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BA Athletics Club News Digest 30th June 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • THIS Wednesday 2nd July - Rosenheim T&F match - BA Hosted at Eton (competitors and helpers needed - see below)
  • Thursday 3rd July - Bath Road 12:45 - Magic Mile
  • Thursday 10th July - Great City Race

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 2nd June).

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Please join the club

For those of you who are not yet paid up members of the Athletics Club note that there is a new associate membership option available as a trial for this year (April to March).  The membership cost is the same (£9 or £9+£10 for UK Athletics membership as well) but the big differences are on the one hand you do not have to be a member of BA Clubs (Concorde) but on the other hand you are not entitled to use any of the facilities of the Concorde Centre (other than as a guest).  This membership option is likely to appeal to those of you who are not based in the Heathrow area or for whom the BA Athletics Club will not be your first claim club.  On the website there are more details of this membership option and on full membership and what each give you on. The membership form is here: membership form.  If you want to pay electronically then please contact the treasurer: Chris Kelly <>.  For other membership queries contact the membership secretary: Alan Friar <>.

PS It would appear that British Airways has decided that being a property landlord for the Concorde Centre doesn't fit with its Fly to Serve agenda and has sold the land to Imperial College.  BA continues to manage BA Clubs which will continue to operate from the Concorde Centre "The date of transfer is 1st September 2014 and the plan is for Imperial to be fully mobilised by 1st October 2014. There will be a transition period until 1st January 2016 where all activity is protected".  Some changes are inevitable but should include new investment in facilities.  The BAAC Committee will monitor developments closely but for now no changes anticipated.

BA Fun Run Thursday July 24th - Runners and Helpers needed

The BA Fun Run is on Thursday evening July 24th.  This is the airline's big UK Cancer Research fund generating event and the biggest opportunity the club has each year to make a good impression with British Airways. The little legs race is at 16:30 and the main race is from 17:30.  This means that the event is over earlier in the evening than with other events BUT I do need helpers to get to the parkland soon after 16:00.  Please let me know if you are able to help - all volunteers get meal tokens.

 Roderick Hoffman <>

T&F BA Hosted Match Wednesday 2nd July - runners, throwers, jumpers, measurers, timers, cheerers all needed

This Wednesday evening 2nd July we are hosting a Rosenheim track meeting at Eton 7.15pm start.

We have the High Jump & Hurdles at the start of the event but all that equipment will be put out by the stadium staff (H&S).  Help is required to measure in such events as the Hammer, Shot, Discus, Triple jump & High jump.  A result runner is also needed to get results, hot from the card, up the stairs and into the result computer.

All track event are listed 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m & 4x200m relay.  Timekeepers are also welcome to help with the fast flow of track events.  The start is at 7.15pm and should end around 9.15pm.

Hope to see you all there. A great event is predicted.

Eddie Giles

Let Eddie know to expect you: Eddie Giles <>

Results of the 3rd Vets League match at Battersea 23rd June 2014

Steve Hillier:- 100m – 16.2 , High Jump – 1.05m , Discus - 21.77m , Javelin - 22.25m

Eddie Giles:- 400m - 80.3 , Discus -19.25m

We are currently 5th place in the league with one match to go at Perivale track on Monday 14th July at 6.30pm. If we have a few more along to compete then we may just get in 4th place and into the final, hope to see you there.

Official Results of Rosenheim League Match 4 at St. Mary’s 18th June 2014

  • Janet Smith - Discus - 31.37m - improved on her own WV45 club record (to be ratified)
  • Alan Anderson - 100m - 20.1 - MV75 vacant club record (to be ratified)
  •   “        “       “          Javelin - 15.52m – MV75 club record (to be ratified)
  • Tony Barnwell – Shot Putt - 7.18m , Javelin – 12.37m
  • Steve Newell – 400m - 1.44.6
  • Steve Hillier – Shot Putt – 7.22m
  • Chris Kelly - 3000m - 11.10.4
  • Gary Rushmer - 800m - 2.35.5 , 1500m - 5.15.3 , Long Jump – 3.24m
  • Eddie Giles – 200m - 34.4
  • Alan A, Steve H, Tony B & Eddie G -  4X200m Relay 2.35.5

WOW  A fantastic evening at St Mary’s track, saw a full team spirit event, Covering nearly all events on the card with club records and seasons best thrown in the mix and in the Men’s event just a couple of points off from coming 4th on the night.

In the relay, Eddie at 65 started off the 4 x 200m , handed to Tony at 72, We had practiced this relay change over at Uxbridge Monday training Session and ‘we knew what we was doing’ not like 1 team who dropped the baton at that point and got the red flag! Then the baton passed to Alan at 79 and went like a train, with 2 club records that night he was flying, then over to Steve H, our youngest member of the relay at a mere 60, rode in the final straight on the glory leg with all cheers from the sidelines.

A really good effort by everyone in all events, one off the best evening that I can remember, and left me buzzing for days after that.

Eddie Giles

Westminster Bridges Relay 2014 Results

This year we put out 2 teams for the annual Bridges Relay at Westminster. We were blessed with the usual warm summer evening sunshine we seem to get most years. This year the organisers had restricted the number of teams so it was little less congested, but still very busy around the start-finish area. One of our teams was a Ruffell sandwich, 2 Ruffells surrounded by 2 Haylocks. The team's main aim was to get in under the hour.  This was helped by a great start from Colin, back in around 14.11. The Ruffells did their bits {and on their watches very closely timed} and Ian brought us home, under the hour but much to the joy of Colin a few seconds behind his time. Family rivalry, never!

The second team were led out by Vicky who got them off to a solid start. Neil ran next, his only thought seemed to be to ensure his time was ahead of Roderick who was set to bring the team home. In between we had a UK athlete running for us, Janet Smith who excels at hammer, was very happy with her time, quicker than her 5k speed, no doubt urged on by the team spirit which always seems to bring out the best in everyone. Roderick improved his time from last year by over a minute and a half - and beat Neil's time from last year by almost a minute, but that was not enough to get ahead of Neil this year whose improvement was even greater. Inter-club-mates rivalry, never!

So it was off to the pub for refreshments afterwards, everyone having annoyed what is a great fun event {sorry for leaving that one in - perhaps the spell checker should have suggested "enjoyed" Ed},

2014 Bridge Relay Start

Results just in (last year's slower splits in brackets):

Team one Total 0:59:16 Position 18th LBH and 37th overall out of 109 teams
Colin Haylock 14:11  
Natalie Ruffell 15:10* (15:44)
Richard Ruffell 15:23* (15:40)
Ian Haylock 14:32 (14:38)
Team two Total 1:14:11 Position 59th LBH and 99th overall
Vicky Edwards 16:18  
Neil Frediani 16:24 (18:20)
Janet Smith 24:08 {photo credit also}
Roderick Hoffman 17:21 (18:57)

* Richard had 7 seconds less on his watch and Natalie had 7 seconds more, so suspect slight mistake on the official timings, does not change the team time so published official times.

Thanks again to everyone, same time {or faster}, same place, next year.

Richard Ruffell 

How many WARRs have you attended?

I'll give the World Airline Road Race in Dublin on October 1st through 5th a big push shortly but in the meantime if you intend to be there could you let me know how many WARR events you will have attended and in particular if you will have attended 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 events.

Roderick Hoffman <>

Club parkrun results for Saturday 27th June

Runner Club Time Position G.Pos parkrun Comment
Colin HAYLOCK British Airways AC 00:19:05 32 30 Bushy Run 48
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Ealing Eagles Running Club 00:21:08 33 29 Gunnersbury
Ian CUNNINGHAM British Airways AC 00:21:14 108 100 Bushy
Richard RUFFELL British Airways AC 00:21:30 29 29 Great Notley Run 50 / park 23 / BA park 113
Ben CHAYTOW British Airways AC 00:21:44 16 15 Crane Park
Joe NOLAN British Airways AC 00:23:36 84 76 Black park
Kerstin LUKSCH British Airways AC 00:24:14 96 16 Gunnersbury parkrun pb
Eddie GILES British Airways AC 00:25:12 26 23 Northala Fields Best time for over a year
Tony HIRD British Airways AC 00:25:22 53 48 Gunpowder
Roderick HOFFMAN British Airways AC 00:26:02 95 78 Banstead Woods park 78 / BA park 114
Alan FRIAR British Airways AC 00:27:48 138 109 Woodley
Monica ALONSO British Airways AC 00:27:51 162 33 Guildford
Daniela MAYEROVA British Airways AC 00:29:44 36 8 Wormwood Scrubs
Alan ANDERSON British Airways AC 00:30:16 215 144 Gunnersbury
Alastair HESLOP         Guildford Volunteer

Steve's away and I'm producing this a day early and it's penalties in the football so apologies to anyone whose time or achievement has been missed.

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun resolution completed

Encouraged by Roderick to set a target for parkruns for 2014 I aimed for 20 different runs and to reach 50 runs in total during 2014. Well job done before we are even halfway through the year. I ran my 50th this weekend, which was also my 20th consecutive different venue, now 23 different in total. I think I will end the tourist run now and return to my home run for a while.

This week was another inaugural run, this time at Great Notley Park. Well this is a tough course, certainly not one to head to for a PB. As the race director said at the start, we have all surfaces except tarmac. Some tracks, some fairly uneven grass sections, a sand pit (twice), and just for the second lap a shortish but very sharp hill. The sort of hill you might do a few reps on during a hill training session, not one for the middle of a 5k. If you do ever head there take some change, the car park is £3.50 and I don't think there is any alternative. So it was tough, and this being my third race in a week my legs were complaining from the start so this week it was just a case of keeping going. Luckily I had enough left to pass the first lady just before the end :) Next time out will be back to the tarmac at St Albans, happy days.

Richard Ruffell 

Banstead Woods parkrun

I chose this parkrun on Friday evening primarily because my Sat Nav said it was ten minutes nearer than Great Notley above.  It was the last London parkrun west of Big Ben that no one from the club had run at - and I'm left wondering why because it proved to be a lovely course.    Woods by name, woods by nature.  The entire run is within the woods on a wide earth path - firm throughout now but it was obvious that it would have had muddy stretches up until just a couple of weeks ago.  The car park is free and the parkrun volunteers guide you in.  A short walk to the collection area which is near the finish.  The start is about 400m away up a moderately steep climb which you run once at the end of the first lap/start of the second. So the course has a net downhill and one will certainly get a better time on the second running of the course.  I was surprised how fast the field started - most of them quickly went ahead of me despite it being gently uphill.  But clearly they knew the course and knew that they could recover their breath on the second half of the lap which is predominantly downhill.  How well the field coped with the steep hill and the second lap I don't know - I was too busy trying to cope with it myself!  I was pleased to finish in just over 26 minutes, only a minute slower than current times.

Roderick Hoffman

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