the club's 10,000 UK 5k parkrun finisher. Obviously a few errors may have crept in and some parkruns might have started late so the accolade might actually have been earned by any club finisher on Saturday - including perhaps and appropriately, Melanie at Lands End or Steve completing the Compass Challenge. However, since there is no £10,000 reward for this achievement, no reward at all in fact, I'm sure we'll all be happy to cheer Frankie through the finish at Mile End aka "BAAC UK 10,000x5km End".

Note that the UK parkruns run includes restricted entry parkruns (Feltham and Downview) and also ten UK parkruns that no longer operate. The most recent of these to join the list is Inverness parkrun (run by Jain in 2019). This was replaced on a one-for-one basis by Torvean parkrun the week before last with the same team and a great deal of commonality though a new course and starting from event #1. The same week Llanelli Coast was similarly replaced by Sandy Water in Wales though Llanelli was a parkrun no member had yet done. Tring and Yeovil Montacute parkruns are still on the parkrun map although it is well known that the locations have been denied to parkrun, but it is still hoped that new courses will be found and the events re-launched - though again they may have new names and be launched from event #1.

Club Featured parkruns

Monthly Club Featured parkruns have been added to the club diary with the first one being planned for Maidenhead for 23rd October (the date we would have been running at WARR in Hawaii...not that some of us have quite given up on that yet). John Scaife is in charge of the series and later ones have been pencilled in for Bushy, Nonsuch, Sandhurst Memorial, Gunnersbury and Homewood. Whilst we don't need hosts at these events please feel free to offer useful information such as parking hints if you are a regular at the next one of these. Also email John to suggest other parkruns worth adding to the list.

John Scaife

New Goals

Paul and Julie to Crystal Palace

London Football Grounds MapAlong with the start of the new football season, a new running goal has been set by and for ourselves. From the acknowledged centre of London - the statue of George I at Trafalgar Square - we plan to run to all the football league grounds that are located within a London Borough during this current season.

This weekend was our first endeavour. We ran the Crystal Palace parkrun on Saturday and then drove to and left our car near Selhurst Park at Crystal Palace F.C. We then caught a train to Balham which is where our hotel was. Sunday morning saw us take the Underground Northern Line from nearby Balham station to Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square. Our 9.2 mile run started at 08:10 and took us over the river at Hungerford Bridge, along the Thames and through Vauxhall, Stockwell, Brixton, Brockwell, Norwood, Gipsy Hill and on to Selhurst Park. We were back at the car in 1:35.

At the planning stage it seemed logistically too much but we were not to be beaten. We had to find parking at the football ground and what to leave in the car such as water, snacks and jackets. We needed to find a hotel outside of the congestion zone which we could get to easily from the ground and which was also an easy trip away from TrafaagarrSquare. We did not want to carry anything including jackets during the run and therefore the morning temperature needed to be considered. However we did need our Oyster cards, face masks and of course, a copy of the route.Square. We did not want to carry anything including jackets during the run and therefore the morning temperature needed to be considered. However we did need our Oyster cards, face masks and of course, a copy of the route.

A very successful weekend despite the planning and we look forward very much to the next runs…..Tottenham on 26th Sep and Arsenal on the 27th which appropriately is North London derby weekend.

Paul Watt and Julie Barclay

Ed: The map is from London football geography | Hidden London ( . This includes the National League grounds which are probably excluded from Paul's target list. Watford is also excluded since Vicarage Road is just north of the area covered by Greater London, though it is inside the M25.

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